Step into Fall in Style with Shumaker!

Fall is here! With school back in session and full day work weeks the norm for a few months, wardrobes are beginning start to reflect the change in season. We all want to look our best, whether we are at the office, on campus or are running errands around town, and this is especially the case for our footwear. Not sure where to look to update your shoe wardrobe? Shumaker has a wide selection of shoes, boots, heels and sandals (for those that want to soak up those last rays of warm sunshine) for customers to choose from. They will be expanding this fall, opening eight locations over the next eight months!





With three generations of craftsmen and cobblers behind them, Shumaker is a footwear boutique for women and men that provides high-quality and contemporary shoes in their original collections. Shumaker believes in family values, unparalleled customer service, and a unique shopping experience. At Shumaker, they want customers to pay a fair price for their exclusive brands that no one else can match in order for their customers to feel free to try new looks and have fun with experimenting with their personal styles.



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The Fall/Winter Collection of foot apparel are now available for you to peruse, try on and buy at Shumaker! There is such a large selection of shoes, booties, and boots to choose from that will compliment any wardrobe! Here are a few of my favourite picks for their collection:

Caprise in Tan


Rahee in Black




Mared in Khaki


Tapsi in Bordo

Like what you see? Below are the eight locations in Ontario you can visit to add to your fall wardrobe from Shumaker:

  • Place d’Orleans Orleans
  • Carlingwood Shopping Centre Ottawa
  • Lansdowne Place Peterborough
  • Erin Mills Mississauga
  • Georgian Mall Barrie
  • CF Lime Ridge Hamilton
  • CF Markville Markham
  • Quinte Mall Belleville

No matter what your style you like to rock, you will find a pair (or two) of quality footwear to buy and step into fall looking fabulous a with footwear from Shumaker!

For more details about Shumaker, you can connect with them on their Facebook, Twitter (@ShumakerShoes), and Instagram pages!

Disclaimer: I was generously compensated by Shumaker to share these details with you! All images were used with permission from Shumaker.

Getting Gussied Up for Polo in the Park Ottawa!

Hey, Readers!

Have you ever attended or watched a polo match? If not, it has been described as the sport of kings and is an event where people attend to be seen. Personally, I have never been to one, but I am finally getting my chance at this year’s Polo in the Park Ottawa!

Polo in the Park Ottawa logo

Used with permission from



This inaugural event in the nation’s capital is being hosted by The Rotary Club of Ottawa South, in partnership with Wesley Clover Parks and the Ottawa Polo Club. Polo in the Park Ottawa is a fundraising event benefiting the Wabano Centre for Aboriginal Health and TROtt (Therapeutic Tiding Association of Ottawa-Carleton). It takes place on Saturday, August 27, 2016, at Wesley Clover Parks (401 Corskton Road) in Nepean from 10 am to 6 pm.

I love getting gussied up for a great fundraiser. I want to look fun yet sophisticated, which is a look I do not get to sport as often as I would like. I also want to add a bit of colour or fun to my look. After going on a safari hunt in my closet, I came up with these two numbers I would want to sport for Polo in the Park Ottawa. I’m not sure whether to go Team Skirt or Team Pants, but I know I will look fabulous in either outfit.

This is what Team Skirt look like:


Reese Speaks Polo in the Park Skirt Outfit


I have had this purple skirt in my closet FOREVER, and now I have the chance to sport it. I put it together with a simple blouse, tank top, belt and these heels. The silver heels just added more fun to the rest of the look. I then found a beaded chain and a bracelet to finish off my outfit. I think I would look quite ready for a day of watching polo.



This is what I had in store for Team Pants:


Reese Speaks Polo in the Park Pants Outfit


It is a little more laid back than I think one would wear to this kind of function, but I think it still looks fabulous! The focal point of this look has to be my blouse. It is really cute and chic. The white wide-leg pants also made this outfit more cool and comfortable. The bracelet is the only piece of jewellery I have for this outfit and is all it really needs. It’s simple, yet fits the look. I could have chosen to wear another pair of heels, but for a bit more comfort, I elected to go with the open-toe wedges. They are a bit laid back and cute and fit well with the outfit. Finally, the aviators give this outfit a bit of cheek, and I love how well it looks with the blouse.



So these are my two options for the inaugural Polo in the Park Ottawa event. I know I am missing one key part to both of my looks: a hat! I am not so much of a hat person, but I do appreciate the gorgeous sun hats people will be wearing with their outfits! There will also be a Hat Contest at this event! Attendees can enter to win in the following categories:

  • Hat-A-Tude
  • Dapper Dan
  • Too hot to Trot
  • Colt & Filly
  • Fresh Flowers

Entrants must register between 10 am to 12 noon to be in the running to win!

So, what are you waiting for?! Purchase a ticket to attend Polo in the Park Ottawa, have a putting together your outfit, and get ready to be a part of a fantastic day of fun and sports for two fabulous organizations!

See you there!

Which team would you choose to wear to Polo in the Park: Team Skirt or Team Pants?

For details about Polo in the Park Ottawa, you can check them out on their website as well as their Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages!

Until my next post, Readers!


Covering Up Greys with L’Oréal Root Cover Up! #rootsavedme

Hey, Readers!

Though my face may give people the impression of a woman younger than my 30-something years, my hair, well, it tells a different story. I have been greying since my mid-20’s, yet more of these silvery strands have been adding themselves to my head over the past few years. After taking my braids out of my hair, I noticed just how much whiter my hair has become. I was asked to try L’Oréal Root Cover Up in Black to see if it could easily spray away my greys.

Reese Speaks Root Cover-Up Feature Pic



L’Oréal Root Cover Up promises to do the following: to temporarily conceal grey hair in 3 seconds, giving seamless coverage without any smudging or sticky residue when dry. It is ammonia and peroxide free and lasts until your next shampoo.


Reese Speaks Root Cover-Up Product Pic 2


I was really curious as to how well this product was going to work on my hair. I was worried that the colour was not going to match very well because my hair is an awkward shade of brown. It is not quite black, but it is not quite black, either. The Black shade of this product promises to blend in with shades from covers the range of really dark brown to jet black.

This is me before I used this spray.


Reese Speaks Root Cover-Up Before Use Pic


Yeah, I know! Especially in the front, right! It was crazy to see how white my hair has become.

I was happy that the instructions are pretty simple:

  • Shake well
  • Spray about 10 centimetres (4-6 inches) away from hair


Reese Speaks Root Cover-Up Application Steps Pic


Well, here are the results, Readers!


Reese Speaks Root Cover-Up After Use Pic


I was really impressed with how quick and easily it covered most of my greys. The spray nozzle did not hiccup or stall, it covered a good area of my hair with a few blasts, and the colour blended well with my remaining dark hair. It continued to keep its coverage until I wash my hair.


Reese Speaks Root Cover-Up Head Before and After Use Collage Pic


I did run into a few snags after using L’Oreal Root Cover Up. The first one was that some of the colour did come off onto my hands after waiting a few minutes to fix my hair a bit. It did not remove the colour on my hair (which I was happy about), but it did not dry as quickly as it said it would. A good wash cleaned it off well. This may have been due to the fact that I had a bit of product in my hair to moisturize it before applying the spray. There is nothing on the bottle that suggests that other products could result in making the product rub off onto hands after applying it to your hair. I could have also over sprayed my hair and it could be the extra product that came off onto my hands.


Reese Speaks Root Cover-Up Hand Rub-Off and Wash Pic


Another snag was that it did not get every single silver strand on my head. It was a little patch right smack on my hairline. After a few applications, the stubborn patch remained. Luckily, I was able to cover up this patch with my hair. Every other area I used this spray went dark.


Reese Speaks Root Cover-Up Uncovered Patch Pic


Overall, I was pleased with the results I received with L’Oréal Root Cover Up in Black. It took no time at all to hide most of my roots and white hairs with a few sprays and it was REALLY simple to use. The next time I use it, I will try to use less so the product will not smudge off on my hands. It was a good #beautyquickie!

What do you use to cover up your greys?

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

So Fulla Love for FullaBeanies Beanies!



Hats. I have had a love-hate relationship with them since I was little. Since my head is small and odd-shaped, most hats tend to sit on my head as though they are trying to balance on the top of an egg. While perusing Twitter, I saw these simply adorable crochet hats by FullaBeanies. After letting them know how cute I thought their hats were, I was asked if I would like to have one in order to review it. I was so touched and excited, of course, I said yes!



Here is a bit of background about the heart of FullaBeanies.


Janet Fullalove-Jones lives in a small village in Kent, S.E. England (UK) with her husband Mike, two daughters and two dogs. She started crocheting five years ago because she needed a distraction while giving up smoking. Since her great grandmother crocheted she wondered whether this talent was in her genes as well. After doing some  research on crocheting , she soon picked up the technique quickly. Janet soon found she had a knack for hats and started making them for presents for friends and family. Her beanies were soon admired and she starting to get request and building her product range brand. FullaBeanies is now steadily growing! FullaBeanies next step is to be found in retail outlets as well as to find new patterns to develop to sell alongside the hats!

Currently, there are two different patterns to choose from for a FullaBeanie beanie:

  • Puff Stitch Slouchy Pattern
  • Star Puff Slouchy Pattern



I instantly fell in love with the Star Puff Slouchy Pattern. I also gave Janet a few colours to choose from to ship. It was really hard to wait for my hat to arrive in the mail. I let out a huge squeal of delight when I saw it! I received this beauty.


Reese Speaks FullaBeanies Product Photo

The burgundy colour is so rich and vibrant! The Star Puff Slouchy Pattern is even more gorgeous in person. It is also thick and soft. These beanies are made of 80% wool and 20% acrylic, making them perfect for some of the chilly spring days we have had in Canada’s capital over the past few weeks. The stitch work is really well done and looks chic.


Reese Speaks FullaBeanies Star Pattern Photo


Another fun feature of this hat is the fashionable button that adorns the side of each hat. It is the perfect detail that finishes the look of this hat.


Reese Speaks FullaBeanies Button Photo


I could not wait to wear my hat! My little ones tried to sport my hat before I did, but I wanted to have the honour of donning this hat first. I was sooooooo happy with my hat! I felt as though I had a sort of updated 20’s look happening when I wore it the first time.

It was a warmer, sunny day when I snapped these shots, yet I loved this hat so much, I couldn’t take it off! l also liked how the ridge of my beanie fit the shape of my head so snuggly. My head did not take on that egg-like shape, which made me even more pleased with this hat.


Reese Speaks FullaBeanies Nice Smile Photo 2

Reese Speaks FullaBeanies Backyard Photo

My Fullabeanies beanie also fits well with so many pieces of my wardrobe, so I don’t have to worry about only wearing it during the winter months of the year. I would gladly sport my new chapeau any day of the year! It is also so much fun to take my beanie about town and to show it off!


Reese Speaks FullaBeanies Mug Photo


I am really impressed with my beanie from FullaBeanies! It looks chic and well made, is soft and warm, and it makes me looks great! It is such a welcome addition to my wardrobe. You should check FullaBeanies out and see what you think !

For more details about Janet FullaLove-Jones and FullaBeanies, you can connect with them on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram!

Disclaimer: I received a beanie from FullaBeanies in order to write this review. The views I shared are purely my own!

Warm Winter Accessories Picks

Hey Readers!

Winter is here, well, sort of. In my neck of the woods, we have have only two fine dustings of snow when we are used to seeing seas of the white stuff at this time of the year. Even though we have been experiencing warmer than usual temperatures for December, I love warmer weather, so I do like to be bundled up in layers to protect me from the wind and chill. This has put me on the hunt for some fabulous warm winter accessories to help keep me warm this season! Here are some of the picks I have put together to share with you from your head to your hands!


Since we loose most of our body heat from our heads, here are some hats that will help to keep your head warm.

Winter Picks Hat Collage Reese Speaks Photo

  1. Express Black Faux Fur Pom Thick Knit Beanie
  2. Le Château Two-Tone Poor Boy Cap in Black/Gray
  3. Forever 21 Chunky Knit Fold-Over Beanie in White
  4. Forever 21 Chevron-Patterned Pom Beanie in Cream/Multicolour

Head Gear

For those warmer than usual winter days, these head gear picks are perfect to style with the rest of your outerwear outfit.

Winter Head Gear Picks Reese Speaks Collage Photo

  1. Forever 21 Braided Knit Headwrap in Camel
  2. Express Green Faux Fur Earmuffs
  3. Anthropologie Marled Twist Earband


Your neck needs some love, too! These picks should have you covered regardless of the temperature outside!

Winter Scarf Picks Reese Speaks Collage Photo

  1. ModCloth Williamette for the Weekend Scarf
  2. AEO Chunky Ribbed Snood in Burgundy
  3. Garage Chunky Knit Scarf in Gray


In the Mitten-Glover rivalry, I am Team Mitten, so my picks are giving them some love, though I do (somewhat) compromise for glove lovers.

Winter Mitten-Glove Picks Reese Speaks Collage Photo

  1. Anthropologie First Snowfall Mitts in Orange
  2. ModCloth Saturday at the Stables Convertible Gloves in Oatmeal
  3. Dynamite Cable Knit Gloves in White
  4. Hudson Bay Olympic Edition 2016 Canada Red Mittens

The weather outside may be frightful, but these warm winter accessories picks should keep you toasty and stylish!  Hopefully, one of these picks has got you wanting to get outdoors and have fun while it’s chilly!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated by any company for writing this post. I just wanted to share some of my favourite picks with you!

On the Sunnies Hunt: My Short List of Sweet Summer Sunglasses

Hey Readers!

I love my sunglasses (or sunnies as I like to call them)! I wear them all-year round, and they are fun to have. Unfortunately, the pair I have been sporting for the past year have suffered an injury that has rendered them unwearable.

The good part of this situation is that I get to go shopping for a new pair (or two or three) to make up for this tragic loss! I tend to stick to a simple style that ha a classic look to them, but now I want to branch out and try new looks out!

Below are some cute sunnies that have made the short list to buy for myself. I wanted to share different frame styles that I would like to wear to create different looks with my outfits. I also chose glasses that were all price ranges so anyone can get a peak and get a sweet pair. I hope that these shades will peak your interest, too!


1. Prada Oversize Round Frame Sunglasses

2. Guess Kylie Aviator sunglasses

3. ALDO Joyceanne Sunglasses

4. Burberry Trench Collection Oversize Square Frame Sunglasses

5. Karen Walker Flowerpatch Sunglasses

Do you have a go-to pair of sunglasses? Which of these sunnies would you buy for yourself?

Until my next post, Readers!


Have No Tears with Amie Bright Eyes Makeup Remover – Product Review

Your eyes are probably one of the features that people take in when they see you. We like to dress them up and make them look expressive with makeup because of this fact. When it comes time for the makeup to come off, many of us dread removing eye makeup because it takes a fair bit of work to get it all off effectively, and sometimes it can irritate the eyes. This process makes me sometimes second guess wanting to put on eye makeup in the future.

I have tried a lot of eye makeup removers since I started wearing makeup, and I have used a few that work, but with some work. I entered and won for a giveaway a bottle of Amie Bright Eyes makeup remover from Victoria Styles, one of my favourite beauty bloggers who is the magic behind Living Disrobed. I was excited to see if this product would live up to what it promises. It says it will to get rid of all traces of makeup easily without irritating or stinging the area around your eyes. I could not wait for the opportunity to come up where I could put this product to the test.


Amie Skincare products were created to be gentle while getting the job done to care for sensitive skin. It is made from natural plant and botanical extracts, and doesn’t contain harsh chemicals.
I tested Amie Bright Eyes makeup remover after a great night at the Governor General’s Performing Art Awards Gala I attended on behalf of my friend Sandy from the blog Canadian Blog House. I had to get all gussied up for the occasion, and my eyes had to look their best. I wore mascara and a few different shades of eye shadow to complete my look for the evening. After I returned home, the last thing I wanted to do was stand in front of a mirror and remove makeup from around my eyes.

My sense of curiosity overrode my sleepiness, and I’m glad it did. All I had to do was add it to some tissue (a cotton ball would work better and not leave bits on your face, but I was out) and them apply it to my eye area. It only took a few swipes to get all of the eye shadow and the mascara off of my eye lids and lashes. It also had a light scent so it was refreshing yet not overpowering to my senses. The best part about using this product: No stinging! My eyes just felt clean and lighter without the makeup I was wearing before.


I have used Amie Bright Eyes makeup remover a few times after this fun night out, and I had the same result. It is my one of new favourite beauty product to use, and I love dressing my eyes knowing that when it comes to removing my art work, it will be even easier than applying my eye makeup!

For more information about Amie Skincare, you can check out their website! You can also connect with them on their Twitter and Facebook pages.

Disclaimer: I received this product as part of a giveaway. I am in no way promoting Amie Skincare. I just wanted to share a great product and some amazing bloggers with you!

Adding a Pop of Fun to My Nails with Jamberry Nails!

Hey Readers!

Having three kids, two of them toddlers, mean that manis are one of the worst things I can have done to my nails. I am rough on my hands. They are constantly getting washed, scuffed, scratched and my nails get chipped, destroying any mani I had done. I love having my nails done, but I just can’t maintain the up-keep to them so they stay looking cute. When Jennifer Mansell gave me the opportunity to review Jamberry Nails, I jumped at the chance!

Jamberry logo

Picture used with permission from Jamberry Nails c/o Jennifer Mansell.

Jamberry Nails are a thin, non-toxic wrap adhesive that stick to your nails to quickly give your nails the look of having a mani or a pedi without the trip to the nail salon. Sisters Lyndsey, Christy and Keri came up with the idea after a trip to the salon and wanted to find less expensive alternative that can be done at home. Jamberry Nail launched in 2010, and with over 250 patterns to choose from, there are so many various looks and designs to try and enjoy.

Jennifer sent me a sample to try and encouraged me to take the Jamberry 7-Day Challenge. To prove that Jamberry Nails are sturdy while adding a bit of chic to your nails, Jamberry ask users to apply their nail wraps to their nails and take pics of your nails right after applying them, then again after seven days and compare the two to see just how well Jamberry Nails work.

Well, Readers, These are my “well kept” nails. Yeah, they need a bit of flare to make them more fun.


Here is what Jennifer was sweet enough to send me. She sent me the Jamberry Nail sample in their “Upper East Side” design, an orange stick and an alcohol wipe. I also had to get my hair dryer out to help apply the nail wrap to my nails.


The application instructions for Jamberry Nails were simple to follow. With a few coats of clear coat to jazz up the rest of my nails, here is how the Jamberry Nails nail wraps look on my nails.

Application Collage

These are some of the steps I did to apply the Jamberry Nails nail wrap.

Jamberry Nails also have videos on how to apply their nail wraps as we as a video for tips on trouble-shooting should you run into a issue while applying these wraps.



I love them! I’m a bit posh, and the “Upper East Side” design is so perfect! It suits my chic and fun personality. It was really easy to apply. I also put the Jamberry Nails nail wraps through the wringer, not holding back on my daily routine of constant hand washing, painting (and cleaning off paint off of the “Bosses”), cooking, scrubbing and clacking away at my keyboard for seven days.


Here are the results: They held up to a week of, well, maltreatment that my poor hands go through everyday! I had to look really hard to notice it. My clear coated nails are in worse shape than the Jamberry Nails nail wrap. They were really fun to wear.


I would recommend Jamberry Nails to anyone who wants to quickly dress up their nails, fingers or toes, for a new look. They are easy to apply, and the numerous designs are fun and colourful, so you personality will shine through on your nails. I can’t wait to order a few sets to continue to add a pop to my nails in the comfort of my own home.

If you would like to connect with Jennifer Mansell or Jamberry Nails, you can do so online, as well as on Jennifer’s Facebook page!

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of Jamberry Nails nail wraps to write this review. The opinions expressed are all my own because I love sharing product I enjoyed reviewing with you!

Until my next post, Readers!


Mucking About in Buckle Rain Boots from Joe Fresh

Hiya Readers!

A gift from my Other Half helped to scratch off another item I had listed on my “Must-Have” list for this spring. Since we were getting outerwear for our “Bosses,” he thought it would be nice to get me a pair of rain boots so I could muck about more with my kids without hearing me complain about my running shoes getting soaked.

Since we like shopping for some our outerwear at Joe Fresh, we saw their Buckle Rain Boots in their women’s section online. I thought they were cute, and khaki green is right on point as military colours are hot colours for this spring and summer. I like the look of these boots, so we bought them. I do wish that there was a bit more of a selection for women to choose from, since khaki green may not be everyone’s cup of tea.


I was so excited when they arrived a few days later in the mail. They were cute, and I loved the detailing of the buckles on the calf and the ankle. It gives the boot more of a chic riding boot look. I also like that this boot is functional for those times when you want to have a bit of fun and splash about or get work done in the garden.


An extra bit of fun with this boot is the hunter’s orange Joe Fresh decided to go use inside of the boot. I like clothing that has hidden fun bits that only those wearing them would know about, and this feature is definitely one of them.


When I finally took them out for a spin, I made sure to put them through their paces. I wore them in my #backayardoasis while getting my kids outside for some fresh air. They were comfy for running after two toddlers and running up and down our back porch stairs to get snacks for them.


I also wore them while running errands in my neighbourhood while “chauffeuring” my Bosses around. I was standing in these boots for a about 1.5 hours, and my feet were not sore.

Here are some other things to take into consideration about the Joe Fresh Buckle Rain Boot:

  • Price Point – $34 CAD. That is not a bad price for a pair of rain boots. I was willing to pay more for a good pair of boots.
  • Colour – Khaki green is a neutral colour, so it can be worn with a lot of items in your wardrobe
  • Outfit Pairings – For me, the best pair of pants to wear with these boots would be either skinny jeans or leggings. Depending on your calves, you may have to fidget with your pant legs while putting them on if you wear straight leg, bootcut or flared-style of pant.

Overall, I am happy with the Buckle Rain Boots from Joe Fresh. They are cute and functional, not expensive, and they go well with a lot of what I already have in my closet (double word score!). I can’t wait to have more fun in my new rain boots in the rain!

If you were to buy a pair of rain boots, which colour would your choose?

Until my next post, Readers!


Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way to write this post. I wanted to share a fun fashion find with you!

Ear Bud Frustration Averted with Cordskinz! (A Review)

I love using my earbobs. Whether I am listening to music while I am be “chauffeured” to an event on public transit, or I am at home multitasking talking on the phone or playing some tunes while clacking away on my keyboard, my ear buds are a fav tool of mine to have. I also love that they are light weight, so they are easy to carry around. One of their main drawbacks is that they are long and thin. When I put them away in my bag or purse and want to use them again, they often end up in a tangled mess. I am then struggling to undo the knots the cords have gotten themselves into, and it can become a real pain sometimes. That is why I was so happy to have the chance to review Cordskinz.

Cordskinz Logo

Cordskinz are light weight sheaths or skins that go over the cords of your earbuds to help avoid the tangled mess they can become when tucked away. These skins are flexible enough to wrap around your mobile device as well, so users can still use them without worrying about the skins splitting or cracking. Cordskins are also tough enough to stop the cords from tangling upon themselves.

Cordskinz were created when one of their founders became sick and tired of dealing with tangled ear bud cords. After some research and development, they created Cordskinz so that users can start living a life free from tangles.

I had my choice of 11 different colour of Cordskinz. It was a hard choice, but I decided to choose Ice Blue and Glitter Pink. Each skin also comes with Skinner to help you apply the skins onto your ear bud wires. When they arrived, I was so excited to try them out!


Each set of Cordskinz were easy to put over the cords of my ear buds. After customizing the lengths I needed for my ear buds and following the instructions on the back of the package this product came in, I was able to put these Cordskinz on and then switch from one colour to another.


            Cordskinz Collage

Below is a video Cordskinz created to also show just how simple it is to apply this product to your ear buds.

I really liked them! I liked using the Glitter Pink set whenever I went out. I liked having the flash of colour against my white winter coat and accessories. When I placed my ear buds into my purse once I was finished using them, I found them hours later untangled! I used the Ice Blue Cordskinz around the house. It was fun to have this set on my ear buds while I was clacking away at my computer listing to music. They would also be great to use when running, at the gym or just doing a workout in the comfort of your own home. I also tried creating a big tangle with both sets of Cordskinz, but I was not able to do so. Sure, I have a case to use to wind up my ear buds after I am finished using them, but do not always have the time to place my ear buds back into the case and then wind them up neatly every time I use them.


I asked Cordskinz what was on the horizon for this product, and I was excited by the news they gave me. I was told that Cordskinz will be producing more colour choices for users to choose from! There wi ll be orange coloured Cordskinz, and hopefully glow –in-the-dark and striped Cordskinz! Cordskinz is also developing skins for flat cords. I will be happy to have a set of these when are released because I also have a set of flat ear buds that get tangled, and I would love to jazz this set up with this product as well!

If you want to end the frustration you feel every time you have to untangle your ear buds, try slipping on a set of Cordskinz! For more information about Cordskinz, you can visit their website. You can also connect with Cordskinz on their Facebook and Twitter pages!

Discalmer: I received two sets of Cordskinz in order to write this review. The opinions expressed are my own.