On the Sunnies Hunt: My Short List of Sweet Summer Sunglasses

Hey Readers!

I love my sunglasses (or sunnies as I like to call them)! I wear them all-year round, and they are fun to have. Unfortunately, the pair I have been sporting for the past year have suffered an injury that has rendered them unwearable.

The good part of this situation is that I get to go shopping for a new pair (or two or three) to make up for this tragic loss! I tend to stick to a simple style that ha a classic look to them, but now I want to branch out and try new looks out!

Below are some cute sunnies that have made the short list to buy for myself. I wanted to share different frame styles that I would like to wear to create different looks with my outfits. I also chose glasses that were all price ranges so anyone can get a peak and get a sweet pair. I hope that these shades will peak your interest, too!


1. Prada Oversize Round Frame Sunglasses

2. Guess Kylie Aviator sunglasses

3. ALDO Joyceanne Sunglasses

4. Burberry Trench Collection Oversize Square Frame Sunglasses

5. Karen Walker Flowerpatch Sunglasses

Do you have a go-to pair of sunglasses? Which of these sunnies would you buy for yourself?

Until my next post, Readers!


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