Covering Up Greys with L’Oréal Root Cover Up! #rootsavedme

Hey, Readers!

Though my face may give people the impression of a woman younger than my 30-something years, my hair, well, it tells a different story. I have been greying since my mid-20’s, yet more of these silvery strands have been adding themselves to my head over the past few years. After taking my braids out of my hair, I noticed just how much whiter my hair has become. I was asked to try L’Oréal Root Cover Up in Black to see if it could easily spray away my greys.

Reese Speaks Root Cover-Up Feature Pic



L’Oréal Root Cover Up promises to do the following: to temporarily conceal grey hair in 3 seconds, giving seamless coverage without any smudging or sticky residue when dry. It is ammonia and peroxide free and lasts until your next shampoo.


Reese Speaks Root Cover-Up Product Pic 2


I was really curious as to how well this product was going to work on my hair. I was worried that the colour was not going to match very well because my hair is an awkward shade of brown. It is not quite black, but it is not quite black, either. The Black shade of this product promises to blend in with shades from covers the range of really dark brown to jet black.

This is me before I used this spray.


Reese Speaks Root Cover-Up Before Use Pic


Yeah, I know! Especially in the front, right! It was crazy to see how white my hair has become.

I was happy that the instructions are pretty simple:

  • Shake well
  • Spray about 10 centimetres (4-6 inches) away from hair


Reese Speaks Root Cover-Up Application Steps Pic


Well, here are the results, Readers!


Reese Speaks Root Cover-Up After Use Pic


I was really impressed with how quick and easily it covered most of my greys. The spray nozzle did not hiccup or stall, it covered a good area of my hair with a few blasts, and the colour blended well with my remaining dark hair. It continued to keep its coverage until I wash my hair.


Reese Speaks Root Cover-Up Head Before and After Use Collage Pic


I did run into a few snags after using L’Oreal Root Cover Up. The first one was that some of the colour did come off onto my hands after waiting a few minutes to fix my hair a bit. It did not remove the colour on my hair (which I was happy about), but it did not dry as quickly as it said it would. A good wash cleaned it off well. This may have been due to the fact that I had a bit of product in my hair to moisturize it before applying the spray. There is nothing on the bottle that suggests that other products could result in making the product rub off onto hands after applying it to your hair. I could have also over sprayed my hair and it could be the extra product that came off onto my hands.


Reese Speaks Root Cover-Up Hand Rub-Off and Wash Pic


Another snag was that it did not get every single silver strand on my head. It was a little patch right smack on my hairline. After a few applications, the stubborn patch remained. Luckily, I was able to cover up this patch with my hair. Every other area I used this spray went dark.


Reese Speaks Root Cover-Up Uncovered Patch Pic


Overall, I was pleased with the results I received with L’Oréal Root Cover Up in Black. It took no time at all to hide most of my roots and white hairs with a few sprays and it was REALLY simple to use. The next time I use it, I will try to use less so the product will not smudge off on my hands. It was a good #beautyquickie!

What do you use to cover up your greys?

I received these products complimentary from Influenster for testing purposes.

9 thoughts on “Covering Up Greys with L’Oréal Root Cover Up! #rootsavedme

  1. I have had the ole silver slip into my locks for the past few years now and for the most part, I don’t mind. That said, I do dye my hair every two months, so have a root touch up would be great for in between times! I love that it is a spray to and does not need to be “painted on.”

    • Thanks, Jennifer. I’m sorry your friend did not have a positive experience with this product. It was a bit messy for me, but I may have used too much in certain spots.

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