Reese Speaks Eats in the Capital!

Hey Readers!

This page is dedicated to one of my great loves…food!  It was a big part of my upbringing.  My mom, Cindy (I call her that because she says she doesn’t have kids since they are all grown up now) loves to cook, and has  shared that passion with us “former” kids.

Even though cooking for myself and my family is great, I also enjoy eating out.  What better way to show you some of the great foodie haunts of Ottawa than to share them on my blog!  I will try to go to as many diverse places as possible, many times having my kids in tow to help in the eating.

Below are the places I have written reviews for within Canada’s capital city.  I have added links to their names so you can navigate my blog faster:


The Hintonburger

Second Ave Sweets Store Front

Second Avenue Sweets

Here are a list of some of the places I enjoy eating or snacking at in Canada’s capital:


The Black Tomato

Elgin Street Diner

The Fish Market Restaurant

El Camino

Japanese Village

The Grand Pizzeria and Bar

t o w n

The Black Throne

India Palace

Green Papaya Classic Thai Cuisine


The Earl of Sussex

Sir John A Pub

Royal Oak Pubs

Blue Cactus Bar and Grill

The Lieutenant’s Pump

Brixton’s British Pub

Mill Street Brew Pub

The Fox and Feather

The Heart and Crown Pubs

Clocktower Brew Pub

Highlander Pub

Sweet Treats Shops

Cupcake Lounge


The Tea Party Café


The Scone Witch

Planet Coffee

Isobel’s Cupcakes and Cookies

The Ministry of Coffee

Simply Biscotti

Bread & Sons Bakery

I hope you enjoy, and if you are not from the nation’s capital in Canada, I would like to invite to make a visit to my blog and follow me on this foodie adventure!

Savour and enjoy!


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