Adding a Pop of Fun to My Nails with Jamberry Nails!

Hey Readers!

Having three kids, two of them toddlers, mean that manis are one of the worst things I can have done to my nails. I am rough on my hands. They are constantly getting washed, scuffed, scratched and my nails get chipped, destroying any mani I had done. I love having my nails done, but I just can’t maintain the up-keep to them so they stay looking cute. When Jennifer Mansell gave me the opportunity to review Jamberry Nails, I jumped at the chance!

Jamberry logo

Picture used with permission from Jamberry Nails c/o Jennifer Mansell.

Jamberry Nails are a thin, non-toxic wrap adhesive that stick to your nails to quickly give your nails the look of having a mani or a pedi without the trip to the nail salon. Sisters Lyndsey, Christy and Keri came up with the idea after a trip to the salon and wanted to find less expensive alternative that can be done at home. Jamberry Nail launched in 2010, and with over 250 patterns to choose from, there are so many various looks and designs to try and enjoy.

Jennifer sent me a sample to try and encouraged me to take the Jamberry 7-Day Challenge. To prove that Jamberry Nails are sturdy while adding a bit of chic to your nails, Jamberry ask users to apply their nail wraps to their nails and take pics of your nails right after applying them, then again after seven days and compare the two to see just how well Jamberry Nails work.

Well, Readers, These are my “well kept” nails. Yeah, they need a bit of flare to make them more fun.


Here is what Jennifer was sweet enough to send me. She sent me the Jamberry Nail sample in their “Upper East Side” design, an orange stick and an alcohol wipe. I also had to get my hair dryer out to help apply the nail wrap to my nails.


The application instructions for Jamberry Nails were simple to follow. With a few coats of clear coat to jazz up the rest of my nails, here is how the Jamberry Nails nail wraps look on my nails.

Application Collage

These are some of the steps I did to apply the Jamberry Nails nail wrap.

Jamberry Nails also have videos on how to apply their nail wraps as we as a video for tips on trouble-shooting should you run into a issue while applying these wraps.



I love them! I’m a bit posh, and the “Upper East Side” design is so perfect! It suits my chic and fun personality. It was really easy to apply. I also put the Jamberry Nails nail wraps through the wringer, not holding back on my daily routine of constant hand washing, painting (and cleaning off paint off of the “Bosses”), cooking, scrubbing and clacking away at my keyboard for seven days.


Here are the results: They held up to a week of, well, maltreatment that my poor hands go through everyday! I had to look really hard to notice it. My clear coated nails are in worse shape than the Jamberry Nails nail wrap. They were really fun to wear.


I would recommend Jamberry Nails to anyone who wants to quickly dress up their nails, fingers or toes, for a new look. They are easy to apply, and the numerous designs are fun and colourful, so you personality will shine through on your nails. I can’t wait to order a few sets to continue to add a pop to my nails in the comfort of my own home.

If you would like to connect with Jennifer Mansell or Jamberry Nails, you can do so online, as well as on Jennifer’s Facebook page!

Disclaimer: I was provided a sample of Jamberry Nails nail wraps to write this review. The opinions expressed are all my own because I love sharing product I enjoyed reviewing with you!

Until my next post, Readers!


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