Family Winter Memories 2017

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It has been a while since I have shared some of the memories my family experienced during the beautiful seasons we experience here in Canada’s capital. Now that winter is about to make way for spring in just a few days, I thought I would let your in on some of our favourite moments of winter.


Reese Speaks Snowball Love Photo 2

Christmas held many fun memories for our family, but there is more to winter than the holiday season. It is about getting out and enjoying what this frozen season brings.

My other half dragged my butt away from my laptop on many occasions to get out for a run. It snowed on most days we tied up our runners to hit the trails. Though the white fluffy stuff made this workout a bit challenging to pull off, we were thankful for our shades and (somewhat) cleared paths to trek along. The best part about the snow was that it made the scenery around us beautiful, allowing us to marvel at the views around us.


Reese Speaks Running Canal Collage Photo


As the snow piled up in here in Ottawa, we were able to spend some fun times in our backyard oasis. The VPs had a ball marching around (because the snow was as high as my knee at times), flopping about and playing with snowballs together.


Reese Speaks Kids Winter Play Collage Photo


While the VPs were outside, I decided to have a bit of fun, too! I began embracing being in front of the lens more often. I used a handy tool to give me an assist to make some of these shots happen.


Reese Speaks Reese Snow Fun Collage Photo


The sun decided to smile on us many times this winter, giving us some unusually warm days. We got the VPs outside to hit the neighbourhood sledding hill. They loved racing down the hill on their sleds and could have stayed there all day long.


Reese Speaks Maya and Cous Sleeding Day Photo 2


There were also times we ventured away from our neighbourhood to take in winter in downtown Ottawa. I took the VP of Cuteness ice skating for the first time at City Hall and she did not want to get off of them.


Reese Speaks Maya Mom Skate Photo 2


We also took in Winterlude and some of the other sites while we were strolling around the area. I was even able to snap a shot of my eldest on our way home. The snow covering objects and buildings gave the city a sense of beauty that only happens at this time of the year.


Reese Speaks Winter Out on the Town Collage Photo

I tried to capture a bit of the gorgeousness of the season. With the temperatures rising and plunging so often this winter, nature decided to show off what it could do leaving some amazing scenes to snap shots of. I have to admit, the frozen fish shot still makes me laugh whenever I see it.


Reese Speaks Winter Nature Collage Photo

This winter was full of fun and surprises. The thermometer dipped and soared, and with the VPs being a bit older, they got to experience winter more on their own. Though throwing, sledding, and skating make for fun times, we are all on pins and needles waiting for the ice and snow to recede, allowing for the first buds of spring to appear. I can’t wait to be able to show you what my family gets into when this season (finally) appears! Thanks for the fun times and the sweet memories, winter!

Dish with me: What is your favourite part of winter?

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Winter Family Adventures in Photos

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Well, March Break is almost over, and spring is all but here! It was a crazy winter in my neck of the woods. It started late, but when it decided to unleash its fury, we were really snowed in! I thought I would chronicle my family’s winter adventures through a gallery of photos we took over the season!

Christmas! One of my favourite times of the year! We had a blast putting up the tree, decorating the house and getting ready for the Man in Red to arrive!


Reese Speaks Christmas Eve Peanuts Tree Photo

This was the second tree we “put up” this year. I loved it!


Reese Speaks Christmas Eve Stockings Photo


Reese Speaks Christmas Eve Cookies Photo

The Big Guy has a little bit of everything!


Ah, Christmas morning! Our kids couldn’t wait to open their stockings before breakfast and then their gifts after we ate. Santa was good to our kids, and they were playing all day with their toys!


Reese Speaks Christmas Day Stockings Photo


Food is always a HUGE part of our holiday traditions, and my other half made sure we were fed well with his special chicken dish for Christmas Eve and a terrific turkey dinner for Christmas Day!


Reese Speaks Christmas Dinners Photos


With Murphy’s Law at play, the snow came after Christmas! My guy took advantage of our winter wonderland and build a snow fort and a snow hill for our kids to enjoy. We even got the sleds out and tried to get some air time with the little ones on them.


Reese Speaks Snow Play Photo

Their smiles were infectious! I t was hard to keep the camera still for these pics!


Reese Speaks Winter Outdoor Play Collage Photo

I think the faces of my daughters says it all!


My little guy LOVED the winter! He would take any chance he could to be outside and play in the snow, even if it was to help me shovel the driveway. He even learned about the hazardous life snowmen live.


Reese Speaks Cous Winter Fun Collage Photo

My little guy is super helpful!


Oh, the night of the big football game is another favourite part of winter in our home! We got out our projector and watched it on our living room wall as we ate a family favourite for Game Nights: Chicken Nachos! We even dressed up for the night in our jerseys and goofed around. It was a fun night for us all!


Reese Speaks Big Game Collage Photo


There are times during the winter that you just want to stay inside and hide from winter’s frightful fury. There were quite a few nights where we had fun indoors. From a morning sneak attack in bed to a rock out session in our basement, we had a blat without cracking the door open!


Reese Speaks Winter Indoor Bed Photo.jpg


Reese Speaks Drums Collage Photo

This was such a fun night! Maybe we’ll put a band together?

Nature is so beautiful around our home at this time of year. Even though there are no leaves on the trees, the snow and ice take over and create their own breathless magic in our backyard and front yard oasis.

Reese Speaks Winter Nature Collage Photo

These were just some of the adventures my family had during this roller coaster ride of a winter this year! Now that the snow is beginning to recede, I am REALLY looking forward to all of the awesomeness spring has to offer us this year now that the kids are old enough to really start exploring the world around them. Thank you, Winter, for helping our family to create some amazing memories. We will never forget them!

What part of winter puts a smile on your face?

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Warm Winter Accessories Picks

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Winter is here, well, sort of. In my neck of the woods, we have have only two fine dustings of snow when we are used to seeing seas of the white stuff at this time of the year. Even though we have been experiencing warmer than usual temperatures for December, I love warmer weather, so I do like to be bundled up in layers to protect me from the wind and chill. This has put me on the hunt for some fabulous warm winter accessories to help keep me warm this season! Here are some of the picks I have put together to share with you from your head to your hands!


Since we loose most of our body heat from our heads, here are some hats that will help to keep your head warm.

Winter Picks Hat Collage Reese Speaks Photo

  1. Express Black Faux Fur Pom Thick Knit Beanie
  2. Le Château Two-Tone Poor Boy Cap in Black/Gray
  3. Forever 21 Chunky Knit Fold-Over Beanie in White
  4. Forever 21 Chevron-Patterned Pom Beanie in Cream/Multicolour

Head Gear

For those warmer than usual winter days, these head gear picks are perfect to style with the rest of your outerwear outfit.

Winter Head Gear Picks Reese Speaks Collage Photo

  1. Forever 21 Braided Knit Headwrap in Camel
  2. Express Green Faux Fur Earmuffs
  3. Anthropologie Marled Twist Earband


Your neck needs some love, too! These picks should have you covered regardless of the temperature outside!

Winter Scarf Picks Reese Speaks Collage Photo

  1. ModCloth Williamette for the Weekend Scarf
  2. AEO Chunky Ribbed Snood in Burgundy
  3. Garage Chunky Knit Scarf in Gray


In the Mitten-Glover rivalry, I am Team Mitten, so my picks are giving them some love, though I do (somewhat) compromise for glove lovers.

Winter Mitten-Glove Picks Reese Speaks Collage Photo

  1. Anthropologie First Snowfall Mitts in Orange
  2. ModCloth Saturday at the Stables Convertible Gloves in Oatmeal
  3. Dynamite Cable Knit Gloves in White
  4. Hudson Bay Olympic Edition 2016 Canada Red Mittens

The weather outside may be frightful, but these warm winter accessories picks should keep you toasty and stylish!  Hopefully, one of these picks has got you wanting to get outdoors and have fun while it’s chilly!

Disclaimer: I was not compensated by any company for writing this post. I just wanted to share some of my favourite picks with you!

Winter Fun Has Begun with MittGrips!

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Though winter is not my favourite season of the year, it brings magic and wonder to my “bosses”. They love making snowmen, sledding, throwing snowballs, and just being outside around the snow. We love that they are so active outside, but we are always having to fix their mitts or coats because they are coming off or snow is getting into their coat sleeves, or having to buy new pairs of mitts because one of them “mysteriously” disappears while we are out. That is why I was happy to hear about MittGrips, a sleeve that goes over your child’s mitts or gloves to keep their mitts on and to help keep snow out.

Product Collage

MittGrips were created by a couple from Carleton Place, ON who were looking to alleviate the endless battle of loosing mitts and digging snow out of their toddler’s coat sleeves while enjoying time outside in the winter.  After a few tries, they came up with a snug spandex sleeve that would go over their child’s mitts while going past their child’s coat sleeves up to the upper arm to keep mitts on their child’s hands while protecting their child’s hands, wrists and arms from snow that might find its way into their child’s coat.

The bosses went crazy over them when they saw them! They were wearing them around our home as gloves as though they were paying homage to the 80s! My younger daughter gravitated towards the purple set, and my son loved his black pair.  MittGrips come in an array of colours, and are available in three sizes for children between the ages of 2-6.

They are easy to put on as well! They go on like this:

Once on, my kids could not wait to get outside and play! The MittGrips did not hinder them from any sort of outdoor play! They were scooping up snow from the ground and picking up their outside toys without any trouble! I also like that they help to keep my son’s thumbs inside its compartment in his mitts. His mitts are a bit big for him, and the MittGrips kept his thumb in place and on his hand the whole time we were outside! No snow went inside the sleeves of their coats, and their hands were kept toasty!

Play Collage

MittGrips needs to raise funds to place their first production order, so they have turned to Kickstarter to accomplish this goal! If you are interested in being one of the first families to get your mitts on MittGrips, you can become a backer of MittGrips, and, if MittGrip achieves its goal of $18 000, then backers will receive products from MittGrips (What you receive will depend on the amount you decided to donate)! The campaign for MittGrips on Kickstarter ends on Sunday February 1, 2015 at 11:30 EST.Here is a video they produced for MittGrips’ Kickstarter program explaining who they are and about their campaign.

Get in on this fabulous product, and become a backer of MittGrips!

If you would like more information on MittGrips you can check out their website! you can also connect with MittGrips on their Facebook or Twitter pages!

We will be having a a lot more fun this winter now that our kids can use MittGrips to keep their mitts on and snow and cold out of their coats.

Dish with me: What are some of your fav outdoor winter activities?

Sweaters, Cardigans and Hoodies to Keep You Warm in the New Year

Hiya Readers!

Okay, we’ve made through to 2014, but it’s just getting chillier outside!  A good sweater helps to beat off the cruel chill of winter.  I thought I’d share some of my picks for cute and cozy sweaters, cardigans and hoodies I thought would keep me warm with you!

H&M Knitted Jumper

H&M – Knitted Jumper

Dynamite Long Sleeve Cocoon Cardigan

Dynamite – Long Sleeve Cocoon Cardigan

AE Real Soft Full-Zip Hoodie

American Eagle (AE) – Real Soft Full-Zip Hoodie

RW & Co. Marled Sweater with Lurex

RW & Co. – Marled Sweater with Lurex

Forever 21 Boho Babe Striped Cardigan in Burgundy & Tan

Forever 21- Boho Babe Cardigan in Burgundy & Tan

So if you were looking for some new sweaters to help keep you warm throughout this frosty winter season, I hope that these picks will help keep you warm, too!

Until my next post, Readers!