Big Brother 15: Here We Go Again!

Hey Readers !

I have been waiting and waiting for today to come.  I can finally start posting about BB15!  This year’s season begins on June 26th (5 days from now), and the House Guests has finally been revealed!

Below are my impressions of the House Guests who, I think, will not fair too well in the House:


Aaryn seems to be a really nice person, maybe too nice to win this game.  She seems so nice that I would want to be her  friend outside of this game!  Based off of what she gave for her bio, it seems as though she might start off looking out for herself, but then she’ll get into an alliance, and be one of the first to go because she’s so nice, especially when she doesn’t like people who are evil, deceitful people.  Those are usually the ones who win the game!


Elissa’s strategy for winning this game is to lay low and be a listener.  It seems as though she may become a Floater in the House.  For me, I’m not fond of Floaters because they just ride the tide of other people in the House, then try to say that this was such a great way to win, when they really didn’t earn it.  If the House frowns upon Floaters (like many others before them), then Elissa won’t be around too long in BB15.

Now here are my personal picks for this season of BB15:


His strategy is one I would use – get close to a few people, create an alliance quickly, and stay true to them throughout the game until you have to start picking them off.  It has worked for many strong alliances throughout BB history (ex – Dr. Wil and Boogie, The Four Housemen). The smaller and more loyal the alliance is, the better it functions.  He also seems to be clever and competitive, too.  Two other good qualities for winning this game.


While I’m not a fan of her strategy of laying low for as long as possible, I do like how she’s going yo try to win competitions, and have fun.  There is also something about her that is telling me she’s one to watch…


I picked Andy because he he seems to know what he wants to accomplish in this game, and that he’ll have a back-up plan if his original one falls through.  He also seems to know that being honest and playing a totally honest game is not how you win Big Brother.

Well, Readers, there you have it!  Can’t wait until BB15 gets underway! If you live in the United States, and you visit the home page for Big Brother, you will also be able to vote for Big Brother’s first MVP (Most Valuable Person), based on who you think will win it all this summer.  These votes will also have an impact on this season’s game!  I wonder what other twists will be in store for the House Guests this season… We’ll find out soon!

Until my next post, Readers!


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