SURVIVOR Season #28 – New Cast, Same Country

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It is T-Minus six days and counting until the newest season of SURVIVOR™ begins! The producers have selected a new crop of Castaways for this round of fun and games, but we are still located in the Philippines.  This time, they are in Cagayan, which is located in the northeast part of the country, instead of on one of the islands.

This season, the theme is Brains vs. Brawn vs. Beauty.  When this season’s theme was announced, I wasn’t too crazy about it. Just about any one of these individuals could hold all three of these qualities, yet they’re being labelled as a ‘brain,’ a ‘brawn’ or a ‘beauty.’ For me, these categories are a bit misleading.  Sure, you can be an engineer, but you could also be very anti-social.  Being social in this game is probably the most important attribute you can have, and all of the math skills in the world will not make up for lacking in this area where other people hold your fate for most of the game.  Beauty and brawn will also carry you so far as well.  You can be voted off for being good-looking, and your strength may not translate into the endurance you need to be living out in the elements and without proper food and water for a few days.  Since this game has been won by all kinds of people, you need to have a good balance of all three to be successful at SURVIVOR™.

Enough preaching, now onto my picks to win SURVIVOR™ Cagayan! Below are my three picks to win it all!

LJ McKanas (Beauty Tribe) and my #1 Pick

– He seems as though he is a down-to-earth type of person and doesn’t mind getting dirty.

– I like how he spoke about the misconception of those on the Brawn tribe.

– He can fish, which is important when you don’t have your fishing gear yet.

Con – He sees himself like Boston Rob.  So many peoplewant to model their game after him, and they have to realize that other Castaways will be targeting you if you try to emulate a former player’s game-play.

Sarah Lacina (Brawn Tribe)

– She didin’t over inflate her ego when she spoke of herself, which speaks volumes to me.

– She is not modelling herself after any past Castaways, so she knows she has got to win the game in her own way.

Con – She thinks she is going to dominate the game.  You can never know just how well you are going not do until you are out there playing the game and have won.

David Samson (Brains Tribe)

– He seems as though he can rally people together as a team well.

– He knows you need to have more than one of the aforementioned traits to win this game ,nor is he relying on just one of them to help him win.

Con – I can see him turning out to be a Russell Hantz later on down the road in this game. This will be the kiss of death for him if this does happen.

Now that my picks to win have been shared, here is my pick for the first to be voted out:

Brice Johnston (Beauty Tribe)

– He seems to be the type that will have a hard time adjusting to life in this game without the ‘creature comforts’ of home. He’s worried about the B/O of others, as well as his own when you’re out in the middle of essentially nowhere for 39 days. This should not be your primary concern in the game of SURVIVOR™. In his defense, there were a few other new Castaways that were worried about having to smell bad breath from other people. He just took it further with the B/O issue.

– He compared himself to Colton as a player.  Really?! IF the B/O issue wasn’t bad enough, comparing yourself to Colton as a player in this game is almost like packing your bags early! Colton is, arguably, the worst Castaway ever to have played this game due to his attitude. If he turns out to be compared to Colton by other Castaways, he very well may be the first to go!

Even though I have pretty much written Brice off as being the first to leave the game, I did the same thing to Cochran on his first time out in the game.  He lasted FAR longer than almost anyone, including himself, expected. He even came back for a second kick of the can and won!  You can never be sure how things will play out in the game of SURVIVOR™!

So there you have it, Readers.  This is how I think the game will unfold for this season’s Castaways.  It will be another season willed with action, adventure, and of course, drama! Can’t wait for all of the fun and games to begin next Wednesday night!

Who do you think will win SURVIVOR™? Who do you think will be first to be sent packing?  Let me know. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

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Survivor Season #27 Impressions Before the Premiere- It’s Time for More Cut-Throat Action!

Hey, Readers!

I’m glad to have you back for CBS’ 27th season of Survivor!  Yeah, it feels as though it’s bee FOREVER since their last season.  For those of you who don’t know, this year’s big twist is that former Castaways will be battling it out with, or against, their loved ones!  Yep, family members, wives, husbands, fiancé(e), boyfriends and girlfriends!  I guess the producers wanted to have a variety of relationships represented on the show.  For this installment of  Survivor, they have bee split into two tribes: Returning Players vs. Loved Ones.  I also think they love the Philippines, because they filmed this season on Palaui Island, Cagayan Valley, Philippines.

Here are my impressions of this season’s cast as a whole:  It’s alright.  Nothing to write home to mom about or jump out my chair over.  Here are some of the notable pairs competing this season:

  • Aras and Vytas (Brothers) – Aras won Survivor: Panama – Exile Island.  It would be interesting to see if the other players will hold that against him and his brother.
  • Colton and Caleb (Engaged) – Colton didn’t have the greatest experience the last time he played the game (spoiled rich kid attitude rubbed Castaways the wrong way, then had to leave the game early), but maybe his partner will help to mellow him out.
  • Kat and Hayden (Dating) – I don’t remember Kat too much from Survivor: One World, but her boyfriend, Hayden, won Big Brother 12.  His previous success could put a target on their backs in this game.
  • Rupert and Laura (Married) – Oh, one of Survivor’s favourite Castaways has come back, again, for a third shot at winning the million-dollar prize.  He and his wife, Laura will be targeted because he is so popular, their a bit older than most of the other players this season, and he has already won a million dollar just for being on Survivor: All-Stars for being the fan favourite.

Who are my picks to win Survivor: Blood vs. Water?  It would probably be Aras and Vytas.  They both look like they could last all 39 days in the Philippines, and since Aras knows what it takes to win, all he and his brother have to do is make it through both of their separate tribes to the Merge to, and they should be golden.  My other pick would be Kat and Hayden.  Mixed gender teams work well together in competitions like this, and Hayden was a hell of a competitor on BB 12.  Overall. I think Hayden, if he doesn’t ruffle too many feathers, would be my #1 pick to win it all.

Who will be the first person voted out of Survivor: Blood vs. Water?  If the Loved Ones’ tribe is strategic, they should vote Rupert’s wife, Laura, off first.  It would mess with Rupert’s head, as he has been known to be a Castaway that plays with his heart in this game, and getting Laura out of the game would certainly throw him off his game!

Well, Readers, this is how I see Survivor: Blood vs. Water playing out.  If you have been following my track record, I’m horrible at picking who’s going to win and who will leave a reality competition first, but hey, you can’t blame me for trying!  Let me know what you think of my picks for this season of Survivor, as well as who your picks are to win!  Can’t wait to get this season started!

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 15: Here We Go Again!

Hey Readers !

I have been waiting and waiting for today to come.  I can finally start posting about BB15!  This year’s season begins on June 26th (5 days from now), and the House Guests has finally been revealed!

Below are my impressions of the House Guests who, I think, will not fair too well in the House:


Aaryn seems to be a really nice person, maybe too nice to win this game.  She seems so nice that I would want to be her  friend outside of this game!  Based off of what she gave for her bio, it seems as though she might start off looking out for herself, but then she’ll get into an alliance, and be one of the first to go because she’s so nice, especially when she doesn’t like people who are evil, deceitful people.  Those are usually the ones who win the game!


Elissa’s strategy for winning this game is to lay low and be a listener.  It seems as though she may become a Floater in the House.  For me, I’m not fond of Floaters because they just ride the tide of other people in the House, then try to say that this was such a great way to win, when they really didn’t earn it.  If the House frowns upon Floaters (like many others before them), then Elissa won’t be around too long in BB15.

Now here are my personal picks for this season of BB15:


His strategy is one I would use – get close to a few people, create an alliance quickly, and stay true to them throughout the game until you have to start picking them off.  It has worked for many strong alliances throughout BB history (ex – Dr. Wil and Boogie, The Four Housemen). The smaller and more loyal the alliance is, the better it functions.  He also seems to be clever and competitive, too.  Two other good qualities for winning this game.


While I’m not a fan of her strategy of laying low for as long as possible, I do like how she’s going yo try to win competitions, and have fun.  There is also something about her that is telling me she’s one to watch…


I picked Andy because he he seems to know what he wants to accomplish in this game, and that he’ll have a back-up plan if his original one falls through.  He also seems to know that being honest and playing a totally honest game is not how you win Big Brother.

Well, Readers, there you have it!  Can’t wait until BB15 gets underway! If you live in the United States, and you visit the home page for Big Brother, you will also be able to vote for Big Brother’s first MVP (Most Valuable Person), based on who you think will win it all this summer.  These votes will also have an impact on this season’s game!  I wonder what other twists will be in store for the House Guests this season… We’ll find out soon!

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Survivor: Caramoan, Season #26 – Preview to This Season’s Premiere

Hey Readers!

Survivor’s back! It all begins on  Wednesday February 13, 2013.  It’s their 26th season of dragging willing participants through crazy living conditions and challenging competitions.  It’s another Fans vs. Favourites season, so I’m excited to see just how well some of the Returning Players do a second time around against a group of fresh-faced competitors.

This time, the Survivor producers decided to stay close to their previous locale.  This season is taking place in Caramoan, a municipality of Camarines Sur, belonging to the Philippines (I had to research this bit of information, as I had never heard about this part of the Philippines before.).  With this in mind, we should be in store for plenty of episodes of drenched Castaways huddling for their lives against the cold, starving for the first few days because they don’t have many supplies to catch fish, and arguing with each other because of the aforementioned conditions, as well as the clashing of egos.

I went to the Survivor: Caramoan cast bio site to get a better picture of this season’s Castaways.  I guess the producers thought it would be easier to have the Returning Players on their own tribe to start because the Fans would want to pick them off because of their previous experience in this game. The returning Castaways’ tribe name is Bikal, and the Fans’ (or I like to call them “Newbies”) tribe name is Gota.  Below, I’ve shared my favourites from both tribes, starting with the Newbies.

The Gota Tribe:

Julia – Race Car Driver

Out of all of the “Newbies” this season, she seemed as though she wouldn’t cry if she broke a nail.  She’s also not saying she’s going to flirt her way though the game.  She might make it far, but I don’t think she will win.

Eddie – Fireman/EMT.

Cute kid, but not admitting that he’s going to use his physical attributes to try and win the game.  I think he’ll try and create an alliance with Reynold, but hopefully, Reynold’s personality will get him voted off.  Again, I think Eddie will do well in Survivor: Caramoan, but I don’t think he’ll win.

I’m a no-nonsense kind of a girl, so you’ll see why I chose these two as my favs.  It was hard for me to choose them because most of the other Newbies were very cocky, or were going to rely on their looks, or it seemed as though they had their head in the clouds.  I just wasn’t able to connect to them as well as I was to my picks.

The Bikal Tribe:

Malcolm – appeared on Survivor:Philippines (or the season that just wrapped a few months ago.

Was everything you would expect a Castaway to be in this game, yet he came up short because he was so good.  He’s one of my picks to win, even though other Castaways will be gunning for him.

Cochran – appeared on Survivor: South Pacific. 

Was the cocky little fellow who thought he was a master-mind of his tribe, yet was voted out because he got too cocky after flipping on his tribe.  Not one of my picks to win this season, but curious to see what he’ll bring to the show in terms of entertainment value.

Phillip – appeared on Survivor: Redemption Island.

Oh, he was a fun one to watch! Not only was he arrogant, but he was stubborn and was not a great social player, yet made it to the Final Three because of his loyalty to “Boston Rob” Mariano.  Again, I think Phillip won’t win, but he will be one of those Castaways to watch, as long as you don’t look at his underwear that he chose to wear again this season.

I chose these three because I know what they can bring to the game, and I was fond of them from their previous seasons of Survivor.

If you would like to take a look at the this season’s roster of Castaways, here’s a link that will take you directly to the Survivor: Caramoan cast bios page.  You can size them up for yourself, and let me know what you think, or is you agree with me!

There is exactly one week left until this season’s premiere episode.  I hope you’re as excited as I am for it!

Until my next post, Readers!