Survivor: Cagayan Season Finale – That Was Not a Shocker!

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So another season of Survivor has come and gone, and another Castaway has been handed a $1 million check. For me, it was no surprise who was going to win this season, and when the votes were revealed all I could do was shake my head and continue to watch the Reunion Show.  Who was this season’s big winner that helped answer this season’s question whether brains, beauty or brawn was the best? Read on and you’ll find out.

After Spencer, Kass, Tony and Woo had a visit from their loved ones, they were called upon to battle it out in an Immunity Challenge. Jeff Probst explained that the Castaways had to stand on a pole and collect water with a bucket on a rope. They had to use the water they collect to fill a long shoot to retrieve a key. Once the water in the shoot is high enough for the Castaways to reach, they must then jump off the pole they’re standing on into the ocean and swim back to shore. They must then use the key to unlock a chest that was holding block pieces to a puzzle they must solve. The first player to solve the puzzle correctly wins Immunity. It was a crazy challenge to watch as Kass came from dead last to decisively win.

At Tribal Council, Jeff Probst spoke to the Castaways about Kass and her come from behind victory, the visit from their loved ones, and Spencer’s situation since he didn’t have Immunity. Spencer tried convincing Tony to keep him instead of Woo because he has played a subtle game and is favoured by the Jury. Kass said that she would take Woo to the final before she would take Tony because she felt she would have a better chance at beating him in front of the Jury than with Tony.

Once the votes were cast, Tony came clean with his lie about the other Idol in his possession. He told everyone he had an Idol that he could use st the Final Four and after the votes were revealed. The Idol he held did allow him to use it after the votes were read out, but he had to use it before the Final Four. Everyone groaned as Tony had tricked his way into the Final Three as it was found that Spencer was the next to join the Jury and loosing his chance at winning the game.

At the final Immunity Challenge, the Castaways had to race through a maze of turn stalls to find four medallions. Once all four medallions have been found, the players must use the medallions to open a chest that held a number of cogs. The cogs had to be placed in a certain order to turn a crank and release a flag signifying their win in the challenge. It was a close one, Readers, but Woo pulled out a win, just beating Kass by a a second.

At the final Tribal Council, Jeff Probst spoke to the Castaways about Woo winning the final Immunity Challenge, Kass loosing this challenge and her thoughts about her safety in the game, and Kass and Tony sharing their thoughts about why Woo should take them to the final. Woo stopped the chit-chat by saying he didn’t want to hear anymore opinions, and that he wanted to get to the vote. After Woo wrote down the name of the person he didn’t want to go on in the game with him, Jeff announced this unlucky person. The line piece of paper in the urn had Kass’ name on it. Shaking her head, she had her torch extinguished by Jeff Probst, ending her time in the game.

The next evening, Woo and Tony then had to speak in front of the Jury to sway them to give them $1 million dollars. Most of the Jury came down hard on Tony for his actions throughout the game, while they scratched their heads at Woo’s responses. The Jury then cast their votes to choose the Sole Survivor of this season.

Back in Los Angeles, Jeff Probst walked in to the studio with the urn holding the votes the Jury cast. After some small talk, he finally got down to business. It wasn’t even close, Readers. Tony was crowned the Sole Survivor and the winner of $1 million with an 8-1 vote count! When Jeff Probst asked Woo about how he felt, he was one of the most gracious and classy losers ever. He was all smiles, and said he was happy to be sitting beside the best at the end of the game.

Jeff Probst asked the Jury if Woo had taken Kass to the final, how many of them would have voted for Woo to win, all of them raised their hands. Did Woo make a $1 million mistake? Yeah! But he said he wanted to live by the code he upheld through his martial arts training (honor, loyalty and going up against the best). Even though I would have taken Kass and probably won, I gained more love and respect for Woo!

So, the final also answered the question whether brains, beauty or brawn was the best trait to have. Technically, since Tony and Woo were on the Brawn tribe, you would have to say, the case of Survivor that brawn was the best trait. Having said this, it wasn’t Tony’s brawn that got him the money this season. It was his brain that got him the bug prize. He went hunting for Idols.

Tony also got his alliance to follow him and believe what he said, as well as everyone else about the lies he told them. The best lie he told was about the powers of the special Idol. He said he could use it up until the Final four, when actually it was up until the Final Five. I know watching at home is very different than actually playing the game, but why didn’t anyone call Tony’s bluff on the Idols as other Castaways have on previous seasons? Or at the very least flush out the Idols so they can be back in play again. The Castaways sort of sat there and let Tony run the show. It was nerve-racking to watch, but since I’m such a Survivor fan, I had to keep watching!

So, that is a wrap to another season of Survivor! I can’t wait until the fall for Blood vs. Water 2!

I will be following Big Brother again this season, so if any of you Readers are BB fans as well, pop back over to my blog for the latest on what’s happening in the BB House!

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