Stepping Up to the Barre at The Dailey Method Ottawa! #30DayBloggersChallenge

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As I have previously mentioned, I have started to take steps to make myself a better me this year. Though I have begun to take these steps, I feel as though I needed something extra to add to the HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) routines I was doing to really take my workouts to the next level and to stay motivated in working out and becoming stronger. When I was asked by The Dailey Method Ottawa to take part in their #30DayBloggerChallenge, I was really excited to step up to the barre to see what it could do to improve my workouts and well-being!


The Dailey Method is unlike any workout routine I have ever tried. Unlike a cardio or HITT  routines, The Dailey Method focuses on ballet barre fitness. Jill Dailey was instrumental in bringing this brand of fitness to the forefront when she opened the doors to the first Dailey Method studio in San Francisco in 2000. The Dailey Method combines dance, yoga, kinesiology and pilates to provide an efficient and effective full-body workout. Now there are 57 studios spanning three continents helping students to achieve their fitness goals.



Before attending my first class, I did not know what to expect since I had never done any barre work. Once signed up to start my challenge, I used their handy app to get myself registered for classes week by week. This way I was making a commitment to myself not to skip it. I was also advised to come to classes 3 times a week in order to learn the moves used in this kind of workout and to start to see (and feel) results. You are also able to set up a reminder in your calendar so you do not forget about an upcoming class. I liked how I was able to learn a little bit about each of the classes and the instructor leading it on a specific day.


Reese Speaks The Dailey Method App Collage Photo


Here are some of the things recommended to me that I took to heart before taking my first class at The Dailey Method Ottawa that I would love to share with you:

  • Go at your own pace; everyone has different strengths
  • Take as many breaks as you need; it’s YOUR time
  • Remember that it is not a competition; you’re surrounded by peers

This was me on my way to my first TDM Ottawa class


Reese Speaks The Dailey Method Game Face Photo

Yes, I was all business here! 😛


I was so excited and motivated to get going. From my first class to my last, I was not disappointed. The Ottawa studio is GORGEOUS! It was simple, bright and open. There are large windows along one wall of the workout studio and mirrors covering most of the remaining wall space. I loved the gorgeous wood floors throughout the space as well. It made each class easier to work out in.



There are various classes the Dailey Method offers students. These are the 5 different intensity levels of classes students can take at their Ottawa location:

  • Dailey Gentle (60 minutes)
  • Dailey Basics (60 minutes)
  • Dailey Barre (60 minutes)
  • Dailey Express 45 (45 minutes)
  • Dailey Interval 45 (45 minutes)



This is all you need to take a class:


Reese Speaks The Dailey Method Clothing

NOTE: The plant is just there for scenery. It would make for a very awkward weight during a class! 🙂  Mats, weights, and exercise balls are all available inside the studio for you to use.


That’s it, that’s all, Readers! I was advised to wear clothing that was form-fitting and comfortable so I would not have to worry about my clothing getting in the way during a class.  It is also so instructors can see whether you are executing each move correctly and to give guidance if needed.

I will not lie: Every class kicked my butt! All of the instructors I had the pleasure of meeting were extremely welcoming. They always noticed when there was a new face in their class.They went out of their way to introduce themselves, ask questions about whether I had any physical issues that may hinder my workout, and came over to anyone during the class to correct their form. They even made themselves available after each class to show me how to perform moves I was still not clear about how to do.



Each workout focused on little movements to get the desired workout for the part of the body being focused on. At the end of my first class, I was a bit wiped, drenched in sweat, yet SO happy I had attended!

Every class was a fabulous experience. Each class was not too big.I visited the studio during the morning hours, so the class sizes were smaller and more intimate.  I did not feel as though I ever got lost in a crowd.

After a few classes, I noticed I was stronger when doing my other workouts at home. I was able to challenge myself more and want to work out longer. I would highly recommend The Dailey Method Ottawa and cannot wait to step back up to the barre once my children are back in school!


Reese Speaks The Dailey Method Barre 2 Photo


Whether you want to start working out or you are looking for a different kind of workout to start doing, I would suggest giving The Dailey Method Ottawa a try! These classes are amazing and inspiring, you get a full-body workout and your best is the goal of each class. New students signing up to try The Dailey Method Ottawa can also enjoy their $79 New Client Special for a month of unlimited classes. Trust me, it is a deal worth taking!

For more information about The Dailey Method Ottawa, you can visit their website.You also can connect with them on their Facebook , Twitter,and Instagram pages!

What is your workout of choice? Would you want to step up to the barre?

Disclaimer: I received a 30-Day Membership to The Dailey Method Ottawa in order to write this review. The views I shared are my own.

Universal Children’s Day, 2013: A Day to Cherish Children

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Many countries around the world today are celebrating Children’s Day, a day to honor children globally.  On November 20, 1959, it was proclaimed by the The United Nations General Assembly that a day be set aside to encourage countries around the world to have children engage in celebrating the lives of children globally, as well as to bring awareness to and to promote the well being of children around the world.

This is why I love a day like today.  It is suppose to take the focus off of troubles adults are causing, and focusing on trying to make the world a little bit better for the children we are bringing into it.  I am in awe of Canadians like Romeo Dallaire, and  organizations like Plan Canada’s Because I Am A Girl, who are looking out for the welfare of children around the world.

I also must tip my hat to organizations within my own community that are trying to make the lives of children better, as well.  I was lucky enough to have attended a function last night put on by the The Fund for a New Generation (FNG), an not-for-profit organization that supports underprivileged youth within the city of Ottawa.   FNG hosts the Ottawa Gala, an annual event which helps to raise money to be put towards charities that support youth within Ottawa.

The function last night was to thank the sponsors of the Gala last year, as well as to present the charities chosen to be funded by FNG for 2013 with their donations.  I was so happy to have volunteered for this year’s event, and I am excited to be a part of the planning committee for the 2014 Gala!  My eldest goes to school with some of the children who are supported by children who are funded by FNG, so I felt I should give my time to an organization that helps them.

I wanted to add Janet Jackson’s  Livin’ in a World (They Didn’t Make) to my list of favourite Janet Jackson songs, but then I decided against it.  I felt I should keep it for a day like today when the lives and well-being of children are the focus.  I know, it’s a sad song, but it also focuses on what some adults are doing to harm children instead of nurture them.  It’s not the video, but her song with a gallery of pictures put together by ZELLDARAYS on Youtube (thanks!).

I’m giving my little ones eve more hugs today because of how lucky I feel to have them, as well as to guide them to want to give back to those kids who are not as lucky to be as fortunate as they are.

Until my next post, Readers!


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