Big Brother 14, Episode #29 – Memories!

Hi Readers!

This is the last episode before the big Finale! I know, the season’s almost over. There are only three players left in the game, since Dan booted Shane out of the House without Danielle knowing. The remaining houseguests are looking back on their time in the BB House, as well as getting geared up for the final HoH Competition taking place tonight. Who will be one step closer to winning it all? Let’s take a look.

Dan was scratching his head trying to figure out how he’ll get votes from the Jury since he had a hand in sending most of them there.  He thought he was in good with both Danielle and Ian for Final Two, even though Danielle was still upset with him over Shane’s departure (Does this sound familiar – Frank being upset with Dan over Boogie leaving?  Look where that got him.).  Dan went back to work, once again smoothing things over with Danielle by telling her she’ll win the game.  Danielle retorted by asking him why he couldn’t be honest with her.  She was also not sure whether she could trust Dan anymore in the game.  While these two are talking, Ian was pacing all over the House, stoking himself up to win the last HoH and then the game.  Ian, maybe you should keep your eye on the other two players potentially plotting against you instead of going around the House like a mad man.

The Final Three then partake in a celebratory brunch set out for them in the BB kitchen.  In the Diary Room, Danielle confessed she would plan her revenge on Dan while sipping mimosas.  Danielle, you have the memory of a flea.  What makes you think you will ever get around to thinking about how to get rid of Dan now?  While reminising over the events of the summer, Dan continued to work over Danielle, trying to get her to forget all of the horrible things he did to her.  Once they were done going over all of their good and bad times this summer, they toasted each other to the rest of their time in the House.

Hook, Line and Sinker was the name of Part 1 of the final HoH Competition.  The last person holding onto their human-sized fishing line would win this round of the compettion, as well as a by from Part 2.  The players were sitting on their fish hook seats while being submerged into a deep pond of water, then being swung into a padded wall while being soaked by heavy rain.  I’m not sure what the wall has to do with fishing, but I’m not a producer on this show.  The episode ended with the last three players going through this routine.  Gotta love endurance challenges!

This was a short post, I know.  There was more talking than I would have liked, but what can you do?  Now, I just want to get to the Finale.  I really hope Ian and Danielle have learned by now not to trust whatever comes out if Dan’s mouth.  Hopefully, all of their reminising helped them do this.  Yes, I’m still rooting for Dan to win, but the smart thing would be to get rid of him.  Whoever is able to do this will win the votes of the Jury.  Who will win the last HoH of the season? Who will then win it all?  We will find out during the next episode!

Until my next post, Readers!