Big Brother 14, Episode #11 – The Underdog Rises!

Hey Readers! 

I’m back with the all of the sneaky tidbits of BB 14!  Since there was no eviction this week, how will this week’s HoH fair in the BB House? Let’s find out right now!

The HoH Competition continued from the last episode.  The show then cut to a scene that was recorded before the competitiom began where Dan was talking frantically to Boogie.  He told Boogie that Frank was the intended target for eviction, not Joe.  Boogie was livid because he found out that he was not in control of the game, and that Frank was going to be backdoored without his knowledge.Boogie then let Frank know once both of them were eliminated from the competition about this development. He, too,  began to question where he actually stood with those he thought he could trust in this game.

Back at the competition, after many of the houseguests let go of the ship, either out of sheer exhaustion or because they thought/assumed they were safe from eviction, Danielle, the Underdog came out as the victor, as well as the first female HoH of this season.  After she peeled herself off of the side of the ship, Dan gave her a big hug, and Shane, probably out of a sense of gratitude because Danielle would not put him on the block yet, gave her a super-duper kiss.  Yeah, Danielle wasn’t complaining how sore she was after that display of affection!

After the competition, Boogie was playing detective in order to find out why Frank was the target of the last eviction.  He also wanted to know who else was in on this plan.  Brittany was questioned by Boogie about what she knew.   She then made a beeline for Shane to warn him about what Boogie knew and to keep his mouth shut.  This is because it could ruin the trust that Frank still possibly had in him which could cost Shane the game.  Brittany also tried to smooth things over with Boogie and Frank hoping they would believe she knew nothing of this plan.  Unfortunately for her, they were on to her, and decided to no longer trust anything she says for the rest of the game.

Dan finally admitted to letting the cat out of the bag to Brittany and Danielle in the Storage Room.  After some smooth talking, Dan got the ladies to forgive him for making such a huge mistake.  They regrouped in the Danielle’s HoH Room to discuss who were the biggest threats in the House.  They decided they were Boogie, Janelle, Frank and Wil (no real surprise there, Readers!).  Dan didn’t like the idea of two former Coaches possibly being put in the block because he felt it would put a larger target on his back if one of them left the House.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Danielle announced that Frank and Wil were up for eviction this week.  This choice made both nominees furious.  Of course, Wil was upset over Danielle’s choices. He was one of the people Danielle promised safety to during the HoH Competition.  All I have to Wil is never, ever take the word of anyone in this game, no matter who it is.  After all, promises are made to be broken, especially in the BB House!  Frank was upset because he was nominated for the second week in row, and that can mess with a player’s head in this game.

How will Danielle’s turn on the HoH throne impact her game-play?  Is she going to be able to make a decision for herself this week, or will she depend on Dan to hold her hand and tell her what to do? In my next BB post, maybe we will have some, if not all, of these questions answered.  Oh, and check out my page for Reese Speaks on Facebook!   You can find out more about me, some of the other things I’m interested in and some of my future blog topics, along with links to these sites.

Until my next post, Readers!