Happy 3rd Anniversary, Reese Speaks!

Happy Anniversary!

Hey Readers!

Three years have gone by quickly for this blogger! It honestly seems as though I am still in my first year of starting this blog and sharing my world with you! So many things have happened, and the adventures and opportunities I have had in this year have been fabulous and priceless!

One of the biggest opportunities I have had this year was becoming the Editor for the Ottawa Mommy Club. Lyne Proulx has been wonderful to allow me to do what I do for her blog, and she has taught me so much more about the ins and outs of the blogging world.  She has also given me so many experiences to write about and share on her blog. It has and continues to be such an adventure. I cannot thank her enough!

I also did a lot of fun things on my blog this past year. As I mentioned in my ”Year-End Wrap” post, I met a soap opera star, I got engaged, and I have had spent some great times with friends and family, sharing experiences and reviews on my blog. I have a lot of fun, and there are better thing to come with this coming year!

Being a part of the blogging community has just been wonderful for me! I have met some of the nicest people who are so helpful and giving! They are always there for each other for support or to answer questions others may have. I got to know a core group of them while blogging for Ottawa Mommy Club and being the Community Coordinator for BConnected Conference for the past two years. This year, there were so many more bloggers involved with putting this conference together, so I go t to know them better. It is sort of like being a newbie getting to work alongside some of the best people in their field. I do get a bit star-struck by them, and it also pushes me harder to want to be a better blogger.

Being a parent, I think the learning never ends! My kids can be at different ends of the spectrum in the same moment, so I have to learn how to figuratively sit on my hands a bit more and let situations ride. I am also amazed by my kids day after day with the achievements they have experienced, and the adventures they have no matter where they are.

The ''Bosses'' during a VERY important business meeting.

The ”Bosses” during a VERY important business meeting.

Another person who has been a great part of my blog has been my fiancé. He does so much for our family, and has been such a supporter of me and allowing me to do what makes me happy. He is also a wiz at just about everything he does, and I have showcased some of his amazing dishes on the blog and my other social media channels.

Finally, you, Readers, have been so awesome to Reese Speaks since I started blogging. I have more readers than I did last year, and have been commenting and sharing my experiences as well. It is such a rush to see you reading and engaging here. I really cannot thank you enough.

Year-End Wrap, 2014!

Hey Readers!

It’s almost 2015, so it is only fitting that I do a year-end wrap of everything I loved about Reese Speaks for 2014! It was a really good year, and I am so pleased with what I have accomplished. I have written more posts this year, both for myself and for other blogs/publications than I did this year, and the experiences I had were so interesting and fun.  Here are a few of my fav parts of 2014!

Fav Posts

The Tulip Festival – I wrote quite a few posts this past year, so this has to be the hardest section to pick my favs from! Out of all of the posts I wrote for Reese Speaks, one of my favs had to be about visiting this festival at Dow’s Lake here in Ottawa, ON! I really love going to this festival every year as the varieties of tulips are all so beautiful to look at, and I loved all of the exhibits, statues and entertainment available for festival-goers to take in.  I can’t wait to see what this festival has in store for attendees this coming year!




 Saucy Pork Tenderloin – Out of all of the food I shared with you this year, this recipe for my other half’s Saucy Pork Tenderloin had to be my absolute fav! I dream about this dish! It was juicy, flavourful, and, well, saucy! It’s also easy to make, as I even attempted to make this dish myself last year! It is one that you should try for yourself one night for dinner!


PT 2


My Encounters of the Y&R Kind – This post was a great one for me to write about because I got to share with you one of my secret passions away from the computer: The Young and the Restless. It is my fav soap, and I have been watching it since I could remember. I also love how the stars of the show like to interact with their fans, and I wrote about how getting into the fab world of social media allows me to get them know them more as people away from their roles.


Can you guess which autograph belongs to which actors on Y&R? Guess which one belongs to Eric Braeden? Trust me, it's not a hard one to find! :P

Can you guess which autograph belongs to which actors on Y&R? Guess which one belongs to Eric Braeden? Trust me, it’s not a hard one to find! 😛


Fav Experiences

Ottawa’s Italian Week Festival – This is an experience I like to enjoy with my kids every year! I like to spend a day on Preston Street celebrating with other revelers of this festival, watching beautiful cars race by, playing with my kids at the mini amusement park set up for them to enjoy, and enjoying the community come out for events to celebrate their heritage.


Car  Collage


Meeting Melody Thomas Scott – This was such a great Ladies’ Day out at the Women’s Show with my friend, Sandy, as Y&R watchers, we got to meet MTS! She was funny and really down to earth. It was so much fun to also talk to other soap lovers while we waited for the show to get started as well as in line to meet the soap icon.  It was a day I will never forget!




Getting Engaged – This has to be put on the highlight reel for my year-end wrap, because, well, it’s a big step in my life! As I said in the post, I’m not too sure as to the ins and outs of this new stage in my life, but it was a surprise from my other half, and one that we can explore together until we take the next step: Marriage!


Fav MMMM Picks

Radio Head – “15 Step” – I was never a big Radio Head fan until my other half introduced me to them. Then I fell in love with them instantly! This is one of my fav songs from this group, and off of their In Rainbows album. It is also very different from most of my MMMM picks, which is another reason why I chose this pick as one of my favs this year!

No Doubt – “Underneath It All” – I have loved No Doubt for a long time, and I chose this MMMM pick as one of my favs because it was my fav of the picks that I chose to play for a long weekend to mellow things out, yet still get you in a good mood to start off your day. This is one of my fav songs from this group as well.

Montell Jordan – “This Is How We Do It” – Although this song was also played on a long weekend, I chose this song as one of my favs for two reasons: a) It’s a fab song to get moving to any day of the week, including the Labour Day Long Weekend Monday; and b) it was also my most popular MMMM post this year! What can I say, a lot of people love this song!


Fav Christmas Picks

Christmas Movie Picks: Family Edition – Out of all of the television and movie picks I wrote this Christmas season, this one had to be my fav because these were favs of my family that we watched over and over again, not only during this Christmas, but throughout the year as well.

Chuck Berry – “Run, Rudolph, Run” – I chose this MMMM pick that was also a part of my Christmas Hit List because it is a fav with my family, and it is a song that got us all in the Christmas spirit! We listened to this song  A LOT over the past few weeks, and I know will be requested to be heard over and over again during future Christmas seasons!

Mary J. Blige – “Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas” – I will probably have this song played on my Christmas Hit List every year.  I love Mary J. Blige, and her version of this song gets me really excited about Christmas Day.  I try not to play this song too much until a few days before the big day, and when it is played on Christmas Day, it makes me think about all of the good things that have happened throughout the year, and how thankful I am to have the amazing family and friends I have around me.




I Had A Lot Help From My Friends

Okay, Readers, this is a wrap for my Year-End Wrap, 2014! These were some of the bright spots on Reese Speaks this year. My year would not have been as bright if it was not for so many people! My first thanks has to go to you, Readers! A blog, big or small, is supported by those who take the time to read it, and I have to thank you for all of the support you have given me! I also want to thank other bloggers who follow my blog. The blogging community is such a supportive one, and I love how great bloggers can be.  Thank you to the blogs and publications that allowed me to read the stories they share, and to allow me to share on their sites as well! Last, but certainly not least, to my family. These people are not just the people who I am related to (who I love dearly and thanks profusely everyday), but who are my friends who are like family to me.  You have helped me, supported me, listened to me (patiently) when needed to vent, and have made me a better person by allowing me to learn from you. I am eternally grateful to you, and I am humbled to be around. Thank you, whether I’m related to you, engaged to you, or who I have met along this crazy journey of life, for this past year, and the help you have given to my blog.

I wish everyone the best for 2015, and let’s see what experiences I will get to share with you this year at Reese Speaks!

Until my next post, Readers!





Remembrance Day. A Day to Give Thanks.

Hey Readers!

Remembrance Day has arrived. A day that we take a moment to reflect and give thanks to those who are fighting or have fought so that others could enjoy peace.

Even though today is suppose to be a more somber day, I like to keep things a little brighter around here on my blog.  Last year, I shared a video of children’s choir singing their appreciation for the day (since this choir is American, so it was Veteran’s Day for them), so this year, I wanted to share messages of thanks from the Calgary Girls’ School in Calgary, AB to the Canadian troops and volunteers for their past and present service to Canada. It is great to see that children have not lost the ability to appreciate what others have done for them.

I hope that this post helps to make the day a bit brighter for you today!

Until my next post, Readers!


Mundane Monday Morning Music: Dido – Thank You

Happy Thanksgiving?Columbus Day Morning, Readers!

It’s a gorgeous (looking) long weekend morning here, and, for once, we are taking things a little bit slower than usual.  It’s rare when we take things easy at home, so my other half and I are going to savour every bit of this last long weekend (for us Canadians) until Christmas as much as we can!

As per my tradition for this feature, I’m also slowing down the beat for my MMMM pick this week.  This week’s pick is “Thank You” by Dido. I know this song is not exactly about what most people would give thanks for, but I’m the type of person who thanks people for what they’ve done for me.  Some people may find this act as being disingenuous, but I think that people should hear how you have touched their life and have made it better, so maybe this is not such a bad pick for today, huh!

I hope that “Thank You” helps you to relax and reflect on this non-working  mundane Monday morning!

Until my next post, Readers!


Reese Speaks Turns 2 Years Old!

Hey Readers!

Reese Speaks turned 2 years old!




Wow! Time has really flown by since my first post.  I have written about so many things, and have met a lot of amazing people along this journey.

To you, Readers, I have to thank you for popping in to my blog and reading what I have shared with you.  Without you, Reese Speaks doesn’t exist.

I hope that you continue to come back to Reese Speaks, and that you keep enjoying the posts I’m sending your way!

Thanks, Readers, for all of your support!

Until my next post, Readers!


Remembrance Day Monday Morning Music: Prestonwood Baptist Church Children’s Choir – “Thank You Soldiers” by Michael & Angela Souders.

Hey Readers!

Since it’s Remembrance Day today in Canada (Veteran’s Day in the US), I thought I should honour those who have, or are currently serving in our military with today’s song.

I found this video, and the children made me smile, so I wanted you, Readers, to smile today, too!


Until my next post, Readers!


Thank You, Thank You, Thank You, Readers!

Hey There, Readers!

It took me a while to send out this post, but I had to you know how honoured I was to have reached 1000+ view on Reese Speaks!  It is the milestone I have been waiting for!  I reached this milestone on August 7, 2013, and I was so excited!

I apologize for taking so long to show my appreciation to you.  I’m just getting settled in my new home/office, and it’s been pretty chaotic until now.  I wanted to make sure I was still sharing the stories, shows, music and ideas I thought were interesting with you.

Now I am WAY over this milestone!  It is thanks to you, Readers, as well as to my very supportive family and friends from all over that keeps Reese Speaks going.  I know that for some, 1000+ views is a drop in the bucket, but for me, it’s a huge deal.

So to all of you Readers, I must thank you for taking the time to pop back into my blog and reading some of the things I enjoy sharing with you.

Thank You Dragonfly