SuzyQ Doughnuts: A Smile in Every Bite

Hey Readers!

I miss living a stone’s throw away from Wellington West, a neighbourhood just west of downtown Ottawa.  This area has so many things happening there, and there are also so many delicious places to stop and get a bite to eat.  One of my favourite haunts in the Wellington West village is SuzyQ Doughnuts!

SuzyQ is a gourmet doughnut company that is unlike any other I have ever visited ! The flavours that they have available are so different, fun and original and scrumptiously delicious! My family and I have become huge fans of their delectable doughnut delights, that we always have to drop in whenever we are in the area.

Here it is! This is SuzyQ Doughnuts on Wellington Street! They have a parking lot for those doughnut lovers that want to drive to get their sugar fix here, and they have a seating area for patrons who want to savour their detectible delights if you cannot wait to get home to do so. This is the box that they were packaged in.  It is simple, yet it gets the job done.




These are the beautiful treasures that lie within the box!




These are three of our favourite flavours that SuzyQ has available on their menu daily.  These are Dirty Chocolate , Cookies and Cream and London Fog.  We all love eating the Dirty Chocolate and the Cookies and Cream, but I absolutely love their London Fog. It has a clean and simple earl grey tea  flavour that is so good! I get this one whenever we go.




Here are my kids enjoying our SuzyQ doughnuts fresh from the shop.  Since it was a really hot day when we got our doughnuts, we decided to sit at a shaded bench to eat. SuzyQ also has water and other drinks available to buy alongside their doughnuts, and the water came in handy to keep us cool and to help wash them down.


Doughnut Collage


Some thing to take into consideration:

  • Visit their menu before you go.  It will make it much easier to know what’s available and to place your order. There are so many fun options to choose from, and I find it hard to make a choice with just my eyes!
  • Try to go there early. If you go during peak times (afternoons, especially on the weekends), there will be a bit of a wait to get doughnuts as so many others also munch these snacks, too!
  • No Credit Cards – they only accept cash and debit.
  • Order large orders ahead of time (at least two dozen) – for orders larger than a dozen, SuzyQ requests that you fill out their Special Order Form that can be found on their website ahead of time so they can have your order waiting and ready.

Overall, Suzy Q is a shop I like to pop into to grab a scrumptious treat whenever I am in the Wellington West area. It is a small and cute shop selling some of the best doughnuts I have ever had! I would strongly recommend that, whether you live in Ottawa, or if you are just passing through Canada’s capital, that you try to make the trip to SuzyQ Doughnuts and sample their delicious treats! The next doughnut on my hit list to try is their version of S’Mores! It looks like a ooey, gooey delight!

Price: $ – Not too pricy

For a single doughnut, up to six, it is $2 + tax.

A half dozen is $10, no tax.

One Dozen is $20.

Location: Easy to get to

It is located at 991 Wellington Street, a few blocks away from the Somerset Bridge west of downtown Ottawa. Besides being in the Wellington West area, it is also within walking distance to Little Italy and Chinatown, so you could make a day of visiting SuzyQ. You can easily get there by rcar, on bike or on foot.

Extra Tidbits: Always Festive

I love going to a shop that likes to celebrate various occasions.  SuzyQ Doughnuts has made doughnuts to commemorate different pop culture events.  They made an Ectoplasm doughnut in honour of National Doughnut Day and for the 30th anniversary of the film Ghostbusters. They also had a viewing of the film in their parking lot for patrons to view to continue the celebration. This past weekend (August 15-17, 2014) SuzyQ also made a Flower Child doughnut to celebrate the 45th anniversary of Woodstock.

I hope that you go by and get a taste of SuzyQ Doughnuts. It is a treat you will not soon forget!

Disclaimer: I have not been compensated in away way for my review of SuzyQ Doughnuts.  I really just wanted to share my experience there with you.