Fun for Kids of All Ages at Canadian Museum of History’s Canadian Children’s Museum!

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The ”Bosses” and I have had some amazing adventures this summer, some were big and others were small. Throughout each journey, I felt that they were able to take away something from it, and I am so happy about it! One of the excursions my entourage and I went on was to the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Quebec. This was their first visit to a museum, so I was anxious to see how they would do in an environment like this, but I also want them to learn beyond what they are used to, and this Museum has so much to offer and teach them! Since two of my VPs are still toddlers, I limited our visit. I shared our visit to the Museum’s exhibit on Terry Fox that they loved (yes, even my little ones!), then we made our way to the Canadian Children’s Museum. Let me tell you, this is one of their favourite places to go!

It was a bit of a challenge to keep my kids at bay as we entered this exhibit to grab this shot! They saw the pillars and the stamps and wanted to see more!


The Canadian Children’s Museum allows children to travel the world and explore other cultures through exhibitions, props costumes and hands-on objects. There really is something for every child, big or small, to experience and enjoy at this Museum and allow them to learn from everything around them.

When we entered the Canadian Children’s Museum, we received passports for my younger children from the Travel Bureau so they can collect stamps from each exhibit they explore. My eldest helped her siblings place each stamp into their passports to make sure they had a memory of each exhibit they visited. The kids love looking at their passports and reliving all of the fun we had!


Our first stop, Destination: Imagination, was a favourite for my younger daughter. The theme of this exhibit was the theatre and she loves drama and the theatre! The ‘’Diva’’ and I fell in love with everything here from the ticket booth at the entrance, to the backstage area to the stage itself. We had to tear ourselves away because we could have stayed and played here for our whole visit!


We then found our way to Crossroads where cultures come together in one area. They were able to see what it would be like to ride a Pakistani Bus, pretend to pull a rickshaw or get information from another country. My kids loved riding on the bus, learning information about different countries, and making calls in the London telephone booth!


We got a bit of a break to recharge by spending time in the Studio. My kids were able to sit down and create bead bracelets while taking in the fun décor. My favourite part of the room had to be the ceiling! The fish and the bubbles gave me so many ideas of what I would like to try for fun birthday party ideas or for decorating their bedrooms.



My daughter’s masterpiece! She was extremely proud of her work!

The kids found their way to Kaleidoscope. It is an area designated to special exhibitions by the Canadian Children’s Museum. During our visit, my son was elated to see that Lego was being featured! There were certain areas set up for visitors to build structures to their heart’s content, a wagon and wheel barrels to help transport Lego pieces around the room if there just were not enough at your station, and a large Adirondack chair so anyone could feel like a big kids while they sat in it!


While my eldest took my younger daughter for a sneak peek of the rest of the Museum, my son and I popped into Lucy’s Bookstore. This was another great rest stop for me. I fell in love with how it is in a quiet spot so visitors can kick back and relax with a fun storybook on their comfy cushioned bench or poke around the bookstore. My son loved the check-out area because he could play with the cash register and pretend to be an employee.


Our final stop was to the International Village. There was so much to do and see! My kids were able to ‘’create’’ a meal at the Kids, Café, drive a van and work on a cargo ship at Port of Entry, learn about ancient Egypt in Secrets in the Sand, barter for goods at the Market Bazaar, and see how different homes look around the world. They really got a kick out of being able to pop in and out of areas and see how different cultures live and communicate.


There are parts of the Canadian Children’s Museum that we did not get to visit because there was SOOOOOO much to see and do! This is a good thing because these will be the first places we will go to on our next visit! For my younger kids, there were a few tear as we had to say goodbye. They really did not want to leave. For them, it was like having a super doper playroom with countless rooms full of discovery! The best part about this Museum is that the ”No Touching” Rule does not apply here! In fact, not getting to interact with the exhibits would take away from the experience! The ”Bosses” cannot wait to return and have another fun day of learning and exploration. If you are ever hard pressed for an idea for a family fun day, I would always point you in the direction of the Canadian Children’s Museum at the Canadian Museum of History. You and your mini entourage will not be disappointed!


For more information about the Canadian Museum of History and the Canadian Children’s Museum, you can visit them on their website, or connect with them on their Facebook  and Twitter pages!

Disclousre: I was compensated with admission to the Canadian Museum in order to visit the Children’s Museum. The opinions are all my own as I wanted to share this experience with you!

Mundane Monday Morning Music: Brandy and Monica – “The Boy is Mine”

Mornin’ Readers!

We have (finally) hit June, yet the weather is still trying to decide whether summer is on its way or if cold temperatures will be the norm for a while longer. As I started working at the Blinky the Computer this morning, I had to wrap myself up in a comforter with a few extra layers of clothing for warmth. I just can’t wait for summer to arrive! I LOVE the sun and the heat!

I decided I needed a fun song this morning that I can move to to get my blood going. I turned to my late high school days for for inspiration to choose today’s MMMM pick. Brandy and Monica’s duet, “The Boy is Mine” has to be one of my favourite songs from my youth, and I still love belting out this tune! Back in my day, my girls and I chose sides, being on Team Brandy or Team Monica (I was, and still am Team Monica) singing this song together while we jokingly fueled the “rivalry” between these two singers. Nowadays, I still love dancing and singing this song, and it really helped to shake off the chills that the cool weather brought with it today! In my head, summer officially starts today!

I hope that “The Boy Is Mine” gets you singing and dancing, brings back fond memories, helps to make new memories and makes summer seem that much closer for you on this mundane (and chilly) Monday morning!

Until my next post, Readers!


Mundane Monday Morning Music: Earth, Wind & Fire – September

Mornin’ Readers!

It is the unofficial end of summer.  I am sad that it is all but over, but I’m happy that today is Labour Day! It’s an extra day to lounge about and have some fun before the work week, and the new school year begins!

Since it is the first of September, it is only fitting that I play “September” by Earth, Wind and Fire for this week’s MMMM pick! For some parents, it is also a song to celebrate their kids going back to school. I know , I usually like to have a more mellow tune for long weekend Monday mornings, but today just didn’t have that laid back feel to for me! It’s also a great song for today because this song is also about reflecting back to good times, and I certainly have a lot of good memories of this summer that has flown by!

I hope that “September” helps you look back on this summer, and helps you to cap of this amazing long weekend!

Until my next post, Readers!


Three Letters: B-B-Q!

Hey Readers!

I have finally found some time to post on my blog (Yay!)

Last weekend was the first weekend in June, and my boyfriend/partner person, who is also our live-in chef, brought something home and sneakily set up a surprise in our backyard.  It was a mini grill! The first thing out of my mouth was “Barbecue!”

I know, it must seem kind of strange for someone to start cheering about having the ability to eat barbecued food, but it was, literally, the first time in three years (besides festivals or restaurants…those are experiences, not meals ;P ) since I had had barbecued food!

Our “chef” out-did himself on the grill Saturday! He christened the grill by making a pork tenderloin. Yes, I know realize that we eat a lot of pork dishes, too, but this dish was FABULOUS! It was juicy and tender, but still had that smoky barbecue flavour that I had been dreaming about for what seemed like an eternity!




For our traditional Sunday dinner, my guy decided to dial it down a notch.  He rolled up his imaginary sleeves, and made his amazing hamburgers on the grill! This was the meal I had been waiting for! His normal burgers are usually cooked in the oven.  They are great, but to have these babies on the grill was something that (my) dreams were made of!




When I took a bite into the final product, it was game-over! It was tasty deliciousness!  I scarfed down my burger so fast that I was sad it was gone, even though it was pretty filling.  I reluctantly shared the last burger with my eldest, who didn’t seem too pleased to be sharing it with me, either.

Now that the weekend is just about upon us, my thoughts are floating towards the grill out back, and what my guy will come up for this weekend’s grilling sensations.  Whatever they are, I am sure they will be delicious, and will be sure to share them with you!

Until my next post, Readers!


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Reese’s Fishing Adventure, 2013

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Here in Ottawa, it is going to be a balmy -20°C, and I am LONGING for those warm, lazy days of summer.  Then the dusty ol’ light bulb flicked on in my head, and I remembered that I had forgotten all about my latest battle of wits versus the fish while I was visiting my boyfriend/partner’s parent’s home last summer, and I was transported back to that day on the boat.  Sure, I was sweating like crazy in my sweater to keep the mosquitoes at bay while wearing enough bug repellant to cover three people, but I enjoyed every minute on that boat!

On this trip, it was the same gang as last time, except my boyfriend/partner stayed behind to be with our little ones.  We all but duck taped my eldest daughter to her seat, as she loves going fishing, as is getting better at it each time she goes out.  Granndpa was at the helm of the boat, guiding us along the Napanee River that flows just minutes away from his home, and taking us to the prime fishing spots along the way.

Below are some shots of the scenery we had a chance to experience on our way to our first fishing spot.  There were some other fishing crews out on the river, too, trying to see if the fish were biting but  Grandpa was able to shake them off of our trail!

These are just some of the beautiful pics of scenery we had the advantage of being out on the Napanee River last summer.  This is not helping me deal with this freezing cold weather!

These are just some of the beautiful pics of scenery we had the advantage of being out on the Napanee River last summer. This is not helping me deal with this freezing cold weather!

Some of our casts were successful…

This was so much better than last year!  We lost a few while reeling them in, but we were proud of what we caught!

This was so much better than last year! We lost a few while reeling them in, but we were proud of what we caught!

while others were not.

Grandpa is showcasing our

Grandpa is showcasing our “Other Catch of the Day.” We caught a lot of weeds in our line.

We even had a few friends drop in for a visit.

Dragonflies are some of my favourite flying beings.  They are inspiring, and are a sign of positive change.  I guess my Lady Luck will smile down on me to get some fish!

Dragonflies are some of my favourite flying beings. They are inspiring, and are a sign of positive change. I guess my Lady Luck will smile down on me to get some fish!

Overall, it was a fabulous few hours fishing.  I am by no means the seasoned angler I want to be, but I am getting closer to this goal every time I cast my line!  I have to make a point to catch more than my fish-crazed daughter next time, or else I’ll hear the end of it!

Can’t wait for my trip this year!  I hope you enjoyed this little bit of summer, if only on your computer screen!  🙂

Until my next post, Readers!


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