Make the Holidays Bright with Treats from Purdys Chocolatier!

Yes, Christmas is over, but that doesn’t mean that the holiday season has ended! My family and I are continuing to enjoy the Christmas Collection we received from Purdys Chocolatier! This collection of chocolate was a sweet surprise, as this was an extra package of treats they sent me to wish my family well this Christmas season. In this collection, we received the following:
• Gingerbread Chocolates
• Peppermint Bark
• Winter Cardinal Tin
• The Chocolatier Collection




Since my kids like eating gingerbread cookies, it was only fitting to try the Gingerbread Chocolates first! After taking a bit inside, it was like eating a gingerbread cookie and Purdys’ chocolate at the same time! There were also little pieces of pastry flake scattered throughout each chocolate piece to add to the crunchiness of this treat, and the cocoa butter design of cute little gingerbread men made these chocolates even more fun to eat!


Gingerbread Collage


One of the best non-chocolate treats I have ever tasted from Purdy’s has to be their Peppermint Bark! Readers, these pieces of crushed candy canes that have been encased in a white bark, then topped off with dark chocolate are amazing! These minty treats really put you in the holiday spirit, and made me have nostalgic thoughts of my childhood and the warm feelings I had back then at Christmas. The Peppermint Bark did not last as long as I would have liked as they were a huge hit with all of us!


Peppermint Bark Collage


We also enjoyed the Winter Cardinal Tin with an assortment of chocolates to taste. We decided to eat some of the chocolates we have never tasted before. My eldest and I shared the Lemon Cream and it was delicious! The rich Purdy’s milk chocolate encased a tangy lemon cream that was light and smooth. We also tried a chocolate that was somewhat similar to a Snowball, but instead of a cream filling, it was filled with soft coconut. It was a great chocolate to eat!


Assorted Tin Collage


My family and I finally made it to the Chocolatier Collection, where any chocolate lover would be satisfied with the assortment of chocolates available to them! Within this collection, there are milk chocolate and dark chocolate versions of Purdy’s Haystacks and Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels, as well as their Turona, and Petit Chocolat. To finish off this assortment of chocolate, there were two dark chocolate barks with pistachios, hazelnuts and sour cherries! We all have a great time eating our favourite chocolates and tasting the dark chocolate bark!


Assorted Box Collage


We loved the assortment of products we received from Purdys’ Christmas Collection! There were both favourites we have enjoyed from past collections, as well as new chocolates and treats we savoured! I hope that you are enjoying this holiday season, and if you need any gift ideas for a party you are going to, or for a late Christmas gift, that one of these products will fit the bill! You can check out their complete collection on their website!

Until my next post, Readers!


Disclaimer: I received products from Purdy’s  as part of a contest I was a part of in order to write this review. The opinions expressed are my own.

Purdys Chocolatier’s New Collection of Chocolates

Hiya, Readers!

Are you having a hard time finding a gift for that special someone that is hard to shop for? You know, it could be a friend, a coworker, your postal carrier that you want to show your appreciation for, yet you have no idea what they would want this Christmas? Well, you could always try turning to Purdy’s to help in this department! They have a new collection of chocolates that would make anyone happy! I received some of the chocolates from their new collection to try, and they were delicious! These were the chocolates we were given to taste:

  • Single Origin Chocolate – Ecuador – 3 Bars
  • Single Origin Chocolate – Peru – 3 Bar
  • Single Origin Chocolate – Ghana – 3 Bar
  • The Truona Gift Box – 15 Pieces
  • The Salted Hazelnut Flake Gift Box – 15 Pieces




We had to try the chocolate bars first, as we were intrigued by the taste of chocolates form different parts of the world. We started with the Single Origin Chocolate –  Ecuador – 3 Bars.  This bar is made of 72% dark chocolate.  The cocoa used to make this bar is from the Ecuadorian provinces of Manabí and Esmeraldas.


Ecuador Collage


My daughter, who is a huge lover of dark chocolate, loved how this bar reminded her of a bit of eating fudge. We were also able to taste bits of clove and fig. It was a great bar to eat, and it would be great to eat on a cold winter day to help make us feel a bit warmer inside.

We then moved on to the Single Origin Chocolate –  Peru – 3 Bars. This bar is also 72% dark chocolate. The cocoa use to make this bar is found in the Peruvian region of San Martin.


Peru Collage


When we bit into this bar, the chocolate taste was very powerful! My eyebrows went up when I took my first bite.  It was so good!  We were able to taste hints of fruit, especially cherries.  If you or some one you know love dark chocolate with a bit of a kick, then this would be the bar for them!

My favourite of the three bars we received had to be the Single Origin Chocolate – Ghana – 3 Bar! This bar is 45% milk chocolate. The cocoa used to make this bar is found in Central Ghana in its Ashanti Region.


Ghana Collage


I’m more of a milk chocolate lover, and it had a really nice chocolate flavour.  It was rich and mellowing for me. There were also hints of caramel flavour, which is another reason why this bar was my favourite out of the ones we tasted.  I had to stop myself from eating too much of this bar because I would have eaten the whole thing and I would have been too full to want to taste the other chocolates we had in front of us!

We then turned to the boxed chocolates we received.  The first one we tried was the Truona Gift Box. This treat was named after a 16th century Spanish treat. It is made of of two layers in order to put together Gianduja and Truffle to make one piece of chocolate. The main ingredient is its 65% cocoa from one plantation in Peru.  Its soil was previously harvested bananas, and the soil has retained this flavour and hints of it can still be found in this chocolate.


Turona Collage


It was a real treat to sink my teeth into this chocolate.  It was as though I was eating two different chocolates at the same time. The top layer, Gianduja, was so smooth, with its almond/hazelnut/milk chocolate puree and a pastry flake, and the bottom layer was a dark chocolate truffle made with whipping cream and cocoa.  These two layers were then encased in dark chocolate and had a sprinkle of crispy flakes to finish them off. There are a lot of flavours happening in this chocolate, and they are all good! I had to eat this chocolate slower than any of the others to make sure I caught all of the delicious flavours. This is a very decadent treat, and it is really meant to be savoured!

The Salted Hazelnut Flake chocolates were the last of the chocolates we tried. The Purdys’ milk chocolate is mixed with a pure Belgian hazelnut puree, bits of English Toffee, Himalayan Pink Salt and a lot of French feuilletine pastry flakes to give these mouth-size pieces of chocolate a great crunch.


Package Collage


These bars were fun to eat! They were rich and so flavourful! I really liked the Himalayan Pink Salt flaovur and the English Toffee bits you get with each bite. The Belgian puree gave these chocolates such a smooth flavour that it was great to have with the crunchy parts. Finally, I loved the artistic and playful cocoa butter tattoo that dress each one of these chocolates.

My family and I really enjoyed tasting a selection from the New Collection of chocolates from Purdys Chocolatier! They were so different, and all so good to eat! These would be a perfect gift to give that hard to shop for person on your list! I also hope you give them a try as well!

Until my next post, Readers!


Disclaimer: I received products from Purdys Chocolatier as part of a contest I won in order to write this review.  The opinions expressed are my own.

Make October Sweet and Bright with Purdy’s Diwali and Halloween Chocolate Treats! – Review

Hey Readers!

I know that Thanksgiving is behind us, but there are plenty of celebrations on the way where you can indulge in some chocolatey treats.  Purdys Chocolatier has not forgotten this, and are ready to help satisfy your sweet tooth with chocolate creations for Diwali and Halloween.

Here is what Purdy’s sent me to help celebrate Diwali and Halloween this year:

  • Diwali Favourites
  • Happy Skulls Tin
  • The Spider’s Collection




Since Diwali is on October 23rd this year, we decided to start off by trying the Diwali Favourites treats. My family had never tried the Coconut Burfi treats before, so this was a new experience for all of us.  It was a great blend of coconut and cardamom. Coconut lovers will love this coconutty and spicy treat! Another new treat my family had not tried before in this assortment was the Coconut Mango Cream chocolates. It was a creamy blend of mango and coconut, and the chocolate was the cherry on the cake of this treat.


Diwali Delights Collage


We then jumped into the Happy Skulls Tin. My other half loves the tin! The skulls are reminiscent of cute Day of the Dead skulls that are perfect for storing Halloween treats, or for just having out to add to your Halloween decor at home on on your desk at work. Inside this mini assortment of chocolate treats were some a chocolate I had been waiting to try since I tried Purdy’s Java Jazz. It was so good! My daughter and I loved the milk and white chocolate blend, along with the creamy center that was heavenly! We wished there was more than one of them in our tin! My eldest also enjoyed her favourite Purdy’s chocolate treat: The 70% Dark Chocolate Petit Chocolat! it was gone seconds after I shot this piece. Our little ones got to gobble nibble on the foil milk chocolate treats in this tin. They thought it was very funny to eat an eye ball! My other half polished off the rest of the chocolates in the tin.


Assorted Tin Collage


I thought that The Spider’s Collection was very cute bag of treats. I kept the sheer organza bag to help decorate my home this Halloween. There is a Foiled Milk Pumpkin, a Pumpkin Lolly, a Sugar Skull and other milk chocolate treats! Let me tell you, Readers, that I did not eat any of these treats. Not One! By the time I took pics of these treats for this post, my family had divided them up and stashed away! For the next few days, my eldest and my other half were very happy with their snacks as they were noshing on their Halloween treats from Purdy’s!

Foil Covered Treats Collage


So, Readers, if you are attending a Diwali celebration with family and friends, or if you want to give a special someone a great Halloween treat, then you should pop into a Purdys Chocolatiers to get something that is sweet and that will brighten the moment!

Until my next post, Readers!



Disclaimer: I was compensated with product by Purdys Chocolatiers in return for a review. The opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

Falling for Purdys Chocolatier’s Fall and Thanksgiving Collection of Chocolates – Review

Hey Readers!

As promised, I’m back with my second assortment of chocolates from Purdys Chocolatiers! If you didn’t already know this about me, I LOVE chocolate, and Purdy’s creates so many wonderful varieties of chocolate treats for chocolate devourers like myself and my family.

For this review, I was given the following chocolate creations to taste from Purdy’s Fall and Thanksgiving Collection:
• Licorice Caramels
• Pumpkin Caramels
• Pumpkin Truffles
• Chocolate Jewels Tin.


Purdys Fall Group


I loved the wrapping paper that the caramels and the truffles were wrapped in. It was so beautiful that I unwrapped each box carefully so I wouldn’t ruin the paper, and I will use it in a DIY in the near future. I didn’t have the heart to ruin paper that was so gorgeous! The Fall Assortment tin is also beautiful. I will be saving this tin to decorate my desk as it needs such a lovely box.


Purdys Fall Products Collage

Purdys Fall TY Note


The first treat we tasted was the Licorice Caramels. I really enjoyed these caramels because I love licorice, and it was even better when Purdy’s added their signature chocolate to it! These caramels were soft and sweet. The chocolate was so delicious. It was hard to put them down could save some for another day.


Licorice Caramels Collage


We then tried the Pumpkin Caramels. I loved how these treats were decorated. The orange and brown stripes were really gorgeous and chic. When we bit into them, they had this sweet yet spicy flavour that puts you right into Autumn. You just felt all warm and cozy inside after eating one of them!

Pumpkin Caramel Collage

The Pumpkin Truffles were my other half’s favourites out of the chocolate we received. He said that they reminded him of eating a pumpkin pie, which is one of his favourite desserts. I am a huge fan of truffles, and these truffles did not disappoint me in the slightest! Like the caramels, they were soft, and sweet. They also had a hint of a spice-like flavor to them. What set the truffles apart from the caramels was the molten chocolate on the inside of the truffles where the pumpkin flavor was hidden. Let’s just say that they were so good, that they were gone the next morning.


Pumpkin Truffle Collage

The last chocolates we sampled was the Chocolate Jewels Tin. Purdy’s did it again, with all new flavours in this tin for my family taste and enjoy.


Assorted Tin Collage


My eldest really loved the Coffee Crunch Mayan. It was a chocolate pyramid of dark chocolate delight with a slight coffee taste, and it had a bit of a crunch to it. My favourite, surprise, surprise, another truffle! This time, it was Purdy’s Java Jazz. Readers, I could have eaten these little beauties all day! It had a chocolate cover with a creamy center and a hint of a coffee flavor to it. It was adorned with an espresso bean on top for that jolt of flavor. It was really lovely.


Tin Assortment Favs Collage


If you were not really for Fall before, Readers, Purdys Chocolatiers has made some delightful treats to put you into the swing of the season with their Fall Collection of chocolates! Look out for my next Purdy’s Chocolatiers reviews, and I can’t wait to taste more of their sweet creations! You should go to a Purdys Chocolatier near you, or visit them online, or on their Facebook or Twitter pages to try these sweet treats for youself!

Until my next post, Readers!


Disclaimer: I was compensated with a collection of chocolates and treats from Purdys Chocolatier in order to write this post. However, the opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.

Purdys Chocolate is Gearing Up to Sweeten Canada’s Capital!

Hey There Readers!

Chocolate lovers in the Ottawa area, there’s a new chocolatier getting ready to set up shop here our fair city! It’s Purdys Chocolates! Yes, Ottawa, Purdys is finally bringing their premium chocolates to our nation’s capital for us to savour and fall in love with, and I just can’t wait!

Like most of you, I love chocolate! It is quite simply one of the best tasting foods in the world! Why do I love chocolate so much, you ask? Well, as a kid, we did not get to have too much chocolate.  Whenever Easter rolled around, my siblings would devour their chocolate treats, but I, who knew that once I ate my chocolate that would not be having probably much more of it for a while, so I would save it and treasure my secret hoard for as long as I could.

Now, as an adult, I love having chocolate around my home in some way, shape or form.  It could be chocolate cupcakes, chocolate squares, chocolate milk, or in some type of candy. Even though my family does not go too long without having some delicious chocolate, I still like having my secret stashes so I can indulge in my sweet treasure whenever I need to satisfy my sweet tooth.

What does this have to do with Purdys Chocolates landing in Ottawa? Well, this will allow for us to have one of our favourite chocolatiers close to home so we can enjoy their scrumptious chocolate creations! There will be two locations opening in Ottawa! One will be at Carlingwood Shopping Centre, and the other will be at Rideau Centre in August, 2014!

For those of you not familiar with Purdys Chocolates, I will fill you in on who they are.  They have been providing quality chocolate since 1907, when Richard Carmon Purdy opened up his chocolate shop on Robson Street in Vancouver, B. C.  When the Flavelle family began running Purdys in 1963, they decided they wanted to uphold the standards of quality that Richard Purdy set when he began creating chocolate.  To this day, Purdys lives up to this tradition of high standards, using the finest of ingredients from around the world, from as far as Belgium, Australia and India to finding excellent airy products right here in Canada.  Purdys has expanded from the one shop Purdy opened up over one hundred years ago to having 64 locations in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

I also love how Purdys Chocolates stays engaged with their followers! I was so excited to have a brief chance to Tweet with Purdys about my what to eat ice cream out of. It made my day for them to have retweeted my response.


So, if you are a chocoholic, or if you have never tried Purdys premium chocolate, make your way to one of the two new locations Purdys is opening in Ottawa for a sweet taste sensation!

My favourite Purdys Chocolates creation is their vanilla caramel chocolates! Let me know which sweet creation from Purdys Chocolates is your favourite?

Until my next post, Readers!