Big Brother 14, Episode #13 – Boogie the Puppet Master

Hello Readers!

Wow! What a difference a few days, as well as a crafted scheme, makes!  It makes me shake my head every time I think about what happened in this episode.  Let me tell you what happened…

Janelle was still shocked that she was chosen as Wil’s replacement on the block.  Usually in BB history, the players put up as pawns are the ones that go home.  Wil, you were an exception to the rule.  Janelle asked Britany why she was being targeted by Danielle.  As per usual, Britany gave her the run-around, leaving Janelle with more doubts than she had before. 

Janelle then went to Danielle to see if there was any bad blood between them, and to turn things around in her favour.  Danielle told her it was because she was told that Janelle was coming after her.  Danielle said it was because she felt as though Janelle was targeting her, so Danielle really wanted to beat Janelle to the punch and get her out of the House first.  Janelle thought that there was a rat behind Danielle’s excuse, and it’s name was Boogie.

Britany was having second thoughts about going through with the plan to backdoor Janelle.  After speaking to Janelle, she still wasn’t 100% sure why it was bencficial to have Janelle out of the House.  The Silent Six convinced Britany of Janelle’s bad-mouthing and lying ways.  Britany still looked confused, and unsure of her decision.

At the Live Vote and Eviction Ceremony, Frank, still wearing his spiritard, spoke of how unfair it was that his name was dragged through the mud, and for the houseguests to keep things classy in the House should he leave.  Janelle, half-heartedly, told the players that she loved them all, and to vote how they felt.  By a vote of 8-1 (I guess Joe didn’t get the memo), the House voted to evict Janelle.  I guess this was the only “fair” way Boogie could have gotten rid of Janelle since she is such a strong player.  I’m not how many times I have said this, but this was a cheap move on Boogie’s part. I guess if Boogie can’t go head-to-head with a player this season, his only play is to backdoor his enemies.

Battle of the Bands was the next HoH Competition.  Two houseguests take turns listening to descriptions of competitions played so far this season (HoH, Coaches’, or Veto).  The first one to guess the game correctly moves on until there is a winner.  Of all the people to win, Frank comes out victorious! 

Shane, Danielle, Britany, and Dan may be in for a world of hurt this coming week. Watch your backs, guys!  Maybe they should have gotten rid of Frank, again, when they had the chance, again.  If they think are safe with Frank, they are sadly mistaken, especially with Boogie pulling Frank’s strings!

Well, that’s the end of another episode of BB!  We’ll find out in my next post BB post how Frank deals with the knowledge he was given from Boogie, and just how much puppeteering Boogie will do to make his plans a reality.

Until my next post, Readers!