Winter Fun Has Begun with MittGrips!

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Though winter is not my favourite season of the year, it brings magic and wonder to my “bosses”. They love making snowmen, sledding, throwing snowballs, and just being outside around the snow. We love that they are so active outside, but we are always having to fix their mitts or coats because they are coming off or snow is getting into their coat sleeves, or having to buy new pairs of mitts because one of them “mysteriously” disappears while we are out. That is why I was happy to hear about MittGrips, a sleeve that goes over your child’s mitts or gloves to keep their mitts on and to help keep snow out.

Product Collage

MittGrips were created by a couple from Carleton Place, ON who were looking to alleviate the endless battle of loosing mitts and digging snow out of their toddler’s coat sleeves while enjoying time outside in the winter.  After a few tries, they came up with a snug spandex sleeve that would go over their child’s mitts while going past their child’s coat sleeves up to the upper arm to keep mitts on their child’s hands while protecting their child’s hands, wrists and arms from snow that might find its way into their child’s coat.

The bosses went crazy over them when they saw them! They were wearing them around our home as gloves as though they were paying homage to the 80s! My younger daughter gravitated towards the purple set, and my son loved his black pair.  MittGrips come in an array of colours, and are available in three sizes for children between the ages of 2-6.

They are easy to put on as well! They go on like this:

Once on, my kids could not wait to get outside and play! The MittGrips did not hinder them from any sort of outdoor play! They were scooping up snow from the ground and picking up their outside toys without any trouble! I also like that they help to keep my son’s thumbs inside its compartment in his mitts. His mitts are a bit big for him, and the MittGrips kept his thumb in place and on his hand the whole time we were outside! No snow went inside the sleeves of their coats, and their hands were kept toasty!

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MittGrips needs to raise funds to place their first production order, so they have turned to Kickstarter to accomplish this goal! If you are interested in being one of the first families to get your mitts on MittGrips, you can become a backer of MittGrips, and, if MittGrip achieves its goal of $18 000, then backers will receive products from MittGrips (What you receive will depend on the amount you decided to donate)! The campaign for MittGrips on Kickstarter ends on Sunday February 1, 2015 at 11:30 EST.Here is a video they produced for MittGrips’ Kickstarter program explaining who they are and about their campaign.

Get in on this fabulous product, and become a backer of MittGrips!

If you would like more information on MittGrips you can check out their website! you can also connect with MittGrips on their Facebook or Twitter pages!

We will be having a a lot more fun this winter now that our kids can use MittGrips to keep their mitts on and snow and cold out of their coats.

Dish with me: What are some of your fav outdoor winter activities?