Big Brother, Season 16! Let the Twists and the Showmances Begin!

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Tomorrow is the big day!  the Season Premiere of BB 16 will start another summer of twists,alliances,  back-stabbing, and of course, showmances.  Julie Chen will again host all of these festivities for the next 3 months.  This is one of my favourite shows to watch, and I’m so happy that it’s back!

This year, Julie Chen and the gang have promised to bring about more twists and surprises for the Houseguests (for our amusement), and there are some other notable changes as well.  One of the first changes BB has announced is that there will be 2 HoHs this season.  Yeah, 2 of them!  They will both be sharing the HoH Room with all of the perks, except one very notable one: They are not immune to being put up on the Block.  There will also be a new competition called “Battle of the Block” where a player can change their status in the game positively or negatively.

The BB House, a character in itself, has gone through some major renos as well!  This year, the producers have given the House a nature theme.  Most of the House looks like a huge tree house.  The bedrooms and the bathroom have taken on the theme of the 4 elements of nature, with the bathroom obviously taking the element of water (this was my favourite room).  The HoH Room looks as though they are peering down on the rest of the House, with a nest for the bed, and a perch-like area which totally separates them from the rest of the Houseguests.

Now that I have gotten all of shop talk out of the way, here are my pick as to who I think has the best chances of winning it all this summer.  It was hard to choose my picks this season, as it was hard to make a connection with most of them.

Pick # 1: Brittany

I like Brittany because she’s not going into this game with a fixed strategy.  She also seems to be a down to Earth type of person.

Pick #2: Cody

There’s something about him, based on what I read about him on the Cast Bios, that is so likeable.  If he is able to portray this amount of likeability with a few words after being asked a few questions, imagine what he will be like in the house.  Oh, he’s easy on the eyes, as well!

Pick #3: Joey

She is my underdog pick.  To me, she seems to be the nice person who may be that Floater-type that will make it far in the game, and then clench the $500 000 prize under everyone else’s nose.  She’s quirky, and different than the rest of the Houseguests.  Oh, and her last name also just happens to be the same as one of my  favourite Peanuts Gang characters, Lucy Van Pelt.  She just might surprise everyone!

So that about wraps it up on my Preview to a Premiere for BB16!   As most of you Readers know, my picks are not the best, as most of them end up leaving the game early.  I did well last year, with Andy as one of my picks, and he won the game! Let’s see if I have become better at choosing the winner of this season’s Big Brother!

Who would you choose as your picks to win it all on BB 16? Click here to check out the Cast Bios for yourself and let me know!

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Reese’s NCAA March Madness Picks

Hey Readers!

I’ve done it!  After many attempts, I have buckled down and put together my NCAA March Madness tournament bracket.  It was heart breaking for me not to have picked my two favourite NCAA college basketball teams to win it all this year (sorry Syracuse University and University of Michigan), but I will be cheering them on to win every game they have during this tournament as though I did pick for them to go all the of way!

Actually, I did two brackets, but my official bracket will be with University of Arizona Wildcats winning it all this year!  I know, most people think it is University of Florida’s Gators’ turn at hoisting  the Wooden NCAA National Championship trophy, but I’m just not sure it will happened this way.  I have not ill-will towards the Gators, but I just can’t see the tournament going down this way.

In my back-up bracket, I chose my arch-rival school, the Michigan State Spartans, as the winners.  I know! I totally turned my back on U of Michigan by picking them as my back-up winner, but they have a great team this year, and I have to tip my hat to their squad for beating my Wolverines last weekend during the finals of the Big 10 Tournament.

My picks to make it to the Final Four are: the Florida Gators (South) vs the Michigan State Spartans (East), and the Wichita State Shockers (MidWest) vs the Arizona Wildcats (West).  In my primary bracket, I have the the Gators vs the Wildcats, and in my secondary bracket, I have the Spartans vs the Shockers.

So, Readers, there are my March Madness picks this year.  I know there will be a Cinderella team that takes out some higher seeded teams, but that is part of the magic and fun of this tournament!  If you are big NCAA college basketball fan like I am, you can’t wait for the tourney to begin.  I hope your picks do well this year!

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Reese’s 2014 Acadamy Awards Picks

Hey There Readers!

In three days, Hollywood is going to be buzzing with the 86th annual Academy Awards taking place Sunday evening!  Of course, I’m going to be watching to see what the celebrities are going to be wearing on the Red Carpet, but I’m always curious as to who will win the big awards from the past year in film as well!  Maybe I’ll even get dressed up for the occasion, too.

Below are my picks to win an Oscar® this year from some of the categories I like:

Best Picture – Captain Phillips

Best Actor – Chiwetel Ejifor (12 Years a Slave)

Best Actress – Cate Blanchette (Blue Jasmine)

Best Supporting Actor – Bradley Cooper (American Hustle)

Best Supporting Actress – Lupita Nyong’o (12 Years a Slave)

Best Animated Film – Frozen

Best Original Song – “Let It Go” (Frozen)

I had a hard time picking in the “Best Picture” and the  “Best Supporting Actor” categories because I think it could go to any of those nominated in those categories.

What do you think?  Am I totally out in left field about my predictions, or am I on the money this year?  Check out the link to the Oscar® Nominations here and let me know what you think!

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