Big Brother 16, Episode #3: Oh, The Perils of Forming an Alliance!

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Now that the Houseguests have played their first HoH Comps and Julie Chen has told them about the new comp Battle of the Block (BOTB), the Houseguests are in shock and awe over what this can mean for their strategies.  It also is making players think about who they would want to be allied with for the remainder of the season.  Some Houseguests were drawn together by similar interests, while others were roughly pieced together. Some of the Houseguests also learned about some of the perils of having an alliance as well!  Which of the Houseguests is regretting their decision of including certain players into their alliance? Continue on down the page to find out!

After the Houseguests were enjoying some down-time, Devin noticed something written on the BB Living Room monitor: NOMINATIONS TODAY. Soon, everyone in the House started to scramble, solidifying alliances, or trying to figure out whether or they would be safe from the wrath of the HoHs.

The HoHs were also hard at work, thinking about who they would put up as nominees for the first time. They made a deal to keep each other safe, no matter whose nominees won the BOTB. They also decided to create an alliance, and wanted to get some of the other male Houseguests on board. They recruited Cody, Devin, Zach, and Derrick. They called themselves the Bomb Squad. Cody and Derrick were not 100% sold on this idea because they didn’t want to become another Moving Company alliance from BB 15, and dissolve quickly. Caleb had to counsel Frankie on how to give the bad news to his nominees.

Nomination Ceremony

After the keys were pulled, four very unhappy people were left key less: Victoria and Brittany (Caleb’s nominees), and Donny and Paoula (Frankie’s nominees). The reason why they were nominated: Their poor performances during the first HoH Comps. This explanation doesn’t really hold water where Donny is concerned unless they were punishing Donny for falling out of the Comp before all of the ladies did. After the Ceremony, Paoula and Donny pledged to fight to win the BOTB Comp to save themselves from the Block.

Frankie was doing damage control where Victoria, his secret partner in crime, was concerned. He told her he had no idea that Caleb was going to nominate her, and that she was his ally. The truthful part of his statement was that she was his ally.

Devin decided to act alone by enlisting Christine and Amber into the Bomb Squad. After telling them EVERYTHING about the alliance, he then decided to tell the Bomb Squad what he did. Devin, it’s the beginning of the summer. Why would you make such a huge decision like this, well, ever! The other Bomb Squad members were not too pleased with his actions, either.

Devin’s mind was working in overdrive after he was observing Donny interacting with other players after a yoga lesson. He quickly ran to the HoH Room to dish about what happened, and his fears about Donny being this mastermind player who is trying to pull the wool over the House’s eyes. His Bomb Squad members had to talk Devin down, telling him that Donny is no threat to them, and that Devin is over thinking the situation (in other words, Devin is really paranoid right now).


The four nominated Houseguests were in the8r 20’s best as they had to use swings to pass “champagne” to each other using huge fake champagne flutes, then put the liquid into a huge glass glass filled with rubber balls. The first team to have one of the balls fall out would win the Comp, come off the Block, and the HoH that did not nominate them would be dethroned.

It was a downhill battle for Paoula and Donny, as they fumbled for pretty much the whole Comp vs. Victoria and Brittany, who won the game.

Now that Frankie has been stripped of his HoH status, he now began to worry about his status within the Bomb Squad, his alliance with Caleb, and his safety in the game. I would be, too if I was the only guy who wasn’t a jock in an alliance chalk full of jocks. This may actually help his place in the Bomb Squad, as he could be the covert member that no one would suspect of being a part of the Bomb Squad.

Well, Readers, this ends another episode of BB 16. Now that the nominees have been established, they can finally get in with the Have/Have-Not Comp and the PoV Comp. I love these comps because, for the most part, they are the messiest comps to watch, and there’s usually a lot riding on the outcome of these comps. Will Frankie fall victim of being out on the Block due to this season’s new twists? Will Devin’s actions bite him in the butt? Will new alliances form? Who will win the first PoV of the season? Hopefully, all of these questions will be solved in the next episode!

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Big Brother 15, Episode #29: Surprise!

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With Aaryn gone, there was more of a chance for everyone else to win the HoH spot this week.  After the winner was crowned, it was a game of cover up to hide the names of this week’s nominees.  Let’s just say when one of the nominees figured out they were going up on the block, they were so shocked that their jaw dropped wide open.  Oh, the BB 15 producers had a very nice surprise for the House Guests, but only one of them got to enjoy it.  Who were the big winners and losers during this episode of BB 15?  Read below and you’ll see!

Big Hoppertunity was in full swing at the beginning of this episode.  While the competition played out, the House Guests shared their feelings about their safety in the House this week.  Amanda was worried about not winning the HoH because if they didn’t win it, one or both of them would most likely go up on the block.  Elissa was worried because, since she was the out-going HoH, she wasn’t able to play this competition, so she was a sitting duck should anyone want to target her for Eviction.  Andy felt this was one of the most important HoHs for him to win because he wanted to make sure The Exterminators got rid of Amanda this week.  GinaMarie was sad her BFF, Aaryn was gone, but she must try to win this HoH to get rid of Amanda because of she and McCrae didn’t try to save Aaryn instead of voting her out.  After a lot of hopping and egg breakage, GinaMarie hopped her way into the HoH crown this week.  There was also a punishment for the two players who had the lowest egg count in their baskets at the end of the competition.  These two lucky people had to wear a chicken costume for 48 hours.  Spencer and Judd were these lucky people.

Since Amanda never knew where GinaMarie’s loyalty lie in this game, she decided to aggressively push GinaMarie to follow her agenda, as others had in the past, and get Elissa up on  the block.  Amanda’s angle was that Elissa was solely to blame for Aaryn’s eviction.  Amanda went to GinaMarie with her thoughts, but GinaMarie confessed that she wasn’t the stupid person Amanda thought she was, and she wasn’t going to be doing Amanda’s dirty work like Aaryn did.  GinaMarie was going to play her own game.

While most of The Exterminators were celebrating GinaMarie’s victory, Spencer was laying down the ground work so this week’s nominees wouldn’t think they would be considered.  I’m talking about Amanda and McCrae.  Yippee! Finally, someone was stepping up and getting both of the m on the block at the same time.  He was telling them that he was worried that GinaMarie would probably put him up because she didn’t trust him.  Amanda, not leaving anything to chance, said she was going to be all over GinaMarie to make sure both she and McCrae weren’t on the block this week.

It was time for Spencer and Judd to pay the piper.  They were called into the Diary Room, and then came back out to show everyone their new duds for the next two days: their chicken suits!  Both guys took their punishment in stride, both laughing and dancing around the BB Living Room.  GinaMarie loved their wuits so much, that she called Spencer “Deep Fried Chicken, and Judd got the name “Chicken Nugget”

Amanda was true to her word.  She was all over GinaMarie about who she should nominate for Eviction.  She asked if GinaMarie had any ideas for Eviction.  GinaMarie lied, telling her she didn’t, and that it could be anyone in the House.  Amanda, in her most non-threatening tone, said that she was just asking GinaMarie not to put up her or McCrae, and to put up Elissa.  Amanda said it wouldn’t matter how the other nominee was, because the whole House wanted Elissa out.

Elissa was sharing her feelings about her dislike for Amanda with Spencer and Andy, when, magically, Amanda came out of nowhere to ear all of Elissa’s comments about her.  Amanda decided to sit down with them and paint her nails while she started another argument with Elissa.  It got to the point where Andy couldn’t take anymore of their drama, and left the room.  Elissa followed Andy, sick and tired of Amanda berating her.  Spencer spoke to Amanda and McCrae.  Spencer warned Amanda she has to stop attacking Elissa.  Amanda said she couldn’t stop because Elissa was pushing her buttons too much.  When Spencer left, McCrae gave her the same advice.  He also advised her to take the high road from now on where Elissa was concerned, and to let the House see Elissa as the instigator of the arguments.  McCrae also wanted Amanda to try to make nice with Elissa, so the House can see she was trying to turn over a new leaf, making the target on their backs smaller.  Elissa was getting this same advice from Andy in the BB Backyard.

Amanda, halfheartedly, went to Elissa to apologize for her behaviour over the past few days.  Wait a minute!  Didn’t they tell Julie Chen they had apologized to each other already before the Live Vote and Eviction Ceremony?  I see that was either a lie, or both ladies just couldn’t leave well enough alone.  Elissa, seeing through Amanda’s apology, just shook her head and walked away.  Amanda was furious!  She was so furious, she went around the House, telling everyone that she tried apologizing to Elissa, but Elissa walked away from her, trying to drum up some sympathy from the rest of the House.

Amanda continued her “I’m Really Good” campaign by trying to sway Judd and Spencer while they were soaking up some sun “roasting” in the BB Backyard.  Amanda turned on the waterworks, crying about being the “bad guy” in the situation, and how sad it was making her.  She was just wasting her crocodile tears on them, as Judd said he didn’t believe a word of what Amanda was saying.  GinaMarie joined the group, and she wasn’t buy what Amanda was trying to sell, either.

I guess the House was asked to go into the HoH Room while the BB producers literally filled the House with balloons of all sizes!  It’s Luxury Prize time!  The House Guests were advised by a card left on a table that one of them would be able to win $10 000 if they found a chip with a “1,” a chip wit a “0,” and a chip with a “K” on it hidden within the balloons all over the House.  The first person to find these three chips and ring the bell on another table won the cash prize.  After a furious hunt for the three chips, Spencer was the first to find all three chips and ring the bell, winning $10 000.  He said he was the “cluckiest” man in the world.

GinaMarie was trying to avoid talking to Amanda as much as she could.  It got to the point where GinaMarie pretended to be busy talking to Judd so she could not speak to her.  About two minutes later, Amanda interrupted GinaMaire again, determined to talk to GinaMarie.  Once Judd left, Amanda started her pitch to get rid of Elissa, again, and to also put Judd up with her.  Amanda’s reasoning for these picks was that they would guarantee that GinaMarie would have less targets on her back if she took Amanda’s advice.  Amanda also added that she had  been influential in choosing the nominees as of late, so she should know what she was talking about.  As McCrae joined their conversation, Amanda tried to sweeten the pot by lightly mentioning a Final Three deal with McCrae and herself.  GinaMarie just nodded her head as if this sounded like a great idea.  Amanda, satisfied with their talk, left McCrae to finish talking to GinaMarie, and left the room.The rest of the House helped Amanda feel as though she was safe by telling her she was safe, and it was them who had something to worry about.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Amanda’s blanket of security was rudely ripped off of her and McCrae when their keys were the only two that didn’t come out of the Nomination Box.  Boy, was Amanda shocked!  Her jaw was on the floor, and she was speechless (for once)!  McCrae just looked lost ad confused.  GinaMarie told MCrae he was nominated because she wanted to see the light come back on in his eyes like they were during the first HoH Comp.  GinaMarie told Amanda she was on the block because she was crazy, but she loved Amanda.  While Elissa and the remainder of safe House Guests were elated to see Amanda’s expression when she found out she and McCrae were on the block, Amanda was still in shock.  She didn’t understand, after all of the browbeating she did to GinaMarie, that she and McCrae were both on the block.  McCrae was crying in the Diary Room, realizing their time together in the BB House was going to end shortly with one of them leaving this week.  GinaMarie said Amanda could cry all she wants, and that Amanda’s bullying tactics weren’t going to work on her.

Oh, Readers!  It was good to see Amanda get put in her place.  I don’t think she’s going to take any of this lying down, though.  I can see Amanda trying to go full force to get everyone to keep her over McCrae because she did all of the heavy lifting in their alliance.  Oh, her one Veto victory will erase all of the strong-arming, the taunting and the threats she dished out to the House over the past few weeks and make all the House Guests want her to stay over McCrae.  If my thoughts are indeed true, Amanda had better wake up, because she will be on her way out the BB front doors if she doesn’t win the Veto this week.  Who will win the PoV this week?  Will any of them sacrifice themselves in the name of love to save the other?  Will Amanda cool her jets and continue her nice act to smooth things over with the other House Guests?  You can find all of the answers to these questions by coming back to my blog!

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Big Brother 14, Episode #15 – Frank Reigns Supreme!

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We’re encountering a BB House where everyone is walking on eggshells around its HoH Frank.  No one wants to rock the boat, but certain groups want their agendas to be heard and put into action.  Whatever will Frank do?  How will the PoV play into Frank’s decision?  Read on, Readers, and you will see how it does.

As I wrote in the previous paragraph, most of the houseguests have an agenda they want played out in the House, and the Pov is the way they see their plan coming to fruition.  Frank and Boogie knew they needed to keep control of the nominations, and having the PoV gave them ultimate control of the situation.  Wil and Joe both want to come off of the block, and the PoV will accomplishment that.  And the remainder of the Silent Six (Britany, Dan, Danielle and Shane) all wanted the PoV in order to solidify their alliance and make sure they were not going to be used as replacements for those already on the block.

The Zingbot 3000, an annoying one-liner slinging robot, paid his yearly visit to the BB House to insult this year’s players.  He was then involved with the PoV Competition, Zingcubator.  The HoH, the nominees, along with Jenn, Ashley and Boogie had to help Zingbot’s baby, Baby Zingbot come to life by buliding a pipeline and passing a ball through it to win the PoV.  With a lot of help from Ian, Boogie was able to release Baby Zingbot from the Zingcubator and join his father, presenting Boogie with the Power of Veto.

This new development made the rest of the houseguests even more uneasy than they were before.  Britany and Dan were even more worried about Frank wanting to backdoor him because of Dan’s feelings towards him. 

Wil and Ashley were worried that the PoV was not going to be used on him in order to backdoor Dan.  They went to speak to Frank to get Boogie to use the PoV on Wil and to relpace him with Dan.  Frank told them that this plan had crossed his mind, but he wasn’t sure he was going to go through with it.

Double Agent Ian was sent on a mission from fellow Quack Pack member, Britany, to see what intell he can get from Frank.  Frank told Ian that his original plan to get rid of Wil may change.  Ian wanted Dan to stay because of their Quack Pack alliance.  Luckily for Ian, Frank doesn’t know of this alliance, or that Ian no longer has his back.

At the Veto Ceremony, Boogie decided to not use the Power of Veto on the nominees this week, leaving the nominations as they were at the beginning of the week.  Once again, Boogie got what he wanted frm Frank .  Wil and Joe were both upset that they were still in danger of leaving the House, and vowed to do whatever they could to not be evicted.

It seems as though Frank’s HoH reign was a successful one where he was able to have control (I use this term very loosly as Boogie really has control over anything Frank-related) over the House without much of a fuss.  Who’s going to go home this week?  If I was in this game, I would want Wil evicted.  Sure, he’s not a physical threat, but he’s not stupid, either.  As much as I hate floaters (as Wil and Joe are) in this game, Wil is a dangerous player.  He has the gift of gab.  That could go a long way in this game.  Joe, well, he just gabs. And gabs.  And gabs.  I think he’s the Foghorn Leghorn of the BB House.  When he gets going, you just want him to shut the hell up!

Well, Readers, come back for my next BB post to see what happens to the nominees, as it is Eviction Night.  Oh, and another HoH will take over the House.  I wonder who it will be? 

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Big Brother 14, Episode #14 – Frank (or Boogie) Back on Top

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Oh, how the mighty have fallen! Janelle backdoored, and it was done by Boogie’s handy work. Then for Frank to win HoH, again, partly due to Boogie’s help. Yeah, the House is quaking in their flip-flops wondering what their fate will be this week with Frank, I mean Boogie, at the healm. Let’s find out right now…

Britany and Danielle were at different sides of the backdooring Janelle issue. Britany still doesn’t like Janelle leaving, while Danielle was quite content with this move. Britany brought up a point that I know Danielle hasn’t thought about because she doesn’t think strategically, or for herself, in this game. Britany warned Danielle about the danger of having Frank still in the House, especially since he has survived life on the block three times. Usually these people end up stabbing others in the back and going to the end of the game. They were still hoping their Silent Six deal was still intact this week, but with Boogie and Frank, all bets are off.

After celebrating Janelle’s departure, Boogie and Frank were discussing different nomination scenarios. They were thinking about working with Wil, using him as a pawn, and having Joe, the only one who voted to evict him this week, as the target. Frank threw out the idea of having Dan on the block. Frank knows that Dan wants him out, but kept him to appease Boogie. Boogie didn’t like this idea because it was too early to ruin their alliance, and they needed to have the numbers to carry out any plan they would want to execute this week.

Ashley and Wil were also worried about their decision to go against their former coach and vote her out. They realized it was pretty much the two of them against the rest of the House. Lone Man Out Joe then joined their conversation, asking them why he was not told of how the House was voting. Wil, lying to Joe, told him him would have blabbed the plan to Janelle, and it would have put an even larger target on Joe’s back. Ashley added to Wil’s story by telling Joe that Janelle was also playing a dirty game, and they didn’t want to be seen as being a part of Janelle’s game-play. This little group also began to think that two of them would also be nominated this week because they were outsiders in the House.

It was the first Have/Have-Not Competition where anyone was eligible to compete. Ashley opted to have Frank play in her place because of her bad back. She would take any punishment exacted on Frank. The name of this game was Exsqueeze Me. The houseguests chose between Team Lemon and Team Lime, along with a farmer for each team. Each lemon and lime had to soak up liquid into their absorbent costumes and, with the help of their farmers, had to squeeze out as much of this liquid into jugs labelled with the names of houseguests from the other team. Once four jugs were filled, the game would end and these individuals would be the Have-Nots for the week. After a lot of dipping and squeezing, Shane, Britany, Danielle, and Joe’s jugs were filled by Team Lime, and were named Have-Nots for the week.

Joe decided to try and get on Frank’s good side since he was the odd man out at the last eviction. His pitch to Frank was that he was alone in the House, and that it would be advantageous for Frank to use him as a vote for Frank’s purposes this week. He also brought up the fact that he was a loyal player, and that Frank couldn’t get that from Wil. Frank still couldn’t trust Joe, not after he voted for him to leave the House.

Wil also went to Frank to plead his case as to why Wil should not be nominated. Boogie wantes to know where Wil’s head was in the game, and asked him who Wil would target if he won HoH next week. Feeling as though it was a trap (which it was), Wil told the guys that he didn’t want to answer the question at this time because he didn’t want to step on any toes. Wil let his emotions get the better of him, and smirked while letting it slip that he was aware of a large group of people in the House were working together. This didn’t sit well with Boogie. Boogie and Frank were thinking that the target on Joe’s back just may have gotten smaller thanks to Wil’s foley.

At the Nomination Ceremony, most of the houseguests were up in the air about who Frank would nominate for eviction. After making everyone sweat for a few moments, Frank announced that Wil and Joe were on the chopping block. None of the new nominees were surprised, and both vowed to do everything possible to get off the block and get revenge on Frank (like that’s going to happen). One of the few people who were even more worried about the nominations than the nominees was Dan. He was now thinking it put Frank in the perfect position to backdoor him. Dan was also worried that the Silent Six was starting to crumble.

Yes, Readers, Boogie is using his puppet master skills again! At this point, I would be surprised if Dan gets backdoored by Frank because he is letting Boogie make all of the decisions in their bromance. Dan really should be thanking his lucky stars that Frank didn’t nominate him yet. Danielle, Britany and Shane must be thinking the same thing since they were gunning for Frank’s departure not too long ago.

Well, Readers, tune back in for my next BB post to see how Wil and Joe fair of the PoV, how Frank (or Boogie) deals with the power in the House, and if The Silent Six can make it through the week.

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Big Brother 14, Episode #11 – The Underdog Rises!

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I’m back with the all of the sneaky tidbits of BB 14!  Since there was no eviction this week, how will this week’s HoH fair in the BB House? Let’s find out right now!

The HoH Competition continued from the last episode.  The show then cut to a scene that was recorded before the competitiom began where Dan was talking frantically to Boogie.  He told Boogie that Frank was the intended target for eviction, not Joe.  Boogie was livid because he found out that he was not in control of the game, and that Frank was going to be backdoored without his knowledge.Boogie then let Frank know once both of them were eliminated from the competition about this development. He, too,  began to question where he actually stood with those he thought he could trust in this game.

Back at the competition, after many of the houseguests let go of the ship, either out of sheer exhaustion or because they thought/assumed they were safe from eviction, Danielle, the Underdog came out as the victor, as well as the first female HoH of this season.  After she peeled herself off of the side of the ship, Dan gave her a big hug, and Shane, probably out of a sense of gratitude because Danielle would not put him on the block yet, gave her a super-duper kiss.  Yeah, Danielle wasn’t complaining how sore she was after that display of affection!

After the competition, Boogie was playing detective in order to find out why Frank was the target of the last eviction.  He also wanted to know who else was in on this plan.  Brittany was questioned by Boogie about what she knew.   She then made a beeline for Shane to warn him about what Boogie knew and to keep his mouth shut.  This is because it could ruin the trust that Frank still possibly had in him which could cost Shane the game.  Brittany also tried to smooth things over with Boogie and Frank hoping they would believe she knew nothing of this plan.  Unfortunately for her, they were on to her, and decided to no longer trust anything she says for the rest of the game.

Dan finally admitted to letting the cat out of the bag to Brittany and Danielle in the Storage Room.  After some smooth talking, Dan got the ladies to forgive him for making such a huge mistake.  They regrouped in the Danielle’s HoH Room to discuss who were the biggest threats in the House.  They decided they were Boogie, Janelle, Frank and Wil (no real surprise there, Readers!).  Dan didn’t like the idea of two former Coaches possibly being put in the block because he felt it would put a larger target on his back if one of them left the House.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Danielle announced that Frank and Wil were up for eviction this week.  This choice made both nominees furious.  Of course, Wil was upset over Danielle’s choices. He was one of the people Danielle promised safety to during the HoH Competition.  All I have to Wil is never, ever take the word of anyone in this game, no matter who it is.  After all, promises are made to be broken, especially in the BB House!  Frank was upset because he was nominated for the second week in row, and that can mess with a player’s head in this game.

How will Danielle’s turn on the HoH throne impact her game-play?  Is she going to be able to make a decision for herself this week, or will she depend on Dan to hold her hand and tell her what to do? In my next BB post, maybe we will have some, if not all, of these questions answered.  Oh, and check out my page for Reese Speaks on Facebook!   You can find out more about me, some of the other things I’m interested in and some of my future blog topics, along with links to these sites.

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