Big Brother 15, Episode #36: The Winner of Big Brother 15 Is…

Hello, Readers!

I decided to be a bit more formal with you because of this episode’s occasion: it’s Finale Night!  Yes, I’m so excited about tonight because one of my picks to win BB 15 had made it to the Final Three!  Yes, sneaky, yet calculating good guy, Andy has wormed his way to this position in the game along with GinaMarie and Spencer.  Which one of these three will win the pivotal HoH, then get the Jury to vote for them to win $500 000?  Read on and you’ll see!

When we left these three in my last post, the Final Three were competing in Part 1 of a three-part HoH Competition called The Greatest Skate.  House Guests  were being swung around the BB roller rink trying to avoid obstacles on the ground to trip them up.  Spencer was finding it hard to hold to his bar as the producers decided to speed up the cords the bars were attached to.  Spencer just couldn’t hang on any longer, and fell.

Andy and GinaMarie were still hanging tough in the game until they were being sprayed with jets of fog, water and foam.  This made Andy and GinaMarie slip and slide all over the rink until Andy’s footing gave out on him, making him let go of his bar and fall.  GinaMarie won the first of three competitions for the HoH, and a by from competing in Part 2.  She was showered with a golden glitter which she ended up choking on in her excitement. Andy confessed he began to wonder whether his fall could have cost him the game.

Part 2 of the HoH Comp called Crab Grab had the fellas rigged up for some wall climbing as they had to find the faces of the House Guests that had been evicted on crab pieces, then climb up a wall ad put them in the correct order of when they left.  Andy and Spencer got to compete individually, and both had a hard time at this challenge.  In the end, good ol’ Andy won Part 2 of the Comp!  At this point, Spencer felt he had to get GinaMarie and Andy to realize just how easy it would be for them to win the game if they took him to the Final 2 with them in order to win $50 000 and at least second place.

GinaMarie and Andy had a private conversation about what they were going to do should either of them won this HoH.  Andy said he would take GinaMarie since Spencer would beat both of them due to the fact that he has less blood on his hands than the two of them.  GinaMarie confessed in the Diary Room that she would probably go with Andy as well.  She was worried about making this move because she felt she would lose to Andy because he was such a good kid, and he deserves to win the game.  Yet, at the same time, GinaMarie could screw him over because she needed the money as well…

Julie Chen then announced to the viewers that Dr. Will Kirby ( a BB icon) had visited the Jury House to speak to the Jurors about the Final Three, and to get them to think about who they were going to vote for to win the game.  He asked the Jury what made each person worthy of the grand prize.  This got Amanda practically yelling at most of the other Jury members, and even some questionable looks shot at McCrae for his opinions that didn’t agree with those she shared.

The show then went to the Final part of the HoH Competition.  For this final part of this HoH showdown, Julie Chen asked them to finish off a statement given by each of the Jury members.  Julie Chen gave them two possible options as to how each person had responded, and the players had to choose which statement was the correct one.  For every correct answer they gave, they got a point, and if one player had more points than the other, the scales they were put on would lower in their favour.  After answering 8 questions about their Jury members, Andy answered more statements correctly than GinaMarie, making him the last, and the most important HoH of the season.  Yay! My pick has made it into the Final 2!

The show then moved quickly to the last Live Vote and Eviction of the season.   Andy apologized to Spencer, telling him he knew he told him he would take him to the Final 2, but he made a promise to GinaMarie from Day 1 that he would take her to the end of the game.  Spencer was the  last evicted House Guest from the House this season, as well as the final member of the Jury deciding who would win the game.

When Julie Chen interviewed Spencer after his eviction, he told Julie he kind of saw his eviction coming, and he was proud of Andy for staying loyal to GinaMarie for all this time.  He was also proud of the fact that he broke the “Pawn Always Goes Home” curse that lingered around the BB game.

It was now time for the Jury to interrogate the Final 2 to decide which of them would win BB 15.  First, Julie Chen introduced Spencer to the Jury as its last member, and got them up t speed as to what happened in the House.  The Julie Chen let the Jury lose on Andy and GinaMarie.  As usual, the questions, ” What was your biggest move in the game,” “What was your biggest obstacle to overcome,” and “Why should we give you the money” were asked, as well as “Why should we give you our vote when you had offended us and called us cockroaches?” by Candice of GinaMarie.  GinaMarie answered that she was upset by Nick’s leaving, that it was not an personal attack against anyone, and that she loved everyone in the House.  Wow, after cussing Candice and supporting her Eviction, GinaMarie sure does know how to do a 180º turn when $500 000 is on the line!

Then Julie Chen gave the Final 2 their last chance to sway the Jury to choose them to win the season.  GinaMarie continued her love fest, flattering the Jury, telling them how great of an opportunity this prize would be for her, and that she was sorry for offending anyone.  Andy said he played the game with his heart, but that he played the game more with his head.  He went on to say that he played both sides of the House in order to get further in the game.  Then the Jurors each put their key in a box with the name of the House Guest they wanted to win BB 15.

To add more suspense to the evening, Julie Chen then brought out the first 5 evicted House Guests so the Jury and the Final 2 could get a better perspective of what they were able to watch from home.  They spoke about all of the controversial events that happened, and how they were affected both inside and outside the House.

Finally, the moment many of you have been waiting for: the winner of BB 15!  The winner had to have at least 5 votes to win.  This was who the Jurors voted for:

Spencer – Andy; McCrae – Andy; Judd – GinaMarie; Elissa – Andy; Amanda – Andy, Aaryn – GinaMarie; Helen – Andy; Candice – Andy; and Jessie – Andy.

If you add it all up, it was a 7-2 vote for my pick ANDY!!!! YES! My pick finally won a season of a show!  My bad luck curse has finally broken!  I don’t think GinaMarie minded too much, just winning $50 000 for second place, and running straight to a somewhat weary, yet nice Nick.  She didn’t let go of him for the rest of the broadcast!  Nick took it all in stride.

Lastly, Readers, Julie Chen announced the winner of the $25 000 America’s Choice prize.  American viewers were asked to vote on who they thought played the game the best, and they would be awarded this prize.  The top 3 vote-getters were Judd, Elissa ad Howard.  Readers, it was no surprise who won…it was Elissa!  If she was chosen by America to be the MVP 3 weeks in a row, of course they were going to choose her to win this prize, too!

After all of this, Julie Chen thanked the viewers for watching this season, and the theme music closed out the show.  It was kind of sad.  I know they have the show on so often to make up for reruns during the summer, but this was my thing to watch!  Oh well, I have 2 seasons of Survivor to watch until next summer to fill this void!  Thanks, Readers, for popping in to catch up on what was happening in the BB 15 House this season.  I really appreciate your support.  If you didn’t know, I am also posting Survivor 27: Blood vs Water right now, so if you wanted to keep up with Survivor, come back to my blog and check out those posts until Big Brother 16 starts up next summer.

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Big Brother 15, Episode #7 – Watch Out for the Mom Squad!

Hey Readers!

This episode of BB 15 was a hum-dinger! Team Elissa is fighting Team Aaryn/the Moving Company for control of the BB. The CEO of the Moving Squad, and Nick, my #1 pick to win this game, joins the Mom Squad on the block. Which side of the House will come out victorious? Read on and you’ll see.

Before I continue, let me show you how the House was split:

Team Elissa              Team Aaryn     Moving Company        Floaters
Elissa                            Aaryn                       Nick                             Jessie
Helen                           GinaMarie               Spencer                      Judd
Candice                       Kaitlin                      Howard
Amanda                                                         Jeremy
Andy                                                               McCrae

Back to the show, Amanda and Elissa were talking about who would support their cause of evicting Nick this week. They were sure about everyone in their camp, pretty sure of the Floater, but they did not know where Spencer stood on this matter. Andy and Helen were discussing the same thing, saying if Nick doesn’t leave this week, then he just might win this game. They would also have to be ready for the fallout should Nick or his cohorts become HoH next week.

Elissa and Helen were both trying to get to Jessica, as she was seen as the wildcard of the Floaters. They also knew how she felt about Nick. They emphasized this fact, saying  if Nick stayed in the House, then she would be the next nominee on the block next week. With Team Elissa, she would stay to at least make the Jury. Helen also made a very good point that if Nick stays this week that the liars would be exposed in the House, so everyone was anxious about the live Vote and Eviction.

The Moving Company were really not feeling the McCrae – Amanda showmance.  They still felt she was a powerful player, and too smart to not to try to influence McCrae, and it could break up the group.  Nick and Spencer both made their pitches to McCrae to drop Amanda before she gains more power in the House.  McCrae felt conflicted between his feelings for Amanda and his alliance.  Both McCrae and Amanda didn’t trust Nick, causing McCrae to second guess who he should vote to evict.  He also knew that whatever decision he made would be making pick a side in House.

Julie Chen, channeling the ’70s in the right way in a fab green catsuit and big beautiful hair, asked the House Guests if they remembered that they were being watched 24-hours a day by not only the producers, but by many people over the Internet.  When asked to respond, Aaryn said she was an open person, and she was aware of the cameras.  Okay, Readers! I know that Aaryn is young, but that is no excuse for her behaviour.  Like I’ve said before, I believe in free speech, but to carelessly throw around the comments about people in the House the way she has, she’s lucky one has cussed her out! Trust me, I would have been doing the cussing if I were in the House!

In a segment the show aired right after Aaryn spoke about her “openness,” it showed many of the House Guests whom Amanda spoke ill about discussing how her comments made them feel.  Candice was hurt because Aaryn apparently said one of her racially charged comments her hurt.  Howard felt as thought there was a personal vendetta against him because of these comments.  Amanda was also present during this conversation, and decided to warn Aaryn about how Aaryn should choose her words more carefully around the House.  Aaryn literally blew off Amanda’s advice, saying that it was obnoxious how these House Guests were upset over these comments when they were, according to Aaryn, throwing around the blonde comments, and she’s not apologizing for her comments.  I am so angry over Aaryn’s reaction to Amanda’s warnings, but I do understand her frustrations if these people are throwing around blonde comments about her.  I was also none too pleased with Amanda saying she knew that Aaryn was joking about her comments.  Aaryn’s comments are not joke, nor were they funny.  Two wrongs don’t make a right, but then be the bigger person and acknowledge your mistakes, Aaryn.  I don’t think she may have thought that they may be saying what they’re saying in response to your hurtful comments about them.

At the Live Vote and Eviction Ceremony, Elissa thanked her peeps outside the House for their support, and for the House Guests to really think about who they really would like to stay in the House. Nick thanked specific people in the House for certain memories he got from them. Helen didn’t want to say goodbye, but see you later, and to thank them for seeing the Mom Squad as a threat in the House. Once the votes were in, they fell as follows:

Helen – 0; Elissa – 4; and Nick – 7.

Noooooooooo! Not Nick! I really didn’t want to see any of this week’s nominees go home, and Nick was an interesting character. I wanted to see more of him this summer.  Bye-Bye, #1 pick! 😦

It was another deathly quiet House after the Eviction this week, well, except for GinaMarie bawling her eyes out over Nick’s departure.  Howard was comforting her, but she just kept right on crying.  She really liked Nick.  Based on Nick’s final comments, it didn’t seem as though it was much of a blind-side, but I guess if your head is so fall in the sand in this game,like some of the players’ are, it would have really been a shock!

At the HoH Competition, Overnight Deliveries, the House Guests were awoken throughout the night the night before the Eviction by the BB Express. They had to go to the BB Backyard to see various packages pass by them on a conveyor belt.  During the Competition, Julie Chen asked a series of true or false questions based on what they observed.  After six rounds, and two tie-breaker questions, Helen, part of the Mom Squad, came out victorious, becoming the HoH this week!

Oh, a power shift so early in the game!  I love it, especially if it makes Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlin quake in their boots.  I didn’t think this would happen, but the Mom Squad has been unleashed on the House, and has significant power. Who will the Mom Squad put up for Eviction?  Has the Moving Company filed for Chapter 11?  Will Aaryn try to go to Helen and try to create that secret alliance Helen was asking for since the beginning of the game?  Will the women continue to rule the House?  We’ll find all of this out in the next episode!

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 15, Episode #6 – Put Your Feelings Aside and Woman it Up!

Hey There, Readers!

As you can tell by this episode’s title, the women were finally beginning to pick up their game play in the BB House! This started during Episode #5 when Candice began piecing together the members of the Moving Company, and that they were gunning at getting rid of the women first.  Will the women in the House snap out of their cattiness and get their game faces on?  Read on and you’ll see!

After HoH Aaryn’s nominations of Elissa and Helen, Both women vowed not to campaign against each other, and to work together to change their fortunes in the House.  They planned to also target Aaryn should both of them remain in the House after the next Eviction.  Candice joined the ladies and figured out the all-guy alliance’s plan to control the House and get all the women evicted.  The three women were trying to come up with a way to put an end to their plan.

Meanwhile, in the Storage Room, members of the Moving Company were laughing and celebrating over their plan going over so well.  They thought that the women were too caught up in their egos that none of them realized they were being duped by the guys!  None of the guys realize that someone was on to them.

Helen wanted to continue this women’s movement by going to the HoH Room and trying to get Aaryn on her side.  She reminded Aaryn of the deal she made during the last episode where if Aaryn were to keep her from Eviction, then the two of them would secretly work together to take over the House. Aaryn remembered this talk, and said she’d keep it in mind.   Aaryn confessed that she liked the idea of having a secret alliance, but had to see where it fit into her strategy.

This week’s BB MVP was revealed! Guess who it was?  No surprise here, Readers, it was Elissa for the second week in a row! This week, I think, it was a mix of the Rachel fans and those who are anti-Aaryn fans who voted for her. Smartly, Elissa told Helen, and told her not to say anything to anyone about it. The ladies were then trying to figure out who to target. This choice was a no-brainer for Elissa: Jeremy.  She knew he was the one controlling Aaryn and her decisions, as well as being the House’s biggest physical threat, so he needed to leave before he could do more damage.

It was time to pick the players for the PoV Competition. The last nominee chosen by the MVP in secret was announced.  Jeremy was revved and ready, calling himself a manimal because he was so excited to compete.  This was making Elissa and Helen worry a bit because most people hate being on the block, and it didn’t even phase him. T hen Aaryn picked the last two names out of a box. Amanda and Nick were the last two players this week.  Amanda also wanted Jeremy out for what he did to the Have-Nots at the end of last week. Nick was happy to play because he could help get his fellow Moving Company member off member off the block.  Aaryn then GinaMarie as this week’s host of the Competition.

Elissa, trying to hedge her bets in winning the PoV, went to Nick to make a deal with him. If Nick threw the Competition, Elissa promised to give him a two-week free pass should she and Helen get HoH, or the MVP, whoever it was, would put Nick up as a replacement nominee if someone took themselves off the block.  Nick agreed to the deal, because he thought it was a win-win for him. He wanted to try and win the PoV for himself to save Jeremy, and if he didn’t win, he felt safe because the MVP wouldn’t touch him because of his deal with Elissa.

Britney from BB 12 and 14 visited the House via video with a special announcement: she was preggers! She said the PoV Competition would help finish together her nursery by putting together a super big mobile with stuffed animals. The first House Guest to have 10 stuffed animals balanced on the mobile and hit their nightlight would win the PoV.

It took the competitors a while to figure out how to get the animals to balance on the mobile, but Jeremy must have used us maninal powers to figure out the pattern in order to balance out the animals. He ran over to his nightlight, and won the PoV!

Howard was pleased that Jeremy won because it helps his game. He confessed that it would solidify his reason to have him eventually go because Jeremy’s successes also make him a bigger threat to win the game. He needs to go! Howard! I never saw this coming from you! I’m beginning to like you more and more!

In the HoH Room, Jeremy and Kaitlin were “celebrating” his victory by making out on the King-size bed. GROSS! Aaryn has to sleep on those sheets, and you’re doing who knows what on the sheets and not washing them afterwards. One word, Readers: Nasty! Kaitlin was telling Jeremy her fears of being put up as the replacement nominee and being blind-sided by him and the House. He said he would never do that, and he would tell her if she was going.  Really, Jeremy! Why not fight for her to stay in the House, not don’t just tell her she’s going.

Maybe he wanted to prove his loyalty to Kaitlin, or maybe he heard me screaming at he TV, but he went around the House, as if he was in a mission, “pulling rank” with the rest of the Moving Company and telling them that Kaitlin must not go up on the block. Here were their reactions:
Spencer – agreed with Jeremy because he didn’t really care unless it was someone from their alliance.
Nick – was on the fence because he.knew if Kaitlin didn’t go up, it would be him.
McCrae – didn’t like Jeremy and his demands. He felt.these decisions should be done by the group, not by any one individual.
Howard – didn’t tell Jeremy his true feelings, but he was so not on board. He said the only person he listens to is God.

Elissa and Candice were talking about the reason why so many men have won Big Brother. They felt it was because not many of the women in the game make big moves. Candice wanted to suggest to Aaryn that they should try to separate Nick and Jeremy because the ladies knew that these two guys were part of some kind of alliance. Since they couldn’t go after Jeremy, they should then go after Nick. Candice was unaware of the deal Elissa made with Nick. Elissa didn’t want to go against the deal she had with Nick, but she also didn’t want to leave the House, either. What she didn’t know was that Nick trying to win the Veto, so their deal was null and void.

Elissa was going to make her decision based off of her conversation with Nick. She asked him if he was going to vote for her for Eviction. He didn’t give her a definitive answer, and couldn’t look her in the eye. You all know what that means! Elissa understood what that meant, and went to Helen to to tell her what happened. Nick could no longer be trusted.

At the PoV Ceremony, as expected, Jeremy used the PoV on himself, and the House awaited the replacement nominee the MVP chose Nick’s pic5ture appeared in the TV screen, and Nick took his place beside Helen and Elissa on the block.

Helen said that her alliance with Elissa they’ve named the Mom Squad were coming after Nick and the rest of the guy alliance. Nick said that Elissa was.going to be the one to be packing her bags this week, not him. Elissa said she was going to convince the House that Nick was a threat, and he needed to go!

This was such a good episode! So proud of some of the women in the House for seeing through the smokescreen the Moving Company put ip in Week 1, and are fighting against it. It’s too bad the rest of the women are so clouded by their pettiness and their narcissism, that they can’t see what’s going on.  It just sucks that Elissa’s camp doesn’t hold too much power in the House. Sure, anything can happen on Eviction Night, but it will be an uphill battle. Yes, I’m beginning to warm up to Elissa. So far, she is the toned-down version of Rachel. Elissa has to get kick that Reilly spirit into gear to win another competition, that is if she’s not voted out. Will the Mom Squad get their wish and have my Number 1 pick, Nick, be voted out of the game? Is the cookie beginning to crumble for the Moving Company? Who will the next HoH in the House? You’ll only.find out by checking back into my blog!

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 15, Episode #5 – Letting the Fur Fly for All the Wrong Reasons

Hey Readers! I wasn’t too pleased with the ladies during this episode.  It’s as if they have never seen this show before, and they are all playing with their hearts, not with their heads.  It sucks to see this so early in the game, too.  As well, a new HoH was crowned, and two of this weeks three nominees for Eviction were announced.  Read on to get all caught up on the action.

The episode began with the House Guests still battling it out in the HoH Competition.  There were also flashback sequences with what some of the House Guests remembered before and after the Live Vote and Eviction took place.  Aaryn was still dealing with David’s Eviction, while other blind-sided House Guests like Helen, Candice and GinaMarie were wondering why David was evicted when they were all told it was Elissa’s time to leave.

After a lot slips, slides and glides across the greased surface they were competing in, Jeremy and Aaryn were the victorious pair in this HoH Competition.  When asked by McCrae, who took over hosting duties from Julie Chen, which one of them would be HoH, Jeremy “relinquished” the title over to Aaryn.  I said “relinquished” because he really gave it over to her for strategic purposes.  He wanted to be in her good books, and she was not his, or the Moving Company’s  target at the moment.  He also wanted the chance to compete in the next HoH Competition next week.  I think this was a brilliant idea!  Use the HoH as your puppet, so you have the power without any of the blood on your hands from any decisions made by the HoH.  I tip my hat to you, Jeremy!

One of the advantages if being HoH this week was that this person was able to choose who the Have-Nots would be.  Aaryn, who was suffering from HoH-itis already, calls out the House, asking the House Guests which one if them voted for David to leave.  Smartly, no one piped up to confess.  She then went after those she felt were her enemies from last week, naming Elissa, Candice, Andy and Helen as this week’s Have-Nots. Elissa was upset, not for being named a Have-Not, but for Helen to have to suffer this fate two weeks in a row.

Andy, thinking to soften Aaryn up, decided to go to her and, while lying through his teeth, confessed to Aaryn that he had been one of the House Guests who voted David out.  But Andy stressed it was due to all of the pressure other members of the House were putting him under, and he wanted to avoid be a target in the House. Aaryn believed his story of woe, as she was sobbing uncontrollably. Good work, Andy! Way to save your butt!

Aaryn then showed off her HoH Room to the rest of the House. Once again, it was so weird to see the House Guests so early in the game dreading to see an HoH Room. The House Guests shuffled into Aaryn’s room with forced smiles on their faces.  Along with the normal luxuries of the House were Aaryn’s personal items from home. One of them was a creepy clown that only Aaryn seemed to like.

Aaryn noticed that many of the other competitors were not as enthusiastic as she was about being there, so she said that anyone who didn’t want to be there could leave. Elissa perked up, and left the room, saying that being up there was fun. Yeah, you could hear so much sarcasm dripping from Elissa’s voice when she said that! Even though a statement like that could wind Elissa in trouble, I’m glad that she had the nerve to do what no one else would, and be honest about how she felt about being there. Still, not a fan of Elissa’s, but I’m a big believer in not sucking up to anyone for anything. I respect Elissa more for that.

Later on, Aaryn and her cohorts, GinaMarie, Kaitlin and Jeremy were trying to figure out who should be considered for Eviction this week. Nick waltzed into the room to be part of the festivities. Besides Elissa and Helen, Candice and Howard were brought up as possibilities. Jeremy, doing the Moving Company’s dirty work, was trying to divert her attention from those in his alliance.

Howard and Amanda each were in the Diary Room talking privately about Aaryn, GinaMarie and Kaitlin’s racist and homophobic comments around the House. They were both upset, at both what was coming out if their mouths and at how they didn’t have the courage to say these things when these people were around. While I’m happy that they were speaking about it, none of them said or did anything to stop the comments, either.  I know, they were afraid of Aaryn targeting them if they stepped up, but I’m the type of person who would have said something. There is no dollar amount in the world that would have kept my mouth shut about this! All it really would have taken was for one person to step up to these, dare I say, bullies, and then others would have fallen in line, like last season when Willie Hantz was accused of bullying the other House Guests, and was tossed from the game because he put his hands on Joe Arvin. Hopefully something will happen to these ladies that will open their eyes to what they’re saying and they’ll smarten up.

Elsewhere in the House, Candice and Helen were in the Have-Not Room discussing the Vote against David.  Candice’s light bulb went off above her head when she started to piece together that there may be an all-guy alliance in the House based on how they were approached about who to vote for last week. They think that Spencer, Jeremy and Nick were members, and were on the fence about Howard’s involvement.  Finally, the women-folk were catching on!  Instead of sharpening their claws at each other they are thinking about the game.

Helen and Aaryn had a heart-to heart in another Room of the House.  Helen said they got off on the wrong foot, but, Aaryn saved her this week, they could start working together against others in the House and, eventually, run the House. Aaryn took what she had to say under consideration, but didn’t tell her whether she would take Helen up on her offer or not.

The Moving Company was looking for a scapegoat for their actions last week, and they came up one: Amanda.  They wanted to have Aaryn believe that Amanda was the mastermind behind David’s departure, pinning the women against each other while creating a smoke screen for themselves.  Jeremy then got straight to work for the team, and went straight up to the HoH Room and told Aaryn his information.  Aaryn was upset about this news, but didn’t tell Jeremy who her nominees would be.

At the Nomination Ceremony, it was revealed that Elissa and Helen were two of this week’s nominees.  Aaryn chose Elissa because she was apparently the reason why David left.  Helen was up there because she was Elissa’s greatest ally in the House, so if Helen left, it would be revenge for David, her best friend in the House, leaving.  Elissa and Helen were not surprised about their nominations, saying they would both fight to stay and fight. Nick was cool with Aaryn’s decision because Elissa was their real target, and he said that the Moving Company got.her bags packed.last week, and were now ready to ship her out the door and out of the game.

You know that euphoric feeling I had a few paragraphs ago.  It got replaced by my head once again shaking at the women in this game. What happened to wanting to have an all-lady alliance? Yeah, that idea went through the window as soon as it was brought up. Candice needs to smoke the Moving Company out to stop their reign of terror. Oh, I forgot to mention that the Have-Nots were having liver and Lima beans along with their BB slop. Yum! Will Elissa or Helen save themselves by winning the PoV? Will the ladies catch on to the Moving Company before it’s too late? Will anyone stop the hurtful comments being said in the House? Hopefully it will happen in the next episode.

Until my next post, Readers!



I forgot to add that there is another House Guest how has been sharing their views with the rest of the House, and will be feeling the consequences once they leave the game.  Spencer has been seen/heard on the live 24-hour feed voicing his racist/misogynistic/homophobic views around the House as well. Spencer is currently on a leave of absence from his job at Union Pacific, and the company released a statement saying that Spencer’s views and comments are not shared by them.  Most people are guessing that he will be the third House Guest to loose their job once they return to the real world.

Big Brother 15, Episode #3 – No One is Safe in the Game, Even with Super Powers!

Hey Readers!

It’s the reveal of the first BB MVP tonight! I wonder who America chose based on their strategy.  I’m really excited to find out. As well, it’s the first Power of Veto Competition, so it’s anyone’s guess as to how the nominations will be at the end of this episode.  Read on and you’ll see what happened!

Candice and Jessie were both reeling from being nominated by McCrae as this year’s first nominees.  Jessie was taking the whiny, crying route, while Candice was angry, but keeping it bottled up inside for the time being.  Elissa was elated because she thought she was going to be chosen but was spared.

The guy’s alliance have come up with a name for themselves: The Moving Company.  It’s a yawn from me on this name.  Sure, the name says what they are trying to do to the other House Guests this season, but it’s just blah.  Nick was with McCrae in the HoH Room discussing their target, David, and Nick was stressing how important it was for David to leave the House.

Jessie decided to visit McCrae in the HoH Room.  She wanted to know why he chose her for Eviction.  While McCrae was saying anything to calm her down and make things better between them, Candice stormed into the HoH Room, huffing and puffing about how upset she was over being first in the block, how she knows about the four other guys he’s rolling with, and how she was going to fight to stay in the House.  Then, as quick as she entered the HoH Room, Candice blew back out.  McCrae was beginning to see just what it’s like to have the weight of being the HoH on his shoulders.

The House was talking about who they thought would win the first BB MVP powers.  Most people thought it would be Elissa because of her sister, Rachel’s fans.  When faced with this possibility, Elissa said the she would get it because of her super-model sister, Gisele Bündchen.  I just started laughing when I heard Elissa say that about her sister.

Jeremy didn’t know who Gisele Bündchen was, but hearing Elissa being so smug about what she said made him more suspicious of her.  He was so suspicious that he rounded up a bunch of House Guests in the HoH Room, and asked Elissa about what she said.  I’ll say this about Elissa, she is a wily one! She was able to come up with a good enough excuse for saying what she said to Jeremy about her sister without spilling the beans about her connection to Rachel.  Even though she got through this situation, it is only the middle of Week 1 in the BB House, so anything can happen.

The first BB MVP was announced, and it turned out to be anticlimactic.  The House Guests were right.  Elissa was chosen by America to be the first to have this honour.  I hope this doesn’t put any of you off to my blog, but I’m not a Rachel fan.  She was amazing when it came to winning competitions, and I agree with her anti-floater ideals, but her sense of entitlement, her ego, her HoH-itis just turned me off to her.  Now that her sister is riding her coat tails to get special powers in the game just rubs me the wrong way.

Now armed with her new powers, she made a beeline to McCrae to tell him about being chosen as the MVP, as well as offering to go along with who he wanted to choose as the week’s third nominee.  McCrae suggested David.  He confessed he wanted to keep her safe, yet he also warned her that he would put her up as a replacement nominee if she didn’t win the Veto because of her sister and her new powers.  I think it was McCrae’s way to get Elissa to not be so Rachel-esque so the House doesn’t have to suffer more that it has to.

The players for the Veto Competition were chosen!  Everyone was called to the Living Room by McCrae to first hear who was chosen as the third nominee by the “mysterious” BB MVP.  Most if the House was shocked to see David’s face materialize on the television screen as the lucky candidate for Eviction.  David was livid, but did a good job of not exploding over the news.  McCrae then called all of the nominees to stand beside him so he could pick the last two names of the contestants for the Veto Competition. Out of a bag of names, McCrae pulled out Elissa and Howard’s names.

After these events unfolded for David, he went to his bed to try and process everything. He went from being Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky to Paranoid Pete, weary of everyone in the House of their motives. Aaryn, being the sweet person she is, was right by her man’s side trying to console David. But David’s stupidity, or lack of good judgement, rejected her kindness, suspicious of her actions. He then had to go after her and apologize for doubting her motives. Wow, I didn’t think he was the type to flip his opinion of people so easily. I was just proved wrong!

McCrae and Amanda are becoming each others confidants in the game. He trusted her so much that he spilled the beans about Elissa being the MVP. Amanda left the room because Elissa came in to talk to McCrae about trying to change his mind about using her as a replacement nominee if she didn’t win the PoV. Amanda thought that Elissa was shady, so she decided to gather a bunch of House Guests together and call Elissa out in her actions. That Reilly wiliness was coming in handy again, as she dodged around Amanda and Jeremy’s questions and comments. This made Jeremy trust Elissa even less, wanting her out of the Hose more than ever.

The first PoV Competition of the season, “Big Brother Baking Competition, “was hosted by Marcela Valladolid, one of the judges on the CBS show The American Baking Competition. Each competitor had to go through a very sticky and gooey obstacle course to retrieve letters from balloon blueberries. The House Guests had to put together a word from the letters they gathered. The House Guest with the longest word after 15 minutes would win the PoV. After some slips and falls, the words of the competitors were revealed as seen below:

Howard – sailing
Jessie – tumbled
Candice – rafts
David – didn’t have a word because he was too focused on trying to get a huge word
Elissa – potroasts (didn’t count because it was two words)
McCrae – Delivery

McCrae’s profession helped to bring him a victory and the PoV to add to his HoH powers.

Back in the House, Helen was consoling Elissa for not winning the Veto. She said it was because she could relate to Elissa because she, too, was a mom playing to win the half a million dollars, and knew about what McCrae had said to her.  Elissa then spoke to McCrae in the BB Backyard. McCrae told her she wasn’t going to be going home this week. This revealed Elissa for the time being.

At the PoV Nomination Ceremony, after a lot of decision-making, McCrae announced to the rest of the House Guests that he decided to use the PoV on Candice (this really surprised me because of her blow-up with him), and replaced her with none other than Elissa! She was so upset about McCrae’s decision. At the end if the show, McCrae confessed that she was just a pawn, and some one else was the target.

Just when you thought you were safe because you are the BB MVP, a twist in another person’s game throws you up on the block! Even though McCrae is using Elissa as a pawn, you know what usually happens to them, right? Yep, they are usually the ones Evicted! Will my hopeful prediction come to fruition? Who will become the next HoH? What fabulous outfit will Julie Chen be sporting? Find out these answers and more in my next BB post!

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 15, Episode #2 – Let Me Put in My Two Cents…

Hi, Readers!

Episode #2 has the House Guests settling down into the rhythm of the BB game.  Just about every House Guests wants to be able to influence HoH, McCrae’s decision over who should be up for the first Eviction of the season, and it’s making it hard for McCrae to decide who to nominate. Who will he ultimately choose to be on the block? Read on and you’ll find out!

After McCrae won the HoH, and the new twist of the BB MVP was announced, the House Guests were excited and worried how this new power would effect their game. They were also sizing up the opposite sex. Jeremy thought and Judd that one of the hot women of the House would be chosen as the first MVP. The ladies were more about the looking at the guys, and less about game play. Some of them gave who they thought was hot code names so they could talk about them without them finding out. Here were some of the ones they revealed:

David – Ken (3 guesses why…)
Nick – Manhattan, then changed to Big (SATC reference)
Jeremy – The Sailor,(because he works on a boat).

McCrae then showed off his HoH Room to the House Guests. He also promised the House Guests that he would not catch HoH-itis (having a power trip because you are HoH). Everyone laughed because a bunch of the House Guests started referring to Rachel when she cause this -itis every time she became HoH. Some of them even did impressions of her, and started talking smack about her. This worried Elissa because this could be placing a huge target in her back in this game.

Nick and Jeremy were talking strategy in one of the various bedrooms in the House. Nick brought up the idea of having a five-person alliance. It would have them, along with Howard and Spencer for their straightforwardness and strength, and McCrae because he seemed wily, and the fact that he was currently the HoH doesn’t hurt either. Jeremy loved this idea because it brought along his original alliance of three (Howard and Spencer), so he wouldn’t have to cross enemy lines to make decisions in the game. Nick then took this idea to the others formerly mentioned. They were all on board. The next order of business for this group of guy was to figure out who to put up for nominations. After a few ideas were thrown around, David’s name popped up because he was, according to them, the last good-looking guy in the House, and the only other physical threat in this game besides themselves.

Aaryn and David had plans of their own for this game. They decided to work together as a team while swinging in the BB hammock in the backyard. David was over the moon about this idea because he wanted to have a showmance this summer more than the money, and he had been admiring Aaryn since they got in the House, and he felt she would be the brains of their operation. Aaryn felt the same way about David, and was excited to play them game with him.

Elissa doesn’t know it yet, but the whole House was.a buzz about their suspicions about her being Rachel Reilly, sister. Some House Guests were upset because they thought she was shady and stupid if she thought anyone wouldn’t figure out who she was. Others thought she was going to have the same attitude as Rachel, and started pegging her as Rachel. I wonder how she’s going to get out of this predicament.

The first Have-Not Competition, “Cooler the Gang” took place to figure out which House Guests would have to be Have-Nots for the week. The House Guests were split up into three teams: Red, Blue and Yellow. Each team had one person paddling with their hands on a inertube raft across the BB man-made lake to retrieve empty beer cans. This person had to then go into their team’s cooler and get a can and row themselves back to where their team was holding up a platform for them to build a pyramid of 15 cans. The last team to finish this task would be Have-Nots. The Blue team finished quickly, while the Red and Yellow teams struggled. After many fumbles and bumbles, the Red team watched as the Yellow team completed their pyramid, making them the Have-Nots. These people are: Elissa, Howard, Helen, Andy and a fifth person. ( I couldn’t tell who it was…I will update this post ASAP when I figure it out).

The Have-Nots were then shown the Have-Not Room for the season. Their luxurious beds this season are actually airplane seats. BB, you’re so bad! I think I would end up sleeping in the floor! Just about all of the Have-Nots were “excited” about their new digs.

The focus of the game shifted to McCrae and who he was going to nominate for Eviction. People kept popping into his HoH Room to give their two cents about who they felt he should put up on the chopping block. A bunch of House Guests were also advising McCrae while relaxing in the BB backyard. They were all talking about how they didn’t like Candice. Others were trying to lean McCrae towards Jessie because she was annoying them with her silly crushes. Elissa felt she should come clean to someone, so she went to McCrae and told him. She also did this because she felt it would make her seem less shady and asked if he wouldn’t put her up because of her situation. Some wanted Elissa up because of who she was. As much as McCrae wanted to please everyone in the House, he wanted to nominate people that would get him further along in the game.

At the Nomination Ceremony, It was revealed that McCrae had chosen Jessie and Candice for Eviction. After feeding his nominee some stupid reason why he chose them, he admitted that they were the two least liked people in the House at the moment. He also didn’t want too much blood on his hands so early in the game. He wanted to leave that to the BB MVP.

That was an interesting episode. I like his choices. They were safe, and at this point in the game, you have to really beef up your social game before you start backstabbing your new friends. Will Jessie and Candice save themselves from Eviction by winning the Veto? Who will be BB’s first MVP? Will we finally see our first BB showmance kiss? Hopefully all of these questions will be answered on the next episode of Big Brother!

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 15, Episode #1 – Let the Scheming and Backstabbing Begin!

Hey Readers!

It’s the premiere for BB15!  I have been patiently waiting for this since last year.  It’s been revealed that not two, but three House Guests are to be on the chosen for Eviction each week.  This certainly raises a player’s chances at being put in the chopping block.  Let’s go and find out how the first episode played out.

This season there are 16 House Guests competing for the $500 000 prize.  Julie Chen welcomed the viewers and the audience present wearing a fabulous pink dress, and introduced us to footage of the House Guests finding out they were chosen to compete on BB15.  Julie then has the House Guests come out in front of the set, and lets them into the House in groups of four.

Group #1         Group #2         Group #3         Group #4
Candice            Elissa                Helen                  Aaryn
GinaMaria      Jeremy            Jessie                 Amanda
Judd                  Kaitlin              Nick                    David
Andy                 McCrae            Howard              Spencer

Alliances were also beginning to form for some of the House Guests while they were exploring the House.  Elissa, who is past BB winner Rachel Reilly’s older sister, proposed to a bunch of the ladies in a room that they should create an all-girl alliance because it has never been done before. Most of them agreed with her idea, except for Jessie, who found Jeremy and David to forge their own alliance.  Then there was Howard, Jeremy and Spencer, who also agreed to try and work together as a group.

After some time went by, Julie Chen called the House Guests to the Living Room to inform them of the first major twist of the season.  Julie told them that three House Guests would be eligible for Eviction each week instead of two.  This, of course, shocked the House Guests.  She then turned off her connection to the House Guests and told the viewers and the live studio audience that the HoH would still be nominating two people, but a third party would be selecting the third nominee.  She left us in suspense, wondering who it could be. Based off of what was going on at, I guessed it was going to be America (the home viewers) getting this honour. Judd then proposed a toast, saying, “May all of our backs be padded when we get stabbed in them!” All of the House Guests laughed and clinked their champagne glasses. That was one the best BB toasts I’ve ever heard! It was funny and hopeful.

At the first HoH Competition called Popsicle Factory, the House Guests had to hang on for dear life for this endurance challenge as they were swung around, sprayed at with jets of water and other manners of goo, and beat with a large pair of lips and a tongue.  This was the order the House Guests dropped out of the Competition: Judd, Howard, Amanda, Spencer, Helen, Candice, Jessie, Elissa, GinaMarie, Andy, Kaitlin, Aaryn.

At this point, since no one else was willing to drop, Julie presented the remaining House Guests with a prize.  The next two House Guests would be able to have the chance to find a “No Have Not” Pass in one of two lunch pails sitting before them for their entire time in the House.  They would be exempt from any Have Not punishments.  This enticed David to let go, only for him to have chosen the empty one.  Jeremy then jumped at the chance for this opportunity, winning the Pass by process of elimination.

This left Nick and McCrae to battle it out for HoH.  Nick proposed a deal to McCrae where Nick would be safe from nominations this week. I’m not sure if McCrae agreed with him to get him to drop first or if he’ll go through with the deal, but McCrae agreed and Nick fell first, making McCrae, the pizza delivery boy, this season’s first HoH. After this win, just about everyone in the House has become suspicious of who McCrae really is.

Backtracking a bit, Judd became suspicious of Elissa. During the HoH competition, he and other House Guests found some of her facial features familiar, as if they’d seen them on a former player. Then it hit Judd that she looked like Rachel and they were sister!  He didn’t let anyone else in on his revelation because information like this in the House is like having a $500 000 ticket handed to you. Elissa wouldn’t want this secret revealed!  It would create a HUGE target on her back.

Julie Chen then had the House Guests gather back into the living room to announce how the third nominee would be chosen.  Each week, America will be voting on who it thinks is the best player of the week, the BB MVP. This person will then secretly get to decide who the third nominee will be without their status being revealed. This is a huge advantage to anyone in the game, as it allows for that person to not to get blood on their hands while he or she is picking off an enemy or an ally. The first BB MVP will be chosen based on the strategies each of the House Guests revealed to America before they entered the House. The first BB MVP will be informed of their status after Tuesday’s Veto Competition.

Woohoo! Was that a great premiere episode or what! I think this is one of BB’s better twists they’ve come up with for the game. How will McCrae improve his social game after his reign of HoH is over? Who will become BB’s first MVP, and who will be this season’s first nominees? Hopefully, these questions will be answered in the next episode of Big Brother.

Until my next post, Readers!