Encounters of the Young and the Restless Kind: Mission Accomplished!

Hey Readers!

I did it! A few months ago, I said that the next item on my Y&R bucket list would be to meet someone form the cast of Y&R.  Well, Readers, mission accomplished! A few weeks ago, I found out that Melody Thomas Scott, known to many soap fans like myself , as Nikki Newman was going to be doing a session at the Fall Edition of the National Women’s Show in Ottawa.  As soon as I heard that she was going to be in town, I knew I had to be there!

After I found out the details for her session, the next thing I had to do was find a gal pal to go along with me.  I would have happily gone alone, but meeting a soap star that I have been watching since I could remember is much more fun with someone with you who is a huge fan, too.  Luckily, my friend SMS was able to come along for this experience.  I then bought our tickets for the VIP package to the National Women’s Show to meet her and get a signed picture of her. This is when the hard part of this adventure began: waiting to meet Melody Thomas Scott at the Show.




Finally, after sitting on my hands for two weeks to keep my excitement at bay, the day finally came to go to the National Women’s Show to meet Melody Thomas Scott. After about five wardrobe changes, I was ready to go. SMS then picked me up, and away we went to the Show!

We arrived at the Show early, so we checked out what this season’s show had to offer.  There were so many vendors with some amazing items and information they wanted to share with the attendees.  We tried and snacked so many things!

A half hour before Melody Thomas Scott’s session, we decided to head over to the Main Stage where her session was to take place.  We discovered that we should have gone straight there as soon as we arrived as all of the seats at this stage were taken! We were able to grab a great spot close to where Melody Thomas Scott would be standing and interacting with the audience. After chatting with some of the other attendees at the stage, our wait was over! Melody Thomas Scott had arrived! She looked very much like she does on-screen, and she was happy to be back in Ottawa. When answering questions from the audience, Melody Thomas Scott just spoke from the heart, not mincing words, and she was funny, too.


MTS Collage


After the session was over, SMS and I got into the line-up that formed out of nowhere to meet Melody Thomas Scott. To pass the time, we took selfies of ourselves, and chatted to more big fans of Y&R.


YR Lian and Sandra 2


Once we were at the front of the line, I was trying to compose myself enough to speak to Melody Thomas Scott.  When my turn arrived, She was very nice to me. I told her I felt bad because she had to write out three names every single time she signed an autograph on a picture.  I was also kicking myself because I didn’t bring my script for her to sign as well.  SMS was thoughtful enough to get a shot of me speaking to her.  I am so thankful that she got me at a great angle, because I think I looked fabulous! I just wish I would have thought to turn around!


Lian YR


A volunteer at the Show then took a picture of me with Melody Thomas Scott. Let’s just say that I need to learn my angles as I didn’t look so good in any of these pics! Melody Thomas Scott, on the other hand, look fabulous in all of them. I would be off to the left of this pic.  😦




After meeting Melody Thomas Scott, SMS and I took in the rest of the Show and bought a few items we liked. We had an amazing time meeting Melody Thomas Scott and at the National Women’s Show. If another soap start we both like comes to Ottawa, SMS and I will be sure to be in attendance.

Here it is! My autographed pic of Melody Thomas Scott.  This is going to go into my pretend chest of Y&R memorabilia. I will have to put it into a frame so it doesn’t get ruined.




Since meeting a soap star can be crossed off of my Y&R bucket list, the next items would have to be to interview a soap star face-to-face or to travel to sunny L. A. to do a tour of the Y&R set at the CBS Studios. Readers, unless I win the lottery or win some kind of contest, I don’t think I will be accomplishing any of these items for a while.  😦

So here is where this mini feature ends for now…that is until I get to accomplish one of the other items on my list. Hopefully, I will get the chance to have every adventure I have set for myself and have a great time doing it.

Until my next post, Readers!