Big Brother 15, Episode #9 – Mom Squad Seeks Vengence!

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The ladies are taking over the House!  I am really enjoying this season because the guys thought they had everything wrapped up with the Moving Company alliance when actually it was one of their very own who ended up moving out!  With the Mom Squad in charge this week, it doesn’t look as though it going to get any better for the guys in the House, either.  But this is Big Brother, and Team Aaryn also have a huge target on their back, too!  Who will Helen and the Mom Squad choose as the first two nominees?  Read below and find out!

After Helen wins the HoH Competition, she met with Amanda and McCrae about who should be third nominee on the block this week should Elissa, or any of them, win this honour.  Wait!  Where’s the other half of the Mom Squad?  I’m surprised Elissa was not in on this meeting.    Anyway, Helen revealed her real target for the week: Jeremy.   Amanda suggested Spencer should go up to ensure a PoV win.  If this plan falls through, then Howard would do as well.

Helen then spoke with Spencer about what he knew.  Spencer wanted to get in good with Helen because he knew he was going up on the block if he didn’t.  So Spencer spilled the beans about the Moving Company.  Spencer ten went straight to Howard to warn him about what went down with Helen, warning him to come clean about the Moving Company.

This week’s MVP was announced, and guessed who got it?  Yes, America picked Elissa.  Again.  Don’t get me wrong, I want the Mom Squad to succeed, but hopefully, the producers of Big Brother should shake things up so another person can have this honour.  Well, the Mom Squad has all the nominating power this week!  Please use it well!

In the Storage Room, McCrae, Amanda met with Elissa to recap the meeting they had with Helen about this week’s MVP nominee.  Elissa was upset, wondering why she had been left out of this talk.  She was not on board with their plan because she could see where Amanda was going with her “suggestion,” and didn’t want to do her dirty work for her.

Helen and Andy met with Howard in Helen’s HoH Room, and he finally told her about the Moving Company after lying to Helen about its existence.  He put the blame on Jeremy, saying he was a bully.  He wanted to get into Helen’s good graces by saying he would become the Mom Squad’s protector from the bullies of the House if he was spared from the block.   Helen told him she would think about his proposal.

Elissa ad Helen then spoke privately about the meeting Helen had without her about the third nominee this week.  Helen apologized for not including Elissa, and told her she wanted to back-door Jeremy.  She proposed Amanda’s plan of putting up Howard because no one would vote him out over Kaitlin and Aaryn (the other nominees this week).  They went to McCrae and Amanda to figure the rest of their plan out.  When both people were present, Amanda continued to press the Howard agenda, but Elissa asked why is it so important for Howard to go so soon?  Amanda said it was because he was the biggest threat in the House, and that he couldn’t be trusted.  Elissa still didn’t like how Amanda was pressing so hard for Howard to go.

In the Living Room, the contestants for the Veto Competition were announced.  First, the MVP’s nomination for Eviction was revealed.  It was Spencer!  He was not surprised by this choice.  As well, the last two players for the competition were chosen.  They were GinaMarie and Candice.  Could Helen’s plan to back-door Jeremy go any better?  Then again, you never know what the competitions will be like until they happen…

Jeremy was beginning to get an idea of what was going down where Helen’s plan was concerned.    In order to save himself, he got GinaMarie not to use the Veto to keep the nominations as they were, and e would somehow get Spencer out.  GinaMarie hated the idea of choosing between friends (Kaitlin and Aaryn), so if this is how it would play out, she was happy to do so.

Kaitlin started to campaign to save herself and Jeremy.  She went to Amanda to pitch her idea.  Amanda gave her the best advice she’s been given in the House so far: Save yourself.  Forget about Jeremy.  If you don’t use it, then it will be you who leaves this week.

Keeping Up With the Joneses was this week’s PoV Competition.  The players had to bounce on a trampoline to see a collection of BB art work displayed o a wall hidden behind a barrier.  They had to then place the correct art work on their wall in the shortest amount of time to win the PoV.  After each player had their try at the game, Judd, this week’s host, announced the times each player posted.  In the end, Kaitlin beat everyone out to win the PoV!

Jeremy tried working his magic on Kaitlin by telling her to use the Veto however she wanted, secretly hoping she would keep the nominations the same so he wouldn’t go up on the block.  Kaitlin tries to pitch to Helen that Howard should be the one on the block because he’s a huge threat to the House.  Helen told Kaitlin her idea was not going to work.   Kaitlin told Jeremy the bad news about what Helen thought, he ended up comforting her, telling her that she would probably stay, whether she used the PoV or not.  Oh, Jeremy, working every angle with Kaitlin!

At the PoV Ceremony, Kaitlin took Amanda’s advice, and saved herself.  With this decision made, a smiling Helen told her “dude” Jeremy to replace Kaitlin on the block.

Oh boy!  What an episode!  In the end, Helen got what she wanted!  The Mom Squad is seeking vengeance for the torture they received last week.  Jeremy and Aaryn have A LOT of work to do if they are going to remain in the House next week!  It will an uphill battle for the both of them, let me tell you!  Which nominee will be seeing Julie Chen on their way out of the game?  Who will win the next Ho Competition?  What surprises will BB 15 have in store for us?  Come on back to my next BB 15 post, and you’ll find out!

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Big Brother 15, Episode #6 – Put Your Feelings Aside and Woman it Up!

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As you can tell by this episode’s title, the women were finally beginning to pick up their game play in the BB House! This started during Episode #5 when Candice began piecing together the members of the Moving Company, and that they were gunning at getting rid of the women first.  Will the women in the House snap out of their cattiness and get their game faces on?  Read on and you’ll see!

After HoH Aaryn’s nominations of Elissa and Helen, Both women vowed not to campaign against each other, and to work together to change their fortunes in the House.  They planned to also target Aaryn should both of them remain in the House after the next Eviction.  Candice joined the ladies and figured out the all-guy alliance’s plan to control the House and get all the women evicted.  The three women were trying to come up with a way to put an end to their plan.

Meanwhile, in the Storage Room, members of the Moving Company were laughing and celebrating over their plan going over so well.  They thought that the women were too caught up in their egos that none of them realized they were being duped by the guys!  None of the guys realize that someone was on to them.

Helen wanted to continue this women’s movement by going to the HoH Room and trying to get Aaryn on her side.  She reminded Aaryn of the deal she made during the last episode where if Aaryn were to keep her from Eviction, then the two of them would secretly work together to take over the House. Aaryn remembered this talk, and said she’d keep it in mind.   Aaryn confessed that she liked the idea of having a secret alliance, but had to see where it fit into her strategy.

This week’s BB MVP was revealed! Guess who it was?  No surprise here, Readers, it was Elissa for the second week in a row! This week, I think, it was a mix of the Rachel fans and those who are anti-Aaryn fans who voted for her. Smartly, Elissa told Helen, and told her not to say anything to anyone about it. The ladies were then trying to figure out who to target. This choice was a no-brainer for Elissa: Jeremy.  She knew he was the one controlling Aaryn and her decisions, as well as being the House’s biggest physical threat, so he needed to leave before he could do more damage.

It was time to pick the players for the PoV Competition. The last nominee chosen by the MVP in secret was announced.  Jeremy was revved and ready, calling himself a manimal because he was so excited to compete.  This was making Elissa and Helen worry a bit because most people hate being on the block, and it didn’t even phase him. T hen Aaryn picked the last two names out of a box. Amanda and Nick were the last two players this week.  Amanda also wanted Jeremy out for what he did to the Have-Nots at the end of last week. Nick was happy to play because he could help get his fellow Moving Company member off member off the block.  Aaryn then GinaMarie as this week’s host of the Competition.

Elissa, trying to hedge her bets in winning the PoV, went to Nick to make a deal with him. If Nick threw the Competition, Elissa promised to give him a two-week free pass should she and Helen get HoH, or the MVP, whoever it was, would put Nick up as a replacement nominee if someone took themselves off the block.  Nick agreed to the deal, because he thought it was a win-win for him. He wanted to try and win the PoV for himself to save Jeremy, and if he didn’t win, he felt safe because the MVP wouldn’t touch him because of his deal with Elissa.

Britney from BB 12 and 14 visited the House via video with a special announcement: she was preggers! She said the PoV Competition would help finish together her nursery by putting together a super big mobile with stuffed animals. The first House Guest to have 10 stuffed animals balanced on the mobile and hit their nightlight would win the PoV.

It took the competitors a while to figure out how to get the animals to balance on the mobile, but Jeremy must have used us maninal powers to figure out the pattern in order to balance out the animals. He ran over to his nightlight, and won the PoV!

Howard was pleased that Jeremy won because it helps his game. He confessed that it would solidify his reason to have him eventually go because Jeremy’s successes also make him a bigger threat to win the game. He needs to go! Howard! I never saw this coming from you! I’m beginning to like you more and more!

In the HoH Room, Jeremy and Kaitlin were “celebrating” his victory by making out on the King-size bed. GROSS! Aaryn has to sleep on those sheets, and you’re doing who knows what on the sheets and not washing them afterwards. One word, Readers: Nasty! Kaitlin was telling Jeremy her fears of being put up as the replacement nominee and being blind-sided by him and the House. He said he would never do that, and he would tell her if she was going.  Really, Jeremy! Why not fight for her to stay in the House, not don’t just tell her she’s going.

Maybe he wanted to prove his loyalty to Kaitlin, or maybe he heard me screaming at he TV, but he went around the House, as if he was in a mission, “pulling rank” with the rest of the Moving Company and telling them that Kaitlin must not go up on the block. Here were their reactions:
Spencer – agreed with Jeremy because he didn’t really care unless it was someone from their alliance.
Nick – was on the fence because he.knew if Kaitlin didn’t go up, it would be him.
McCrae – didn’t like Jeremy and his demands. He felt.these decisions should be done by the group, not by any one individual.
Howard – didn’t tell Jeremy his true feelings, but he was so not on board. He said the only person he listens to is God.

Elissa and Candice were talking about the reason why so many men have won Big Brother. They felt it was because not many of the women in the game make big moves. Candice wanted to suggest to Aaryn that they should try to separate Nick and Jeremy because the ladies knew that these two guys were part of some kind of alliance. Since they couldn’t go after Jeremy, they should then go after Nick. Candice was unaware of the deal Elissa made with Nick. Elissa didn’t want to go against the deal she had with Nick, but she also didn’t want to leave the House, either. What she didn’t know was that Nick trying to win the Veto, so their deal was null and void.

Elissa was going to make her decision based off of her conversation with Nick. She asked him if he was going to vote for her for Eviction. He didn’t give her a definitive answer, and couldn’t look her in the eye. You all know what that means! Elissa understood what that meant, and went to Helen to to tell her what happened. Nick could no longer be trusted.

At the PoV Ceremony, as expected, Jeremy used the PoV on himself, and the House awaited the replacement nominee the MVP chose Nick’s pic5ture appeared in the TV screen, and Nick took his place beside Helen and Elissa on the block.

Helen said that her alliance with Elissa they’ve named the Mom Squad were coming after Nick and the rest of the guy alliance. Nick said that Elissa was.going to be the one to be packing her bags this week, not him. Elissa said she was going to convince the House that Nick was a threat, and he needed to go!

This was such a good episode! So proud of some of the women in the House for seeing through the smokescreen the Moving Company put ip in Week 1, and are fighting against it. It’s too bad the rest of the women are so clouded by their pettiness and their narcissism, that they can’t see what’s going on.  It just sucks that Elissa’s camp doesn’t hold too much power in the House. Sure, anything can happen on Eviction Night, but it will be an uphill battle. Yes, I’m beginning to warm up to Elissa. So far, she is the toned-down version of Rachel. Elissa has to get kick that Reilly spirit into gear to win another competition, that is if she’s not voted out. Will the Mom Squad get their wish and have my Number 1 pick, Nick, be voted out of the game? Is the cookie beginning to crumble for the Moving Company? Who will the next HoH in the House? You’ll only.find out by checking back into my blog!

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Big Brother 15, Episode #3 – No One is Safe in the Game, Even with Super Powers!

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It’s the reveal of the first BB MVP tonight! I wonder who America chose based on their strategy.  I’m really excited to find out. As well, it’s the first Power of Veto Competition, so it’s anyone’s guess as to how the nominations will be at the end of this episode.  Read on and you’ll see what happened!

Candice and Jessie were both reeling from being nominated by McCrae as this year’s first nominees.  Jessie was taking the whiny, crying route, while Candice was angry, but keeping it bottled up inside for the time being.  Elissa was elated because she thought she was going to be chosen but was spared.

The guy’s alliance have come up with a name for themselves: The Moving Company.  It’s a yawn from me on this name.  Sure, the name says what they are trying to do to the other House Guests this season, but it’s just blah.  Nick was with McCrae in the HoH Room discussing their target, David, and Nick was stressing how important it was for David to leave the House.

Jessie decided to visit McCrae in the HoH Room.  She wanted to know why he chose her for Eviction.  While McCrae was saying anything to calm her down and make things better between them, Candice stormed into the HoH Room, huffing and puffing about how upset she was over being first in the block, how she knows about the four other guys he’s rolling with, and how she was going to fight to stay in the House.  Then, as quick as she entered the HoH Room, Candice blew back out.  McCrae was beginning to see just what it’s like to have the weight of being the HoH on his shoulders.

The House was talking about who they thought would win the first BB MVP powers.  Most people thought it would be Elissa because of her sister, Rachel’s fans.  When faced with this possibility, Elissa said the she would get it because of her super-model sister, Gisele Bündchen.  I just started laughing when I heard Elissa say that about her sister.

Jeremy didn’t know who Gisele Bündchen was, but hearing Elissa being so smug about what she said made him more suspicious of her.  He was so suspicious that he rounded up a bunch of House Guests in the HoH Room, and asked Elissa about what she said.  I’ll say this about Elissa, she is a wily one! She was able to come up with a good enough excuse for saying what she said to Jeremy about her sister without spilling the beans about her connection to Rachel.  Even though she got through this situation, it is only the middle of Week 1 in the BB House, so anything can happen.

The first BB MVP was announced, and it turned out to be anticlimactic.  The House Guests were right.  Elissa was chosen by America to be the first to have this honour.  I hope this doesn’t put any of you off to my blog, but I’m not a Rachel fan.  She was amazing when it came to winning competitions, and I agree with her anti-floater ideals, but her sense of entitlement, her ego, her HoH-itis just turned me off to her.  Now that her sister is riding her coat tails to get special powers in the game just rubs me the wrong way.

Now armed with her new powers, she made a beeline to McCrae to tell him about being chosen as the MVP, as well as offering to go along with who he wanted to choose as the week’s third nominee.  McCrae suggested David.  He confessed he wanted to keep her safe, yet he also warned her that he would put her up as a replacement nominee if she didn’t win the Veto because of her sister and her new powers.  I think it was McCrae’s way to get Elissa to not be so Rachel-esque so the House doesn’t have to suffer more that it has to.

The players for the Veto Competition were chosen!  Everyone was called to the Living Room by McCrae to first hear who was chosen as the third nominee by the “mysterious” BB MVP.  Most if the House was shocked to see David’s face materialize on the television screen as the lucky candidate for Eviction.  David was livid, but did a good job of not exploding over the news.  McCrae then called all of the nominees to stand beside him so he could pick the last two names of the contestants for the Veto Competition. Out of a bag of names, McCrae pulled out Elissa and Howard’s names.

After these events unfolded for David, he went to his bed to try and process everything. He went from being Mr. Happy-Go-Lucky to Paranoid Pete, weary of everyone in the House of their motives. Aaryn, being the sweet person she is, was right by her man’s side trying to console David. But David’s stupidity, or lack of good judgement, rejected her kindness, suspicious of her actions. He then had to go after her and apologize for doubting her motives. Wow, I didn’t think he was the type to flip his opinion of people so easily. I was just proved wrong!

McCrae and Amanda are becoming each others confidants in the game. He trusted her so much that he spilled the beans about Elissa being the MVP. Amanda left the room because Elissa came in to talk to McCrae about trying to change his mind about using her as a replacement nominee if she didn’t win the PoV. Amanda thought that Elissa was shady, so she decided to gather a bunch of House Guests together and call Elissa out in her actions. That Reilly wiliness was coming in handy again, as she dodged around Amanda and Jeremy’s questions and comments. This made Jeremy trust Elissa even less, wanting her out of the Hose more than ever.

The first PoV Competition of the season, “Big Brother Baking Competition, “was hosted by Marcela Valladolid, one of the judges on the CBS show The American Baking Competition. Each competitor had to go through a very sticky and gooey obstacle course to retrieve letters from balloon blueberries. The House Guests had to put together a word from the letters they gathered. The House Guest with the longest word after 15 minutes would win the PoV. After some slips and falls, the words of the competitors were revealed as seen below:

Howard – sailing
Jessie – tumbled
Candice – rafts
David – didn’t have a word because he was too focused on trying to get a huge word
Elissa – potroasts (didn’t count because it was two words)
McCrae – Delivery

McCrae’s profession helped to bring him a victory and the PoV to add to his HoH powers.

Back in the House, Helen was consoling Elissa for not winning the Veto. She said it was because she could relate to Elissa because she, too, was a mom playing to win the half a million dollars, and knew about what McCrae had said to her.  Elissa then spoke to McCrae in the BB Backyard. McCrae told her she wasn’t going to be going home this week. This revealed Elissa for the time being.

At the PoV Nomination Ceremony, after a lot of decision-making, McCrae announced to the rest of the House Guests that he decided to use the PoV on Candice (this really surprised me because of her blow-up with him), and replaced her with none other than Elissa! She was so upset about McCrae’s decision. At the end if the show, McCrae confessed that she was just a pawn, and some one else was the target.

Just when you thought you were safe because you are the BB MVP, a twist in another person’s game throws you up on the block! Even though McCrae is using Elissa as a pawn, you know what usually happens to them, right? Yep, they are usually the ones Evicted! Will my hopeful prediction come to fruition? Who will become the next HoH? What fabulous outfit will Julie Chen be sporting? Find out these answers and more in my next BB post!

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