CampusBookRentals Helps Students to Save Money and Children to Smile

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I remember what it was like to be a university student and to have to worry about all of the cost at come along with earning my degree. One of the items I had to find a work-around in order to help cut down on costs was with text books.  If they were too expensive, I had to either borrow one from a friend that took the class before me, split the cost with a friend and share the book, or go to the library and use their copy to photocopy what I needed. Luckily, college and university students have more cost effective methods to help this necessity to higher learning become less of one. One of these amazing options is CampusBookRentals!


How does CampusBookRentals help students save money?

Founded by Alan Martin (a former student himself), CampusBookRentals is a service where students can rent textbooks that they need for their classes for as long as they need them, and pay a fraction of the cost of having to buy these books from their campus bookstore. You might be wondering why you would want to rent your textbooks instead of just paying for your books. Well, here are some of the perks to using CampusBookRentals:

  • Students are able to save 40-90% off of the bookstore prices.
  • Free shipping both ways! So the price you see to rent your textbook is the price you are paying!
  • Rental periods are flexible, so students are not rushed in the rental of a textbook.
  • With each textbook rented, a donation is made to Operation Smile, sostudents are helping to support a worthy cause.


Students can also take advantage of RentBack, a new program from CampusBooksRentals, so they can make more money while they study!

How Does RentBack Work?

RentBack allows students to rent their textbooks so they can make money off of the books they own!  Here is how RentBack works:

  • Find your books in the system at
  • Ship your books to CampusBookRentals
  • CampusBookRentals receives your books so they can then become available for other students to rent
  • Other students rent your books, and you get paid!
  • Your books get sent back to CampusBookRentals so other students can rent them over and over again! This will allow for you to get paid over and over again!

What is Operation Smile?


I also mentioned how CampusBookRentals donates a part of each textbook rental to Operation Smile.  Operation Smile is a group of mobilized medical professionals who provide safe, effective reconstructive surgery and other relative medical care to children and youth born with a cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities in some of the poorest regions around the world.

These procedures are very costly in many of these regions, and, if these children make it past their first birthdays with many of the aforementioned deformities, they have trouble eating, speaking or smiling. These children are also often shunned in their communities, and their parents are not able to afford the surgeries they need to lead more productive lives.

Operation Smile believes that these children deserve to have access to safe, quality surgical care in order to have a better future. Due to the help of dedicated medical volunteers, Operation Smile has provided over 200 000 free surgeries for children and young adults born with facial deformities. This organization also trains local doctors in developing countries and helps to strengthen healthcare systems in these countries so more children can be taken care of and lead more productive lives.

This is the third year that CampusBookRentals has been involved with Operation Smile and between June 2013 and June 2014, CampusBookRentals have pledged to donate a minimum of 80 surgeries to Operation Smile based off of a portion of the proceeds it receives from every textbook rental. CampusBookRentals is also allowing students who choose to use the RentBack program to allocate their earnings towards Operation Smile as well, so even more money gets directed at this great organization. For more information about Operation Smile, please go to!  This is another reason I like CampusBookRentals.  I like companies that knows the importance of giving back, and I love Operation Smile and what it does for children in need, as well as for the communities its helps!

So, Readers, if you are a student and you are looking to for an alternative to having to buy your textbooks for your next semester of classes, maybe you should go to and give them a try!  It helps students to save and make some money while they study, and it also wants to help brighten the future of children, one smile at a time.

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Even though I have been compensated for this post, the opinions expressed are honest, and are solely my own.

Big Brother 14, Episode #20 – Ian’s Coming Out of His Shell

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I’m still reeling from my last BB post.  I’m also upset that Frank is still on the House after having a double eviction night where he should have left!  Then Ian came out of the woodwork as a force Frank now has to deal with…it’s crazy!  In this post, we find out how the House moves on from Boogie’s exit, and the fallout it potentially causes.  Let’s see how everything plays out!

Britney has to play Ian’s bodyguard against Frank’s fury over Boogie’s departure.  It was getting to the point where Frank was yelling at Ian, and Ian was trying to stand his own ground against Frank’s attacks.I guess Frank is taking a page out of Willie’s playbook.  Remember what happened to him, Frank!

Frank was trying to get Shane on his side again.  He realized he was now alone in this game.  He wanted to split Shane and Britney up because Frank doesn’t trust Britney and wants her out of the House.  Frank lied to Shane, blaming Boogie’s leaving the game on Dan.  Frank also went so far as to say that if he wins HoH that he would nominate either Joe and Dan or Dan and Britney dependant on why Ian tried to get rid of him.  Frank still doesn’t understand why Ian would make a decision like this, unless there was pressure put on him from either Britney or Dan.  Frank still can’t trust them.

Shane let Britney in on what Frank told him, and they became worried about Frank being a force to be reckoned with.  Britney decided it would be best for both of them to make a deal with Frank just in case he does win HoH this week.  Britney then spoke with Frank.  She made a deal with Frank to work together if he is HoH.  Britney secretly hoped she wouldn’t have to keep this deal because she doesn’t trust Frank.

This week’s HoH Competition seemed as though it was rigged.  Holes in Strings had the houseguests using strings to get a ball up a board with holes in it.  After a ranking round, the houseguests competed two at a time up the board.  The winner moved on to the next round.  The winner would be the player who kept advancing through the rounds and beat everyone.  Frank just kept winning round after round until he won the whole competition.  The houseguests just couldn’t believe Frank’s luck, and it seemed too easy for him to win.

Britney went to Frank to solidify their deal.  After a lot of talking, Frank came up with two people to nominate.  Even though she really wanted Frank out of the House, Britney reluctantly agreed to have Dan and Danielle go up on the block.

When Frank went up to his HoH Room, he found Pandora’s Box waiting for him.  He read a card that said if he chose to open Pandora’s Box, he could win $10 000.  After some debate, he decided to open it, thinking the money was better than what could befall the rest of the House while he was in there.  Out of the many boxes in the room, he could only choose three of them.  I guess Frank’s luck ran out because he chose boxes that held $1.05, $7.11 and $3 333.33.  He then had to remain in this room for one hour, separating him from the rest of the houseguests and whatever fate they were going to face.

Luckily for the houseguests, their fate wasn’t too bad.  They had to collect fifty cents in change that fell from the sky in the BB backyard and take it to the claw machine.  Within this machine, the cube with the question mark on it was replaced with a golden Veto ball.  The player that was able to remove this ball from the machine would be able to be a secondary Veto at the Veto Ceremony.  This is a lot of power to have this week, and since Frank was at the healm, everyone wanted to win it to possibly influence Frank’s nominations and Veto choice.  Dan showed his true competative nature, shoving anyone getting in his way, and trying to make people think he won it.  All of his work was for nothing as Ian, coming even more out of his shell, won this coveted prize.

Once Frank was released, they caught up with each other, explaining what they did during their time apart.  Even though Frank doesn’t trust him, he took Ian to his HoH Room and told him about his plan for nominations.  Ian told him to do what he wanted, trying to make Frank not want to put Ian up only to take himself off the block or to backdoor him. 

Britney then took her minion aside, and discussed what Frank told him.  Britney wanted to try to take Dan off the block.  In the Diary Room, Ian confessed he was not sure if having Frank or Dan in the House was beneficial to his overall game.  He, along with the rest of the House were worried about what Frank would decide where nominations were concerened.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Frank ravelled to the houseguests his decision.  He chose to go along with his original plan and put Dan and Danielle up on the block.  His reason was the most honest of anyone’s this season.  He said it was payback for Boogie and Ashley leaving.  Frank then went on to say that Dan wanted Frank out the House, so he had to strike now while he could.  Danielle was just a person of circumstance.  In other words, it’s punishment for being so closely aligned with Dan, but not the target.  Everyone knew that honour was all for Dan.

Joy, oh joy.  Another week with Frank as HoH makes me so happy.  No, Readers, I’m not doing back flips.  Frank needs to go, houseguests!  He’s going to win this game if he doesn’t leave soon.  Even though I don’t agree with his tactics, my fingers and toes are are crossed for Dan to come through this week and to win this game.  I do have to tip my hat to Ian as he has seriously stepped up his game and is someone the other players have to now watch out for.  Maybe he has a bit of luck on his side, but I thought he was out the door a while ago because he is so awkward within himself.  How will Ian and Dan’s luck and BB skill play out for the rest of this week? Will Frank be able to finally get his nemesis, Dan, out of the House?  Only way to find what happens is to follow my blog!

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