Mundane Monday Morning Music: Adele – “Send My Love (To Your New Lover)”

Hey Readers!

It’s finally Victoria Day here in the nation’s capital. The family and I have had an amazing long weekend so far. we spent a lot of time in our backyard, and my other half build a table in about 45 minutes for us to dine on Saturday night in our backyard oasis (there nothing this guy can do)!

As I was thinking about what I would share for today’s MMMM pick, this was the criteria I was looking for:

  • British (you know, since it’s the Queen’s b-day we’re suppose to be celebrating)
  • a little more mellow, but with a bit of a kick
  • is inspiring or fun.

I was totally (sorry, but this word needed to be used here :P) going to choose something different, but after waking up and checking out my Facebook feed, I knew I had to share this song instead: Adele’s “Send My Love.”

Oh, Readers! LOVE, love, love, love this song! It continues to let me know that some people may think that some of my decisions may have been unconventional, that it was the right one, and I am better for it, because I should have made is much sooner.

Here are Adele’s lyrics that resonate with me the most:

“I was too strong you were trembling
You couldn’t handle the hot heat rising
Baby I’m so rising
I was running, you were walking
You couldn’t keep up, you were falling down
Mmm there’s only one way down…”

I was just getting better and felt that I was being held back by someone that was too comfortable where they were. I wanted to soar, yet was being anchored. It was time to go, so I did.

This song is about realizing how to let go of the past and forgiving what has happened. This is something I still need some work on, but Adele is helping in this department (thanks, Adele!).

“Send My Love” also hits my criteria for today’s pick. British? Check! More mellow? Check. Inspiring or fun? Checkaroo!  Though I was looking for something more fun, the inspiring factor of this song won out, and it’s Adele for crying out loud! She gets my vote today!

I hope that “Send My Love” can help to inspire you to become better on this gorgeous and not so mundane Victoria Day Monday morning!

Until my next post, Readers!


That’s My Baby!

Hey Readers! I realized something about myself that I didn’t think really existed becoming until now. I am slowly becoming what I call the “Cheerleading Mom” You know, kind of like Claire Huxatable whenever one of the kids on the show accomplished some sort of accomplishment. When one of the kids got through their arduous task, you would see Claire, the proudest person in the room, jump out of her chair, clapping and say, “That’s My Baby!”

Watching my kids grow up and accomplishing their own “Herculean feats,” I have noticed that I may have been a little inspired by this character when acknowledging their achievements. If it’s not the cheer Claire used for her kids, it’s an enthusiastic cheer session for their first words and first steps, or a whoop and super big hugs for “conquering the throne” or learning how to share their most favourte toy. Oh, the cheer session is not done in the privacy of our home, either. I do try to remember to tone it down a bit so I don’t to embarrass them, but I do also want them to know how proud I am of them.

My latest cheer session was at my daughter’s

volleyball tournament. She was put into the game after sitting out for a bit during the Gold Medal game. It was a bit of a tough day for her since her serve was a bit off, but she helped her team not only come back from a deficit, but made the winning play to win the gold! I was so happy and proud of my child overcoming her trouble and stepping up to do what she did that I shot right out my seat on the bleachers and cheered for my girl! I was also the only one to do so, but how many moments are there in life that I will witness my girl scoring the championship point? Maybe many times, or maybe never again! I also took a lot of pics of her when her team received their medals to keep this moment for those who couldn’t make it out to see this achievement.

That's my eldest baby bringing home the gold after her championship-winning play. It was an awesome moment!

That’s my eldest baby bringing home the gold after her championship-winning play. It was an awesome moment!

Am I going a little bit overboard? Maybe, depending on the situation. Do I care, NOPE! Why do I think this is worthy topic to even be spending my time clacking away on my computer about? Because I care about my kids, and I’m a proud mama! It’s my way of letting them know just how proud of them I am when they have achieved a goal or a good grade. I also want them knowing I’m their #1 fan.Even though I will always think of them my babies, I am also amazed at how much they are growing into some awesome kids, and eventually, adults.

Are you a “Cheerleader Mom” like me? What do you do when your child achieves a goal?

Until my next post, Readers!