Survivor: Caramoan Fans vs Favourites 2, Episode #2 – Remember, This is a Numbers Game!

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Episode #2 of Survivor: Caramoan brought out the fierce side of the Castaways with arguments and threats being flung around each of the tribes. Maybe the weather and the lack of food is beginning to really hit this season’s players earlier than usual.  Sure, it’s great for ratings, but it also hurts the social game of those starting all of the trouble.  What caused all of the verbal fireworks, you ask? Well, read on, and you’ll find the answer.

After the first Tribal Council, Bikal returned to their camp with mixed emotions. Some were happy with Francesca’s departure (Phillip) while others were blown away by it.  Brandon was especially upset about Francesca being voted out because he thought she didn’t deserve to leave the game yet.  He took his anger out on Dawn by yelling at her, threatening to make her time left in the tribe a living nightmare.  He also confessed that he might take a play or two from his Uncle Russell’s angry playbook, eventually leaving the game with a bang.

Dawn didn’t know what to make of Brandon’s tirade against her.  She said she wanted to try to not break down so easily, but you know what they say about the best laid plans!  She was crying hysterically in the jungle, wondering why Brandon would speak to her the way he did.  Dawn, this is Survivor, as well as your.second time at this rodeo.  You really can’t fall apart so easily so soon in the game.  It puts a target on your back for the next time Bikal goes to Tribal Council.

Brandon’s mood changed the next morning.  He went from going on a rampage to somewhat mellow.  He told Cochran of his change of heart (not going after Dawn and ruining camp life for her), and this raised a red flag for Cochran.  Cochran confessed that he may not want Brandon in their tribe anymore because of these mood swings. It was disturbing to the rest of the tribe, and it made trying to gauge where Brandon’s head was.

Phillip was also stirring up trouble within the tribe.  He took it upon himself to try and reign Brandon in by telling him how to calm himself down.  Brandon equated Phillip’s “advice” to being bullied around as Boston Rob may have done if he were a part of their tribe.  Others noticed how Phillip was trying to be Boston Rob, and it turned them even more against him.

At Gota, Shamar wasn’t doing any favours for himself with the rest of his tribe mates.  As Shamar put it, he was “conserving energy” for Challenges by not contributing around camp.  He just lounged about in the tribe’s shelter, watching everyone else work their tails off.  He also didn’t care what the others thought about his inaction around camp.  Not surprisingly, Shamar’s laziness didn’t go unnoticed, nor were they ignored by he rest of his tribe.  Allie expressed how upset she and other tribe members were over his choice not to help out.  Julie, on the other hand, wanted Shamar to stay, comparing his popularity around camp to that of Phillip.  Maybe Julie wants to use him as a shield at some point in the game?

At the Reward/Immunity Challenge, each tribe had three of its members untie a raft and use a pulley to get a second set of three members out to an underwater cage.  Once there, they had to release nine rings kept in place by bamboo sticks and collect them.  They then had to get pulled back to the beach where the last group of three had to toss three of these rings onto three posts to win.  The Reward: a full fishing kit to find more food, as well as Immunity. The Fans struggled through most of this Challenge because they didn’t use the talents of their members effectively, handing another win to the Favourites.

After the Challenge, Bikal was excited, probably because they escaped Tribal Council.   They poked around the fishing kit, and even tried out a few of their new toys. The strange thing about Bikal going through their kit was that not one player thought to look for a clue for the hidden Immunity Idol.  I guess the trill of food took over their competitive nature for a moment.

Phillip also decided to give those in his alliance code names to describe their responsibility to their union.  Malcolm just shook his head, explaining that that Phillip may be doing this because of his job as a secret agent.

Feelings were not riding so high at Gota.  Matt and Eddie were going over the various mistakes they made at the Challenge.  Reynold decided this was a good time to call Shamar out on his lack of responsibility around camp.  This then sparked a shouting match between the two, blaming each other for their loss.  Reynold also admitted in front of the whole tribe that he was going to vote for Shamar at Tribal Council.  Shamar wasn’t deterred by Reynold’s comments, throwing out comments about how Reynold was.saying all of this in order to keep his alliance of Allie, Eddie and Hope together.  Shamar continues to “help” his case to the rest of the tribe by going back to the shelter and resting some more.  Really, Shamar!  I know you don’t are perceived by your tribe mates, but you are not helping your cause by being lazy.  That kills your social game.

This outburst further confused most of the Gota tribe.Most of them agreed with Reynold, wanting Shamar out because of his laziness.  They were also looking at the four-person alliance as a threat to their personal game.  They ultimately had to decide whether one lazy person outweighed a group that didn’t have their personal best interest at heart.

Reynold went to cool off by trying to find an Immunity Idol in the jungle behind their camp.  After some stumbling around and digging, Reynold finds one hidden within a tree.  He tried to conceal it in the pockets of his tight shorts, but Laura was watching him and newly lumpy pockets.  Reynold decided to keep his new prize from everyone, including his alliance.

At Tribal Council, Jeff Probst got the Gota tribe to talk about a few issues.  The first one was Shamar and his military background. Shamar also commented on how Gota had no leader, and how it was the main reason why they lost the Challenge that sent them to Tribal Council. Reynold also piped in, stating that Shamar was the big problem in their tribe. Shamar defending himself by saying he was being used as a scapegoat to keep Reynold’s alliance together. When Laura was asked how she would be voting, she said she thought she was voting the way the “family” decided, but then she commented on Reynold’s bulge in his pocket, and may have been swayed to vote differently. Reynold admitted he had the Idol, shocking the whole tribe, including members of his alliance.

Before Jeff Probst revealed the vote, he always asks if anyone will be using a hidden Immunity Idol to save themselves. Reynold, after some pondering, decided not to use his. The vote was another close one. It was a shocking 6-4 vote for Allie to leaving the game over Shamar.

Now, you’re probably are wondering why the tribe would get rid of her instead of Reynold, Shamar, Eddie or Hope . I think it was because the tribe wanted to keep some strength on their tribe. As well, since Allie and Reynold are in a romantic alliance, breaking them up now was a good idea.

Hopefully, the now three-person alliance will begin ti.realize how important it is to have the numbers on your side before going to Tribal Council, along with a good social game. They pretty much had separated.themselves from the rest of the tribe, making it easier for those who voted Allie out.

As for the Favourites, they also have to make sure they don’t ruffle too many feathers, as Brandon’s fickle thoughts and Phillip’s Boston Rob impression will be taken as a reason for the rest of the tribe to ditch them. If you don’t have a social game in Survivor, the numbers will not be in your favour. This will ultimately lead to your end in the game.

What will happen now that both tribes are evenly matched, how will they do the next time they meet for a Challenge? Will Shamar lift a finger around camp? Will Brandon flip-flop again and try to turn into his uncle again? Who will be the next Castaway to leave the game? Come back for my next Survivor: Caramoan entry to find out what happens next.

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Survivor: Caramoan, Season #26 – Preview to This Season’s Premiere

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Survivor’s back! It all begins on  Wednesday February 13, 2013.  It’s their 26th season of dragging willing participants through crazy living conditions and challenging competitions.  It’s another Fans vs. Favourites season, so I’m excited to see just how well some of the Returning Players do a second time around against a group of fresh-faced competitors.

This time, the Survivor producers decided to stay close to their previous locale.  This season is taking place in Caramoan, a municipality of Camarines Sur, belonging to the Philippines (I had to research this bit of information, as I had never heard about this part of the Philippines before.).  With this in mind, we should be in store for plenty of episodes of drenched Castaways huddling for their lives against the cold, starving for the first few days because they don’t have many supplies to catch fish, and arguing with each other because of the aforementioned conditions, as well as the clashing of egos.

I went to the Survivor: Caramoan cast bio site to get a better picture of this season’s Castaways.  I guess the producers thought it would be easier to have the Returning Players on their own tribe to start because the Fans would want to pick them off because of their previous experience in this game. The returning Castaways’ tribe name is Bikal, and the Fans’ (or I like to call them “Newbies”) tribe name is Gota.  Below, I’ve shared my favourites from both tribes, starting with the Newbies.

The Gota Tribe:

Julia – Race Car Driver

Out of all of the “Newbies” this season, she seemed as though she wouldn’t cry if she broke a nail.  She’s also not saying she’s going to flirt her way though the game.  She might make it far, but I don’t think she will win.

Eddie – Fireman/EMT.

Cute kid, but not admitting that he’s going to use his physical attributes to try and win the game.  I think he’ll try and create an alliance with Reynold, but hopefully, Reynold’s personality will get him voted off.  Again, I think Eddie will do well in Survivor: Caramoan, but I don’t think he’ll win.

I’m a no-nonsense kind of a girl, so you’ll see why I chose these two as my favs.  It was hard for me to choose them because most of the other Newbies were very cocky, or were going to rely on their looks, or it seemed as though they had their head in the clouds.  I just wasn’t able to connect to them as well as I was to my picks.

The Bikal Tribe:

Malcolm – appeared on Survivor:Philippines (or the season that just wrapped a few months ago.

Was everything you would expect a Castaway to be in this game, yet he came up short because he was so good.  He’s one of my picks to win, even though other Castaways will be gunning for him.

Cochran – appeared on Survivor: South Pacific. 

Was the cocky little fellow who thought he was a master-mind of his tribe, yet was voted out because he got too cocky after flipping on his tribe.  Not one of my picks to win this season, but curious to see what he’ll bring to the show in terms of entertainment value.

Phillip – appeared on Survivor: Redemption Island.

Oh, he was a fun one to watch! Not only was he arrogant, but he was stubborn and was not a great social player, yet made it to the Final Three because of his loyalty to “Boston Rob” Mariano.  Again, I think Phillip won’t win, but he will be one of those Castaways to watch, as long as you don’t look at his underwear that he chose to wear again this season.

I chose these three because I know what they can bring to the game, and I was fond of them from their previous seasons of Survivor.

If you would like to take a look at the this season’s roster of Castaways, here’s a link that will take you directly to the Survivor: Caramoan cast bios page.  You can size them up for yourself, and let me know what you think, or is you agree with me!

There is exactly one week left until this season’s premiere episode.  I hope you’re as excited as I am for it!

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