My Encounters of The Young and the Restless Kind!

Hello Readers!

For those of you who don’t know this about me, I am a HUGE soap fan!  I’ve been watching them since I was young.  Back then, it was either watch what she was watching, or read a book, which I had already done a few times that day!  Now, it is my kids who look at me funny when the “Mommy Shows” are on.  They either make themselves scarce, or they fall asleep.

Out of the three soaps I watch, the one I love the most has to be The Young and the Restless (or Y & R).  It has the best patriarch in Victor Newman (played by Eric Braeden), the story lines, for the most part, have been fairly steady for the past few decades, and watching each episode makes me feel as though I am at home with my mom, yelling at the TV for something a character said or did that we were not happy about.

I thought I had posted about my first encounter with Y & R.  Let me give you some back story to this, as most of you will have no clue as to what I’m talking about.  I adore Eric Braeden.  As I previously stated, he is one of the reasons why I watch this show.  He is brash, witty, and ruthless as Victor Newman.  When I started tweeting, he was one of the first accounts I started following, and he was one of my first followers.

Eric Braeden ran a contest for his followers on his account, and it was about something we both have a love for: The NCAA Basketball Championships! It was Sweet 16 time, and he said that he would be giving away a script with the autographs of various cast members, including his own, to the followers that were able to guess which four teams he had picked to move forward in the tournament.  I guessed right, and a few weeks later, my script came in the mail.

It's here! It's finally here! I was so happy to see this, almost kissed the mail carrier!  :)

It’s here! It’s finally here! I was so happy to see this, almost kissed the mail carrier! 🙂



EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! I can't wait to see it! Schoolgirl mode is in full effect!

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEK! I can’t wait to see it! Schoolgirl mode is in full effect!



Can you guess which autograph belongs to which actors on Y&R? Guess which one belongs to Eric Braeden? Trust me, it's not a hard one to find! :P

Can you guess which autograph belongs to which actors on Y&R? Guess which one belongs to Eric Braeden? Trust me, it’s not a hard one to find! 😛



I felt like a teenage girl getting to meet her pop star crush!  Sadly, at this point, I thought I would never be this close to another soap star again…that was the case, until a few weeks ago.

A rep for Mishael Morgan, who plays Hilary Curtis Winters on Y & R contacted me, asking me if I was interested in writing an post for about her character on the show as well as her new projects coming out this summer.  I was floored! I had to read the email a few times to make sure it was real!  I quickly replied yes, of course!

After the details were ironed out, I got the call.  I went from being cool and collected to a bundle of excited nerves.  Mishael Morgan was very sweet about my “enthusiasm” over her interview, and it was a lot of fun ! I told her how I felt about Hilary, and where I wanted her character’s story line to go.  It seemed as though the interview went on forever, but it was only about 15 minutes long, and I didn’t want to seem unprofessional and start asking all of the questions I had in my head! Once the interview was over, I listened to our conversation (which I, unfortunately, will not add to this post, mainly because I sound like a nerdy fan!), but it was such an amazing opportunity to have been given.

Blogging had to be one of the most amazing hobbies/activities/jobs I have ever had! I have had the opportunity to go and do so many amazing things, including interacting with characters from my favourite soap opera! I’m curious as to what my next encounter of the Y & R kind will be! I hope I will gwt the chance to write another blog post, or even meet an actor! When it happens, I will certainly share this latest experience with you!

Hey Readers! Have you had a starry-eyed encounter with someone you admired? If you have, who was it, and what was it like? If not, who would you want to meet?

Until my next post, Readers!


Kiara Randolph & Couture Mannequin Boutique – One Word: Fierce!

Hey Readers!

Here is another Profile piece on the people I have met who have inspired me to have new experiences, and who have helped me see the world through their eyes.

This  Profile features Kiara Randolph, the creative mind behind Couture Mannequin Boutique, a clothing brand with its own uniqueness.  Besides being a fashion designer, she also branching out into various different fields, following her dreams to be successful in all of them.

Here are the questions I asked Kiara about herself and The Couture Mannequin:

What inspired you to start The Couture Mannequin?

I started off making my own clothing, I had people on the streets wanting to buy my one of a kind pieces from me right then and there. That motivated me to create FIERCE pieces for my “Mannequins” 

What is the story behind the name ‘The Couture Mannequin’?

Before I started designing, I was a model. I did not know how to do my makeup, hair basically nothing. So, they used to call me the “Mannequin” because I just sat there and let the makeup artists be creative on my face. I pick up Couture based on my style. Couture Mannequin is not just a brand. Its a lifestyle!!  

I would describe a “Mannequin”

“She is a mysterious woman who turns heads as she walks into any room. She’s effortless and free…simply flawless. She feels just as hot and confident in bright colors as she does in black. She is a socialite and a party girl. Everyone whispers in awe and wonders who she is and what IT is about her that sets her apart. They all want to know her and BE her.”

What is the story behind the name ‘The Couture Mannequin’?The look of the pieces from Couture Mannequin is all about being fierce.  Why?

A lot of women work 9-5 jobs. I want women to be able to step out of their work clothes and step into my piece and feel FIERCE! I want them to tap into their inner wild side. That’s why my clothing names ranges from Mrs. Obama to Space Whore.

You work not only in fashion, but in other fields such as music, promotions, fundraising for charities, just to name a few.  Where would you like for The Couture Mannequin to go from where it is today? 

In the future I am hoping Couture Mannequin will be everyone one stop Fashion destination. I’m hoping to work on a males line soon.

Who inspires you?

My love for fashion–let me say, my admiration for fashion–started with my mom. I used to watch her get dressed. She was around my age right now, and she was so fly. FIERCE. Also my travels inspire me. I haves traveled since I was 5, I pick up treasures from everywhere I go and put my surroundings in my clothing.

What kind of experience do you want for customers of Couture Mannequin to take away from your site?

Because we know girls as fabulous as us don’t have time to shop around all day, we’ve got too many scenes to steal, too many entrances to make, too many eyes to catch. So we’ve created the Couture Mannequin store to help you find everything you need in one place, at fantastic prices.

According to you, which piece currently available on the Couture Mannequin Boutique site would be the fiercest one?

Twisted Cultures, because it has been inspired by the Polynesians and Japanese culture. With a mix of lush colors, fine fabrics and Asian design, this dress will definitely give you a culture shock. I spent most of my life in Hawaii so this is a Fierce blend of Hawaii and Fierce!

Twisted Cultures

Readers, I hope you can get a better idea as to why I had to do a Profile on Kiara Randolph and Couture Mannequin Boutique.  Kiara is her brand: Fierce!  She knows what she wants, and she goes after it.  Kiara works hard, making sure her pieces are showcased well.  Finally, Kiara is not afraid to try new things.  As I said before, she has her hand in many different disciplines making herself known.  I guess Kiara summed it up best: she is Fierce!  How can you not admire that?

In the next coming weeks, I will be writing a review on some of the pieces from Couture Mannequin Boutique.  Keep your eyes peeled for it!

Thank you, Kiara, for helping to inspire me to not hold back on going after what I want, and for becoming a bit more Fierce!  ;P

If you want to check out Couture Mannequin Boutique, here are its online stores and social media links:

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