Big Brother 15, Episode # 14 – Doing the Dirty Work of Others

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I’m still shaking my head at the House’s decision to keep Aaryn in the House!  Really, House Guests?  Sure, Kaitlin was good at competitions, but she doesn’t stay focused like Aaryn does.  Kaitlin was ready to jump ship from Team Aaryn to Howard and Spencer’s new alliance and do whatever anyone swayed her to do.  Aaryn, on the other hand, isn’t as easily swayed.  She’s a dangerous player, and anyone making a deal with her will end up out of the House before her.  Now that Aaryn is HoH again, will she have another bout of HoH-itis?  As for Elissa, we saw a bit of her own catty nature come out when she was teasing Amanda about her “sexy” outfit for McCrae’s birthday.  Will she start becoming the mean girl she had begged Aaryn for?  Read on and find out!

The House was reeling from Aaryn’s rise to HoH power after the HoH Competition.  While Aaryn and Jessie were celebrating in BB Bathroom, new showmance Candice and Howard were worried about their safety in the game.  They were also worried about the deal Jessie told them about involving Helen and Aaryn.  Jessie overheard the deal struck by Helen about keeping Aaryn safe in return for the decision-making power over her nominations should Aaryn become HoH this week.  Howard and Candice didn’t like how this plan went down, nor that Helen and Elissa were still calling the shots around the House.

Aaryn, Spencer and GinaMarie were discussing Spencer’s safety in the House.  Aaryn explained to Spencer that she wanted to keep him safe this week, but she was getting pressure from the “power” in the House to put Howard and himself up for Eviction.  Spencer told Aaryn what I would have said to her, which was to do what you wanted to do since this was her HoH week, not theirs.  Spencer was doing anything possible to sway her decision to save Howard and himself from the block.

Helen and Aaryn speak privately in one of the various BB Rooms.  Helen first congratulated Aaryn for her HoH win.  Helen told Aaryn that Candice was aware of the deal the tow of them have.  Aaryn promised she would take all the heat in order to uphold her end of the deal.  Aaryn might be starting to cause some dissension the Mom Squad by saying to Helen that she thought Elissa leaked the details of the deal to Candice.  Oh, Aaryn!  Such a good move on your part!  Don’t get me wrong, Readers, I love the Mom Squad, but this is how you take advantage of the cracks an alliance! I’ll tip my hat to you, Aaryn, for that move!

Aaryn’s comments may have actually planted a seed in Helen’s head as she went to Amanda, McCrae and Judd to talk about Helen’s deal with Aaryn.  They agreed with Aaryn, saying that it was probably Elissa who spilled the beans about the deal to Candice.  Helen then went on about how Elissa was ruining her game-play by her assumed actions.  Helen, why don’t you just talk to Elissa about your suspicions instead of asking others about their thoughts on the matter.  If Elissa did tell Candice, then be mad at her.  Then again, if Helen goes to her with this, it could further enrage Elissa against Aaryn, taking Elissa’s head more out of the game.

Spencer was still trying to change Aaryn’s mind about putting Spencer and Howard on the block.  He suggested to create a power shift in the House by nominating those in power for Eviction.  Aaryn came clean to Spencer about the deal she has with Helen, and how her hands are tied.   Spencer then told Aaryn that she could have protection in the House to help her to stay so Aaryn could turn her back on Helen’s deal.

Howard wanted to plead his case to Aaryn as well.  Aaryn also told Howard about Helen’s deal, and couldn’t go against it because she was going along with what the majority of the House wanted.  Howard also told Aaryn this was the time to shake things up in the House, and to also know who her friends in the House were., is this your idea of taking the “heat” for going along with Helen’s deal to keep your behind safe?  This is more along the lines of you opening the door to the BB House for Helen to be evicted next week!  Aaryn said she would ultimately do what was best for her game where nominations were concerned.

Sirens went off in the BB House, and all of the House Guests were guided into the BB Living Room.  The TV turned on, and who should appear but Poppy Montgomery promoting the season premiere of her show, Unforgettable.  She was also the host of the this week’s Have-Not Competition called Unexpectedly Unforgettable.  This one was a tricky one.  The House Guests were split, again, into teams of three, Purple, Orange and Green.  Here is a list of the team members:

Purple – Helen, Spencer, Howard, Jessica

Orange – Elissa, Andy, McCrae, Aaryn

Green – Candice, GinaMarie, Judd, Amanda.

This challenge was to be done in two parts.  In Part 1, each team had to collect items from their makeshift evidence lockers in the BB Backyard, then stack them in the correct order.  The teams wanted to finish first during this part because they would receive an advantage for Part 2 of the challenge.  Team Orange won Part 1, followed by Team Purple and Team Green.

Part 2 of this competition is where everything gets more difficult.  The teams then had to remember where all of their evidence went in their evidence lockers.  Each team would also receive a picture with a certain number of of their items belonged.  The advantage Team Orange received was that they got a picture that revealed where 10 of the 24 items belonged.  Team Purple got a picture that showed where 9 of their items went, and Team Green got a picture where 8 of their items belonged.  After trying to unlock their memories, Team Orange won Part 2 of this challenge, followed by Team Purple, meaning that Team Green would have to be the Have-Nots for the week.

After Candice and Howard talk about trying to convince Aaryn to not nominate Howard and Spencer, Howard gets Candice to try to go for this plan, putting up Amanda and McCrae in their place.  Once Candice pitched this idea, Aaryn stuck to her sorry story about voting with the numbers this week to keep herself in the House.  Candice tried to tell Aaryn that she was trusting the wrong people in the House, but in true Aaryn fashion, she tuned Candice out.  How rude!  Come on, Aaryn, at least try to repair some relationships in the House and just listen to Candice for a second!  You never know when knowing what information in this House could be beneficial for your game!

Candice went back to Howard with the bad news.  Howard was surprised because he didn’t get this impression of Aaryn’s mood the night before.  Candice was now worried about a target being placed on her back because she brought this up to Aaryn, and Aaryn wasn’t receptive.  When Candice mentions she wants to go home, this triggers a mini fight between the newest showmance in the House.  Oh, no!  Keep it together, guys!

Aaryn, Elissa, GinaMarie and Jessie were in the HoH Room talking about how Howard and Spencer were “scammers”, and how the “super-people” (Helen and Amanda) wouldn’t change their minds about who was to be nominated.  Jessie said she would support anyone Aaryn picks to nominate.  That’s saying a lot, since Jessie is floating around to everyone in the House to save her own skin.  Aaryn knew that Spencer and Howard were not targeting her, but she’s choosing to do Amanda and Helen’s dirty work.

At the Nomination Ceremony, after all the keys were retrieved, Aaryn’s choices for nominations were as everyone thought: Howard and Spencer.  Aaryn said it was nothing personal against them, and that this was the best choice for her game.  Ha!  Howard, following his faith,  said that his destiny was not in the hands of anyone else but the Man upstairs, and that it wasn’t his time to go yet.  Elissa was elated that she wasn’t on the block considering her relationship with Aaryn.  Spencer said he was going to fight to stay in the House.  Helen was happy tat Aaryn stuck to her end of the deal.

Oh, Readers! I can’t wait for this decision to blow up in Aaryn’s face!  She was so played by Helen and Amanda.  I don’t care what deal you agreed to, you never do anyone’s dirty work!  It will just turn around on you, sending you packing the next week.  Howard and Spencer, as much as I am all for the ladies ruling this game, I think they made a terrible mistake in nominating you two this week.  There are bigger fish to fry than the two of you.  Who will America, as the MVP again this week, pick for the third nominee for Eviction?  Will Howard or Spencer get themselves off the block?  Will Howard and Candice’s showmace last beyond the next episode?  You’ll see if you pop back to visit my blog!

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Big Brother 15, Episode #5 – Letting the Fur Fly for All the Wrong Reasons

Hey Readers! I wasn’t too pleased with the ladies during this episode.  It’s as if they have never seen this show before, and they are all playing with their hearts, not with their heads.  It sucks to see this so early in the game, too.  As well, a new HoH was crowned, and two of this weeks three nominees for Eviction were announced.  Read on to get all caught up on the action.

The episode began with the House Guests still battling it out in the HoH Competition.  There were also flashback sequences with what some of the House Guests remembered before and after the Live Vote and Eviction took place.  Aaryn was still dealing with David’s Eviction, while other blind-sided House Guests like Helen, Candice and GinaMarie were wondering why David was evicted when they were all told it was Elissa’s time to leave.

After a lot slips, slides and glides across the greased surface they were competing in, Jeremy and Aaryn were the victorious pair in this HoH Competition.  When asked by McCrae, who took over hosting duties from Julie Chen, which one of them would be HoH, Jeremy “relinquished” the title over to Aaryn.  I said “relinquished” because he really gave it over to her for strategic purposes.  He wanted to be in her good books, and she was not his, or the Moving Company’s  target at the moment.  He also wanted the chance to compete in the next HoH Competition next week.  I think this was a brilliant idea!  Use the HoH as your puppet, so you have the power without any of the blood on your hands from any decisions made by the HoH.  I tip my hat to you, Jeremy!

One of the advantages if being HoH this week was that this person was able to choose who the Have-Nots would be.  Aaryn, who was suffering from HoH-itis already, calls out the House, asking the House Guests which one if them voted for David to leave.  Smartly, no one piped up to confess.  She then went after those she felt were her enemies from last week, naming Elissa, Candice, Andy and Helen as this week’s Have-Nots. Elissa was upset, not for being named a Have-Not, but for Helen to have to suffer this fate two weeks in a row.

Andy, thinking to soften Aaryn up, decided to go to her and, while lying through his teeth, confessed to Aaryn that he had been one of the House Guests who voted David out.  But Andy stressed it was due to all of the pressure other members of the House were putting him under, and he wanted to avoid be a target in the House. Aaryn believed his story of woe, as she was sobbing uncontrollably. Good work, Andy! Way to save your butt!

Aaryn then showed off her HoH Room to the rest of the House. Once again, it was so weird to see the House Guests so early in the game dreading to see an HoH Room. The House Guests shuffled into Aaryn’s room with forced smiles on their faces.  Along with the normal luxuries of the House were Aaryn’s personal items from home. One of them was a creepy clown that only Aaryn seemed to like.

Aaryn noticed that many of the other competitors were not as enthusiastic as she was about being there, so she said that anyone who didn’t want to be there could leave. Elissa perked up, and left the room, saying that being up there was fun. Yeah, you could hear so much sarcasm dripping from Elissa’s voice when she said that! Even though a statement like that could wind Elissa in trouble, I’m glad that she had the nerve to do what no one else would, and be honest about how she felt about being there. Still, not a fan of Elissa’s, but I’m a big believer in not sucking up to anyone for anything. I respect Elissa more for that.

Later on, Aaryn and her cohorts, GinaMarie, Kaitlin and Jeremy were trying to figure out who should be considered for Eviction this week. Nick waltzed into the room to be part of the festivities. Besides Elissa and Helen, Candice and Howard were brought up as possibilities. Jeremy, doing the Moving Company’s dirty work, was trying to divert her attention from those in his alliance.

Howard and Amanda each were in the Diary Room talking privately about Aaryn, GinaMarie and Kaitlin’s racist and homophobic comments around the House. They were both upset, at both what was coming out if their mouths and at how they didn’t have the courage to say these things when these people were around. While I’m happy that they were speaking about it, none of them said or did anything to stop the comments, either.  I know, they were afraid of Aaryn targeting them if they stepped up, but I’m the type of person who would have said something. There is no dollar amount in the world that would have kept my mouth shut about this! All it really would have taken was for one person to step up to these, dare I say, bullies, and then others would have fallen in line, like last season when Willie Hantz was accused of bullying the other House Guests, and was tossed from the game because he put his hands on Joe Arvin. Hopefully something will happen to these ladies that will open their eyes to what they’re saying and they’ll smarten up.

Elsewhere in the House, Candice and Helen were in the Have-Not Room discussing the Vote against David.  Candice’s light bulb went off above her head when she started to piece together that there may be an all-guy alliance in the House based on how they were approached about who to vote for last week. They think that Spencer, Jeremy and Nick were members, and were on the fence about Howard’s involvement.  Finally, the women-folk were catching on!  Instead of sharpening their claws at each other they are thinking about the game.

Helen and Aaryn had a heart-to heart in another Room of the House.  Helen said they got off on the wrong foot, but, Aaryn saved her this week, they could start working together against others in the House and, eventually, run the House. Aaryn took what she had to say under consideration, but didn’t tell her whether she would take Helen up on her offer or not.

The Moving Company was looking for a scapegoat for their actions last week, and they came up one: Amanda.  They wanted to have Aaryn believe that Amanda was the mastermind behind David’s departure, pinning the women against each other while creating a smoke screen for themselves.  Jeremy then got straight to work for the team, and went straight up to the HoH Room and told Aaryn his information.  Aaryn was upset about this news, but didn’t tell Jeremy who her nominees would be.

At the Nomination Ceremony, it was revealed that Elissa and Helen were two of this week’s nominees.  Aaryn chose Elissa because she was apparently the reason why David left.  Helen was up there because she was Elissa’s greatest ally in the House, so if Helen left, it would be revenge for David, her best friend in the House, leaving.  Elissa and Helen were not surprised about their nominations, saying they would both fight to stay and fight. Nick was cool with Aaryn’s decision because Elissa was their real target, and he said that the Moving Company got.her bags packed.last week, and were now ready to ship her out the door and out of the game.

You know that euphoric feeling I had a few paragraphs ago.  It got replaced by my head once again shaking at the women in this game. What happened to wanting to have an all-lady alliance? Yeah, that idea went through the window as soon as it was brought up. Candice needs to smoke the Moving Company out to stop their reign of terror. Oh, I forgot to mention that the Have-Nots were having liver and Lima beans along with their BB slop. Yum! Will Elissa or Helen save themselves by winning the PoV? Will the ladies catch on to the Moving Company before it’s too late? Will anyone stop the hurtful comments being said in the House? Hopefully it will happen in the next episode.

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I forgot to add that there is another House Guest how has been sharing their views with the rest of the House, and will be feeling the consequences once they leave the game.  Spencer has been seen/heard on the live 24-hour feed voicing his racist/misogynistic/homophobic views around the House as well. Spencer is currently on a leave of absence from his job at Union Pacific, and the company released a statement saying that Spencer’s views and comments are not shared by them.  Most people are guessing that he will be the third House Guest to loose their job once they return to the real world.