Family Favourite French Fries

Though we have been trying to introduce healthier meals to our family, there are times that we enjoy a Junk Food Night for dinner. We enjoy these nights in moderation, and they are always fun to eat.  When we do tuck into these meals, there is usually one side dish my other half and I make that is heavily anticipated over anything else: Homemade French Fries.




Since my other half first tried his hand at them, we all have become HUGE fans! Curious to see how easy these tasty treasures are to cook? Take a look below to find out!


  • 4 large Russet potatoes (other potatoes will work as well, but Russets are the best)
  • 3/4 cup vegetable oil
  • 1 tbsp salt (extra salt may be used for seasoning after cooking)


  1. Wash and chop potatoes to desired thickness. We like our about an inch thick. Fill a bowl ¾ of the way full of water, add salt to the water and stir to make a salt-water mixture.


2. Add potatoes to the bowl so they can soak in the salt water.

3. Pour oil into a frying pan and heat to medium-high temperature.

4. Once the oil is heated, add half of the chopped potatoes gently into the pan making sure they are all laying on the bottom of the pan.


5. Flip fries over when they start to turn a golden brown to cook on the other side.

6. Once cooked on both sides, drain excess oil using a sieve or strainer.

7. Extra salt or other preferred seasoning may be used to flavour fries.


Repeat these steps with the remainder of the chopped potatoes until all  of them have been cooked.


I dressed up my fries by placing them inside of a parchment-lined super-sized mug. These golden-brown gems are the perfect side to go along with homemade burgers, pulled pork, or batter-fried cod. Whenever my other half or I cook these fries, we are always sad when they are all gone! They are so easy to cook and are so delicious to eat. These French Fries are truly a family favourite! Try them out for yourself and enjoy!

Until my next post, Readers!


The Country Cookhouse: A Great Place For A Great Price!

Hey Readers!

Since my fa mily lives in the Glebe area of Canada’s capital, we frequent shoppers along Banks Street, the mains street for of all of the shops in this area.  During  one of our trips to Bank Street, we got a little hungry, and were trying to figure out where we should eat. That was when we decided to go to this chip wagon that we had seen on previous stops to the area.  It was  the Country Cookhouse. It is located in the parking lot of Kunstadt Sports at 680 Bank Street.  We were attracted to this chip wagon because of the seating they made available for their patrons.  Look at it! It’s so original and awesome! I had to take a few pics of this place!


CC Seating Collage


Here is a front shot of the wagon. I loved everything I saw about this place! It takes you away from the hustle and bustle of Bank Street, and places you, for a moment, into a cozy, woodsy fun cabin-like area.





The Country Cookhouse also has a great menu! Besides serving the usual fare of other chip trucks in Ottawa, they also serve cole slaw, spicy beef chili, potato salad, mac & cheese, along with various warm sandwiches!

Here’s our meal! We all got hot dogs, French fries and pop.  We sat down on one of the tables and ate our lunch hungrily. It looked as though it was going to rain soon, so we wanted to get something we could eat quickly before we got rained on. The Hot Dog was delish, the fries were thick and scrumptious.  My drink washed it down perfectly!




Here are some things to note about the Country Cookhouse:

Price: $ –  Not Bad!

French Fries – ; Hot Dog – ; Drink – .  Their sides (cole slaw, mac n cheese, spicy beef chili, potato salad) are $4. Their warm sandwiches cost $7.

Location: Easy to get to.

The Country Cookhouse is right on Bank Street, so it is really to find for a quick snack.

So if you are looking for a place to get a quick bite while in the Glebe, then check out the Country Cookhouse for some great food!

You can connect with the Country Cookhouse on Facebook and Twitter.

Disclaimer: I was not compensated in any way by the Country Cookhouse for this post.  I really wanted to share a great spot to check out in Canada’s Capital.