Reese’s New Found Treasure: ABC’s Resurrection

Hey Readers!

I have been sitting on my hands, waiting for ABC’s new show Resurrection to premiere, and it finally did last night! Some of the big names starring in this series premiere are Omar Epps (House), Kirkwood Smith (That 70’s Show), Frances Fisher (The Lincoln Lawyer), and Landon Gimenez.

What is this show about, you ask?  Well, an 8 year-old boy awakens in a rice patty in China.  He doesn’t know who he got there, but he know that his name is Jacob, and that he is from Arcadia, MO.

He’s turned over to Immigration Officer, Martin Bellamy, who then took it upon himself to bring the boy home to his family.  When Bellamy speaks to Henry and Lucille Langston, Bellamy discovered that the Langston’s son had died 32 years ago.  The Langstons then meet the boy Bellamy has brought upon their doorstep and see that he looks and acts exactly like the boy they believed was dead.  Later on in this pilot episode, another character’s loved one returns from the dead.

What do all of these “reappearances” mean? Are these people really who they say they are,or are they shadows of who they once were?

This show forces you to think about what you would do if you were in this situation.  What would I do? I’m so on the fence with a response. All I would want to do is reach out to this little boy and take him in and love him.  At the same time, there would be that little part of my brain that would be nagging at me, reminding me that I saw this person’s dead body, cold and lifeless. How could this be real?  This, Readers, is why it is my new found treasure!  This show makes you question yourself about whether or not you would believe what you were seeing with your own eyes when you know it shouldn’t be true.  Biologically, Jacob Langston is Henry and Lucille’s son, but how did he come back from the dead?  Well, you’ll have to stay tuned to Resurrection to find out what really is going on!

Here is a trailer from the show so you can see what I mean (courtesy of ABCNetwork – YouTube):

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