Falling for Purdys Chocolatier’s Fall and Thanksgiving Collection of Chocolates – Review

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As promised, I’m back with my second assortment of chocolates from Purdys Chocolatiers! If you didn’t already know this about me, I LOVE chocolate, and Purdy’s creates so many wonderful varieties of chocolate treats for chocolate devourers like myself and my family.

For this review, I was given the following chocolate creations to taste from Purdy’s Fall and Thanksgiving Collection:
• Licorice Caramels
• Pumpkin Caramels
• Pumpkin Truffles
• Chocolate Jewels Tin.


Purdys Fall Group


I loved the wrapping paper that the caramels and the truffles were wrapped in. It was so beautiful that I unwrapped each box carefully so I wouldn’t ruin the paper, and I will use it in a DIY in the near future. I didn’t have the heart to ruin paper that was so gorgeous! The Fall Assortment tin is also beautiful. I will be saving this tin to decorate my desk as it needs such a lovely box.


Purdys Fall Products Collage

Purdys Fall TY Note


The first treat we tasted was the Licorice Caramels. I really enjoyed these caramels because I love licorice, and it was even better when Purdy’s added their signature chocolate to it! These caramels were soft and sweet. The chocolate was so delicious. It was hard to put them down could save some for another day.


Licorice Caramels Collage


We then tried the Pumpkin Caramels. I loved how these treats were decorated. The orange and brown stripes were really gorgeous and chic. When we bit into them, they had this sweet yet spicy flavour that puts you right into Autumn. You just felt all warm and cozy inside after eating one of them!

Pumpkin Caramel Collage

The Pumpkin Truffles were my other half’s favourites out of the chocolate we received. He said that they reminded him of eating a pumpkin pie, which is one of his favourite desserts. I am a huge fan of truffles, and these truffles did not disappoint me in the slightest! Like the caramels, they were soft, and sweet. They also had a hint of a spice-like flavor to them. What set the truffles apart from the caramels was the molten chocolate on the inside of the truffles where the pumpkin flavor was hidden. Let’s just say that they were so good, that they were gone the next morning.


Pumpkin Truffle Collage

The last chocolates we sampled was the Chocolate Jewels Tin. Purdy’s did it again, with all new flavours in this tin for my family taste and enjoy.


Assorted Tin Collage


My eldest really loved the Coffee Crunch Mayan. It was a chocolate pyramid of dark chocolate delight with a slight coffee taste, and it had a bit of a crunch to it. My favourite, surprise, surprise, another truffle! This time, it was Purdy’s Java Jazz. Readers, I could have eaten these little beauties all day! It had a chocolate cover with a creamy center and a hint of a coffee flavor to it. It was adorned with an espresso bean on top for that jolt of flavor. It was really lovely.


Tin Assortment Favs Collage


If you were not really for Fall before, Readers, Purdys Chocolatiers has made some delightful treats to put you into the swing of the season with their Fall Collection of chocolates! Look out for my next Purdy’s Chocolatiers reviews, and I can’t wait to taste more of their sweet creations! You should go to a Purdys Chocolatier near you, or visit them online, or on their Facebook or Twitter pages to try these sweet treats for youself!

Until my next post, Readers!


Disclaimer: I was compensated with a collection of chocolates and treats from Purdys Chocolatier in order to write this post. However, the opinions expressed in this review are honest and my own.