Reese Speaks on Early Morning TV

Hey Readers!

As I posted on my personal social media pages, I have finally crossed another item off of my Bucket List. For those of you who don’t know this about me, I LOVE television. If I’m not out and about or reading, I have my favourite shows to watch and catch up on. I have also wondered what it would be like to be on television. Sure, there are the fantasies of one day becoming a soap opera actress on my favourite soap, but I have also wanted to know just what it would be like to be on live television, how it all fell into place, and whether I would be able to cut the mustard and not fall to pieces in front of countless people watching me for a change.

My friend and fellow blogger, Vanessa from Turnipseed Travel, gave me this chance a few weeks ago when she, ever so graciously, suggested that I appear on CTV Morning Live to do a segment for Mother’s Day on five apps for busy moms on the go. At first, I was not sure I could do it, well, because I was never a great public speaker. This was the part of the school year I hated withe the fires of a thousand suns. Sharing what I thought or what I was interested in was in front of my teacher and classmates made me really ill, and I was glad when the 3-5 minute torture session was over. Over the years, I have become better with sharing my thoughts and interests (this blog has helped), but I am still a nervous about it, and I was curious about what it would be like to have this experience. After talking it over with one of my gal-pals, JC, I accepted this opportunity (Thanks, Vanessa and JC)!

After ironing out all of the details, I chose five of the apps I wanted to share with CTV Morning Live and busy parents that I thought they would get a kick out of trying. These were my picks for this segment:

  • Keeps users up-to-date with events that are happening in your city and to purchase tickets to attend these events. It also allows for event promoters to post their events to the site to get the word out about what will be happening in their city.

  • Provides users with recipes for any type of meal when they are unsure of what to fix for themselves.

  • Helps users to plan out meals by providing recipes, a place to store planned meals, and a grocery list to pick up items needed to put a meal together.

  • A cloud-based planning calendar to keep events of each family member in one place, as well as chores each person is responsible for in and around the house to minimize confusion.
  • An storage app that allows you to save articles, videos and other web content to view later whenever you like, and to share these items with those you think would enjoy them. It also has Desktop  Browser extensions to use when you are not on a mobile device to further save content you want to view at your leisure.

All of these apps can be used by Android and iPhone users.

Over the next few days, all I could think about was how to get through each of the apps smoothly, without freezing. Having dead air is one of the fears of live television, and I did not want to be the cause of it because I became nervous and could not string two words together to save my life while people at home are watching me, wondering how the show could have picked me for this segment. So I practiced what I would say anytime I could while getting other things done, like cooking, working on other tasks and at the park with my “Bosses” while they “socialized.”

Finally, the big morning arrived. Lucky for me, I did not sleep well the past few nights, so getting up early to gussy myself up was not a problem!  😛  On the way to the CTV Studios, I continued to speak to myself, going over what I was going to share. I went through security, and sat, nervously, waiting to speak to the floor director, the producer who contacted me about my segment and Jeff Hopper, one of the hosts of the show who would be guiding me through this segment, about what would  be happening for my five seconds in the sun. For the few moments I was alone, I was talking to myself again, making sure I got everything down pat. I was so nervous, that I didn’t even take any photos of anything!

All of a sudden, it was showtime! Jeff introduced me (on behalf of Ottawa Mommy Club), and away we went. Then my greatest fear happened: I froze! I like to call it my “Frozen Moment.” It may have been for a few seconds, but it felt as though it was a few minutes. I went blank, and I had so many thoughts running through my head, yet none would come out of my mouth! Finally, I pulled myself together and started talking again. Jeff helped me get through the rest of the the segment so easily, and I went from blank and silent to a Chatty Cathy! the next thing I knew, the segment was over, and the camera was off. I then thanked Jeff and the floor director for the experience, and went on my way home.

It was so such a whirlwind experience, it was over so quickly. No, Readers, there was no limo waiting for me to take me to some extravagant event, or to take me to some important appointment. Life went on, and I went back into “Me Mode” where I take care of my “Bosses” and clack away on my laptop. The best part of returning home after this experience was the reaction from my family. My Other Half was so proud of me, and my Bosses were excited to see me on television. He recorded it on my phone so I could watch it as soon as I got home. I still don’t believe I did it!

Is Hollywood knocking down my door: Nope. Would I ever do this experience again: In. A. Heartbeat! I wish I could host a morning show! The hours are great (for me), the interesting people and topics you would deal with on a daily basis vary, so there’s no monotony, and it’s so fast-paced, so you are always on your toes to provide some spontaneity!

Click here to view my segment on CTV Morning Live!

Until my next post, Readers!