Big Brother 16, Episode #6: Sincerity Can Be a Game Killer in the BB House!

Oh Readers! This episode of BB 16 was just so hard to watch, again! It was so weird! So many if this season’s House Guests were so open and honest with their feelings.  Please don’t get me wrong, I have no problem with people emoting, but sometimes, not saying everything that’s in your mind is almost as welcome as speaking your mind. Some people, whether it be by the end of the week, or within the next few weeks, will feel the effects of their verbal actions.  Who will these individuals be? Read below and you’ll find out!

Devin, one of this week’s HoHs, became very reflective after Julie Chen left the House Guests to their own devices (if this can actually be done in the BB House). He decided that, from this point on that he would play the game with honesty and integrity. I’m not sure how long this will hold up this season, as he is a part of an “secret” alliance, and not telling the rest of the House about it would go against what he was pledging to do, but we’ll see how this goes! Devin then goes to seek out the person he felt he did wrong to last week: Donny. He went to Donny, and in front of other people including Bomb Squad members, he told Donny about how he targeted Donny, his suspicions about his “true” background, and apologized for mistrusting him. Donny accepted his apology, but told De in that he would have to earn his trust again. This put the Bomb Squad members present even more on notice about wanting to work with Devin long-term in this game.

Devin, in his new-found ways, also decided to call a House meeting. House meetings usually end in a bit of drama, and this one was no different. Once the House was assembled in the BB Living Room, Devin told the House about how he was going to change the way he was going to play the game, his doubts about Donny and that it was his fault that the Nominees were on the Block last week, not those of the HoHs.

Once the meeting was over, a lot of people were upset over Devin’s admissions. The most vocal of the bunch was Brittany, one of my tw9 picks left in the House. Oh, this seems as though it is gong to go well for her! She told Frankie that she didn’t like how Devin was throwing his weight around the House, and that she didn’t like how the HoHs lied about the reasons why she and the other Nominees were put up on the Block last week. Here is where I agree and disagree with Brittany –

AGREE: Devin is an idiot for coming out and saying what he said to the House, and for throwing his weight around.

Disagree telling anyone and everyone about it, as well as being upset about people lying in the BB House! Once again, BB Players, you have to remember you’re playing a game to win $500 000. Not everyone will be totally upfront about everything they say and do.

Frankie said the smartest thing so far in this game: People, stop telling the truth all the time!

Word got back to Devin about Brittany and her feelings about what went down. This made Devin want to make Brittany his #1 target to leave the House this week.

On a lighter note, other people are becoming more sincere about their feelings for each other. Odd couple, and maybe first true shownmance of BB 16, Hayden and Nicole, started flirting with each other and hanging out a lot. This lead to Nicole speaking with her Nerd Twin alliance member, Christine, about adding him to their alliance she was a bit leery about it at first, then saw the benefit of having him with them. They then asked him about it in the BB Storage Room, and he was all for it!

More positive acts of sincerity were springing up in the House. It’s a bromance between Zach and Frankie. They are so outwardly affectionate with each other, that it made me smile. They work out, jump all over each other like lion cubs and even cuddle in bed together. They admit there’s no romantic feelings towards each other, but they have a genuine love forming between them I love seeing this bond forming between these two guys. It’s refreshing to see guys who are good friends not to be afraid of expressing their feelings any way they choose.

Nomination Ceremony

Devin and Amber came out of the HoH Room with the keys of the four nominees for the week.  Here are the names of these four lucky individuals:

Devin – Brittany and Paola. Why? – Paola has to “prove” the warrior she claimed to be; Brittany questioned his integrity in the game, so she is paying for this now.

Amber – Hayden and Nicole. Why? – They are both strong players?  This was such a weak reason to nominate people.  Yeah, these were really her nominations (I hope you heard the sarcasm dripping from that statement!)!

After delivering the bad news, Devin told Nicole and Hayden that they were safe this week, and that his real target was Brittany for what she said about him.  The both of them were not sure if they could trust him, but they were going to go along with the plan to see where it went. humph, I guess Devin’s promise of playing the game with honesty and integrity have just gone out the window, as Brittany is the only one who is unaware of the plan to make sure she is the one to go this week!


The pairs of Nominees had to look at a series of pictures to find the answers hidden amongst many pictures flashing on a screen in front of them.  If their answer was correct, they would win a point, along with give one person on the opposing team a punishment of some sorts.  The first team to four points would be removed from teh Block, and the HoH that put them on the Block would loose their HoH status. Here is how it all went down:

Brittany & Paola – 2 Points                                        Hayden & Nicole – 4 Points


Brittany – had to war beer goggles (they impaired her vision so she could barely see anything) for most of the Comp, and she received a Cannon Ball (where she was thrown into the pool with all of her clothes on).

Hayden – had to drink a “hang-over reducer” drink (a really disgusting drink that was suppose to reduce the effects of a hang-over), and received a swirly (getting his head flushed in a toilet).

Paola – had to wear a beer helmet that was constantly flowing beer.

As you can see, Devin’s plan work (with some help from Paola, as Devin assured her that she would be safe as well this week), and Paola and Brittany remain on the Block as this week’s Nominees.  Amber also received a parting gift for no longer being an HoH: She got smiled with pink goo on her head!  What a way to thank her for not really doing anything this week!

So, Readers, I hope you can understand why this episode was a hard pill to swallow.  All of the tears, Devin’s proclamations, and watching players who just don’t know how to play this game playing this game.  Besides the few sunny moments (Hayden and Nicole and Frankie and Zach), this episode would have been a wash!  Now that another one of my picks may be thrown out the House so quickly, I am hoping that Cody is as wise as he is great to look at, and becomes a player in this game.  Brittany has got to take herself off of the Block, and she must also realize that she is pretty much flying solo right now.  Will Brittany pull her fanny out of the fire by winning the PoV this week?  Will Devin continue his reign of terror on the House?  Come on back to my blog and see just how everything plays out!

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 14, Episode #6 – Dodging a Bullet

Hey Readers!

I’m still shaking my head over Willie ejecting himself from the BB House!  There were so many things he could have done in order to have stayed, but he was so set in his ways…I’m so disappointed in him!  Well, let’s move along with this episode, and put Willie behind us as everyone else has in this game.

Teams Boogie and Janelle celebrated Willie’s depature, excited that they are able to potentially get rid of more than one of Brittany’s players.  Boogie’s so cocky about his ability to control the game that he suggested one of his players be put up against one of Brittany’s players for eviction, and then try to backdoor Shane.  Janelle and Frank didn’t like this idea because there was too much room for error, and it is usually the pawn who ends up leaving the game come eviction time!

Team Brittany was super in the dumps because of Willie and how his antics screwed them over royally.  Brittany advised Jojo and Shane to defend themselves to Frank to get him not to nominate them.  This went over well!  Jojo got the I-told-you-so treatment from Frank. He said they are getting what they deserved because they decided to follow Willie when they voted to to evict Frank.

There were no surprises at the Nomination Ceremony.  Frank nominated Shane and Jojo for eviction.  Brittany then warned them it would be a long week, and to reintegrate themselves in the House, to win the PoV, and not to talk strategy with anyone. 

At the PoV Competition, Big Brother Cantina, Frank, the nominees, along with Ian, Ashley and Wil had to be the first to match a list of items with a master list.  The items were hidden in various blow-up pools filled with nasty liquids.  After a lot of slipping and sliding in the BB backyard, It was Shane who came out victorious

and was awarded the golden power of veto.  Shane must have a stash if shamrocks in his pants to have won the PoV again to save himself!

Boogie went into scheme mode, working Shane in order to save Frank in the future.  They made a deal to keep each other safe.  Boogie also told Shane not to tell Brittany about this side deal.  Hello, Shane! This is when the sirens and panic lights should have been going off in Shane’s “brilliant” head.  When someone in this game has to tell you to keep quiet about something, then that should be an indication that you shouldn’t trust them, and to have a Plan B in place.  Shane decided he could trust Boogie and Frank, and didn’t tell Brittany anything.

Shane got Jojo on board with his idea, which, in my opinion, was actually a good one.  He wanted to get Frank to backdoor Wil in order to keep Jojo and Danielle in the House.  When he brought this idea up to Frank, he didn’t seem too receptive to it, and just sat on it.

At the PoV Ceremony, Shane removed himself from the block.  Frank, sticking to Boogie’s plan, chose Danielle to be Shane’s replacement.

Lucky Shane lives to see another week of BB fun.  The same can’t be said for either Jojo or Danielle.  Who’s leaving, you ask? In my opinion, if Jojo campaigns hard enough, she should be able to stay, but will Willie’s cloud of doom and gloom continue to reek havic for her?  Check back in to my blog to find out!

Until my next post, Readers!