Big Brother Season 16, Episodes #1 & 2: Welcome to the Jungle!

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They’re in! All 16 of this year’s BB16 Houseguests are in the House battling it out to walk away with the $ 500 000 prize.  All of them were so excited about starting the game, not knowing what laid in store for them this season.  How did they enjoy the new twists Julie Chen and the producers threw at them this season? Read on and you shall see!

The producers decided to make the season premiere a two-night event.  They split up the Houseguests so that one group of 8 would enter the House on Night 1 (June 25th) while the others entered Night 2 ( June 26th). As usual, Julie Chen was dressed to the nines in this amazing long red dress while exacting doom on welcoming the first group of Houseguests into the House. These players were: Paoula, Devin, Donnie, Frankie, Cody, Nicole, Amber and Joey.

Once all 8 were in the House and chose their beds, the players got acquainted with each other before the battling began.  Of course, some of the Houseguests were checking each other out for potential “future amusement” possibilities (Paoula and Cody), while others were sizing up their competition or figuring out how they were going to fake out their opponents (Donnie).

Once the Houseguests toasted their arrival in the BB House, Julie Chen popped up on the living room’s monitor to speak with them.  She announced to the Houseguests that one of them would become the first HoH of the season.  They all were excited by this news. She also dropped the bomb on the group that the HoH this season would not be safe as they had been in the past.  Most of the smiles left the faces of the players,wondering whether it was worth it to try to win this once coveted position.

After Julie Chen left the Houseguests to themselves for a bit, the ladies of the House got together and decided to form an all-girl alliance. Devin and Donnie also formed a secret alliance in the Storage Room.

HoH Competition #1: GO FLY A KITE
Julie then then reassemble the group to tell them to get ready for the first HoH competition of the summer. Once in the BB backyard, Julie Chen explained how the first comp of the season was going to work.

Each player was on a rolling log while hanging on to a tether.  The tether was attached to a kite that stayed up so long as they were pulling back on the tether.  It was an endurance challenge where the last person standing and their kite was still in the air became HoH.

While the rolling log and random sprays of “sunscreen”did its best to knock the players off balance, one Houseguest did manage to come out on top!  This is the order that the players dropped out of the comp:
Paoula, Joey, Nicole, Donnie, Devin, Cody, Amber (threw it), making Frankie the first HoH of BB 16!

After the Comp is over, the Houseguests are corralled into living room by Julie Chen.  She had Frankie sit in one of the specific orange chairs, then informs them that a second group of Houseguests will be joining them soon, and that a second HoH will be crowned from this group this week. Julie Chen also told them that there will also be only one of the HoH standing by the end of the week.  This, of course brought shock and awe to the Houseguests as they pondered what this season’s twist will affect them.

Julie Chen then ended the show by announcing another twist to the viewers. It’s Team America. The (American) viewers get to vote in the Houseguests that they would want to form an alliance with. These people would the be in a secret alliance, fulfilling missions chosen, again by the American viewers, in order to win $5 000 each per mission! The first member of Team America would be revealed during Night 2 of the season premiere.

Julie Chen wore a cute short hot pink dress to kick off Night 2 of the season premiere of BB 16. The final 8 contestants were ready to join the fun and festivities inside the House. These players are:
Caleb, Brittany, Christine, Derrick, Zach, Jocasta, Hayden and Victoria.

Once all inside the House, the first 8 told the second 8 of the first twist of the season (their separate HoH Comp and 2 HoHs this season). Once the news was out, more of the sizing up(some of the guys on each other), checking out (Caleb on Amber, Cody on Brittany) and strategy-making took place around the House.

Julie Chen then gathered the Houseguests back into the liv8ng room so she could tell them the second group of 8 about the two HoH Competition, and what it means for the game.

HoH Competition #2: OVER THE COALS
It was another endurance comp where the players had to hold on for dear life as they were being spun over the BB BBQ pit. The Houseguest who held on the longest would become the second HoH of the summer alongside Frankie. Here is the order in which the Houseguests literally fell out of this comp: Victoria, Brittany, Jacosta, Christine, Zach, Derrick, Hayden, leaving Caleb,who looked liked he was having the time of his life, as the winner.

Julie Chen then asks the Houseguests to return to the BB Living Room. She told the Houseguests that the HoH will each choose two nominees for Eviction. She also let them in on the second new twist of the game: Battle of the Block. Each week, the two pairs of nominees will battle head-to-head in a comp. The winning pair get to come off the Block. As well, he HoH that nominated the loosing pair of nominees gets stripped of their HoH powers, leaving only one soul HoH to rule the nest (almost quite literally since one of their beds jn the HoH Room is a nest-themed bed).

Julie Chen then let the Houseguests chew on this bit of info and then turned to the audience. She introduced the first member of Team America to all of us. This lucky individual is my Jody! She was pleased to have been chosen and can’t wait to get to work. She then instructed the audience to vote for the second member of this covert alliance in the House.

Well, Readers! That about wraps things up for the premiere episode of BB 16! It had a bit of everything, plus new twists to throw off the players’ strategy a bit. As you can see, the Houeeguests this season were thoroughly introduced to the game that could be like finding your way through a jungle in order to win it! Will actual showmances begin to blossom? How will Frankie and Caleb, who are polar opposites, fair as HoHs? Which HoH will be left standing after the Battle of the Block Comp? Pop back to my blog to find out about all of the action!

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Survivor 27, Episode #2 – Voting Someone Off Has Become More Complicated

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With Marissa voted off Tadhana to join Rupert and Candice on Redemption Island, the stage is set for the first battle to keep your game alive in this season’s Survivor.  As well, the game has really begun on both tribes as they have to begin to strategize who needs to leave their tribes next.  How will everything shake out? Read on to find out!

At Redemption Island, Marissa spoke to Rupert and Candice about how upset she was about being voted out because of Gervase’s outburst after the Immunity Challenge.  Candice said that Marissa was to Redemption Island because she said she didn’t like Brad when all of the Castaways were together before they were split into tribes.  Marissa thought about it, and agreed with her.  Rupert then welcomed Marissa to Redemption Island by telling her it was a place with a lot of pissed off people!

At Galang, the tribe was acting as a cohesive unit, engaging itself in a group massage.  Everyone, that is, except for Colton.  He wasn’t “feeling the love” like everyone else on the tribe.  He was cursing it!  Others on the tribe were sensing that Colton was not as zen as they were, so Monica and Aras went over to talk to him and see if they could help him.  Colton went off on them.  Monica asked him to be patient.  All Colton could whine about was how much he missed Caleb, and how disappointed he was about not being able to play the game with him.  Aras said Colton should think about looking ahead in the game, not thinking about his disappointment.  Colton wished they were at Tribal Council, so they could vote him off right now.  Privately, Colton confessed that his tribe was stupid to think that the good times were going to continue for the rest of the game, and he wanted to get his point across to the rest of his tribe.

At Tadhana, Brad was flexing his leadership skills by showing the guys on his tribe how to fish.  Rachel, seeing where the power laid in the tribe, decided not to align herself with the other two ladies left in Tadhana, and decided to make bonds with the guys.  She was lucky enough to have made an alliance with John.  Don’t think there aren’t eyes everywhere within this tribe, Readers, because this alliance didn’t go unnoticed!  Ciera saw Rachel becoming buddy-buddy with the men on the tribe, and has suspected that Rachel has started an alliance with John.  Ciera wasted no time in sounding the alarm bells, telling anyone she could about what she thought she knew.

Both tribes received Tree Mail telling them it was time for the first battle to take place on Redemption Island.  After both tribes took their seats, the camera panned over to Gervase, who discovered that his niece was not with Tadhana.  He then realized she was going to be the third competitor to fight for their Survivor life in a few moments.  Jeff Probst then introduced Rupert, Candice, and Marissa.  Jeff Probst asked Marissa why she gave her tribe such a long, hard stare.  She said it was because she was voted off for something she didn’t do.  Then she looked at her uncle, Gervase, and said that she was there becasue of him.  Gervase swore he would get revenge upon those who sent her there (I guess the whole Tadhana tribe.)

For this competition, the players had to use a poll to pick up 10 spools and weave it up through a metal maze, one by one, then pile them up o each other on a platform with a wobbly sprig base.  The first two people to have their tower of spools held up for three seconds, would save their Survivor lives.  The last would be permanently out of the game.  If someone’s pile falls over, they have to start from the beginning.  The person who comes in first would be given the chance to give whoever they wanted from any tribe a clue as to where the hidden Immunity Idol was on their island.

It was a windy day out there in the Philippines, so Candice and Marissa were taking it slowly, while Rupert was actually throwing caution to the wind, trying to burn through the challenge.  This made his tower topple over, making him have to start again.  Candice took advantage of Rupert’s mistake, by cautiously finishing the challenge first.  Marissa, also taking her time not to crash, finished second, meaning it was Rupert’s game ending at this challenge.  Readers, it was a sad one to watch, but someone had to go.  It just sucks it had to be Rupert.  He said he had no regrets about leaving because it meant that Laura B could stay longer, that he loved his wife, and that he was still a lover of this game.  Rupert then placed his buff on a pile of burning coals, letting the Castaways, and us viewers, watch Rupert’s game go up in smoke.

Jeff Probst also reminded the Castaways of the twist where a loved one would be able to take the place of their voted off partner and take their place on Redemption Island.

Back at Tadhana, the guys were taking what Jeff Probst said to heart, and started thinking about who they would vote out next so their partner on Galang would take their place and potentially leave the game to weaken Galang.  It didn’t take them long to come up with Rachel’s name.  The guys wanted Tyson, Rachel’s boyfriend, to take her place on Redemption Island, and then lose and have to leave the game.  They know he was a formidable player, and wouldn’t want his girlfriend to go out to Redemption Island if he could save her.  John wasn’t too happy about this because of the side alliance he had with her.  He knew he must quickly find the Immunity Idol, and that he couldn’t share if he found it with anyone in order to keep Rachel safe.

At Galang, the tribe was consoling Laura B on Rupert being the game’s first casualty.  She confessed she was sad, but with Rupert gone, she could now easily concentrate on playing the game.

Colton began his zen-crushing mission by lying about who’s saying what about who.  Colton wanted everyone to depend on his word, and to rule in chaos.  Tyson, saw what Colton was doing, then confessed that he felt Colton was over-thinking the situation he and the tribe were in, and that it could get him voted off the tribe.  Colton confessed he wanted the tribe to actually lose at Tribal Council so the tribe would wake up and start playing the game.

The next morning, Colton noticed that the rest of the tribe was acting a bit sketchy toward him.  When Colton was out of ear-shot, Tyson told Aras, Gervase, Tina and Monica about how he thought Colton was trying to turn the tribe against each other, and to counter it by talking to each other to get the real story.  Aras agreed with Tyson, calling Colton a bully for acting this way, and saying he didn’t want to play with a person who acted this way.  The five of them decided that they should create an alliance as they have had the most Survivor experience out of the people on their tribe, and to stop Colton from ruining their tribe.

At the Immunity/Reward Challenge, 3 members from each tribe would be rolling a barrel, while a 4th was inside being rolled about from three stations, untying complex knots and collecting bags of balls. Then the rest of the tribe would take turns, if they wished, at rolling the 6 balls up a skee ball-like platform, getting the balls to stay in the holes.  The first tribe to finish this game would win Immunity, and the reward of a fishing kit.  The loosing team would go to Tribal Council, where one person would be voted out of the game.  It was a close competition, but it came down to Gervase and Hayden rolling the balls into the holes to win the game.  Gervase won the game for Galang as his last ball just found its home in the last available hole.  He was happy about beating Tadhana for a few reasons:

  • Galang wouldn’t have to go to Tribal Council;
  • Gervase received a bit of satisfaction for Marissa being voted off of Tadhana; and
  • Gervase winning the game for Galang vindicated his poor performance from the last Immunity Challenge he competed in.

When Tadhana returned to their tribe, they began their consoling ritual again.  Te guys then went off a bit into the jungle to decide which of the ladies was going to be voted off next.  4 of them wanted Rachel to go, but John was still fighting strong to keep her.  This began to sound the alarm bells for the rest of the guy alliance, as they didn’t understand why John would be so keen to keep er unless the 2 of them were had an alliance.  This fact, along with him going off to find the Immunity Idol alone, was beginning to make John a potential candidate to be voted off.

At Tribal Council, Jeff Probst and Tadhana spoke about the following topics:

  • The man vs woman ratio on the tribe – The women notice it, and how the me go off to talk without them.  Hayden said that, yes, the guys have bonded, but it didn’t necessarily mean anything.  Jeff Probst didn’t believe that, and let his feelings about Hayden’s statement be known.
  • John and the Immunity Idol clue – Caleb believed John may have the Immunity Idol, but was not saying anything to anyone.
  • The Redemption Island twist – Hayden said they could get rid of certain players, just to get their loved ones to use the twist, then hoping it would backfire like it did for Rupert.  Rachel didn’t like hearing that!

Jeff Probst then asked the Castaways to cast their votes.  After counting them, this was how the vote went down: Rachel – 7; John – 2; and Ciera – 1.  Yep, Rachel was voted off of Tadhana!

Well, Readers, it was another strategy-filled episode of Survivor!  Once again, the wrong person has bee voted out of the tribe to now have to compete at Redemption Island.  I just shook my head again and again over the horrible decision-making Tadhana keeps making.  Rachel must now know how Marissa felt as she was leaving her tribe for no reason other than for Tadhana to make a strategic hit at Galang.  Will the plan cooked up by the guys of Tadhana work?  Will Rachel allow Tyson to take her place?  Who will be the next to leave Redemption Island and the game for good?  These answers will be answered in the next episode of Survivor: Blood vs Water!  Check out my blog to see what happens next!

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Big Brother 15, Episode #4 – “Nice Guys” Finish Last!

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Tonight’s the first live Eviction! I was really anxious to see who would be the first one out of the BB House, and when I saw this person go through the door, I was as happy as a kid on Christmas with a ton of presents.  Who was this lucky individual, you ask?  Well, you’ll have to read on to find out.

As a side note of BB news, House Guests, Aaryn and GinaMarie have been saying some rather unpleasant things about their fellow competitors. Racial and homophobic comments were shared amongst these two ladies while hanging out in the BB Backyard (Thanks, Big Brother Seasons 15 for the link!).They truly must have forgotten that CBS has a 24-hour feed running that some super fans watch religiously. Due to their actions, they have both lost their jobs with their modelling agencies, and who knows what other repercussions will come about because of their opinions.

Readers, even though I wasn’t cool with what came out of their mouths, I do believe that everyone should be able to think and believe what they want. This is only true if these beliefs are kept to one’s self, and not used to hurt others. Once, again, I was wrong about a House Guest.  I’m sure that Aaryn is still a nice person, she’s just nit who I thought she was.  Oh well, c’est la vie!

Back to the BB House…the House Guests had mixed reactions to McCrae and his decision to use the PoV on Candice, then change his nomination by replacing Candice with Elissa.  McCrae did this to try and appease as many of the people in the House as possible. If his former claim of playing this game his way was true, I wonder if would have done what he did.

Elissa, using that Reilly wit of hers, began damage control by coming clean with the House, telling them that she was in fact Rachel’s sister. Some House Guests were receptive to Elissa’s play at honesty. Andy and Amanda were two such players, and now wanted ti start to work with her in the game.

Showmance #2 is underway!  Jeremy and Kaitlin are the this twitter-patted pair, and their secret chats and their PDA sessions were done all over the House. Yeah, they’re not keeping their feelings for each other a secret. They’ve become so close so fast, but hey, lust is lust!

Everyone in the House agreed to help the Have-Nots celebrate the end of their punishment by cracking open a bottle of red wine with everyone at midnight. You’d think everyone could hold off until then, but this is the BB House, so you know someone couldn’t wait. In his case, it was Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn. They took the bottle of wine and drank it all in the BB Backyard.

When midnight arrived the Have-Nots found out that there was no wine to be had.  After some whispering around the House, Jeremy confessed to being the wine thief, and told the others not to blame the others he was with.  He also told them he didn’t care that the Have-Nots had been jilted or upset with him. Helen started crying because of the arguments starting up over the stolen wine. This was so not the time to fall apart. I know Helen may be over reacting because she had been a Have-Not the past week, but emoting so much puts a target on your back, and makes some people perceive you as frail and expendable in this game.

Amanda took Jeremy up in his invitation, and called him out on taking the wine and drinking it with his gaggle of friends. She was defending the Have-Nots and the others that have started to take a disliking to Aaryn and Kaitlin. Jeremy continued to defend his actions, saying he knows he was a jerk for doing what he did, but didn’t care. He also said he was here to compete, so he wasn’t afraid of possibly being nominated. He then stormed inside of the House ending the argument. The House exploded for the first time this season, and in a big way, too!

What? Another showmance has begun between two unlikely House Guests. Amanda and McCrae started canoodling in his HoH Room. McCrae was so amazed that a pizza delivery boy could score with an upscale real estate realtor. I’m not sure if it is truly genuine on Amanda’s part, but, hey, as long as you know what you want from each other, no one should get hurt. Let’s see how long this showmance lasts.

There was a difference of opinion as to which House Guest will leave on Eviction Night. David and Aaryn think it will be Elissa because there are a number of players who don’t like Elissa. It’s due to either her connection to Rachel, or they find her annoying. The Moving Company think that David will be shown the door because they want to keep Elissa around. They figure that if Elissa stays in the House, she’ll win the MVP every week. They would put up with her and use her nomination and vote each week in exchange for her safety in the House.

Woohoo! Julie Chen, in another stunning dress and heels, announced it was now time for the Live Vote and Eviction Ceremony! The nominees each got a brief moment say something to try to save themselves. Jessie, who stayed away from the drama and knew she wasn’t going anywhere, thanked the House for her time there. Elissa came up with a good reason to keep her. She said you should keep a target in the House in order to keep the target off yourself. David said he should stay because he was a nice guy, and that he should get to stay for a bit longer.

The Votes were cast, and this was the breakdown of the Vote: Jessie – 0; Elissa – 5; and David – 7. Yep! David was the first House Guest to be evicted! David and Aaryn seemed shocked by these results. Once David was out the door, Aaryn looked like she was already out to get revenge for her David’s early departure.

Oh, there was another weird occurrence after David’s leaving. Usually, people are scheming and plotting their next move, but, for the most part, the House was silent. There wasn’t much conversation between people, everyone seemed as though they were in mourning. I’m not sure what to make of it.

The next HoH Competition called “BB Barbeque” had the House Guests, minus McCrae, put into pairs. While on a slippery surface, one member had to pass barbeque sauce to the other over a hedge in a small scoop and put it into a large jug. The teams also had the option to fill a smaller jug which would release two larger scoops the pair could use to potentially finish the task faster. The pair that fills their large jug first wins the Competition. Then the pair has to decide amongst themselves which one of them will become the new HoH. Personally, Readers, I think this is a horrible way to decide who will be the HoH. How would you decide between you and your partner if you both wanted to be HoH? You also loose the distinction of saying you won a HoH when it was a team effort. This Competition continued after this episode ended, so we’ll find out the winner on the next show.

What an explosive episode! Who would have thought the House would have blown up so quickly over a bottle or two of wine! David’s eviction also further inforces the saying, “Nice guys finish last.”  It’s hard to be nice and win this game.  It’s possible, but you have to have an amazing social and competitive game, too.   Now, there are also two camps in the House: the Elissa Camp and Aaryn Camp. Which one will come out triumphant this summer? Who will be the next HoH? Who will be crowned the next MVP? Find all this out in my next BB 15 post!

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Big Brother 15, Episode #2 – Let Me Put in My Two Cents…

Hi, Readers!

Episode #2 has the House Guests settling down into the rhythm of the BB game.  Just about every House Guests wants to be able to influence HoH, McCrae’s decision over who should be up for the first Eviction of the season, and it’s making it hard for McCrae to decide who to nominate. Who will he ultimately choose to be on the block? Read on and you’ll find out!

After McCrae won the HoH, and the new twist of the BB MVP was announced, the House Guests were excited and worried how this new power would effect their game. They were also sizing up the opposite sex. Jeremy thought and Judd that one of the hot women of the House would be chosen as the first MVP. The ladies were more about the looking at the guys, and less about game play. Some of them gave who they thought was hot code names so they could talk about them without them finding out. Here were some of the ones they revealed:

David – Ken (3 guesses why…)
Nick – Manhattan, then changed to Big (SATC reference)
Jeremy – The Sailor,(because he works on a boat).

McCrae then showed off his HoH Room to the House Guests. He also promised the House Guests that he would not catch HoH-itis (having a power trip because you are HoH). Everyone laughed because a bunch of the House Guests started referring to Rachel when she cause this -itis every time she became HoH. Some of them even did impressions of her, and started talking smack about her. This worried Elissa because this could be placing a huge target in her back in this game.

Nick and Jeremy were talking strategy in one of the various bedrooms in the House. Nick brought up the idea of having a five-person alliance. It would have them, along with Howard and Spencer for their straightforwardness and strength, and McCrae because he seemed wily, and the fact that he was currently the HoH doesn’t hurt either. Jeremy loved this idea because it brought along his original alliance of three (Howard and Spencer), so he wouldn’t have to cross enemy lines to make decisions in the game. Nick then took this idea to the others formerly mentioned. They were all on board. The next order of business for this group of guy was to figure out who to put up for nominations. After a few ideas were thrown around, David’s name popped up because he was, according to them, the last good-looking guy in the House, and the only other physical threat in this game besides themselves.

Aaryn and David had plans of their own for this game. They decided to work together as a team while swinging in the BB hammock in the backyard. David was over the moon about this idea because he wanted to have a showmance this summer more than the money, and he had been admiring Aaryn since they got in the House, and he felt she would be the brains of their operation. Aaryn felt the same way about David, and was excited to play them game with him.

Elissa doesn’t know it yet, but the whole House was.a buzz about their suspicions about her being Rachel Reilly, sister. Some House Guests were upset because they thought she was shady and stupid if she thought anyone wouldn’t figure out who she was. Others thought she was going to have the same attitude as Rachel, and started pegging her as Rachel. I wonder how she’s going to get out of this predicament.

The first Have-Not Competition, “Cooler the Gang” took place to figure out which House Guests would have to be Have-Nots for the week. The House Guests were split up into three teams: Red, Blue and Yellow. Each team had one person paddling with their hands on a inertube raft across the BB man-made lake to retrieve empty beer cans. This person had to then go into their team’s cooler and get a can and row themselves back to where their team was holding up a platform for them to build a pyramid of 15 cans. The last team to finish this task would be Have-Nots. The Blue team finished quickly, while the Red and Yellow teams struggled. After many fumbles and bumbles, the Red team watched as the Yellow team completed their pyramid, making them the Have-Nots. These people are: Elissa, Howard, Helen, Andy and a fifth person. ( I couldn’t tell who it was…I will update this post ASAP when I figure it out).

The Have-Nots were then shown the Have-Not Room for the season. Their luxurious beds this season are actually airplane seats. BB, you’re so bad! I think I would end up sleeping in the floor! Just about all of the Have-Nots were “excited” about their new digs.

The focus of the game shifted to McCrae and who he was going to nominate for Eviction. People kept popping into his HoH Room to give their two cents about who they felt he should put up on the chopping block. A bunch of House Guests were also advising McCrae while relaxing in the BB backyard. They were all talking about how they didn’t like Candice. Others were trying to lean McCrae towards Jessie because she was annoying them with her silly crushes. Elissa felt she should come clean to someone, so she went to McCrae and told him. She also did this because she felt it would make her seem less shady and asked if he wouldn’t put her up because of her situation. Some wanted Elissa up because of who she was. As much as McCrae wanted to please everyone in the House, he wanted to nominate people that would get him further along in the game.

At the Nomination Ceremony, It was revealed that McCrae had chosen Jessie and Candice for Eviction. After feeding his nominee some stupid reason why he chose them, he admitted that they were the two least liked people in the House at the moment. He also didn’t want too much blood on his hands so early in the game. He wanted to leave that to the BB MVP.

That was an interesting episode. I like his choices. They were safe, and at this point in the game, you have to really beef up your social game before you start backstabbing your new friends. Will Jessie and Candice save themselves from Eviction by winning the Veto? Who will be BB’s first MVP? Will we finally see our first BB showmance kiss? Hopefully all of these questions will be answered on the next episode of Big Brother!

Until my next post, Readers!


Survivor: Philippines, Episode #2 – Practice What You Preach!

Hi Readers!

Oh, the things people say and do when they are cold and deprived of the creature comforts of home!  In this episode of Survivor: Philippines, we see how the Castaways are already starting to crack, and how it could ultimately  lead to their exit from Survivor: Philippines.

At Matsing, everyone was dealing with the cold rain at night in their own way.  Most tribe members just curled up in the fetal position and hoped to trap some of their own body heat to sleep.  Not Angie and Malcolm!  They went with the tried and true method of the buddy system.  That would be cuddling with each other to keep warm.  Angie said she was only doing it to stay warm at night.  Malcolm admitted to finding Angie attractive, but he knew that he had to keep his eye on the million dollar prize, and wouldn’t start a relationship with her while on the show.  Roxy saw their situation in a different light.  She believed they were a couple, working together in an alliance to get through the game.  I don’t know, Roxy, I didn’t see it that way.  I just saw it as two attractive people wanting to snuggle on cold and rainy nights.

Roxy then began her mission to break the Cuddle Buddies up due the threat they presented to her in her head.  Roxy went to Russell with her suspicions, and he saw where she was coming from, but he wasn’t swayed to join in on her witch hunt, either.  She continued to go around the rest of their tribe, spreading her accusations and trying to drum up some support for her cause.  Denise was in a secret alliance with Malcolm, and let him know what Roxy was doing.  He knew what kind of damage this information could do to his game, and then let Angie know what was happening.  They decided they shouldn’ t look so comfortable around each other all the time.

I think all of the cold weather was affecting Roxy because she then began to shut down.  She wasn’t doing anything around their camp, and her tribe mates noticed her lack of physical activity.  She was also complaining about how Angie did nothing around the tribe a lot. What Roxy said was true about Angie, but maybe Roxy should practice what she preaches once in a while.  She said she was outside of her comfot zone being in this game.  Russell was trying to get her spirits up, telling her to hang in there, and that while they were out there, Matsing was her family.

At Tandang, the atmosphere was similiar. RC found a clue to an Idol in the rice bucket.  She instantly showed it to her alliance member, Abi, but not to the rest of their crew.  RC said she only trusted Abi in this game, and that she felt closest to her than towards anyone else in this game.  Abi felt differently about their relationship.She thought she couldn’t fully trust RC because she was always running off with Michael.  When Abi confronted RC with questions about what was happening between her and Michael, RC said she regarded Michael as a father figure, and that her alligance would always be to Abi.  Now both ladies are on shaky ground with each other because the trust was not as strong as they thought it was.

Lisa was having a bit of a Roxy moment herself.  She still was not able to shake her intraverted nature to build up her social game amongst her tribe.  The rest of the tribe could see her shutting down and going off by herself a lot of the time.  She explained her behaviour by saying she was used to being alone a lot when she was younger, and she didn’t know how to get past this way of being to become closer to her tribe mates.  The majority of the tribe assumed she was trying to find the Idol on her own.  They did not like the idea of her having this power all to herself.

At Kalabaw, Jonathan was going stir crazy because he had a hunch about the Idol being hidden around their camp.  The rest of the tribe decided to go to a nearby cave and play chess to wait out the rain.  Jonathan gave a lame excuse why he wasn’t going to join them, and began his frantic search once everyone else left.  A few people from Kalabaw realized that they needed their flint to start a fire to keep warm, so they went back to get it.  They saw Jonathan looking around their camp and asked him what he was doing.  Jonathan lied, telling them he lost his glasses and needed them to see.  He remembered a part of the clue telling him the Idol was right under your nose.  There was a big nose on the lid of their container of rice.  Jonathan pried it open when no one was looking, and Ta Da!  There was the Idol!

At the Immunity/Reward Challenge, the Kalabaw and Tandang tribes had to sit one player out since Matsing had five players.  They then put themselves in pairs.  One pair would take a sled and pick up puzzle pieces.  Once all of these were collected, another player would give advice to the second pair of players to help them put their three puzzles together. The tribe that accomlished this the fastest won Immunity from Tribal Council, and a luxury prize of blankets, pillows and a tarp.  The tribe that came in second would also get Immunity as well as a tarp.  The loosing tribe would have to go to Tribal Council and vote out a member of their tribe.

The results of this Challenge were as follows:
Winning Tribe – Tandang
Second Place – Kalabaw
Last Place – Matsing, again.

Jeff Probst asked Russell why he was so upset after their loss.  Russell said it was because he felt that his tribe should have beaten the other two tribes at this Challenge, and that there was too much whining by his tribe mates about what they can’t do.  This was pointed towards Roxy and Angie.  Everyone should either put up or shut and go home.  I agree with him.  All these two ladies did was complain about what they couldn’t do around camp and at Challenges.  I’d want them to go home, too.

Back at Matsing, Russell was still fuming over their loss.  He apologized for his outburst, and was starting to get tired of Roxy and her tendancy of talking the talk, yet not walking the walk.

Roxy was planning on forcing Malcolm and Angie to reveal the status of their relationship, ultimately targeting for Angie to be voted out.  Malcolm got wind of what Roxy was doing and warned Angie of Roxy’s plan.  They talked about how they were going to defend heir actions to the tribe.

Russell and Denise were discussing whether to keep Angie or Roxy.  Russell didn’t like Angie because he thought there was more to her than the “pageant-girl” façade she was showing to the rest of the tribe.  Denise didn’t like Angie being so close to Malcolm, either, but she saw Roxy as a bigger threat because she seemed to have more spirit that Angie did that could give Roxy more strength than she credited towards Angie.

At Tribal Council, Jeff Probst asked Matsing what changes they would make at camp.  Roxy suggested that they not work as hard around camp before and after Challenges.  Denise disagreed with her, saying that is what would make them a stronger tribe.  Angie thought that cookies would help them be a better tribe.  Cookies.  Both Jeff Probst and I looked at her and repeated “Cookies?” to her at the same time.  The rest of Matsing rolled their eyes at her.  Malcolm tried defending her, but Russell cut him off, saying that this was what was wrong with their tribe.

Jeff Probst then moved on to talk about the importance of relationships between people within a tribe.  Roxy then threw the Angie-Malcolm relationship into the spotlight. Malcolm defended his relationship with Angie by saying there was nothing between them, and that he thought of her as a sister.  Angie looked at him like he was crazy, and Roxy said that their relationship was creepy, and that their relationship was more along the lines of a “booby trap.”  She then warned the rest of the tribe how dangerous these types of relationships can be.  Malcolm and Angie maintained that what they had was strictly platonic.

The tribe voted, and decided that they would be better off without Roxy in it.  See, Readers, this is what happens when you say things, but can’t back them up.  Roxy became too smug, and was focused on others when she should have been trying to gain the trust, or at least the allegiance, of her tribe mates.

Now Matsing is down to four members.  This should be interesting for the next episode.  Maybe Matsing will break their loosing streak, and another tribe will experience Tribal Council.  Will Kalabaw discover that Jonathan has the Idol, or will Jonathan have loose lips and let it slip?  Will Lisa dig deep within herself and become the social player she wants to be?  Come back to my blog to find out!

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 14, Episode #2 – Girl Power Reigns Supreme

Hey Readers!

It’s time for another BB update!  Let’s get down to all of the drama of this episode…

The house guests began to realize that the game has actually begun, and that alliances were being formed between the Coaches.  Well, folks, it looks as though it’s going to be a Blondes Alliance between Brittany and Janelle, while the men are creating a Chill Town 2 of sorts.  While the ladies were both happy with this move, Dan seemed to be a bit hesitant joining forces with Mike Boogie.  Mike Boogie isn’t the most reliable player in BB history, and Dan has seen the destruction Mike Boogie has left in his wake from  Boogie’s previous seasons.  I agree with you, Dan, you really should watch your back!  Boogie would not hesitate to put a proverbial knife in yours!

Everyone checks out Willie’s HoH room.  Everyone expresses their praise to the design and comfort of the room.  They also discover that the coach of the HoH will get to have their own suite within the HoH room.  I think this extra Coach’s perk takes away from the HoH because you don’t get to have your own private space.  It’s great to have your coach close by if you need to talk at night about strategy, but this could have been done without the extra suite.

Do you remember Ian?  He was one of the Newbies I spoke of two posts ago whose strategy I despised.  Well, it looks as though he’s becoming the charmer of the House…actually, that was sarcasm.  He’s become the creeper of  the House!  He was exploring the House at night in his boxers, slapping his butt with the clean cooking utensils, tooting up a storm in the kitchen, and was snooping around every nook and cranny of the BB House!  I guess he forgot, or doesn’t care about, the private access the HoH has at their disposal.  Yup!  Willie, Janelle and Brittany were watching Ian’s every move.  Classy, Ian, just classy!

Willie confirmed what many in the House believed, making a major mistake for himself in this game!  He let it slip that he was Russell Hantz’ brother.  Luckily, he only did this in front of members of his alliance, but you never know when these people will become your enemies!  This piece of knowledge could cost him the BB crown.  Willie was also making side plans.  He and Frank agreed to have each others back , regardless of being on opposite sides of the House.  They should be careful not to be too trusting of each other because the BB game changes at a moment’s notice, and this deal could fall apart easily.

Julie Chen announced that there would be a Coaches’ Competition to decide which coach would be awarded the power to give one of their players immunity from being nominated for evicted that week.  After Dan, admittedly threw the challenge to lessen the target on his players’ backs, Mike Boogie won.  Since he was aware of how awkward Ian was acting towards the other players, he chose to save Ian.  The Coaches then had to choose one of their players to be a Have-Not for the week.  For those of you who are not familiar with the BB game, these people have to eat BB slop (it’s kind of like oatmeal, but more disgusting), must take cold showers, and sleep in a black and white spiral designed room with beds that are slanted and had rivets all over them.  The Have-Nots for this week are Shane (Team Brittany), Danielle (Team Dan), Ashley (Team Janelle), and Ian (Team Mike Boogie).

This threw a wrench in Willie’s plan, because he was planning to put Ian up as one of his nominees for eviction.  Janelle gave Willie her two cents and suggested that Willie should put Dan and Mike Boogie’s  #1 picks on the block.  This didn’t sit well with Willie because Frank was Mike Boogie’s #1 pick, and this would go against their side deal.

Since Mike Boogie wanted to protect his players, he suggested to Willie that maybe Joe, a member of Team Janelle, should be a nominee.  This is because Joe is a chef and he always cooking up a feast in the BB Kitchen, is making a huge mess he’s not cleaning up, and is wasting food in the House that will not be replenished until the next week.  He also slid in that chefs are hot-headed, and would evict himself if he is put on the “block.”  I agree with Mike Boogie on this point, but Brittany knew where Mike Boogie was really attempting to do, and lets Willie know her thoughts.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Willie ultimately followed the Blonde Alliance’s plan, and put Frank and Kara (Dan’s #1 Pick) up for eviction.  Frank was upset that Willie went against their side plan.  Chill Town 2 were shocked that Willie made this decision, and began to scramble to regroup.  I’m not sure if this was the best decision for Willie to make because he has, potentially, burnt a bridge with Frank, and, as with all HoHs, has put a target on his back for next week.  Willie’s target was especially large because this nomination may affect Mike Boogie and his chances at winning the$100 000 coach’s prize.  What these nominations do prove is that, for now, the Blonde Alliance is in the BB driver’s seat.

Well, this ends another episode of BB for now!  Come back to see how these nominations will affect Willie, the nominees, and the rest of the BB House!

Until my next posts, Readers!