Survivor: Philippines, Episode #10 – Should We Stay or Should We Go?

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The last eposode was a shocker, wasn’t it?  Well, that happens sometimes when a player makes a big move in the game.  It slapped Lisa in the face big time!  She was already sort of an outcast within the Tandang tribe, but will this move bring her and Skupin closer to their tribe, or will it shatter their alliance within Dangrayne?  Read on, and you’ll see.

After Tribal Council, Jonathan was upset that Jeff was no longer in the game.  He was also mifted that he was out of the loop about the big moves both Lisa and other people were making to get rid of returning players.  He so has to find a way to loose the target on his back.

Jonathan thought he found a way to break apart the Tandang alliance, and it was through their “weakest” links – Lisa and Skulpin.  He figured if he could work over Lisa and Skulpin to ditch the Tandang alliance, he could extend his safety a little longer.  He was able to have a moment with Lisa after they had a heart-to-heart.  Lisa was a little weary about Jonathan’s motives, but was also happy someone was able to understand where she was coming from.  She didn’t receive any of this kind of kindness from most of her alliance.

The Reward Challenge was a messy one! The tribe had to divide themselves into teams of two.  Abi was the lone person out, deeming her uneligible to win the Reward.  Each team had to collect four bags wih three balls out of a mud pit, then go through some obstacles.  Then all members had to get all twelve balls into a narrow hoop with a tube attached to it to collect the balls.  The winning team would get to go on a giving and receiving experience.  They would go to a village with school supplies and toys fir the children, then have a feast and downtime with the villagers.  This was the breakdown of the teams:

Red – Pete, Artis, Lisa and Skupin
Yellow – Jonathan, Denise, Malcolm and Carter.

Jonathan’s idea to find all of the bags for his team may have cost time on his leg of the challenge, but it paid off, allowing for the rest of his team to fly through the course and win Reward.  They went to the village, had fun with the villagers, and even had time to talk strategy.

While the winning team was at their experience, the loosing team was sulking back at camp.  Pete confessed that their alliance had to stay intact in order to go further in this game.  He was worried about this because of how the last Tribal Council played out, as well as how they had treated Lisa and Skulpin throughout their time in the Philippines.

Abi wasn’t helping to solidify their alliance by chewing Lisa out about her performance at the Reward Challenge.  Artis couldn’t stand Abi, saying that she thought she was a know-it-all about this game, and that she should keep her mouth and her emotions in check sometimes.  He knew her behaviour could push Lisa and Skulpin away to the other side.

Artis must have been reading Lisa mind, because she was thinking those same thoughts.  She was torn because she wanted for her and Skulpin to not be constantly stepped on by the rest of their alliance, yet she also didn’t want for her speech on the importance of loyalty to your alliance to come back and haunt her if she were to betray them, either.

At the Immunity Challenge, each of the Castaways had to place and then balance six balls on a ridculously large paddle one at a time. The first to accomplish this would win Individual Immunity. It was a horse race between Skulpin and Pete, but Skulpin came out victorious, saving his bacon from the frying pan.

Back at Dangrayne, the scrambling was rampant. The Kalabaw Four were wringing their hands wondering how to get the numbers to keep Jonathan and have a chance to gain control in the game. Jonathan was continuing to work Lisa to have her and Skulpin jump ship. Lisa and Skulpin were seriously weighing their options as to whether staying with their Tandang alliance or going on to Kalabaw would be in their best interest.

At Tribal Council, Jeff Probst and the Castaways spoke about how Lisa was treated after their last Tribal Council. They also spoke about their individual safety. The only one that admitted to feeling safe was Skulpin due to the Immuniy necklace hanging around his neck. Abi also belittled Lisa during their discussion, and Lisa, frustrated with Abi’s comments,stated this was an example of how her alliance treated her and how she didn’t like it.

The vote was a close one, Readers! It was between Jonathan and Artis. In the end, Jeff Probst had to douse Artis’ torch, ending his chances at winning Survivor: Philippines.

Well, Readers, it looks like the tables have been turned, again, on Survivor: Philippines.. Maybe the remainder of the Tandang alliance shouldn’t have taken Lisa and Skulpin for granted like they did. It’s too bad that it was Artis who was the casualty and not Abi, you know, who was the one that ultimately caused all of this to happen. What will the fallout be because of Lisa and Skulpin jumping ship? Will Abi have learned her lesson to keep her opinions to herself? Who will win Immunity and who will be the next Castaway to be voted out on Survivor: Philippines? Come back and check out my next Survivor post to find out.

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Big Brother 14, Episode #10 – Reset, Please!

Yo-Ho Readers!

This episode of BB was an eye-opener.  Players were scrambling, lies were flying, and the results from America’s are in.  Will the Coaches be unleashed on the BB House? You will have to read on to find out!

Even after the PoV Ceremony, Frank and Boogie still believed that Shane was on their side.  Boogie was not aware of the guarantees Shane gave Frank about his safety, and Boogie was upset that he was not kept in the loop.  In reality, Shane has marked Frank as the target, but he wanted to keep Frank in the dark.

Ian is freaking out for the first time in the game.  He was beginning to assess his probability of success in the game if Frank leaves.  It’s pretty dire, folks.  He was thinking that if Frank, his biggest ally in the game, leaves, that he’ll be right behind him.

Wil started getting upset with Janelle because he felt that she was belittling her team’s efforts in competitions.  Is Janelle ever lucky Wil won’t see last episode’s footage until the game’s over, or he would have been even more upset with her than he was.  He shared his views with the rest of Team Janelle, minus Janelle.  Joe and Ashley so the smart thing in order to keep Team Janelle unified (as well as to save Janelle’s butt), and told Janelle about Wil’s complaints. 

Oh, crafty Janelle!  She went to Wil to diffuse the ticking time bomb.  She was thinking that if Wil was upset with her team, that Wil would then vote to evict Joe instead of Frank, so Janelle left nothing in her bag of tricks, including the use of crocodile tears.  Too bad for Janelle, though, because Wil is a seasoned BB fan.  He knew what Janelle was capable of, and saw through her rouse immediately.  He just put on his own fake smile and accepted her apology.  Come on, Janelle! As much as I am a fan of yours, you have to remember that the Newbies have seen you play this game a few times, along with some of your tactics.  You’ll have to come up with something new to fool Wil. Yes, Readers, I think the claws will come out between these two in future episodes!

Right before the Eviction Vote, Julie Chen popped up on the monitor in the BB livingroom to announce the decision of America’s vote.  She had to fill them in on the details because they were not aware that this was going to happen this week.  As Brittany predicted, America wanted the Coaches to drop their clipboards and become players.  The only way this would become official was if one of the Coaches voted to make this change. 

If all four Coaches didn’t want to become players, the game would continue as normal, but some of the evicted houseguests would then return to the game.  If even one Coach voted to become a player, the the game would be reset as if the past week did not exist, and everyone, including Shane, would be able to compete for HoH.  All of the Coaches, except Boogie, voted to become players.

The HoH Competion this week was one of endurance.  Walk the Plank (hence my greeting to you all at the beginning of this post) had all of the contestants hanging on for dear life onto the side of a boat as it tipped from side to side, rain poured in them, and simulated seagull poop showered them until one houseguest was remained.  Sorry, Readers, this is how they ended the episode.  Oh, what reality shows won’t do to create suspense to get us to tune in again!

Come back and read my next BB post to elevate this build-up of suspense! Who do you think will win HoH this week?  Me, I think it will be Janelle because she does well at competitions.

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