Big Brother 14, Episode #15 – Frank Reigns Supreme!

Hiya Readers!

We’re encountering a BB House where everyone is walking on eggshells around its HoH Frank.  No one wants to rock the boat, but certain groups want their agendas to be heard and put into action.  Whatever will Frank do?  How will the PoV play into Frank’s decision?  Read on, Readers, and you will see how it does.

As I wrote in the previous paragraph, most of the houseguests have an agenda they want played out in the House, and the Pov is the way they see their plan coming to fruition.  Frank and Boogie knew they needed to keep control of the nominations, and having the PoV gave them ultimate control of the situation.  Wil and Joe both want to come off of the block, and the PoV will accomplishment that.  And the remainder of the Silent Six (Britany, Dan, Danielle and Shane) all wanted the PoV in order to solidify their alliance and make sure they were not going to be used as replacements for those already on the block.

The Zingbot 3000, an annoying one-liner slinging robot, paid his yearly visit to the BB House to insult this year’s players.  He was then involved with the PoV Competition, Zingcubator.  The HoH, the nominees, along with Jenn, Ashley and Boogie had to help Zingbot’s baby, Baby Zingbot come to life by buliding a pipeline and passing a ball through it to win the PoV.  With a lot of help from Ian, Boogie was able to release Baby Zingbot from the Zingcubator and join his father, presenting Boogie with the Power of Veto.

This new development made the rest of the houseguests even more uneasy than they were before.  Britany and Dan were even more worried about Frank wanting to backdoor him because of Dan’s feelings towards him. 

Wil and Ashley were worried that the PoV was not going to be used on him in order to backdoor Dan.  They went to speak to Frank to get Boogie to use the PoV on Wil and to relpace him with Dan.  Frank told them that this plan had crossed his mind, but he wasn’t sure he was going to go through with it.

Double Agent Ian was sent on a mission from fellow Quack Pack member, Britany, to see what intell he can get from Frank.  Frank told Ian that his original plan to get rid of Wil may change.  Ian wanted Dan to stay because of their Quack Pack alliance.  Luckily for Ian, Frank doesn’t know of this alliance, or that Ian no longer has his back.

At the Veto Ceremony, Boogie decided to not use the Power of Veto on the nominees this week, leaving the nominations as they were at the beginning of the week.  Once again, Boogie got what he wanted frm Frank .  Wil and Joe were both upset that they were still in danger of leaving the House, and vowed to do whatever they could to not be evicted.

It seems as though Frank’s HoH reign was a successful one where he was able to have control (I use this term very loosly as Boogie really has control over anything Frank-related) over the House without much of a fuss.  Who’s going to go home this week?  If I was in this game, I would want Wil evicted.  Sure, he’s not a physical threat, but he’s not stupid, either.  As much as I hate floaters (as Wil and Joe are) in this game, Wil is a dangerous player.  He has the gift of gab.  That could go a long way in this game.  Joe, well, he just gabs. And gabs.  And gabs.  I think he’s the Foghorn Leghorn of the BB House.  When he gets going, you just want him to shut the hell up!

Well, Readers, come back for my next BB post to see what happens to the nominees, as it is Eviction Night.  Oh, and another HoH will take over the House.  I wonder who it will be? 

Until my next post, Readers!