Purdys Chocolate is Gearing Up to Sweeten Canada’s Capital!

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Chocolate lovers in the Ottawa area, there’s a new chocolatier getting ready to set up shop here our fair city! It’s Purdys Chocolates! Yes, Ottawa, Purdys is finally bringing their premium chocolates to our nation’s capital for us to savour and fall in love with, and I just can’t wait!

Like most of you, I love chocolate! It is quite simply one of the best tasting foods in the world! Why do I love chocolate so much, you ask? Well, as a kid, we did not get to have too much chocolate.  Whenever Easter rolled around, my siblings would devour their chocolate treats, but I, who knew that once I ate my chocolate that would not be having probably much more of it for a while, so I would save it and treasure my secret hoard for as long as I could.

Now, as an adult, I love having chocolate around my home in some way, shape or form.  It could be chocolate cupcakes, chocolate squares, chocolate milk, or in some type of candy. Even though my family does not go too long without having some delicious chocolate, I still like having my secret stashes so I can indulge in my sweet treasure whenever I need to satisfy my sweet tooth.

What does this have to do with Purdys Chocolates landing in Ottawa? Well, this will allow for us to have one of our favourite chocolatiers close to home so we can enjoy their scrumptious chocolate creations! There will be two locations opening in Ottawa! One will be at Carlingwood Shopping Centre, and the other will be at Rideau Centre in August, 2014!

For those of you not familiar with Purdys Chocolates, I will fill you in on who they are.  They have been providing quality chocolate since 1907, when Richard Carmon Purdy opened up his chocolate shop on Robson Street in Vancouver, B. C.  When the Flavelle family began running Purdys in 1963, they decided they wanted to uphold the standards of quality that Richard Purdy set when he began creating chocolate.  To this day, Purdys lives up to this tradition of high standards, using the finest of ingredients from around the world, from as far as Belgium, Australia and India to finding excellent airy products right here in Canada.  Purdys has expanded from the one shop Purdy opened up over one hundred years ago to having 64 locations in British Columbia, Alberta, and Ontario.

I also love how Purdys Chocolates stays engaged with their followers! I was so excited to have a brief chance to Tweet with Purdys about my what to eat ice cream out of. It made my day for them to have retweeted my response.


So, if you are a chocoholic, or if you have never tried Purdys premium chocolate, make your way to one of the two new locations Purdys is opening in Ottawa for a sweet taste sensation!

My favourite Purdys Chocolates creation is their vanilla caramel chocolates! Let me know which sweet creation from Purdys Chocolates is your favourite?

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Three Letters: B-B-Q!

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I have finally found some time to post on my blog (Yay!)

Last weekend was the first weekend in June, and my boyfriend/partner person, who is also our live-in chef, brought something home and sneakily set up a surprise in our backyard.  It was a mini grill! The first thing out of my mouth was “Barbecue!”

I know, it must seem kind of strange for someone to start cheering about having the ability to eat barbecued food, but it was, literally, the first time in three years (besides festivals or restaurants…those are experiences, not meals ;P ) since I had had barbecued food!

Our “chef” out-did himself on the grill Saturday! He christened the grill by making a pork tenderloin. Yes, I know realize that we eat a lot of pork dishes, too, but this dish was FABULOUS! It was juicy and tender, but still had that smoky barbecue flavour that I had been dreaming about for what seemed like an eternity!




For our traditional Sunday dinner, my guy decided to dial it down a notch.  He rolled up his imaginary sleeves, and made his amazing hamburgers on the grill! This was the meal I had been waiting for! His normal burgers are usually cooked in the oven.  They are great, but to have these babies on the grill was something that (my) dreams were made of!




When I took a bite into the final product, it was game-over! It was tasty deliciousness!  I scarfed down my burger so fast that I was sad it was gone, even though it was pretty filling.  I reluctantly shared the last burger with my eldest, who didn’t seem too pleased to be sharing it with me, either.

Now that the weekend is just about upon us, my thoughts are floating towards the grill out back, and what my guy will come up for this weekend’s grilling sensations.  Whatever they are, I am sure they will be delicious, and will be sure to share them with you!

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Reese’s New Found Treasure: “Swanky” Shepherd’s Pie

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I know it has been a while since I have added to the list of my new found treasures, but this gem was well worth the wait!

As a member of the Planning Committee for the 2014 Ottawa Gala, I was lucky enough to be granted VIP status for the event which was held at the Canadian War Museum on April 26th. One of the perks this status granted me was access to the VIP Room, where they were serving these guest complimentary drinks and delicious vittles for the first part of the evening.

One of these amazing treats was the Canadian War Museum’s  swanky version of Shepherd’s Pie.


This is one of my fellow Committee members modelling this swanky version of Shepherd's Pie served at the 2014 Ottawa Gala! How do you say no to a treat like this served in a martini glass!

This is one of my fellow Committee members modelling this swanky version of Shepherd’s Pie served at the 2014 Ottawa Gala! How do you say no to a treat like this served in a martini glass! All I could say was mmmmmmmmm!


My mouth was watering once I saw a fellow Committee member with one, so I knew I had to snap a shot of this delectable dish! When I finally got a chance to get one for myself, I was so enamored with this dish, that I gobbled it up before taking a shot of it on its own! It is simply whipped potatoes with some of its peel with pieces of sliced beef in a savoury gravy!

Let me tell you, Readers, it was heavenly! If you are ever thinking of having an event at the Canadian War Museum, ask if you can have this sumptuous snack on your menu! Your guests will thank you!

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The Hintonburger – How Old-Style Burgers Really Should Taste!

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Ever since my family moved into our neighbourhood, I have been compelled to visit the Hintonburger, a old school burger joint that makes everything hand-made and on-site, and likes to deal with local vendors for a lot of its products.  All I have heard from my neighbours who have dined there have raved about how great it was.  As well, it has won the “Best Burger in Town” award for 2012 by readers of the Ottawa Citizen (one of the major newspapers in Ottawa, ON), so I made a plan to go to the Hintonburger with my little ones to see what all the hubbub was all about.

Here it is in all its glory! It's a converted KFC, if you're wondering why it looks so familiar.

Here it is in all its glory! It’s a converted KFC, if you’re wondering why it looks so familiar.

Once we got there, we saw we were not the only ones who had the same idea to grab some burgers.  It is a small restaurant, but it was packed, with patrons waiting outside the door to place their order (the green fiat is blocking the line)!  We also visited on a night when the restaurant was running under new management with new prices and a new system of doing things.

Once we placed our order, we took a seat outside to wait for our food to be prepared.

This is where we would have sat if we had we dined al fresco. :(

This is where we would have sat if we had we dined al fresco. 😦

About ten minutes later, the skies above us told us dining al fresco would not be an option.  We got inside and got a booth just in time before the heavens opened up, rain coming down, washing out the streets of Hintonburg.

This pic was taken about 10 mins. before buckets of rain fell.

This pic was taken about 10 mins. before buckets of rain fell.

Yay!  Our food had arrived!  I ordered two Wellington combos (two 6 oz. burgers with small fries and two cans of pop) along with another order of fries for the kids.  You’ll only see my order as my eldest was a ravenous thing, tearing into her meal as though she had eaten in weeks.

Here it is! My 6oz. burger, fries and drink. Sorry I didn't display the fries better. I had my little guy on my lap, and he was reaching for everything!

Here it is! My 6oz. burger, fries and drink. Sorry I didn’t display the fries better. I had my little guy on my lap, and he was reaching for everything!

As we shared our meals with the little ones (it doesn’t look it, but there was enough to do so, and they would also be getting something healthier when we got home), we all agreed that these burgers were living up to the accolades it has received.  The burger wasn’t overdone.  It was simple and to the point.  The bun seemed as though it was a normal bun you can buy from the grocery store for your own home barbeque; not huge with some sort of grain sprinkled on top to take away from the taste of the burger.   The patty wasn’t too thin or too thick, and it was so good to chow down on!  Not greasy, but not dry.  Dare I say that the meat was soft?  Not in a bad way, but it wasn’t crumbly, as though it was overdone, or kept warm under a heat lamp.  The fries tasted good, too.  They were lightly seasoned, and really fresh (it took me a while to cool them down for my kids, they were so fresh).

By the time we left, customers were still filling up the joint, in spite of the weather.  We made a mad dash to take public transit home, so the little ones weren’t in the rain too long.  I’m still thinking about those burgers, and plan on making a trip back to the Hintonburger soon.

I would rate the Hintonburger a 4 out of 5.  This is based on the delicious and fresh food I received.  Why not 5?  Well, at the time this review was written, there is no real notice or advertising to let the public know that you can call ahead for a take-out order.  This way,  all you would have to do is show up and pay instead of waiting for 20 minutes after waiting a while in line just to order.  There was a notice in the restaurant, just not anywhere else for those not used to visiting the Hintonburger.

So, if you ever come to Ottawa, and you’re in the mood for a good burger, hit up the Hintonburger.  You won’t be disappointed!

Until my next post, Readers!