Make the Holidays Bright with Treats from Purdys Chocolatier!

Yes, Christmas is over, but that doesn’t mean that the holiday season has ended! My family and I are continuing to enjoy the Christmas Collection we received from Purdys Chocolatier! This collection of chocolate was a sweet surprise, as this was an extra package of treats they sent me to wish my family well this Christmas season. In this collection, we received the following:
• Gingerbread Chocolates
• Peppermint Bark
• Winter Cardinal Tin
• The Chocolatier Collection




Since my kids like eating gingerbread cookies, it was only fitting to try the Gingerbread Chocolates first! After taking a bit inside, it was like eating a gingerbread cookie and Purdys’ chocolate at the same time! There were also little pieces of pastry flake scattered throughout each chocolate piece to add to the crunchiness of this treat, and the cocoa butter design of cute little gingerbread men made these chocolates even more fun to eat!


Gingerbread Collage


One of the best non-chocolate treats I have ever tasted from Purdy’s has to be their Peppermint Bark! Readers, these pieces of crushed candy canes that have been encased in a white bark, then topped off with dark chocolate are amazing! These minty treats really put you in the holiday spirit, and made me have nostalgic thoughts of my childhood and the warm feelings I had back then at Christmas. The Peppermint Bark did not last as long as I would have liked as they were a huge hit with all of us!


Peppermint Bark Collage


We also enjoyed the Winter Cardinal Tin with an assortment of chocolates to taste. We decided to eat some of the chocolates we have never tasted before. My eldest and I shared the Lemon Cream and it was delicious! The rich Purdy’s milk chocolate encased a tangy lemon cream that was light and smooth. We also tried a chocolate that was somewhat similar to a Snowball, but instead of a cream filling, it was filled with soft coconut. It was a great chocolate to eat!


Assorted Tin Collage


My family and I finally made it to the Chocolatier Collection, where any chocolate lover would be satisfied with the assortment of chocolates available to them! Within this collection, there are milk chocolate and dark chocolate versions of Purdy’s Haystacks and Himalayan Pink Salt Caramels, as well as their Turona, and Petit Chocolat. To finish off this assortment of chocolate, there were two dark chocolate barks with pistachios, hazelnuts and sour cherries! We all have a great time eating our favourite chocolates and tasting the dark chocolate bark!


Assorted Box Collage


We loved the assortment of products we received from Purdys’ Christmas Collection! There were both favourites we have enjoyed from past collections, as well as new chocolates and treats we savoured! I hope that you are enjoying this holiday season, and if you need any gift ideas for a party you are going to, or for a late Christmas gift, that one of these products will fit the bill! You can check out their complete collection on their website!

Until my next post, Readers!


Disclaimer: I received products from Purdy’s  as part of a contest I was a part of in order to write this review. The opinions expressed are my own.