Children Learning to Interact with Each Other with “Words” – A Review

The VP of Cuteness began school this September, and she could not wait to start this new adventure in her life! As a parent, I was super excited for her to become more independent by starting school, but I also worry about how she will interact with her classmates since she has been at home with me and her younger brother. I do not know how she will take kids not liking her or being picked on. This is why I was thrilled to review Words by Lora Rozler to help reinforce some of the things we have been teaching her at home.


Words is a fascinating children’s book about a lonely letter, Little e, trying to find its place in its world of words. After a lot of searching, Little e has a choice to make. It had to choose between hate and love; Little e ultimately chose to love.


I like how Words used words instead of pictures to convey its message. Words were used to evoke emotions in various fonts so readers could understand what Little e was seeing all around it. Rozler had words bolded, italicized, blocked in, and were written in every way imaginable to convey the type of word it was to readers. My kids found some of them to be pretty and cute, while others were angry and loud. They liked talking about how the words made them feel.



The array of words used to describe what was happening throughout the story was also a highlight for me. Some of the words were a bit beyond what my child understood, but this allowed for us to help our child enhance her vocabulary. My daughter liked being able to talk about what these words meant, and we used these words in situations she would understand so she could understand them. These words also let her know that some words could hurt others if she said them to her classmates.  I enjoyed spending more time reading Words with my kids because they are picking up new words and are starting to use them when they speak to us.

I really loved Words! Rozler uses letters and words in the place of people. I like how letters, like people, can become what they want to be, and it is, in part, due to their choices that they make. It was great to see Little e make a choice about what it wanted for itself and how it wanted to act. As I previously mentioned, this book is bringing to print messages we teach our kids at home. We want for our kids to know that there are all kinds of people she will come into contact with, and we want for her to engage with her peers with love, regardless if these children are doing the same with her.


We know our child will have her ups and downs with other kids at school. Words shows children that there is more than one path they can take, and it does not have to be a violent or hateful one. I would definitely recommend Words for kids to read and to learn about how to find their place and to make decisions on how to interact in their world.


To find out about Lora Rozler and Words, you can connect with her on her website.

Disclaimer: I received a copy of Words in order to write this review. The opinions I shared are my own.

Big Brother 15, Episode #5 – Letting the Fur Fly for All the Wrong Reasons

Hey Readers! I wasn’t too pleased with the ladies during this episode.  It’s as if they have never seen this show before, and they are all playing with their hearts, not with their heads.  It sucks to see this so early in the game, too.  As well, a new HoH was crowned, and two of this weeks three nominees for Eviction were announced.  Read on to get all caught up on the action.

The episode began with the House Guests still battling it out in the HoH Competition.  There were also flashback sequences with what some of the House Guests remembered before and after the Live Vote and Eviction took place.  Aaryn was still dealing with David’s Eviction, while other blind-sided House Guests like Helen, Candice and GinaMarie were wondering why David was evicted when they were all told it was Elissa’s time to leave.

After a lot slips, slides and glides across the greased surface they were competing in, Jeremy and Aaryn were the victorious pair in this HoH Competition.  When asked by McCrae, who took over hosting duties from Julie Chen, which one of them would be HoH, Jeremy “relinquished” the title over to Aaryn.  I said “relinquished” because he really gave it over to her for strategic purposes.  He wanted to be in her good books, and she was not his, or the Moving Company’s  target at the moment.  He also wanted the chance to compete in the next HoH Competition next week.  I think this was a brilliant idea!  Use the HoH as your puppet, so you have the power without any of the blood on your hands from any decisions made by the HoH.  I tip my hat to you, Jeremy!

One of the advantages if being HoH this week was that this person was able to choose who the Have-Nots would be.  Aaryn, who was suffering from HoH-itis already, calls out the House, asking the House Guests which one if them voted for David to leave.  Smartly, no one piped up to confess.  She then went after those she felt were her enemies from last week, naming Elissa, Candice, Andy and Helen as this week’s Have-Nots. Elissa was upset, not for being named a Have-Not, but for Helen to have to suffer this fate two weeks in a row.

Andy, thinking to soften Aaryn up, decided to go to her and, while lying through his teeth, confessed to Aaryn that he had been one of the House Guests who voted David out.  But Andy stressed it was due to all of the pressure other members of the House were putting him under, and he wanted to avoid be a target in the House. Aaryn believed his story of woe, as she was sobbing uncontrollably. Good work, Andy! Way to save your butt!

Aaryn then showed off her HoH Room to the rest of the House. Once again, it was so weird to see the House Guests so early in the game dreading to see an HoH Room. The House Guests shuffled into Aaryn’s room with forced smiles on their faces.  Along with the normal luxuries of the House were Aaryn’s personal items from home. One of them was a creepy clown that only Aaryn seemed to like.

Aaryn noticed that many of the other competitors were not as enthusiastic as she was about being there, so she said that anyone who didn’t want to be there could leave. Elissa perked up, and left the room, saying that being up there was fun. Yeah, you could hear so much sarcasm dripping from Elissa’s voice when she said that! Even though a statement like that could wind Elissa in trouble, I’m glad that she had the nerve to do what no one else would, and be honest about how she felt about being there. Still, not a fan of Elissa’s, but I’m a big believer in not sucking up to anyone for anything. I respect Elissa more for that.

Later on, Aaryn and her cohorts, GinaMarie, Kaitlin and Jeremy were trying to figure out who should be considered for Eviction this week. Nick waltzed into the room to be part of the festivities. Besides Elissa and Helen, Candice and Howard were brought up as possibilities. Jeremy, doing the Moving Company’s dirty work, was trying to divert her attention from those in his alliance.

Howard and Amanda each were in the Diary Room talking privately about Aaryn, GinaMarie and Kaitlin’s racist and homophobic comments around the House. They were both upset, at both what was coming out if their mouths and at how they didn’t have the courage to say these things when these people were around. While I’m happy that they were speaking about it, none of them said or did anything to stop the comments, either.  I know, they were afraid of Aaryn targeting them if they stepped up, but I’m the type of person who would have said something. There is no dollar amount in the world that would have kept my mouth shut about this! All it really would have taken was for one person to step up to these, dare I say, bullies, and then others would have fallen in line, like last season when Willie Hantz was accused of bullying the other House Guests, and was tossed from the game because he put his hands on Joe Arvin. Hopefully something will happen to these ladies that will open their eyes to what they’re saying and they’ll smarten up.

Elsewhere in the House, Candice and Helen were in the Have-Not Room discussing the Vote against David.  Candice’s light bulb went off above her head when she started to piece together that there may be an all-guy alliance in the House based on how they were approached about who to vote for last week. They think that Spencer, Jeremy and Nick were members, and were on the fence about Howard’s involvement.  Finally, the women-folk were catching on!  Instead of sharpening their claws at each other they are thinking about the game.

Helen and Aaryn had a heart-to heart in another Room of the House.  Helen said they got off on the wrong foot, but, Aaryn saved her this week, they could start working together against others in the House and, eventually, run the House. Aaryn took what she had to say under consideration, but didn’t tell her whether she would take Helen up on her offer or not.

The Moving Company was looking for a scapegoat for their actions last week, and they came up one: Amanda.  They wanted to have Aaryn believe that Amanda was the mastermind behind David’s departure, pinning the women against each other while creating a smoke screen for themselves.  Jeremy then got straight to work for the team, and went straight up to the HoH Room and told Aaryn his information.  Aaryn was upset about this news, but didn’t tell Jeremy who her nominees would be.

At the Nomination Ceremony, it was revealed that Elissa and Helen were two of this week’s nominees.  Aaryn chose Elissa because she was apparently the reason why David left.  Helen was up there because she was Elissa’s greatest ally in the House, so if Helen left, it would be revenge for David, her best friend in the House, leaving.  Elissa and Helen were not surprised about their nominations, saying they would both fight to stay and fight. Nick was cool with Aaryn’s decision because Elissa was their real target, and he said that the Moving Company got.her bags packed.last week, and were now ready to ship her out the door and out of the game.

You know that euphoric feeling I had a few paragraphs ago.  It got replaced by my head once again shaking at the women in this game. What happened to wanting to have an all-lady alliance? Yeah, that idea went through the window as soon as it was brought up. Candice needs to smoke the Moving Company out to stop their reign of terror. Oh, I forgot to mention that the Have-Nots were having liver and Lima beans along with their BB slop. Yum! Will Elissa or Helen save themselves by winning the PoV? Will the ladies catch on to the Moving Company before it’s too late? Will anyone stop the hurtful comments being said in the House? Hopefully it will happen in the next episode.

Until my next post, Readers!



I forgot to add that there is another House Guest how has been sharing their views with the rest of the House, and will be feeling the consequences once they leave the game.  Spencer has been seen/heard on the live 24-hour feed voicing his racist/misogynistic/homophobic views around the House as well. Spencer is currently on a leave of absence from his job at Union Pacific, and the company released a statement saying that Spencer’s views and comments are not shared by them.  Most people are guessing that he will be the third House Guest to loose their job once they return to the real world.