Mundane Monday Morning Music: Brandy and Monica – “The Boy is Mine”

Mornin’ Readers!

We have (finally) hit June, yet the weather is still trying to decide whether summer is on its way or if cold temperatures will be the norm for a while longer. As I started working at the Blinky the Computer this morning, I had to wrap myself up in a comforter with a few extra layers of clothing for warmth. I just can’t wait for summer to arrive! I LOVE the sun and the heat!

I decided I needed a fun song this morning that I can move to to get my blood going. I turned to my late high school days for for inspiration to choose today’s MMMM pick. Brandy and Monica’s duet, “The Boy is Mine” has to be one of my favourite songs from my youth, and I still love belting out this tune! Back in my day, my girls and I chose sides, being on Team Brandy or Team Monica (I was, and still am Team Monica) singing this song together while we jokingly fueled the “rivalry” between these two singers. Nowadays, I still love dancing and singing this song, and it really helped to shake off the chills that the cool weather brought with it today! In my head, summer officially starts today!

I hope that “The Boy Is Mine” gets you singing and dancing, brings back fond memories, helps to make new memories and makes summer seem that much closer for you on this mundane (and chilly) Monday morning!

Until my next post, Readers!