Big Brother 14, Episode #21 – Dan’s the Man with the Master Plan!

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The BB House is under the Frank’s reign again.  With Danielle and Dan both nominated this week, Dan has to do some fancy maneuvering this week to get both himself and his strongest ally off the block.  Will Ian step up and help out his fellow Quack Pack member, or will he slink back into the shadows again?  This week’s Veto Competition is probably the most important this season.  Let’s see how everything played out…

After the eviction nominations were announced, Britney and Dan put their heads together to figure out how to get both Quack Pack members off the block.  They figured that if they could get Ian to use his veto on Dan, then all they had to do was win the other one to save Danielle.  Britney let Ian in on the plan.  He was not sure if he wanted to go along with this plan.

Draw Something was the name of this week’s PoV Competition.  The HoH, the Nominees, along with Shane, Britney and Jenn had to guess what fans of the popular app had drawn, based on the blanks beneath the picture.  If the player answered correctly, they then had to accept a punishment in order to accumulate points.  The player with the highest score at the end of the game won the Power of Veto.  Prior to the competition, Britney and Dan had discussed that Dan should throw the game, letting Britney win it to save Danielle without having.another Quack Pack memeber go up on the block.  In the Diary Room, he confessed he couldn’t leave winning the veto up to anyone but himself.  He had to win to secure his safety, regardless of the safety of the rest of his alliance.  After Frank gets himself DQ’d and Britney gets herself eliminated, Jenn surprises everyone by pulling out a win, controlling the Power of Veto.

Dan, having to go to a solitary dance party for twenty-four hours, was sulking, trying to find a way out of being evicted this week.  He admitted he would go so far as to stab his allies in the back if that’s what it took to win the game. 

After twenty-four hours passes, the houseguests go to the Have-Not Room where Dan has been.  They opened the door to find a pale, lost-looking and somewhat smelly Dan.  He then spoke with Britney asking her to call the House together to have a House meeting.  This peculiar meeting turns out to be Dan throwing his own funeral. So many tears were shed for Dan’s “death” in the game.  He said something nice about all of the houseguests, even Frank.  Then he got to Danielle.  It seemed as though he severed ties with her, saying she did something against him, and she was dead to him.  This shocked everyone in the House because they all thought that Danielle was Dan’s closest ally in the game.  Danielle was devestated, crying and confused over what had just happened.

Dan was then shown in the Diary Room letting the viewers in on his plan.  He staged this funeral in order to seem a little kooky, but it was a way to shed his old game and to start fresh in the House.  I guess he was trying to be symbolic, you know, like a phoenix rising from its own ashes.  The second part of his plan was to talk to Frank and to sell out the Quack Pack, exposing Ian for his true part in Boogie’s eviction.  Finally, he would throw Britney in the line of fire by suggesting to Frank that the two of them should work together, and replace Dan with Britney because no one would want to put her on the block.  Dan took all of this to Frank and he liked this idea because it would mean he would have a power player on his side who could take him further in the game.  Their alliance would also include Danielle and Jenn in order to have more numbers.

Dan had to then smooth things over with Danielle to keep his plan rolling.  He explained his funeral speech, apologized to her, and let her in on the plan.  She was still very upset with him, but she was okay wih the plan.  The only thing Danielle didn’t like about the plan was that Britney was the target for eviction.  They had become closer as friends, and not telling her was going to bother Danielle.  Frank also let Jenn in on the plan.  Her only concern was the target it would put on her back.  Don’t worry, Jenn, you are seen as expendable.  You should be lucky you’re still in this game.

At the Veto Ceremony, Ian decided not to use the PoV he won in order to try and gain some trust with Frank.  Jenn, going along with Dan’s plan, uses her PoV and removed Dan from the block.  Frank then replaced Dan with Britney.  Dan was celebrating the success of his plan that could have gone wrong at so many times. Britney, Ian and Shane are shocked with this blindside, wondering what happened to the Quack Pack alliance.

Readers, I’m not sure what happened in this episode, but somehow, Dan went from being on the road to eviction to being one step closer to winning $500 000.  I really don’t know how he convinced everyone, including Frank, to go along with his crazy master plan.  After all of this master-minding, Dan has become a very powerful, but also a very targeted player.  He is going to have to keep his friends close and enemies closer.  Then again, in Big Brother, for the most part, friends and enemies tend to be the same thing.  Will Dan’s plan work, sending Britney packing?  How will the Quack Pack respond to Dan’s betrayl?  Will Frank and Dan go to the Final Two together?  Come back to for my next BB post to find out!

Until my next post, Readers!