Gone Fishing Party Theme Table Idea

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I wanted to do something special for my other half for his birthday last year. He was turning the Big 4-0, yet has never been big on celebrating in a splashy manner. Since my guy does so much for our family, I could not let this important milestone go by without some kind of fun. So I thought for a few days on what my guy would like for me to do for his B-Day, and I came up with this small, yet fun theme party idea that he would find fun. Since he loves fishing, I thought I could put together a cute “Gone Fishing” party area for everyone to sit around and enjoy to celebrate his special day!

If I didn’t already love craft and dollar stores already, I certainly started after putting together this idea! Here are the supplies I used  to put this party theme idea together:

Bunting Supplies:

  • Card Stock
  • Yarn
  • Scissors
  • Marker
  • Measuring Tape (not pictured)
  • Tacky Glue (not pictured)
  • Box Cutter (not pictured)


Reese Speaks Gone Fishing Bunting Supplies Photo 2


Water Table Supplies:

  • White Plastic Table Cloth
  • See-Through Teal Shower Curtain
  • Rocks,
  • Faux Greenery
  • Blue and Green Food Colouring
  • Glass Bowl
  • Plastic Wildlife
  • Balloons
  • Floating Floral Candles
  • Packing Tape (not pictured)
  • Sandy-Coloured Sizzle Paper (not pictured)


Reese Speaks Gone Fishing Table Supplies Photo 2


I tackled putting together the bunting together first because it is the most time-consuming part of this theme to create. My first move was to find a spot I wanted to set up my surprise and measured the space so I would know how big I would need my letters to be.

To make triangles for my bunting, so I measured the size I wanted for each piece of card stock. Based on my measurements where it was going to hang, I found I could get two triangles out of each piece. I only needed eleven letters, but I made a few extra just in case I goofed up when writing on them.


Reese Speaks Gone Fishing Measure Bunting Photo 2


I cut out each triangle shape, scoring each one about two inches from the top so it would be easy to fold. I scored each piece about 2 inches from the top and folded it down. I then wrote out the letters on the pieces.


Reese Speaks Bunting Cutting Collage


Since I knew how big the area was for this theme table, measuring out the length of yarn I needed was the fun part of this task. I spaced the triangles along their lengths so there would be about 3 centimetres between each letter. When I put together this idea again, I will try using twine instead of yarn.

For my own piece of mind, I lined up all of the letters in the order that I would be attaching them to the piece of yarn so, in my tired state of mind, I would not flub up and mistakenly put a letter in the wrong spot.

I placed the first triangle on the yarn and applied tacky glue along the scored line of the triangle. I moved the yarn on the line of glue and folded down the flap, smooshing it down so the glue would adhere to both sides of the cardstock and the yarn. Once all of the pieces were attached to the yarn, I placed it, face (or letter)-side down to dry (for about 10 minutes). I also placed heavy objects on top of each letter to make sure the flaps stayed in place to stick together.


Reese Speaks Gone Fishing Gluing Bunting Photo 2


Now on to the more creative part of this theme table: the water table. I was trying to achieve the grassy banks we would see along the river we would see whenever we went fishing with my other half’s father. I decided to use the sand/water table our kids have in our backyard, and I put the cover over it so I could have as flat of a surface as possible. I then spread the see-through teal shower curtain over the white plastic table cloth over the table, affixing them to the table with packing tape.


Reese Speaks Gone Fishing Table Covering Photo 2


Placing the grass around the back and the side of the table was next. I fanned each piece out and tried to make it look as “natural” as possible. I kept these pieces in place with packing tape and folded the extra bits at the bottom under the table.


Reese Speaks Gone Fishing Table Grass Collage Photo


To make my “pond,” I placed my glass bowl in the center of the table and added water to it. I then added ten drops of blue food colouring into the bowl, followed by about five of the green colour. After swirling them together, I then played around with each colour until I got the right shade of teal that matched the shower curtain/table cloth covering.


Reese Speaks Gone Fishing Table Water Colouring Photo 2


The sizzle paper was a spur-of-the-moment idea I had when I felt that the grass looked a bit sparse. Thank goodness for my pack-rat ways! I then ran into my storage area where I keep all the sizzle paper I received from a previous review products and added it to fill in spaces between the grass to make it look more grass-like.

Next stop: decorating time! I place my animal wildlife, rocks and floral touches all over the table and inside of the bowl to add more fun.


Reese Speaks Table Decor Collage


It was time to bring out the bunting! Since our porch kind of looks as though it could be a dock, I hung the bunting above the table to bring the theme together. I then added more sizzle paper and balloons along the rails to add to the theme and to make it look more festive.


Reese Speaks Gone Fishing Bunting Complete Photo 2


What kind of fishing trip is complete without chairs to sit in?! I rustled up two of our camping chairs and added some balloons to add even more fun to this theme table.


Reese Speaks Gone Fishing Table Chair Balloons Photo 2


The second-to-last bit of business I had to deal with was the fishing gear. I added the finishing touches by placing the two fishing poles on each chair.

Now I was able to show the birthday boy the reason why I got out of bed on his birthday. He was surprised since this was my first attempt at putting together a theme table like this in a short amount of time. We all had fun on my guy’s 40th B-Day! It was great to sit back and pretend to be at the lake without leaving the comforts of home.


Reese Speaks Gone Fishing Feature Scene Photo 2


What I like about this Gone Fishing theme table is that it does not have to be just for a birthday party. This table can act as a water play table for quite a while, and the items used can also be used again for other ideas or playtime. You can also change what the table looks like, or expand the theme by adding fish themed snacks or cupcakes. The lid for the water table can be removed and you can have a different design all together. The sky’s the limit with this Gone Fishing theme table!

Cost to put this theme together – roughly $60.

Length of time to complete – about 3 hours (I adjusted the time a bit because I had to take photos as I put this idea together).

What sort of thing would you add to make this Gone Fishing theme table fun?

Until my next post, Readers!



I Have A Teenager (EEEEEEEK!)

Hey Readers!

The day has finally come! My eldest daughter has finally turned 13! I have been waiting for this day since the day she was born (Yay!). You are probably asking why I am so so excited that my baby (in my head, my kids will always be my babies) is now a teenager? I guess I am happy to see my daughter reach yet another milestone in her life.  Here are the major milestones I get really excited about where my kids are concerned:

  • Being born healthy
  • Their 1st birthday
  • Walking and talking
  • Potty training
  • Reading and writing without help
  • Their first day of school
  • Their 5th birthday (Bye-bye toddler hood!)
  • Their 1st best friend
  • Their 10th birthday
  • Their 1st organized sport game
  • Their 13th birthday (Bye-Bye Childhood!)

I looked at my younger two kids and I wonder where all of these years went when I look at my eldest (man, I’m old!).  I flashback to when she loved dancing without a care to her favourite songs, how she climbed on top of all of the furniture so we had to move all of our framed pictures about another foot or so higher on our wall, and her interest in insects and bugs.

Shaking the fog of the flashback away to return to the here and now,  she’s a lot like me when I was her age (tall, lanky, loved sports, hated showing any skin), but there are so many differences, too (she likes public speaking, she LOVES eating nuts, and she doesn’t love recreational reading). It’s still surprises me that this awesome kid was once this little bitty thing.

I know that many parents cringe a bit when having to deal with a teen daughter, and my mom can’t wait to see if Karma will rear its head when I start dealing with a teenaged girl. I am really excited to see where this girl young woman is going to go from this point forward. I know she would not have changed much since yesterday when she was still officially 12, but can’t wait for her to grow even more into her own. It’s been great to see some of her wardrobe choices, her taste in movies, music and television shows, and her choice in friends. It’s the big milestones during this new part of her life that unnerve me a bit, yet I can’t wait to help her through.  You know,

  • 1st crush
  • 1st big argument with her
  • Changes in appearance and wardrobe
  • 1st big fight with her BFFs
  • 1st date
  • 1st relationship
  • 1st break-up
  • Prom night (yikes!)
  • Leaving mama’s nest.

Luckily, I have my older sister who has a 16 year-old son to look to for advice and another ear to hear my rantings about the crazy thing my daughter has done. Then we’ll reminisce about the silly things we did in the same situations. If she is anything like me as a teenager, she shouldn’t get into too much trouble… 😛

The most important thing that I do not want for my daughter to lose with me is her confidence in coming to me to talk about what’s on her mind. Sure, she will turn to her friends more and more, but, as I’ve told her and continue to tell her, that my ear is always willing to listen to what she has to say, and that we are her to help her, no matter what situation she has gotten herself into.

So here’s to my eldest turning 13! I want nothing but the best for her, and I have enjoyed following along her life’s adventure so far, and I can’t wait to see where she will o lead me in her future.

One down, two to go!

Until my next post, Readers!