Big Brother 16, Episode #9: The Bomb Squad Explodes

Hi Readers! Last week was an interesting week in the BB House, and if this episode was any indication of what’s to come, then we’re in for quite a ride this week!  Who will be nominated for Eviction this week by Nicole and Derrick? Continue down the page and find out!

Devin May Be Opening the Front Door for Himself
Devin is sure he is at the top of the list to be the next HouseGuest out of the door, so he does something that may seem as though it is smart, but I think it will hurt his chances at staying in the game: He exposes the Bomb Squad.  He went around telling people before Eviction Night about this alliance, and most if them thought he was stupid for saying anything because it doesn’t make other people feel as though they can trust or want to work with Devin because he was spilling the beans about the Bomb Squad to everyone. He said that he was no longer in an alliance with them anymore, and he thought that by passing along this “valuable” information, that other players would want to work with him. Sorry, Devin. This is only hurting your game more than it is helping it.

The HoHs Are Putting Their Heads Together
Nicole and Derrick were in their HoH Room trying to figure out who they were gojng to nominate this week.  Derrick’s agenda was to try and back-door Devin, and he wanted to make sure that Nicole was on board with this plan without telling her.

BB 16’s 1st Showmance Date Viewers got to see Nicole and Hayden on their first Showmance date in the famous BB Backyard hammock.  They were flirty and cute while having a good time together.  They do make a cute couple.

The Cop and the Cowboy Make Up a Plan
Derrick and Caleb came up with a plan to try and get rid of Devin. It was this: Derrick would nominate Caleb so he could then throw the BOTB Comp. They would also make sure Nicole didn’t nominate Devin, as he was banking being put up on the so he has a chance of taking himself off the Block and not being back-doored.  Caleb said that this was risky, but sometimes you need to be risky to win.

Caleb’s Other Agenda
Caleb felt that he should let his “Queen” know about what happening so she wouldn’t be worried about him. He let her in on the plan, and she thought it was a bit nutty, but that it could work.  Then, thinking he has an in with Queen Amber, he then tries to make headway for his showmance by appealing to her sympathy. I just really hope Caleb doesn’t get too burned by Amber. He has really fallen for her.

The Rule of Thumb Generally is to Keep It Yourself
Nicole, conflicted by the choices she has to make as an HoH, turned to Donny for advice. She lets Donny in in Derrick and Caleb’s plan to get rid of Devin. For some reason, Donny thought he could just blab the plan to the rest of the House. Amber caught wind of Donny telling other HouseGuests of what was going on and went to Nicole to tell her the news. Nicole was as confused as ever about the nominations, and now she and Amber suspected Donny of being more devious than he was letting on.

Here are the HouseGuests Nicole and Derrick decided to put on the Block this week: Nicole – Amber and Donny Derrick – Jocasta and Caleb.

Devin Doing Damage Control
Devin was a bit surprised that he wasn’t nominated, but this also set off alarm bells in his head, telling him that he may be getting back-doored this week. So off he went to see Derrick to smooth things over to make sure that he was safe this week. Derrick, lying, told Devin not to worry about anything, and that he was safe. After their conversation, both HouseGuests knew that Devin would have to win the PoV in order to stay safe.

Frankie’s Going Frantic
Some of the HouseGuests are freeing Frankie out because they are becoming more curious about his family. He doesn’t mind going into detail about his parents or his brother, but when it comes to his lil’ sis, Ariana, he gets a little squirrely! He’s shifty, awkward and evasive. The HouseGuests have noticed this about him whenever the topic of his sister comes up. He is, rightfully, afraid of what will happen if the HouseGuests find out who his sister is, and how this bit of information may change Frankie’s position in the House. Frankie has got to get this nervous twitch under control, or else people will suspect him of hiding things and not trust him.

Team America’s First Mission
Derrick was given the instructions to Team America’s first mission this season. Their task: To make three other HouseGuests believe that one of their fellow HouseGuests is related to a past BB player. After some chit-chat in the BB Storage Room, they decided that Zach would be related to past season’s HouseGuest, Amanda. It was a great choice. They kind of look alike, are both from Florida, and both of them are hot-heads. The Team has three days to complete their mission. They then proceeded with America’s bidding to spread the “news” about Zach.

Getting Facts Straight
Nicole felt terrible about nominating Donny, and they had a private chat about it. Nicole asked Donny why he would talk about the plan, and he said he thought it wasn’t a secret. Nicole asked him if she specifically said not to say anything, and, after some thought, he said she didn’t. After telling him that “mum’s the word” would have been implied kn conversations like this one, the two of them hugged it out. Boy, did Donny dodgedTea yet another bullet! He should be thanking his lucky stars he’s so likable!

BOTB Comp: Abraca-BOB-Bra
The two pairs of Nominees had to put together a wall puzzle. One person (Donny and Caleb) had to gather the puzzle pieces and bring them to their partners (Amber and Jocasta) who they were attached to on a pulley that would raise and lower them as the guys moved closer and farther away from the wall in order to put the pieces of the puzzle together. The first team to put the puzzle together would win the BOTB Comp, come off the Block, and force the HoH that nominated them to lose their HoH status. It was so obvious to viewers that Caleb was throwing the Comp, allowing for Donny and his “Queen,” Amber to be safe for the week. Once the Comp was over, Nicole mysterious “vanished” in a puff of smoke, having the HouseGuests wondering where she had gone.

It’s beginning to be one a little wacky in the House, Readers! Jacotsa has no idea she has become a pawn and is in a very dangerous position right now. Anything could happen with this game, resulting in her being the one to leave this week. Could Devin get his act together and win a second PoV in a row to save himself from Eviction? Will Caleb finally win Amber’s heart? Will there be a second date between Nicole and Hayden? Where did Nicole go anyway? Hopefully most of these questions will be answered in the next episode of BB16! Come back to my blog to see what happens next on BB16!

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 16, Episode #8: The House Finally Did Something Right

Hiya Readers!

It’s the second Eviction Night on BB 16, and wow, was it an amazing episode! It was finally like the Big Brother I am used to seeing. There was a lot of drama, lying and back-stabbing…you know, like a good season of this series! Oh, and the House was sort of set right with this week’s Eviction.  Which of the Nominees got the boot?  Read on and find out!

PoV Meeting Continued

Brittany asked to say something right at the end of Episode #7 ended. She went on to sort of defend Devin’s actions.  She explained that Devin had told her that Paola had thrown the BOTB Comp in order to make sure that Brittany would stay on the Block when she was suppose to be her friend. Paola denied Brittany’s accusations, saying that this was a lie. Devin then chimed in, saying that he had even told Hayden and Nicole that Paola was going to throw the Comp because he had wanted Brittany to stay on the Block.  Zach then opened his mouth, saying that Paola sucked at everything so she deserved to be on the Block, and that he was coming after Devin if he got to stay in the House. Everyone else in the BB Living Room was in shock about what had just happened in front of them. Does this mean that the Bomb Squad is over.  Wither way, a bomb just went off in the BB House!

The End of a Bromance?

Caleb was angry with Zach for pretty much exposing the Bomb Squad to the House and for causing such a rift within it.  Even Zach’s biggest ally and “bromance,” Frankie, was not very happy with Zach.  He pretty much told Zach that he was an idiot for saying and doing what he did.  It got to the point where Frankie didn’t want to speak to him anymore and he left the room. Frankie then confessed in the Diary Room that Zach had ruined his game because he was seen as being so close to Zach.

Deny, Deny, Deny

Zach and Paola were lounging in the BB Backyard with a few other HouseGuests, and they got to discussing which of the two of them people should vote for to leave the House this week.  Paola began putting people on the spot, making them feel awkward about how they should answer.  Zach then told Paola to stop making people feel as though they should give a knee-jerk answer.  They then got into a yelling match about how Paola was lying about throwing the BOTB Comp again, making people even more uncomfortable.

Forcing Another Person into the Fold

Devin summoned Hayden into his HoH Room to ask him to replace Zach as the 8th member of the Bomb Squad.  Since Hayden could see where this alliance was going if they were nominating their own members already, he reluctantly agreed to joining the Bomb Squad, but he also confessed that he was really out to dismantle this alliance.

Live Vote and Eviction

Julie Chen gave each of the Nominees a chance to plead their cases to yhe House as to why they should stay. Paola basically spoke about how horrible Devin and Zach were as players was, how she loved everyone in the House, and that she should stay because she is such a positive person. Zach said that Paola was a horrible player, and that if he gets to stay, that his #1 mission the next week would be to see Devin walk out the BB House. This is how the House voted: Paola – 10; Zach – 2. Yep! Paola is finally out of the BB House! This should have been done last week. Finally, in my opinion, the House did something right.

Paola Chatting with Julie Chen on the Outside

During her exit interview, Paola came off flighty, yet angry because Devin screwed with her game. She has her own mind. She could have not thrown the BOTB Comp, but she threw it, along with her chances at the BB 16 crown.

HoH Comp: UNDERWATER POLO Each HouseGuest (minus Devin) had to hit a polo balk with a polo mallet to get the ball into a numbered slot on the other side of a board. The player with the two highest scores would become the next set of HoHs. Once all of yhe HouseGuests had their turn, Nicole and Frankie ended up winning the Comp with scores of 29 (the highest score you can get) and 24. Julie Chen congratulated the winners, marking the end of the episode.

There you have it, Readers! Eviction #2 has come and gone, clearing the decks for another crazy, action-packed week in the BB House.  I wonder what will happen in the House.  Will Devin’s reign of terror see him put up on the Block? Who else will be put up alongside Devin?  What new concoction will the producers make the Have-Nots eat this week?  Find all of these things out by swinging back by to my blog to see how everything pans out!

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 14, Episode #19 – Ian’s Mission: Accomplished?

Hey Readers!

It was a special episode of BB.  It was a double eviction night! That’s right, two houseguests will be leaving the BB House in one night.  For those of you not familiar with BB, this means that someone will an HoH for about 30 minutes.  It’s great if you have someone in your sights, and you want to get rid of them, but you don’t get to enjoy the other HoH perks, like having an HoH Room, or safety from slop for a week.  Will Ian’s silent mission of getting rid of the Boogie, and eventually Frank, be accomplished tonight, or will the House get swayed by Boogie’s rhetoric, sending Jenn home?  Read on to find out.

Boogie was still reeling from Shane’s decision not to put Dan up on the block. He spoke with Shane about this choice in Shane’s HoH Room along with a gaggle of other houseguests present.  Boogie thought he was being jerked around.  If you remember my last BB post, Boogie thought he could influence Shane’s veto choice by speakjng to him right before the Veto Ceremony.  Boogie has to stop believing his own hype and realize everything can’t go his way all the time.  Shane told Boogie he didn’t jerk him around, and he made a move that would benefit his game.

Boogie was then pressuring Dan to admit it was he that has become the turncoat of their alliance.  Ian, the real turncoat, just sat quietly while Dan, once again, took the heat for Ian’s actions.  That’s really uncool, Ian.

When Jenn and Shane were alone, she then asked him why he would put her on the block.  Shane told her she was a pawn, and that Boogie was the target.  No one likes being the pawn, so Jenn then asked why he didn’t put Joe up.  Shane explained to her that she had nothing to worry about.  Jenn was still wary about this plan once their talk was over.

During the live portion of the show, Julie Chen informed to the houseguests about the double eviction happening that night. The houseguests were shocked and excited about what was to come.  They were also told that the second person evicted that night would become the first jury member, being sequestered at the BB Jury House until Finale Night.

At the Live Vote and Eviction, Jenn gave the “I Love  Everyone” speech, then commented on how it was uncool of her former Coach and teammate to be campaigning against her, and to vote for whoever will advance their game.  Boogie thanked family and friends, then turned to Joe, telling him it was payback time since he saved Joe last week.  The vote was 5-2 to keep Jenn in the House.  I was cheering so loud when I saw Boogie’s hopes and threats die before his eyes.  During his goodbyes, Ian and Boogie spoke to each other, then Boogie told Frank than Ian couldn’t be trusted, then walked out the door.  During the Farewell Messages after Julie Chen’s interview, Boogie learned of Ian’s betrayl.  Boogie was proud of what, he felt, he taught Ian in order to get him evicted.  Thanks, Ian, for inflating his ego even further!  At least Part One of Ian”s plan has come to fruition.

The houseguests then got ready for the HoH Competition, Before or After.  The houseguests had to guess if a certain event Julie Chen described happened before or after another event occured. The winner was the player that got all of the questions right.  At the end of the game, Ian finally came out victorious.  It is bitter-sweet, though, because he finally has power in the House, but it will rushed and short-lived.  Now Ian has a chance to complete his mission in one night.  Let’s see if he can do it.

Everyone was rushed into the House to have the Nomination Ceremony. Ian had about two minutes to decided that he wanted Frank and Ashley up for eviction.  Ah, is this sweet revenge for his failed showmance with Ashley, or is there something else going on that we don’t know about?

Somewhere Over the Veto was the PoV Competition.  The HoH, the Nominees, Shane, Dan and Joe had to find two clovers at the end of their lanes, then had to get the veto.symbol and race to hit the buzzer in order to win the PoV.  After racing back and forth along their lanes, Frank won the PoV to save himself from joining Boogie on the outside of the BB House.

The houseguests then rushed back inside for the PoV Meeting.  Of, course, Frank took himself off the block, forcing Ian to replace him with another player.  Poor Joe was them bestoded with this honour.

At the second Live Vote and Eviction Ceremony, Ashley gave a speech that made no sense.  Surprisingly, Joe just stood up and sat down.  It was probably because of the yammering speech the last time he was in this position.  The vote was 5-1 to evict Ashley.  She became the first BB Jury member, and will be sequestered at the BB Jury House.

Wow! That was a lot of BB for one night.  It got my mind whirling, wondering what to make of Ian’s nominations.  I think Ian’s plans were slightly foilled by Frank’s good luck, or his poor decision making. Why not backdoor Frank to make sure he couldn’t win PoV to save himself?  Was revenge really the reason Ashley was put up?  I can’t wait for the next episode to find out the answers to these questions.

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 14, Episode #16 – Showmance Over?

Hey Readers!

It’s another Eviction Night! Yes, this horrible week with Frank as HoH will come to an end.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good competitor and all, but when you pretty much have all the power in this game for a week and you don’t flex it strategically, that bothers me.  It was a waste of a week.  He even had the numbers to do what he wanted with the Floaters (Ashley, Joe, Wil and Jenn), as well as Boogie (he would have gone along with it even if he didn’t like it), yet he chose to do what Boogie wanted, again.  Even though he doen’t make any big moves to help his BB game, he does bust a move that could end a showmance in the House.  Let’s see how he managed to do this, as well as who gets evicted this week.

After the PoV Ceremomy, all of the players in the BB House were scrambling, wondering who they were going to evict this week.  Many of them realized they had to win the HoH Competition to make sure Boogie wouldn’t get it.  They didn’t want another week of instability under Boogie and Frank’s thumb.

Frank and Dan discussed a Final Three Deal.  Dan also expessed how happy he was not to have been put on the block at the PoV Ceremony.  Frank was, well, frank in his response to Dan’s happiness.  He told Dan that he was seriously considering putting Dan on the block, but thought it was best for their alliance not to.  After hearing that, Dan trusted Frank even less than he did before.

Ashley wanted to see where Frank’s head was where voting was concerned.  She went up to the HoH Room, to chat about Wil’s situation in the House.  Frank informed Ashley that one of the reasons why Wil may be going this week was because he is an emotional player, and doesn’t always play strategically (Ex. – voting for Janelle to be evicted becuase she offended him without realizing she had done so, yet apologized for it.  Wil never got over it).  Once all of the unpleasantries were out of the way, Ashley spoke about how she missed having testosterone around her.  Frank took that as an invitation to ask her if she wanted to make-out with him.  Without much resistance, Ashley jumped on the Frank Tank and started making-out!  If that was a part of Ashley’s game-play, she had better be careful with Frank.  He doesn’t seem as though he’s the type to mix business and pleasure, if you know what I mean!

While all of that fun was happening, Ian, Ashley’s original “showmance” partner was wondering what was taking so long for Ashley to get the goods from Frank.  Oh, trust me, Ian, she was getting something good, but not in a way that would please you.  Ian asked Britany if that was what she thought was happening.  Britany was honest, sizing up Ian and his competition, and told him flat out that whatever the two of them had was done.  Ian was not too pleased with Britany’s reponse and proceeded to pout in the BB Backyard.

It’s as if the Live Vote and Eviction ceremonies are carbon copies of one another.  As usual, at this ceremony, there was the fill in the blank speech, thus time it was given by Wil, telling the houseguests to make a decision that was best for their game in the House.  At least Joe was Joe.  His speech went nowhere, and Julie Chen had to tell him he was yapping too much.  He eventually told everyone to keep it real, and he’d keep cooking for them if he stays.  The houseguests decided to keep the long-winded Joe, and Wil was evicted. 

The next HoH competition was called Swamped.  Each contestant had to go across their own slippery lane that looked as though it was ice covered with margarine in order to fill a large jar in order to win the HoH spot.  Here’s the catch, Readers: there were two other smaller jugs that were designed to tempt the players not to want to win HoH.  One was labelled “$10 000” and the other was “Safety.”  If any of the houseguests filled any one of these jugs before the HoH jug was filled, then that houseguest won either the money or safety for the week.  Once the larger HoH jug is filled, these temptations would no longer be up for grabs.  Sorry to tell you, Readers, but the episode ended while the competition was still happening.  I know, I hate when BB does that!

Who do you think will be victorious this week?  Will it be someone from one of the alliances in the House, or one of the Floaters?  Fingers, crossed, I’m hoping for someone new to occupy the HoH throne.Leave me a comment or send me an email with your thoughts!  I really want to know what you think will happen this week.

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Big Brother 14, Episode #13 – Boogie the Puppet Master

Hello Readers!

Wow! What a difference a few days, as well as a crafted scheme, makes!  It makes me shake my head every time I think about what happened in this episode.  Let me tell you what happened…

Janelle was still shocked that she was chosen as Wil’s replacement on the block.  Usually in BB history, the players put up as pawns are the ones that go home.  Wil, you were an exception to the rule.  Janelle asked Britany why she was being targeted by Danielle.  As per usual, Britany gave her the run-around, leaving Janelle with more doubts than she had before. 

Janelle then went to Danielle to see if there was any bad blood between them, and to turn things around in her favour.  Danielle told her it was because she was told that Janelle was coming after her.  Danielle said it was because she felt as though Janelle was targeting her, so Danielle really wanted to beat Janelle to the punch and get her out of the House first.  Janelle thought that there was a rat behind Danielle’s excuse, and it’s name was Boogie.

Britany was having second thoughts about going through with the plan to backdoor Janelle.  After speaking to Janelle, she still wasn’t 100% sure why it was bencficial to have Janelle out of the House.  The Silent Six convinced Britany of Janelle’s bad-mouthing and lying ways.  Britany still looked confused, and unsure of her decision.

At the Live Vote and Eviction Ceremony, Frank, still wearing his spiritard, spoke of how unfair it was that his name was dragged through the mud, and for the houseguests to keep things classy in the House should he leave.  Janelle, half-heartedly, told the players that she loved them all, and to vote how they felt.  By a vote of 8-1 (I guess Joe didn’t get the memo), the House voted to evict Janelle.  I guess this was the only “fair” way Boogie could have gotten rid of Janelle since she is such a strong player.  I’m not how many times I have said this, but this was a cheap move on Boogie’s part. I guess if Boogie can’t go head-to-head with a player this season, his only play is to backdoor his enemies.

Battle of the Bands was the next HoH Competition.  Two houseguests take turns listening to descriptions of competitions played so far this season (HoH, Coaches’, or Veto).  The first one to guess the game correctly moves on until there is a winner.  Of all the people to win, Frank comes out victorious! 

Shane, Danielle, Britany, and Dan may be in for a world of hurt this coming week. Watch your backs, guys!  Maybe they should have gotten rid of Frank, again, when they had the chance, again.  If they think are safe with Frank, they are sadly mistaken, especially with Boogie pulling Frank’s strings!

Well, that’s the end of another episode of BB!  We’ll find out in my next post BB post how Frank deals with the knowledge he was given from Boogie, and just how much puppeteering Boogie will do to make his plans a reality.

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 14, Episode #11 – The Underdog Rises!

Hey Readers! 

I’m back with the all of the sneaky tidbits of BB 14!  Since there was no eviction this week, how will this week’s HoH fair in the BB House? Let’s find out right now!

The HoH Competition continued from the last episode.  The show then cut to a scene that was recorded before the competitiom began where Dan was talking frantically to Boogie.  He told Boogie that Frank was the intended target for eviction, not Joe.  Boogie was livid because he found out that he was not in control of the game, and that Frank was going to be backdoored without his knowledge.Boogie then let Frank know once both of them were eliminated from the competition about this development. He, too,  began to question where he actually stood with those he thought he could trust in this game.

Back at the competition, after many of the houseguests let go of the ship, either out of sheer exhaustion or because they thought/assumed they were safe from eviction, Danielle, the Underdog came out as the victor, as well as the first female HoH of this season.  After she peeled herself off of the side of the ship, Dan gave her a big hug, and Shane, probably out of a sense of gratitude because Danielle would not put him on the block yet, gave her a super-duper kiss.  Yeah, Danielle wasn’t complaining how sore she was after that display of affection!

After the competition, Boogie was playing detective in order to find out why Frank was the target of the last eviction.  He also wanted to know who else was in on this plan.  Brittany was questioned by Boogie about what she knew.   She then made a beeline for Shane to warn him about what Boogie knew and to keep his mouth shut.  This is because it could ruin the trust that Frank still possibly had in him which could cost Shane the game.  Brittany also tried to smooth things over with Boogie and Frank hoping they would believe she knew nothing of this plan.  Unfortunately for her, they were on to her, and decided to no longer trust anything she says for the rest of the game.

Dan finally admitted to letting the cat out of the bag to Brittany and Danielle in the Storage Room.  After some smooth talking, Dan got the ladies to forgive him for making such a huge mistake.  They regrouped in the Danielle’s HoH Room to discuss who were the biggest threats in the House.  They decided they were Boogie, Janelle, Frank and Wil (no real surprise there, Readers!).  Dan didn’t like the idea of two former Coaches possibly being put in the block because he felt it would put a larger target on his back if one of them left the House.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Danielle announced that Frank and Wil were up for eviction this week.  This choice made both nominees furious.  Of course, Wil was upset over Danielle’s choices. He was one of the people Danielle promised safety to during the HoH Competition.  All I have to Wil is never, ever take the word of anyone in this game, no matter who it is.  After all, promises are made to be broken, especially in the BB House!  Frank was upset because he was nominated for the second week in row, and that can mess with a player’s head in this game.

How will Danielle’s turn on the HoH throne impact her game-play?  Is she going to be able to make a decision for herself this week, or will she depend on Dan to hold her hand and tell her what to do? In my next BB post, maybe we will have some, if not all, of these questions answered.  Oh, and check out my page for Reese Speaks on Facebook!   You can find out more about me, some of the other things I’m interested in and some of my future blog topics, along with links to these sites.

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