Big Brother 14, Episode #30 – Finale Night: Brains Over Deception

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It’s Finale Night!  As mentioned on my Facebook page, I was watching with my celebratory cupcakes in hand, ready to see how this season ends.  Who will be crowned the winner of BB 14?  No, I don’t think the Jury will be giving it to Danielle.  If Dan doesn’t screw up too badly, he should come out on top, unless Ian gets the best of him.  Read on to see who comes out in top!

Dan was still hard at work.  He made a Final Two deal with Ian.  If Ian threw the first part of the HoH Competition, then Dan would take him to the Final Two, kicking Danielle to the curb.  Of course, Dan had a Final Two deal with Danielle as well. Dan told her of the deal he made with Ian, but said it was only to get Ian to drop out of the HoH Competition.  Dan also wanted Danielle to drop out of this part of the Competition, so Dan could take this round and go straight to the final round. 

I didn’t think Ian and Danielle would be so stupid as to trust what anyone would say at this point in the game, but they did!  Ian dropped first, then went inside so Dan could talk to Danielle.  Then Dan wanted Danielle to think the idea to drop out was hers.  Danielle was unsure at first, then she drops!  I was about to start knocking my head on the wall over this.  Really you two!  Ian and Danielle had all of the power over Dan, but they didn’t see it.  I think Dan said it earlier this season when he was coaching Danielle when he said that you shouldn’t be agreeing to deals, that you should be actually making the deal.  They both failed to realize the Jury would credit them for getting rid of Dan and he wouldn’t have any hard feelings, once out of the House, of course.  Dan needed them to take him, not the other way around.  They should be working together to get rid of Dan, not each other.

Dan really wanted to take Danielle to Final Two because, well, it’s a no-brainer.  Most people do not respect Danielle on the Jury, and would see her as a puppet, not a player with a real strategy.  While speaking to Dan, Danielle was sharing her worries about being able to beat Ian in the next competition.  Dan was more concerned with softening up the Jury, and trying to get Danielle to promise to help him in this area by singing Dan’s praises to them.

In Part Two of the final HoH Competition, Danielle and Ian had to scale a bunch of windows and the find the faces of evicted houseguests, then put them in order of their eviction.  The player who accomplished this task the quickest won this round.  Danielle and Ian did this alone in the BB backyard.  Once both players were finished, all three houseguests went into the backyard to find out the results.  Ian beat Danielle by less than a minute to take Part Two.He will now face Dan in the Part Three of the HoH Competition.

Once the houseguests were back inside the House, Dan started celebrating, shouting “Final Two!”  Ian got upset with Dan because Danielle heard Dan what was yelling.  Danielle was furious for two reasons.  She was upset because she wouldn’t get to play for HoH, and because she thought Dan and Ian had something going on behind her back.  Why would she be upset over this, I don’t know.She has a deal with Dan for Final Two, and she knew what Dan has done in the past. What baffled me the most was that she took her frustration out on Ian, and then Ian didn’t think to say that he knew Danielle wasn’t taking him to Final Two.  Dan came out of this unscathed.  Danielle was so furious that she threatened to taint the Jury against Ian if he didn’t take her with him to Final Two.  Maybe Dan’s magic is that good, that even all his bad actions can bounce off of him and stick to other people.

The show then went to the Jury House as they were discussing who the next member will be.  Shane joined the group, and he was still shocked to be out of the game.  They then started talking about the pros and cons of the Final Three. 

They thought Ian had came a long way from Day 1 in the BB House.  He became good at competitions, and could make hard decisions on his own.  Frank and Jenn didn’t like Ian because of his “betrayl” of Boogie, and how he ratted them out to the Quack Pack.

None of them saw many winning qualities in Danielle.  Like me, the Jury saw her as Dan’s puppet, following and doing whatever he wanted, and not doing anything significant by herself in the game.  Shane tried to say that she won competitions, but then he was reminded that she sqandered any power she had by letting Dan control her.

They had a fun time with Dan.  Britney was a fan of Dan’s because of how he played the game, and how dangerous he was as a player.  Jenn agreed with Britney, admiring how he sent so many people packing.  Joe and Frank disagreed with the ladies, saying that his game was dirty.  Dan was also sneaky, and it was the wrong play the game.  The ladies then responded to the guys by saying there are no real rules to playing BB (except for violence against another person), so it didn’t matter whether Dan played dirty or not.  Frank shouldn’t talk.  He played dirty in this game as well.  He’s just being a sore loser.  Most of the Jury Memebers decided that they would.make up their minds at the Finale.

Part Three of the HoH Competition was a “How well do you know your fellow Jury Members” game.  Julie would begin a statement that one of the Jury Memebers had previously recorded.  Dan and Ian had to guess from two possible answers.  The player who guessed the most correct answers out of seven would be the last HoH of the summer.  After a crushing victory (or a thrown competition by Dan), Ian won, giving him the power to take one other person with him to the Final Two!

The show then rushed the Final Three into the BB Livingroom in order to have the Final Eviction.  Most people would have expected Ian to have made the smart move and choose to take Danielle with him. Nope! He said he had to live up to his word and take Dan.  Danielle looked disappointed, even though she would have done the same thing to Ian.  Oh, Ian! This was such a big risk he was taking!

The Jury Memebers were then brought out and asked Ian and Dan questions about their game-play.  The Jury then heard the Final Two’s final pleas as to why they should win the BB 14.  Ian said he was disgusted with the way Dan played the game.  He highlighted his competition wins, and let the Jurors know that Dan was able to stay in the game longer because he was a coach, having essentially three chances to win the game, whereas Ian only had one.  Dan said that he was in trouble from the reset (that he voted for), and that the only way he would win was by playing ruthlessly.  He had to control the game and constantly playing people around the clock because he knew he couldn’t win the game by winning competitions.  He could only win by getting rid of people.

The Jurors then put their keys into the  lock, this time voing for.someone to win.  Julie Chen then brought back the other evicted houseguests.  No, Willie was not invited to the festivities.  They shared their thoughts on the season because they were allowed to watch everything from home.  The Vote was finally revealed.  It was a suprising result.  The winner of Big Brother 14 was…Ian Terry!  Yes, Readers, brains did win out over deception.  The Jury voted 6-1 for him to win.  The only reason why Dan got a vote was because Danielle promised she would do so.  Really? I think she’s still under Dan’s spell.  Oh, before I forget, the viewers also got to vote.for their favourite player this season.  I’m so disappointed in their choice. They voted for Frank.  He received $25 000.

Well, Readers, there goes another season of Big Brother.  There were many highs and lows this summer.  I was wrong about my assumptions of some of the players, but it didn’t ruin how much I enjoyed watcing them do crazy things three times a week. 

Now that BB 14 is over for the year, I’ll be turning to my other reality shows to fill the void.  I’ll be posting on two shows on my blog this fall season – Survivor: Philippians, and America’s Next Top Model: College Edition.  I hope you will be popping onto my blog to check out how these shows develop.  Thank you so much to those who have been checking in, it means a lot to me.

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Big Brother 14, Episode #29 – Memories!

Hi Readers!

This is the last episode before the big Finale! I know, the season’s almost over. There are only three players left in the game, since Dan booted Shane out of the House without Danielle knowing. The remaining houseguests are looking back on their time in the BB House, as well as getting geared up for the final HoH Competition taking place tonight. Who will be one step closer to winning it all? Let’s take a look.

Dan was scratching his head trying to figure out how he’ll get votes from the Jury since he had a hand in sending most of them there.  He thought he was in good with both Danielle and Ian for Final Two, even though Danielle was still upset with him over Shane’s departure (Does this sound familiar – Frank being upset with Dan over Boogie leaving?  Look where that got him.).  Dan went back to work, once again smoothing things over with Danielle by telling her she’ll win the game.  Danielle retorted by asking him why he couldn’t be honest with her.  She was also not sure whether she could trust Dan anymore in the game.  While these two are talking, Ian was pacing all over the House, stoking himself up to win the last HoH and then the game.  Ian, maybe you should keep your eye on the other two players potentially plotting against you instead of going around the House like a mad man.

The Final Three then partake in a celebratory brunch set out for them in the BB kitchen.  In the Diary Room, Danielle confessed she would plan her revenge on Dan while sipping mimosas.  Danielle, you have the memory of a flea.  What makes you think you will ever get around to thinking about how to get rid of Dan now?  While reminising over the events of the summer, Dan continued to work over Danielle, trying to get her to forget all of the horrible things he did to her.  Once they were done going over all of their good and bad times this summer, they toasted each other to the rest of their time in the House.

Hook, Line and Sinker was the name of Part 1 of the final HoH Competition.  The last person holding onto their human-sized fishing line would win this round of the compettion, as well as a by from Part 2.  The players were sitting on their fish hook seats while being submerged into a deep pond of water, then being swung into a padded wall while being soaked by heavy rain.  I’m not sure what the wall has to do with fishing, but I’m not a producer on this show.  The episode ended with the last three players going through this routine.  Gotta love endurance challenges!

This was a short post, I know.  There was more talking than I would have liked, but what can you do?  Now, I just want to get to the Finale.  I really hope Ian and Danielle have learned by now not to trust whatever comes out if Dan’s mouth.  Hopefully, all of their reminising helped them do this.  Yes, I’m still rooting for Dan to win, but the smart thing would be to get rid of him.  Whoever is able to do this will win the votes of the Jury.  Who will win the last HoH of the season? Who will then win it all?  We will find out during the next episode!

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Big Brother 14, Episode #27 – It’s a Toss-Up, Really…

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Next week is Finale Night for BB 14! I know, I’m so anxious to find out who’s going to win it all!  This epidode was an Early Eviction Night.Yeah, I know, it’s as thought they ran out of time and are kicking people out of BB House left, right and center!  With Jenn and Shane in the block, it’s really a toss up as to who’s leaving.  Will Dan have a hand in this person’s eviction as well?  Let’s go and see what went down…

Jenn and Shane have different opinions about being on the block.  Shane wasn’t sweating his time on the block.  He believed he was simply a pawn, and that no one was gunning for him.  Little did he know that Dan had his sights on Shane.  Dan has wanted to get rid of Shane for a while, but has needed him for numbers and to keep Danielle even more in line.  I guess Dan figured he can now totally control Danielle, since the summer is almost over, and Shane’s game is so much better than Danielle’s was.  Jenn, on the other hand, was mad at Dan.  She thought Dan was setting her up to be his next casualty in the House.  Dan used his magic words and comforted her, telling her she had nothing to worry about, and that Shane was leaving.  Dan admitted in the Diary Room that he really didn’t care who left.  What Dan didn’t know was that Jenn was confiding in Danielle about her anger with Dan, and that Danielle was beginning to share Jenn’s frustrations.

Time Flies was the next PoV Compettion.  Each player had to use a zip cord to fly between a magnitized puzzle they had to solve and a timer they had to reset every 20 seconds.  If the timer ran out out time before the player got back to it in time, they were eliminated from the competition.  The player that put the puzzle together first won the Veto.  After a lot of swinging back and forth, Shane, of all people, won this PoV!  I know, he was able to do this one all on his own.  He also won a luxury prize of getting to leave the BB House with a houseguest of his choice, and meet the US Ladies’ Gymnastics team.  Smart move on his part, he chose Danielle to go with him, and showed her some PDA to keep her happy.  They had a good time!

Dan had to go to work and be, Mr. Wonderful because he didn’t want to be the replacement nominee for Shane.  He went to Ian to talk to him about putting Danielle up on the block, as a pawn, of course.  Ian seemed receptive to Dan’s idea.At the PoV Meeting, Shane removed himself from the block, and Ian used Dan’s idea, and named Danielle as his replacement nominee.  She didn’t even see it coming.

At the Live Vote and Eviction, Jenn gave the standard plea to stay in the House, speaking as though she knew she was leaving.  Danielle, gave the usual speech that meant “I know I’m Not Going Anywhere,” and wished Jenn well.  Of course, the vote was 2-0 for Jenn to be evicted.  Jenn left in good spirits, and wished everyone luck.

At the next HoH Competition, Photograghic Memory, the houseguests were previously given pictures of themselves that were taken throughout the summer, and had to remember if certain items were actually in the picture that Julie was asking for.  Danielle won this HoH Competition by beating Dan in a tie-breaker question.

I really didn’t care who left in this eviction.  If Shane left, no tears would have been shed by me.  I wonder how this is going to play out.  Will Danielle see through Dan’s song and dance and get him evicted before the Final Three, or will she continue to be Dan’s puppet until Dan wants to get rid of her?  There are only four people left.  One of them will be $500 000 dollars richer soon.  Come back and find out who will be the next houseguest to be evicted on BB 14!

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Big Brother 14, Episode #25 – Bon Voyage!

Hey Readers! It’s another Double Eviction Night on BB 14. We will see if Dan was able to do what everyone in the House wasn’t able to do all summer. You know, to send Frank packing. If he is successful, please just give Dan the $500 000 right here and now. If not, maybe Frank will be thrown out during the sped-up week later on in the show. Let’s get cracking and find out what happened to the houseguests in this episode! Dan was beginning to crack a bit under the BB pressure. While speaking to Frank about Joe leaving the House this week, Dan let his backdoor plan slip a bit by suggesting the idea that there was a chance that Joe could stay. Frank was worrying about not being able to compete in the next HoH Competition because of his punishment in the Draw Something PoV Competition, but he really didn’t catch what Dan said. Lucky dog! Frank then brought up their Final Two deal. Dan tried to skip around the question. Hopefully, Frank got the message, but I think that’s very doubtful. Joe and Ian had their heads together as well. Joe wanted to make sure that he was just a pawn in Ian’s decision to use him as a replacement for eviction. Ian assured Joe that this was indeed the case, and advised Joe to just lay low and to keep his mouth shut. In the Diary Room, Ian confessed that the only person that could screw up this plan was Joe, and that he was right not to leave Frank in the game. Joe then does something that could have really hurt his chances in the game. While going to sleep, he starts talking to who he thought was Shane in the bed next to him about strategy. What Joe didn’t know is that it was actually Dan he was speaking to. This got Dan thinking how he couldn’t trust Joe, and maybe Joe should go before Frank. What if that was Frank in the bed and not Dan? Dan had some pros and cons to work out before the eviction. At the Live Vote and Eviction, Julie Chen let the houseguests in on the double evictions happening that evening. The houseguests had mixed emotions about this news. They liked the idea of having one extra person exiting the House that evening, but they didn’t like the idea that they may be that extra peraon walking out the door. Frank seemed relaxed. He gave a shout-out to Boogie, and reminded the houseguests that he wasn’t a threat because he couldn’t compete in the next HoH. Joe.joked about being a threat to anyone in the House, thanked the houseguests for the summer, and told them to vote how they felt would help them best. The vote was 3-1 to have Frank evicted! He really didn’t see the backdoor slamming into his face until Julie announced he was indeed evicted. Bon voyage, happy trails, and get a move on Frank! I couldn’t stand another week of seeing Frank’s smug face in the House, looking as though he was entitled to win the game. He really needed Boogie to play for him. One more down, four more houseguests to get through, Dan! After the short celebration, the HoH Competition, Make Your Case was played. Julie Chen read the pleas of evicted houseguests, and the players had to guess who said it. The player with the most correct answers won HoH. After breaking a three-way tie with Danielle and Jenn, Dan continued to assert his dominance in the House by coming out victorious. Dan promptly namerd Joe and Ian as his Nominees. Swimming with the Sharks was the PoV Competition. All of the players were allowed to compete since there were only six of the left in the House. They had to guide a shark fin through a maze then race back to the beginning of the platform and hit a buzzer to win. Ian blazed through the maze to save himself from eviction. Ian really knows how to pull out a win when it counts. I’m happy he won. I’m not ready to see him leave the game yet. Dan needs someone to compete against. At the Veto Meeting, Ian removed himself from the block. Dan announced that his replacement would be non other than his gal Friday, Danielle. A shocked Danielle took Ian’s seat. I thought he did this to guarantee Joe’s eviction. At the Live Vote and Eviction – Part Two, Danielle said she was not ready to leave the game and asked to be kept in the House. Joe thanked all the houseguests, and reminded them of his loyalty. The vote was 3-0 to evict Joe from the BB House. He wasn’t his Foghorn Leghorn-self. He was graceous, said his goodbyes, then left the House. Dan did it, again! This time, it was to someone who deserved it. Looking back, it wasn’t so much of a backdooring, but more of a total manipulation that Dan did on Frank. Unless Ian and the rest of the House gang up on Dan, there’s nothing to stop Dan from winning everything. The only thing Dan should be focusing on now is how to get Jury Votes, since he has had a hand in sending all of its members there so far, along with the other potential members still in the House. Tread carefully, Dan! Check back into my blog to see if Dan can indeed keep up his dominance over the rest of the House! Until my next post, Readers! Reese.

Big Brother 14, Episode #23 – We Break Up Just to Make Up!

Hello Readers!

Well, this episode of BB 14 made me scrarch my head for a second before I said to myself, “Hello!   This is a reality show!”  I keep thinking why do people continue to trust what other players say?  I guess when you’re caught up in the moment, some of your common sense goes out the window.  What am I talking about? Well, Readers, read on and you’ll find out!

The show began with the continuation of the Soak Up the Sun Competition.  Joe let go of his swing first, making him the proud winner of whatever punishment the Twitter viewers voted for.  This punishmemt was better than I thought it would be.  He had a 24-hour hula hoop boot camp, where he had to use a hula hoop whenever a song played over the loud speakers until it stopped.  It was sooooo much better than Frank’s 24-hour chum baths. It took an hour and fifty-six minutes for Ian the Avenger to out-swing the other players and win the HoH spot this week.

There were mixed feelings about Britney’s eviction.  Ian felt aweful and unsafe now that Britney was backdoored from the BB House.  He thought that Britney was voted out because of her loyalty to him.  Dan, on the other hand, was bitter-sweet about Britney leaving.  He said he was going to miss her because she was a great person, but he happy because it was one less person he had to go through to get the $500 000.

The show then flashed back five hours before the live show aired.  Dan wanted to smooth things over with Shane just in case Shane won HoH so Dan would not find himself on the block.  Dan said all the things that Shane wanted to hear, and Shane fell for it.  Where’s Britney when Shane needs her most? Oh, yeah, she was going to out the door soon, so I guess her help would no longer be appreciated.  Dan felt good about how things went with Shane because now he was in the middle of two alliances in the House, and they both thought Dan was still loyal to them.  Dan affirmed in the Diary Room thar his one and only true loyalty was to himself, no matter what happened in the game.

Flashing forward to the present, the houseguests were trying to see how to get in good with their new HoH.  If you don’t remember, Ian was the only one who voted for Britney to stay in the House.  Dan has secretly turned his back on his alliance with Frank and Jenn, and is planning to try to get in good with Ian and the Quack Pack.  Danielle and Shane were talking about who they thought Ian would nominate.  Shane told Brintey of the deal he made with Ian at the end of the HoH Competition.  Ian promised that Shame and Danielle would both not be nominated or backdoored this week if Shane eliminated himself.  Frank and Joe hoped that Ian would target someone else because everyone voted for Britney to leave, and the two of them have been on the block just about every week.

Ian called the former Quack Pack together to have a meeting.  He unveilled his nominations for the week, being Frank and Joe, and threw up the idea to mend their alliance.  Since the other members didn’t want to be in Frank or Joe’s shoes, they jumped on board with Ian’s idea.  The Quack Pack is back, y’all!

Frank wanted Ian to hear his plea not to be nominated, so he went to Ian to try and get him to see his point of view.  Ian told Frank he should sweat a bit, probably because of what happened between them last week.  Frank told Ian that Dan didn’t have his back, and that they should make a Final Two deal.  Ian thought about this idea because Frank was not allowed to compete in the next HoH as one of the punishments of the Draw Something PoV competition. 

When Ian was alone, he found Pandora’s Box had made another apperance in the House for the HoH to open.  This time, it was a Christmas scene.  The card said that if he opened Pandora’s Box, he would have the best Christmas ever.  Ian didn’t take too long to decide that he wanted to open the Box, not knowing if it was truly a good or bad thing to do.  Well, it was an amazing decision for Ian o make.  He got so many things he wanted, along with $1 000.

It was one of the worst times of the year for the rest of the houseguests, thanks to Ian’s decision and Pandora’s Box.  Instead of being showered with gifts and money, they were visited by Jesse Clause.  Yes, it was time for former BB houseguest, Jesse’s, annual visit.  Gifts were handed out by Jesse.  Not great ones like Ian was getting, but organic food that most of them didn’t like.  Oh, and Jesse was more of a taker than a giver by also removing all of the junk food from the BB House.  Jesse pretty much made everyone, except Ian, a Have-Not for the week. 

At the HoH Meeting, all of the House’s suspicions were confirmed.  Ian indeed named Frank and Joe as the nominees for the week.  No surprise there! Frank said he was going to do everything he could to stay in the House longer.  Joe yelled he was going fight as hard as he could to stay as well. 

What is going to happen this  week?  Will Frank or take themselves off the block?  Will the Quack Pack stay strong this time? Wil Dan continue to snowball the houseguests?  Check back onto my blog to find out!

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 14, Episode #22 – Hell Hath No Fury….

Hey Hey Readers!

This episode of BB was amazing, at least for me it was.  It was another Double Eviction Night where two houseguests would be leaving the BB House. Frank and Joe were on the block, and Dan was setting Britney up to be blindsided by being evicted from the House.  Does Dan’s plan come to frution, or will Britney dodge this eviction?  You can find out by continuing to read this post!

Britney and Ian were shocked by what just happened.  They never expected for Dan to have tried to backdoor Britney, not this soon, anyway.  Britney then went to Dan, first to congratulate Dan on saving himself, then warned him to be mindful of how he treated people in this game.

Britney then went to work, seeking out Frank in his HoH Room.  Along with Jenn, Britney does not fault them for what had just happened.  Britney said to them she thought they did this because it was payback for Ashley’s eviction.  She also let the two of them know that she would be able to help them get further in the game if they helped to save her this week.  Britney does have the ability to help Jenn and Frank because she has Shane and Ian in her pocket.

Ian and Frank got into a yelling match over Boogie’s eviction.  Frank was calling Ian’s character out to the rest of the House, saying that Ian was sneaky, and that no one should trust him.  Ian defended himself.  Ian also mentioned to the House that anyone would be a fool to take Frank to Final Two because the Jury would vote for Frank to win.  Frank responded by saying everyone in the House already knew this, that Ian was basically wasting his breath.

Britney started a tirade on Dan.  She told anyone who would listen that Dan is willing to do anything to stay in the House, even slit the throats (figuratively speaking) of other houseuests to get to the end.  Frank heard all of this and was happy because Britney was helping to increase the size of the target on Dan’s back, taking some of the heat off of himself.

At the Live Vote and Eviction, Danielle just said how much she enjoyed playing the game, and wanted to continue playing.  Britney pretty much chewed Dan out, calling him her “Judas.”  The vote was 4-1 for Britney to be evicted.  Yeah, you would have thought that Shane would have voted for her, but I guess he figured that having Danielle on his pinky was more advantageous to him than a stronger player like Britney.

Soak Up the Sun was the next HoH Competition.  Each player had to hold onto a rope swing that rotated around a huge sun on the BB lawn in the backyard.  The player that stayed on their swing the longest would be the next HoH.  There was also a consequence for the first person who dropped off of their swing.  This punishment was decided by the viewers on Twitter.

Am I bitter about Britney’s eviction?  No.  I just think Shane had better watch his back from now on because he’s disillustioned if he thinks otherwise.  Danielle’s true loyalty is to Dan, not to him.  I can’t wait for Shane to get his wake-up call, telling him he made a mistake while he’s being stabbed in the back by Danielle and on his way to the Jury House.  How will Britney’s eviction affect the rest of the Quack Pack?  How much more damage will Dan inflict on the House?  Who will be this week’s HoH?  Find out the answers to all of these questions the next time I write about BB 14!

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 14, Episode #21 – Dan’s the Man with the Master Plan!

Hey Readers,

The BB House is under the Frank’s reign again.  With Danielle and Dan both nominated this week, Dan has to do some fancy maneuvering this week to get both himself and his strongest ally off the block.  Will Ian step up and help out his fellow Quack Pack member, or will he slink back into the shadows again?  This week’s Veto Competition is probably the most important this season.  Let’s see how everything played out…

After the eviction nominations were announced, Britney and Dan put their heads together to figure out how to get both Quack Pack members off the block.  They figured that if they could get Ian to use his veto on Dan, then all they had to do was win the other one to save Danielle.  Britney let Ian in on the plan.  He was not sure if he wanted to go along with this plan.

Draw Something was the name of this week’s PoV Competition.  The HoH, the Nominees, along with Shane, Britney and Jenn had to guess what fans of the popular app had drawn, based on the blanks beneath the picture.  If the player answered correctly, they then had to accept a punishment in order to accumulate points.  The player with the highest score at the end of the game won the Power of Veto.  Prior to the competition, Britney and Dan had discussed that Dan should throw the game, letting Britney win it to save Danielle without having.another Quack Pack memeber go up on the block.  In the Diary Room, he confessed he couldn’t leave winning the veto up to anyone but himself.  He had to win to secure his safety, regardless of the safety of the rest of his alliance.  After Frank gets himself DQ’d and Britney gets herself eliminated, Jenn surprises everyone by pulling out a win, controlling the Power of Veto.

Dan, having to go to a solitary dance party for twenty-four hours, was sulking, trying to find a way out of being evicted this week.  He admitted he would go so far as to stab his allies in the back if that’s what it took to win the game. 

After twenty-four hours passes, the houseguests go to the Have-Not Room where Dan has been.  They opened the door to find a pale, lost-looking and somewhat smelly Dan.  He then spoke with Britney asking her to call the House together to have a House meeting.  This peculiar meeting turns out to be Dan throwing his own funeral. So many tears were shed for Dan’s “death” in the game.  He said something nice about all of the houseguests, even Frank.  Then he got to Danielle.  It seemed as though he severed ties with her, saying she did something against him, and she was dead to him.  This shocked everyone in the House because they all thought that Danielle was Dan’s closest ally in the game.  Danielle was devestated, crying and confused over what had just happened.

Dan was then shown in the Diary Room letting the viewers in on his plan.  He staged this funeral in order to seem a little kooky, but it was a way to shed his old game and to start fresh in the House.  I guess he was trying to be symbolic, you know, like a phoenix rising from its own ashes.  The second part of his plan was to talk to Frank and to sell out the Quack Pack, exposing Ian for his true part in Boogie’s eviction.  Finally, he would throw Britney in the line of fire by suggesting to Frank that the two of them should work together, and replace Dan with Britney because no one would want to put her on the block.  Dan took all of this to Frank and he liked this idea because it would mean he would have a power player on his side who could take him further in the game.  Their alliance would also include Danielle and Jenn in order to have more numbers.

Dan had to then smooth things over with Danielle to keep his plan rolling.  He explained his funeral speech, apologized to her, and let her in on the plan.  She was still very upset with him, but she was okay wih the plan.  The only thing Danielle didn’t like about the plan was that Britney was the target for eviction.  They had become closer as friends, and not telling her was going to bother Danielle.  Frank also let Jenn in on the plan.  Her only concern was the target it would put on her back.  Don’t worry, Jenn, you are seen as expendable.  You should be lucky you’re still in this game.

At the Veto Ceremony, Ian decided not to use the PoV he won in order to try and gain some trust with Frank.  Jenn, going along with Dan’s plan, uses her PoV and removed Dan from the block.  Frank then replaced Dan with Britney.  Dan was celebrating the success of his plan that could have gone wrong at so many times. Britney, Ian and Shane are shocked with this blindside, wondering what happened to the Quack Pack alliance.

Readers, I’m not sure what happened in this episode, but somehow, Dan went from being on the road to eviction to being one step closer to winning $500 000.  I really don’t know how he convinced everyone, including Frank, to go along with his crazy master plan.  After all of this master-minding, Dan has become a very powerful, but also a very targeted player.  He is going to have to keep his friends close and enemies closer.  Then again, in Big Brother, for the most part, friends and enemies tend to be the same thing.  Will Dan’s plan work, sending Britney packing?  How will the Quack Pack respond to Dan’s betrayl?  Will Frank and Dan go to the Final Two together?  Come back to for my next BB post to find out!

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 14, Episode #20 – Ian’s Coming Out of His Shell

Hello Readers!

I’m still reeling from my last BB post.  I’m also upset that Frank is still on the House after having a double eviction night where he should have left!  Then Ian came out of the woodwork as a force Frank now has to deal with…it’s crazy!  In this post, we find out how the House moves on from Boogie’s exit, and the fallout it potentially causes.  Let’s see how everything plays out!

Britney has to play Ian’s bodyguard against Frank’s fury over Boogie’s departure.  It was getting to the point where Frank was yelling at Ian, and Ian was trying to stand his own ground against Frank’s attacks.I guess Frank is taking a page out of Willie’s playbook.  Remember what happened to him, Frank!

Frank was trying to get Shane on his side again.  He realized he was now alone in this game.  He wanted to split Shane and Britney up because Frank doesn’t trust Britney and wants her out of the House.  Frank lied to Shane, blaming Boogie’s leaving the game on Dan.  Frank also went so far as to say that if he wins HoH that he would nominate either Joe and Dan or Dan and Britney dependant on why Ian tried to get rid of him.  Frank still doesn’t understand why Ian would make a decision like this, unless there was pressure put on him from either Britney or Dan.  Frank still can’t trust them.

Shane let Britney in on what Frank told him, and they became worried about Frank being a force to be reckoned with.  Britney decided it would be best for both of them to make a deal with Frank just in case he does win HoH this week.  Britney then spoke with Frank.  She made a deal with Frank to work together if he is HoH.  Britney secretly hoped she wouldn’t have to keep this deal because she doesn’t trust Frank.

This week’s HoH Competition seemed as though it was rigged.  Holes in Strings had the houseguests using strings to get a ball up a board with holes in it.  After a ranking round, the houseguests competed two at a time up the board.  The winner moved on to the next round.  The winner would be the player who kept advancing through the rounds and beat everyone.  Frank just kept winning round after round until he won the whole competition.  The houseguests just couldn’t believe Frank’s luck, and it seemed too easy for him to win.

Britney went to Frank to solidify their deal.  After a lot of talking, Frank came up with two people to nominate.  Even though she really wanted Frank out of the House, Britney reluctantly agreed to have Dan and Danielle go up on the block.

When Frank went up to his HoH Room, he found Pandora’s Box waiting for him.  He read a card that said if he chose to open Pandora’s Box, he could win $10 000.  After some debate, he decided to open it, thinking the money was better than what could befall the rest of the House while he was in there.  Out of the many boxes in the room, he could only choose three of them.  I guess Frank’s luck ran out because he chose boxes that held $1.05, $7.11 and $3 333.33.  He then had to remain in this room for one hour, separating him from the rest of the houseguests and whatever fate they were going to face.

Luckily for the houseguests, their fate wasn’t too bad.  They had to collect fifty cents in change that fell from the sky in the BB backyard and take it to the claw machine.  Within this machine, the cube with the question mark on it was replaced with a golden Veto ball.  The player that was able to remove this ball from the machine would be able to be a secondary Veto at the Veto Ceremony.  This is a lot of power to have this week, and since Frank was at the healm, everyone wanted to win it to possibly influence Frank’s nominations and Veto choice.  Dan showed his true competative nature, shoving anyone getting in his way, and trying to make people think he won it.  All of his work was for nothing as Ian, coming even more out of his shell, won this coveted prize.

Once Frank was released, they caught up with each other, explaining what they did during their time apart.  Even though Frank doesn’t trust him, he took Ian to his HoH Room and told him about his plan for nominations.  Ian told him to do what he wanted, trying to make Frank not want to put Ian up only to take himself off the block or to backdoor him. 

Britney then took her minion aside, and discussed what Frank told him.  Britney wanted to try to take Dan off the block.  In the Diary Room, Ian confessed he was not sure if having Frank or Dan in the House was beneficial to his overall game.  He, along with the rest of the House were worried about what Frank would decide where nominations were concerened.

At the Nomination Ceremony, Frank ravelled to the houseguests his decision.  He chose to go along with his original plan and put Dan and Danielle up on the block.  His reason was the most honest of anyone’s this season.  He said it was payback for Boogie and Ashley leaving.  Frank then went on to say that Dan wanted Frank out the House, so he had to strike now while he could.  Danielle was just a person of circumstance.  In other words, it’s punishment for being so closely aligned with Dan, but not the target.  Everyone knew that honour was all for Dan.

Joy, oh joy.  Another week with Frank as HoH makes me so happy.  No, Readers, I’m not doing back flips.  Frank needs to go, houseguests!  He’s going to win this game if he doesn’t leave soon.  Even though I don’t agree with his tactics, my fingers and toes are are crossed for Dan to come through this week and to win this game.  I do have to tip my hat to Ian as he has seriously stepped up his game and is someone the other players have to now watch out for.  Maybe he has a bit of luck on his side, but I thought he was out the door a while ago because he is so awkward within himself.  How will Ian and Dan’s luck and BB skill play out for the rest of this week? Will Frank be able to finally get his nemesis, Dan, out of the House?  Only way to find what happens is to follow my blog!

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 14, Episode #18 – Ian a Master-mind?

Hey Readers!

I’m excited about giving you the scoop in this episode.  There was so much happening between he houseguests, Ian master-minded putting Boogie and Frank on the block together, and then the Veto Competition happens…I know, I know.  Let’s just get to it!

Boogie and Frank were still wondering how they wound up on the block, and, more importantly, who put them there.  They both think it was Dan or Britney who master-minded this coup, but low and behold, it was their “loyal pal” Ian who was behind it all. 

They went to Shane to find out some information, and Shane told them he heard the two of them were gunning for him, so he felt he had to strike first.  When asked where he heard this from, he did not give up his source.  With his swift wit, Shane came up with the idea to throw Britney under the bus for his decision to put them up for eviction, telling them that she was pressuring him to make a big move.  Way to hide under Britney’s skirts, Shane! 

Shane then let Britney in on his encounter with Boogie and Frank.  She was livid with him.  She had to then go to Boogie and Frank to do damage control for Shane’s blunder.  Boogie then went fishing for more information with Britney.  The boys now placed the blame for their predicament on Dan. 

Britney then let out her frustrations on Shane, pretty much telling him he should have been a man and owned up to his decisions instead of pointing the finger at her.  Shane then whinned about having to get his hands dirty.  Wake up, Shane!  Remember what reality game show you signed up for? It was Big Brother.  You may have to get your hands dirty once in a while.  Suck it up, man!

Boogie and Frank then move onto Dan with their investigation.  They told him they were upset they felt like they looked like fools to he rest of the House.  Dan, of course, denied telling Shane what he heard.Boogie then had Britney and Shane join their party to get the real story.Britney asked Boogie and Frank straight out if they were coming after Shane and herself.  They did their song and dance to avoid any blame for making this comment.  Britney commented in the Diary Room she was surprised Boogie didn’t remember telling Ian he was gunning for Shane and Britney.  This would have saved Boogie a lot of time if he had.  Since Dan still not devulge his source, Boogie and Frank decided that Dan was indeed the one behind their nominations.

I wanted to be a part of this week’s Veto Competition.  Candy World was the name of the game.  The HoH, the Nominees, along with Jenn, Ian amd Ashley had five minutes to look around the delectable displays of sugary delight.  For each round, they then had to guess how many of a certain type of candy was on each display.  For each round they won, they earned a lollypop.  The first person to earn three lollypops won the game and the Power of Veto.  Once again, to my dismay, Frank saves his butt from eviction and won this competiotion.

Boogie saw the trouble he was in and began to get to work to change his fortunes.  His plan of action: rally the troops against Dan.  He gathered the Floaters and presented his pitch about Dan being a bigger threat to them in this game than he was.  They should then pressure Shane to name Dan as the replacement nominee for Frank.  By getting the Floaters on his side, Boogie figured he then had the numbers to boot Dan out the door.  He also presented his plan to Britney and and Shane.  He tried to appeal to Britney’s sympathies by telling her he and Frank no longer blamed her for the nominations, even resorting to tears at one point, to sell his idea to her.  Britney was not as gullible as Boogie thought.  She didn’t fall for Boogie’s tears.

Boogie then decided to work on Shane man-to-man.  He told Shane that Dan was dangerous, and how Dan will win the game if he remained in the House.  Boogie’s strategy was this: if he was he last person to speak to Shane, that he would be able to influence Shane enough to get Shane to go along with his plan.  While this was happening, Britney was getting worried about the amount of time Boogie was spending with Shane alone.

At the Veto Ceremony, Frank took himself off the block.  Shane then had to name a replacement for Frank.  Everyone in the House was a bit shocked to hear his replacement for Frank…it was Jenn!  I guess Shane figured no one would really vote for Jenn with Boogie being on he block with her.  Boogie was upset that his plan failed.  Jenn was also upset about her nomination, and she was now fired up and ready to really start playing the game.  Why start now, Jenn!  All you have to do to make it throught this eviction is to sit tight and keep your mouth closed.  Please don’t cause any waves, or it will be your butt out the door, not Boogie’s!

This episode was a whole lot of back of back and forth between the BB players.  Poor Dan, getting blamed for Ian’s rouse.  I hope Ian can keep himself under wraps for a little bit longer.  I have my fingers and toes crossed for Boogie to be the packing his bags in the next episode.  Come back to find out if Ian’s deception is successul.

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 14, Episode #17 – The Silent Six Silenced?

Hello Readers!

We are at the start of another crazy week in the BB House.  The show left viewers hanging for days waiting to see how this week’s HoH competition was going to end.  It was especially important to have power this week because of the shaky shape the Silent Six alliance is in.  With the promise of HoH, as well as the $10 000 and safety for a week up for grabs, the houseguests were slipping, sliding and falling everywhere to snatch up one of these prizes.  Let’s see how the houseguests faired in this competition.

Since Frank couldn’t compete because he was the our-going HoH, he was hoping that his alliance, relying heavily on Boogie, to win HoH.  Frank can’t trust most of his Silent Six members, especially Dan and Britney, because they have Danielle and Shane’s ear, and he knows they are only tolerating his presence in their alliance.

Frank became increasingly frustrated with Boogie during this competition because he was trying to win the money instead of the HoH.  I think this should be telling you something about your partner in crime, Frank.  If money is more important to Boogie than having your back, then maybe Boogie doesn’t have your best interest at heart.  This also shows Boogie’s arrogance.  I think he believes that since he has Frank as his puppet and human shield, as well as an allince that makes up about half of the House, that he doesn’t need to go for HoH, or at least safety for a week.  Boogie should know, from experience, that you should never whole-heartedly trust the word of anyone in this game.  Maybe this will come back and bite Boogie in the butt?

After hours of body-bruising action, this is how the competition ended: Boogie won the money, Britney won safety for the week, and once again, Pretty Boy Shane won the HoH.

The show then went to a clip that was shot before Wil’s eviction.  Ian and Boogie were in the Storage Room talking strategy.  Ian asked who Boogie would put up for eviction if he won HoH.  He told Ian he would want Shane out of the House, but he was also juggling around the idea of having Britney leave as well.

Ian dutifully reported back to The Quack Pack with the intell he gained from Boogie.  Britney suggested to Shane that both Boogie and Frank should be on the block this week, and then let the both of them battle it out.  Shane was not fully on board with this plan because it would put even more blood on his hands where Frank and Boogie were concerned.  Uh, Shane, this Big Brother.  If you don’t get your hands dirty, you’ll find yourself evicted from the game. Britney then brought up the point that the two of them had no qualms with getting rid of Janelle when the rest of The Silent Six initially didn’t want her to leave.  Dan added that this was the perfect time for a big move like this to be made in this game, and they may not have another opportunity to get rid of one of them.

Oh, Ian! I thought he had given up on winning Ashley’s affections.  I was so wrong!  Ian wanted to make Ashley forget all about what may have happened with Frank,  and for her to only have eyes for him.  He asked her out on a second date, and she accepted.  He even went to the trouble of removing the Chia Pet from his armpits to impress this woman.  On their date, Ian served Ashley some of the pizza he made for her, then tried to recapture the magic they experienced on their first date.  Their conversarion was so mesmorizing that Ashley looked as though she was in a daze…a sleep deprived daze that is!  Yeah, Ashley was bored to death, and Ian didn’t even notice.  Ashley told the Diary Room that the magic was gone between them, and that they were good friends.  On the other hand, Ian still thought he had a chance of winning Ashley’s heart, and that their date went well.  I wonder when the rose-coloured glasses will come off for Ian?

Shane and Joe were talking game-play in his HoH Room.  He wanted to use Joe to tell him of any information he hears around the House from either Boogie and Frank or the other Floaters.  Joe was on board with Shane’s orders.  Apparently, Joe has sworn his fealty to King Shane, even vowing to lay down his BB life in this game to save Shane if he could.  Shane was awkwardly touched by Joe’s oath of loyalty.  Now that he had Joe on his side, he felt better about the plan to get rid of Boogie and Frank.

The players found a trail of balls going from the patio doors to the arcade room.  When they looked in the claw machine they found a cube with a question mark at the top of the balls.  Ian thought this was forshadowing the return of Pandora’s Box.  In the BB game, Padora’s Box has caused trouble for many players, while showering rewards on others.  It has even changed the outcome of the game in some cases.  Shane got spooked when he saw the cube, and Britney went to calm him down.  Shane was afraid that the cube would bring some kind of power to the during his HoH week, and ruin his chances of winning.  Britney reassured him that this would not happen, and reminded him of why they needed to go ahead with their plan as is.  Shane still wasn’t reassured by Britney’s calming words.

At the Nomination Ceremony, it was revealed that Boogie and Frank were indeed chosen to be put on the block.  Boogie and Frank were somwhat shocked when they didn’t see their keys.  Shane gave one the lamest Nomination Ceremony speeches ever.  Shane said he put both guys on the block because all of the prizes and twists that have helped them get this far in the game.  It made no sense at all!  His speech just sort of fell out his mouth.

Oh, Readers, how the tables have turned for Boogie and Frank!  Will things turn ugly between them because they’re both on the block, or will they work together to find a way to pull both of their behinds out of the fire.  Unless something weird happens, it looks like The Silent Six alliance has been hushed for good.  Only way to find out what happens next to the houseguests is to pop back in on my blog and check out the action. Thanks for reading!

Until my next post, Readers!