Mundane Monday Morning Music: Lil’ Bow Wow / Kurtis Blow – ”Basketball”

Mornin’ Readers!

I know, I took a week off! Last week I was celebrating a Long Weekend, so I was kicking up my feet and running away from being too connected to my laptop! It was a needed rest, and it was great to get away from the city for a few days with my family in the country.

Now that it is Monday morning and back to the status quo, I need to be motivated to get my butt in gear and get moving! I have my usual duties to get through, as well as a milestone birthday to plan for my other half. This week’s pick was inspired my by eldest and her love for just about anything basketball related, so during one of our ”music appreciation” classes, I introduced her to the Space Jam soundtrack. It was a favourite of mine when during my teen years.

We then watched Lil Bow Wow video ”Basketball” and I knew I had to use it as a pick for a MMMM feature before the summer ended. This song is so much fun! I love this song on my workout mix because it the beat is awesome and catchy. This video is also nostalgic because it is taken from the iconic Kurtis Blow song of the same name 20 years later. I had to include his video in this post as well because of the memories it brought back, and, well, it’s such a fun video to watch!

Though you may not be inspired to pick up a basketball and start hoopin, it up today, I hope ”Basketball” helps to get you fired up and motivated on this mundane Monday morning!

Until my next post, Readers!


Reese’s NCAA March Madness Picks

Hey Readers!

I’ve done it!  After many attempts, I have buckled down and put together my NCAA March Madness tournament bracket.  It was heart breaking for me not to have picked my two favourite NCAA college basketball teams to win it all this year (sorry Syracuse University and University of Michigan), but I will be cheering them on to win every game they have during this tournament as though I did pick for them to go all the of way!

Actually, I did two brackets, but my official bracket will be with University of Arizona Wildcats winning it all this year!  I know, most people think it is University of Florida’s Gators’ turn at hoisting  the Wooden NCAA National Championship trophy, but I’m just not sure it will happened this way.  I have not ill-will towards the Gators, but I just can’t see the tournament going down this way.

In my back-up bracket, I chose my arch-rival school, the Michigan State Spartans, as the winners.  I know! I totally turned my back on U of Michigan by picking them as my back-up winner, but they have a great team this year, and I have to tip my hat to their squad for beating my Wolverines last weekend during the finals of the Big 10 Tournament.

My picks to make it to the Final Four are: the Florida Gators (South) vs the Michigan State Spartans (East), and the Wichita State Shockers (MidWest) vs the Arizona Wildcats (West).  In my primary bracket, I have the the Gators vs the Wildcats, and in my secondary bracket, I have the Spartans vs the Shockers.

So, Readers, there are my March Madness picks this year.  I know there will be a Cinderella team that takes out some higher seeded teams, but that is part of the magic and fun of this tournament!  If you are big NCAA college basketball fan like I am, you can’t wait for the tourney to begin.  I hope your picks do well this year!

Until my next post, Readers!