Big Brother 14, Episode #30 – Finale Night: Brains Over Deception

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It’s Finale Night!  As mentioned on my Facebook page, I was watching with my celebratory cupcakes in hand, ready to see how this season ends.  Who will be crowned the winner of BB 14?  No, I don’t think the Jury will be giving it to Danielle.  If Dan doesn’t screw up too badly, he should come out on top, unless Ian gets the best of him.  Read on to see who comes out in top!

Dan was still hard at work.  He made a Final Two deal with Ian.  If Ian threw the first part of the HoH Competition, then Dan would take him to the Final Two, kicking Danielle to the curb.  Of course, Dan had a Final Two deal with Danielle as well. Dan told her of the deal he made with Ian, but said it was only to get Ian to drop out of the HoH Competition.  Dan also wanted Danielle to drop out of this part of the Competition, so Dan could take this round and go straight to the final round. 

I didn’t think Ian and Danielle would be so stupid as to trust what anyone would say at this point in the game, but they did!  Ian dropped first, then went inside so Dan could talk to Danielle.  Then Dan wanted Danielle to think the idea to drop out was hers.  Danielle was unsure at first, then she drops!  I was about to start knocking my head on the wall over this.  Really you two!  Ian and Danielle had all of the power over Dan, but they didn’t see it.  I think Dan said it earlier this season when he was coaching Danielle when he said that you shouldn’t be agreeing to deals, that you should be actually making the deal.  They both failed to realize the Jury would credit them for getting rid of Dan and he wouldn’t have any hard feelings, once out of the House, of course.  Dan needed them to take him, not the other way around.  They should be working together to get rid of Dan, not each other.

Dan really wanted to take Danielle to Final Two because, well, it’s a no-brainer.  Most people do not respect Danielle on the Jury, and would see her as a puppet, not a player with a real strategy.  While speaking to Dan, Danielle was sharing her worries about being able to beat Ian in the next competition.  Dan was more concerned with softening up the Jury, and trying to get Danielle to promise to help him in this area by singing Dan’s praises to them.

In Part Two of the final HoH Competition, Danielle and Ian had to scale a bunch of windows and the find the faces of evicted houseguests, then put them in order of their eviction.  The player who accomplished this task the quickest won this round.  Danielle and Ian did this alone in the BB backyard.  Once both players were finished, all three houseguests went into the backyard to find out the results.  Ian beat Danielle by less than a minute to take Part Two.He will now face Dan in the Part Three of the HoH Competition.

Once the houseguests were back inside the House, Dan started celebrating, shouting “Final Two!”  Ian got upset with Dan because Danielle heard Dan what was yelling.  Danielle was furious for two reasons.  She was upset because she wouldn’t get to play for HoH, and because she thought Dan and Ian had something going on behind her back.  Why would she be upset over this, I don’t know.She has a deal with Dan for Final Two, and she knew what Dan has done in the past. What baffled me the most was that she took her frustration out on Ian, and then Ian didn’t think to say that he knew Danielle wasn’t taking him to Final Two.  Dan came out of this unscathed.  Danielle was so furious that she threatened to taint the Jury against Ian if he didn’t take her with him to Final Two.  Maybe Dan’s magic is that good, that even all his bad actions can bounce off of him and stick to other people.

The show then went to the Jury House as they were discussing who the next member will be.  Shane joined the group, and he was still shocked to be out of the game.  They then started talking about the pros and cons of the Final Three. 

They thought Ian had came a long way from Day 1 in the BB House.  He became good at competitions, and could make hard decisions on his own.  Frank and Jenn didn’t like Ian because of his “betrayl” of Boogie, and how he ratted them out to the Quack Pack.

None of them saw many winning qualities in Danielle.  Like me, the Jury saw her as Dan’s puppet, following and doing whatever he wanted, and not doing anything significant by herself in the game.  Shane tried to say that she won competitions, but then he was reminded that she sqandered any power she had by letting Dan control her.

They had a fun time with Dan.  Britney was a fan of Dan’s because of how he played the game, and how dangerous he was as a player.  Jenn agreed with Britney, admiring how he sent so many people packing.  Joe and Frank disagreed with the ladies, saying that his game was dirty.  Dan was also sneaky, and it was the wrong play the game.  The ladies then responded to the guys by saying there are no real rules to playing BB (except for violence against another person), so it didn’t matter whether Dan played dirty or not.  Frank shouldn’t talk.  He played dirty in this game as well.  He’s just being a sore loser.  Most of the Jury Memebers decided that they would.make up their minds at the Finale.

Part Three of the HoH Competition was a “How well do you know your fellow Jury Members” game.  Julie would begin a statement that one of the Jury Memebers had previously recorded.  Dan and Ian had to guess from two possible answers.  The player who guessed the most correct answers out of seven would be the last HoH of the summer.  After a crushing victory (or a thrown competition by Dan), Ian won, giving him the power to take one other person with him to the Final Two!

The show then rushed the Final Three into the BB Livingroom in order to have the Final Eviction.  Most people would have expected Ian to have made the smart move and choose to take Danielle with him. Nope! He said he had to live up to his word and take Dan.  Danielle looked disappointed, even though she would have done the same thing to Ian.  Oh, Ian! This was such a big risk he was taking!

The Jury Memebers were then brought out and asked Ian and Dan questions about their game-play.  The Jury then heard the Final Two’s final pleas as to why they should win the BB 14.  Ian said he was disgusted with the way Dan played the game.  He highlighted his competition wins, and let the Jurors know that Dan was able to stay in the game longer because he was a coach, having essentially three chances to win the game, whereas Ian only had one.  Dan said that he was in trouble from the reset (that he voted for), and that the only way he would win was by playing ruthlessly.  He had to control the game and constantly playing people around the clock because he knew he couldn’t win the game by winning competitions.  He could only win by getting rid of people.

The Jurors then put their keys into the  lock, this time voing for.someone to win.  Julie Chen then brought back the other evicted houseguests.  No, Willie was not invited to the festivities.  They shared their thoughts on the season because they were allowed to watch everything from home.  The Vote was finally revealed.  It was a suprising result.  The winner of Big Brother 14 was…Ian Terry!  Yes, Readers, brains did win out over deception.  The Jury voted 6-1 for him to win.  The only reason why Dan got a vote was because Danielle promised she would do so.  Really? I think she’s still under Dan’s spell.  Oh, before I forget, the viewers also got to vote.for their favourite player this season.  I’m so disappointed in their choice. They voted for Frank.  He received $25 000.

Well, Readers, there goes another season of Big Brother.  There were many highs and lows this summer.  I was wrong about my assumptions of some of the players, but it didn’t ruin how much I enjoyed watcing them do crazy things three times a week. 

Now that BB 14 is over for the year, I’ll be turning to my other reality shows to fill the void.  I’ll be posting on two shows on my blog this fall season – Survivor: Philippians, and America’s Next Top Model: College Edition.  I hope you will be popping onto my blog to check out how these shows develop.  Thank you so much to those who have been checking in, it means a lot to me.

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Big Brother 14, Episode #19 – Ian’s Mission: Accomplished?

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It was a special episode of BB.  It was a double eviction night! That’s right, two houseguests will be leaving the BB House in one night.  For those of you not familiar with BB, this means that someone will an HoH for about 30 minutes.  It’s great if you have someone in your sights, and you want to get rid of them, but you don’t get to enjoy the other HoH perks, like having an HoH Room, or safety from slop for a week.  Will Ian’s silent mission of getting rid of the Boogie, and eventually Frank, be accomplished tonight, or will the House get swayed by Boogie’s rhetoric, sending Jenn home?  Read on to find out.

Boogie was still reeling from Shane’s decision not to put Dan up on the block. He spoke with Shane about this choice in Shane’s HoH Room along with a gaggle of other houseguests present.  Boogie thought he was being jerked around.  If you remember my last BB post, Boogie thought he could influence Shane’s veto choice by speakjng to him right before the Veto Ceremony.  Boogie has to stop believing his own hype and realize everything can’t go his way all the time.  Shane told Boogie he didn’t jerk him around, and he made a move that would benefit his game.

Boogie was then pressuring Dan to admit it was he that has become the turncoat of their alliance.  Ian, the real turncoat, just sat quietly while Dan, once again, took the heat for Ian’s actions.  That’s really uncool, Ian.

When Jenn and Shane were alone, she then asked him why he would put her on the block.  Shane told her she was a pawn, and that Boogie was the target.  No one likes being the pawn, so Jenn then asked why he didn’t put Joe up.  Shane explained to her that she had nothing to worry about.  Jenn was still wary about this plan once their talk was over.

During the live portion of the show, Julie Chen informed to the houseguests about the double eviction happening that night. The houseguests were shocked and excited about what was to come.  They were also told that the second person evicted that night would become the first jury member, being sequestered at the BB Jury House until Finale Night.

At the Live Vote and Eviction, Jenn gave the “I Love  Everyone” speech, then commented on how it was uncool of her former Coach and teammate to be campaigning against her, and to vote for whoever will advance their game.  Boogie thanked family and friends, then turned to Joe, telling him it was payback time since he saved Joe last week.  The vote was 5-2 to keep Jenn in the House.  I was cheering so loud when I saw Boogie’s hopes and threats die before his eyes.  During his goodbyes, Ian and Boogie spoke to each other, then Boogie told Frank than Ian couldn’t be trusted, then walked out the door.  During the Farewell Messages after Julie Chen’s interview, Boogie learned of Ian’s betrayl.  Boogie was proud of what, he felt, he taught Ian in order to get him evicted.  Thanks, Ian, for inflating his ego even further!  At least Part One of Ian”s plan has come to fruition.

The houseguests then got ready for the HoH Competition, Before or After.  The houseguests had to guess if a certain event Julie Chen described happened before or after another event occured. The winner was the player that got all of the questions right.  At the end of the game, Ian finally came out victorious.  It is bitter-sweet, though, because he finally has power in the House, but it will rushed and short-lived.  Now Ian has a chance to complete his mission in one night.  Let’s see if he can do it.

Everyone was rushed into the House to have the Nomination Ceremony. Ian had about two minutes to decided that he wanted Frank and Ashley up for eviction.  Ah, is this sweet revenge for his failed showmance with Ashley, or is there something else going on that we don’t know about?

Somewhere Over the Veto was the PoV Competition.  The HoH, the Nominees, Shane, Dan and Joe had to find two clovers at the end of their lanes, then had to get the veto.symbol and race to hit the buzzer in order to win the PoV.  After racing back and forth along their lanes, Frank won the PoV to save himself from joining Boogie on the outside of the BB House.

The houseguests then rushed back inside for the PoV Meeting.  Of, course, Frank took himself off the block, forcing Ian to replace him with another player.  Poor Joe was them bestoded with this honour.

At the second Live Vote and Eviction Ceremony, Ashley gave a speech that made no sense.  Surprisingly, Joe just stood up and sat down.  It was probably because of the yammering speech the last time he was in this position.  The vote was 5-1 to evict Ashley.  She became the first BB Jury member, and will be sequestered at the BB Jury House.

Wow! That was a lot of BB for one night.  It got my mind whirling, wondering what to make of Ian’s nominations.  I think Ian’s plans were slightly foilled by Frank’s good luck, or his poor decision making. Why not backdoor Frank to make sure he couldn’t win PoV to save himself?  Was revenge really the reason Ashley was put up?  I can’t wait for the next episode to find out the answers to these questions.

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Big Brother 14, Episode #17 – The Silent Six Silenced?

Hello Readers!

We are at the start of another crazy week in the BB House.  The show left viewers hanging for days waiting to see how this week’s HoH competition was going to end.  It was especially important to have power this week because of the shaky shape the Silent Six alliance is in.  With the promise of HoH, as well as the $10 000 and safety for a week up for grabs, the houseguests were slipping, sliding and falling everywhere to snatch up one of these prizes.  Let’s see how the houseguests faired in this competition.

Since Frank couldn’t compete because he was the our-going HoH, he was hoping that his alliance, relying heavily on Boogie, to win HoH.  Frank can’t trust most of his Silent Six members, especially Dan and Britney, because they have Danielle and Shane’s ear, and he knows they are only tolerating his presence in their alliance.

Frank became increasingly frustrated with Boogie during this competition because he was trying to win the money instead of the HoH.  I think this should be telling you something about your partner in crime, Frank.  If money is more important to Boogie than having your back, then maybe Boogie doesn’t have your best interest at heart.  This also shows Boogie’s arrogance.  I think he believes that since he has Frank as his puppet and human shield, as well as an allince that makes up about half of the House, that he doesn’t need to go for HoH, or at least safety for a week.  Boogie should know, from experience, that you should never whole-heartedly trust the word of anyone in this game.  Maybe this will come back and bite Boogie in the butt?

After hours of body-bruising action, this is how the competition ended: Boogie won the money, Britney won safety for the week, and once again, Pretty Boy Shane won the HoH.

The show then went to a clip that was shot before Wil’s eviction.  Ian and Boogie were in the Storage Room talking strategy.  Ian asked who Boogie would put up for eviction if he won HoH.  He told Ian he would want Shane out of the House, but he was also juggling around the idea of having Britney leave as well.

Ian dutifully reported back to The Quack Pack with the intell he gained from Boogie.  Britney suggested to Shane that both Boogie and Frank should be on the block this week, and then let the both of them battle it out.  Shane was not fully on board with this plan because it would put even more blood on his hands where Frank and Boogie were concerned.  Uh, Shane, this Big Brother.  If you don’t get your hands dirty, you’ll find yourself evicted from the game. Britney then brought up the point that the two of them had no qualms with getting rid of Janelle when the rest of The Silent Six initially didn’t want her to leave.  Dan added that this was the perfect time for a big move like this to be made in this game, and they may not have another opportunity to get rid of one of them.

Oh, Ian! I thought he had given up on winning Ashley’s affections.  I was so wrong!  Ian wanted to make Ashley forget all about what may have happened with Frank,  and for her to only have eyes for him.  He asked her out on a second date, and she accepted.  He even went to the trouble of removing the Chia Pet from his armpits to impress this woman.  On their date, Ian served Ashley some of the pizza he made for her, then tried to recapture the magic they experienced on their first date.  Their conversarion was so mesmorizing that Ashley looked as though she was in a daze…a sleep deprived daze that is!  Yeah, Ashley was bored to death, and Ian didn’t even notice.  Ashley told the Diary Room that the magic was gone between them, and that they were good friends.  On the other hand, Ian still thought he had a chance of winning Ashley’s heart, and that their date went well.  I wonder when the rose-coloured glasses will come off for Ian?

Shane and Joe were talking game-play in his HoH Room.  He wanted to use Joe to tell him of any information he hears around the House from either Boogie and Frank or the other Floaters.  Joe was on board with Shane’s orders.  Apparently, Joe has sworn his fealty to King Shane, even vowing to lay down his BB life in this game to save Shane if he could.  Shane was awkwardly touched by Joe’s oath of loyalty.  Now that he had Joe on his side, he felt better about the plan to get rid of Boogie and Frank.

The players found a trail of balls going from the patio doors to the arcade room.  When they looked in the claw machine they found a cube with a question mark at the top of the balls.  Ian thought this was forshadowing the return of Pandora’s Box.  In the BB game, Padora’s Box has caused trouble for many players, while showering rewards on others.  It has even changed the outcome of the game in some cases.  Shane got spooked when he saw the cube, and Britney went to calm him down.  Shane was afraid that the cube would bring some kind of power to the during his HoH week, and ruin his chances of winning.  Britney reassured him that this would not happen, and reminded him of why they needed to go ahead with their plan as is.  Shane still wasn’t reassured by Britney’s calming words.

At the Nomination Ceremony, it was revealed that Boogie and Frank were indeed chosen to be put on the block.  Boogie and Frank were somwhat shocked when they didn’t see their keys.  Shane gave one the lamest Nomination Ceremony speeches ever.  Shane said he put both guys on the block because all of the prizes and twists that have helped them get this far in the game.  It made no sense at all!  His speech just sort of fell out his mouth.

Oh, Readers, how the tables have turned for Boogie and Frank!  Will things turn ugly between them because they’re both on the block, or will they work together to find a way to pull both of their behinds out of the fire.  Unless something weird happens, it looks like The Silent Six alliance has been hushed for good.  Only way to find out what happens next to the houseguests is to pop back in on my blog and check out the action. Thanks for reading!

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