Happy 3rd Anniversary, Reese Speaks!

Happy Anniversary!

Hey Readers!

Three years have gone by quickly for this blogger! It honestly seems as though I am still in my first year of starting this blog and sharing my world with you! So many things have happened, and the adventures and opportunities I have had in this year have been fabulous and priceless!

One of the biggest opportunities I have had this year was becoming the Editor for the Ottawa Mommy Club. Lyne Proulx has been wonderful to allow me to do what I do for her blog, and she has taught me so much more about the ins and outs of the blogging world.  She has also given me so many experiences to write about and share on her blog. It has and continues to be such an adventure. I cannot thank her enough!

I also did a lot of fun things on my blog this past year. As I mentioned in my ”Year-End Wrap” post, I met a soap opera star, I got engaged, and I have had spent some great times with friends and family, sharing experiences and reviews on my blog. I have a lot of fun, and there are better thing to come with this coming year!

Being a part of the blogging community has just been wonderful for me! I have met some of the nicest people who are so helpful and giving! They are always there for each other for support or to answer questions others may have. I got to know a core group of them while blogging for Ottawa Mommy Club and being the Community Coordinator for BConnected Conference for the past two years. This year, there were so many more bloggers involved with putting this conference together, so I go t to know them better. It is sort of like being a newbie getting to work alongside some of the best people in their field. I do get a bit star-struck by them, and it also pushes me harder to want to be a better blogger.

Being a parent, I think the learning never ends! My kids can be at different ends of the spectrum in the same moment, so I have to learn how to figuratively sit on my hands a bit more and let situations ride. I am also amazed by my kids day after day with the achievements they have experienced, and the adventures they have no matter where they are.

The ''Bosses'' during a VERY important business meeting.

The ”Bosses” during a VERY important business meeting.

Another person who has been a great part of my blog has been my fiancé. He does so much for our family, and has been such a supporter of me and allowing me to do what makes me happy. He is also a wiz at just about everything he does, and I have showcased some of his amazing dishes on the blog and my other social media channels.

Finally, you, Readers, have been so awesome to Reese Speaks since I started blogging. I have more readers than I did last year, and have been commenting and sharing my experiences as well. It is such a rush to see you reading and engaging here. I really cannot thank you enough.