Big Brother 16, Episode #3: Oh, The Perils of Forming an Alliance!

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Now that the Houseguests have played their first HoH Comps and Julie Chen has told them about the new comp Battle of the Block (BOTB), the Houseguests are in shock and awe over what this can mean for their strategies.  It also is making players think about who they would want to be allied with for the remainder of the season.  Some Houseguests were drawn together by similar interests, while others were roughly pieced together. Some of the Houseguests also learned about some of the perils of having an alliance as well!  Which of the Houseguests is regretting their decision of including certain players into their alliance? Continue on down the page to find out!

After the Houseguests were enjoying some down-time, Devin noticed something written on the BB Living Room monitor: NOMINATIONS TODAY. Soon, everyone in the House started to scramble, solidifying alliances, or trying to figure out whether or they would be safe from the wrath of the HoHs.

The HoHs were also hard at work, thinking about who they would put up as nominees for the first time. They made a deal to keep each other safe, no matter whose nominees won the BOTB. They also decided to create an alliance, and wanted to get some of the other male Houseguests on board. They recruited Cody, Devin, Zach, and Derrick. They called themselves the Bomb Squad. Cody and Derrick were not 100% sold on this idea because they didn’t want to become another Moving Company alliance from BB 15, and dissolve quickly. Caleb had to counsel Frankie on how to give the bad news to his nominees.

Nomination Ceremony

After the keys were pulled, four very unhappy people were left key less: Victoria and Brittany (Caleb’s nominees), and Donny and Paoula (Frankie’s nominees). The reason why they were nominated: Their poor performances during the first HoH Comps. This explanation doesn’t really hold water where Donny is concerned unless they were punishing Donny for falling out of the Comp before all of the ladies did. After the Ceremony, Paoula and Donny pledged to fight to win the BOTB Comp to save themselves from the Block.

Frankie was doing damage control where Victoria, his secret partner in crime, was concerned. He told her he had no idea that Caleb was going to nominate her, and that she was his ally. The truthful part of his statement was that she was his ally.

Devin decided to act alone by enlisting Christine and Amber into the Bomb Squad. After telling them EVERYTHING about the alliance, he then decided to tell the Bomb Squad what he did. Devin, it’s the beginning of the summer. Why would you make such a huge decision like this, well, ever! The other Bomb Squad members were not too pleased with his actions, either.

Devin’s mind was working in overdrive after he was observing Donny interacting with other players after a yoga lesson. He quickly ran to the HoH Room to dish about what happened, and his fears about Donny being this mastermind player who is trying to pull the wool over the House’s eyes. His Bomb Squad members had to talk Devin down, telling him that Donny is no threat to them, and that Devin is over thinking the situation (in other words, Devin is really paranoid right now).


The four nominated Houseguests were in the8r 20’s best as they had to use swings to pass “champagne” to each other using huge fake champagne flutes, then put the liquid into a huge glass glass filled with rubber balls. The first team to have one of the balls fall out would win the Comp, come off the Block, and the HoH that did not nominate them would be dethroned.

It was a downhill battle for Paoula and Donny, as they fumbled for pretty much the whole Comp vs. Victoria and Brittany, who won the game.

Now that Frankie has been stripped of his HoH status, he now began to worry about his status within the Bomb Squad, his alliance with Caleb, and his safety in the game. I would be, too if I was the only guy who wasn’t a jock in an alliance chalk full of jocks. This may actually help his place in the Bomb Squad, as he could be the covert member that no one would suspect of being a part of the Bomb Squad.

Well, Readers, this ends another episode of BB 16. Now that the nominees have been established, they can finally get in with the Have/Have-Not Comp and the PoV Comp. I love these comps because, for the most part, they are the messiest comps to watch, and there’s usually a lot riding on the outcome of these comps. Will Frankie fall victim of being out on the Block due to this season’s new twists? Will Devin’s actions bite him in the butt? Will new alliances form? Who will win the first PoV of the season? Hopefully, all of these questions will be solved in the next episode!

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Survivor: Philippines, Episode #10 – Should We Stay or Should We Go?

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The last eposode was a shocker, wasn’t it?  Well, that happens sometimes when a player makes a big move in the game.  It slapped Lisa in the face big time!  She was already sort of an outcast within the Tandang tribe, but will this move bring her and Skupin closer to their tribe, or will it shatter their alliance within Dangrayne?  Read on, and you’ll see.

After Tribal Council, Jonathan was upset that Jeff was no longer in the game.  He was also mifted that he was out of the loop about the big moves both Lisa and other people were making to get rid of returning players.  He so has to find a way to loose the target on his back.

Jonathan thought he found a way to break apart the Tandang alliance, and it was through their “weakest” links – Lisa and Skulpin.  He figured if he could work over Lisa and Skulpin to ditch the Tandang alliance, he could extend his safety a little longer.  He was able to have a moment with Lisa after they had a heart-to-heart.  Lisa was a little weary about Jonathan’s motives, but was also happy someone was able to understand where she was coming from.  She didn’t receive any of this kind of kindness from most of her alliance.

The Reward Challenge was a messy one! The tribe had to divide themselves into teams of two.  Abi was the lone person out, deeming her uneligible to win the Reward.  Each team had to collect four bags wih three balls out of a mud pit, then go through some obstacles.  Then all members had to get all twelve balls into a narrow hoop with a tube attached to it to collect the balls.  The winning team would get to go on a giving and receiving experience.  They would go to a village with school supplies and toys fir the children, then have a feast and downtime with the villagers.  This was the breakdown of the teams:

Red – Pete, Artis, Lisa and Skupin
Yellow – Jonathan, Denise, Malcolm and Carter.

Jonathan’s idea to find all of the bags for his team may have cost time on his leg of the challenge, but it paid off, allowing for the rest of his team to fly through the course and win Reward.  They went to the village, had fun with the villagers, and even had time to talk strategy.

While the winning team was at their experience, the loosing team was sulking back at camp.  Pete confessed that their alliance had to stay intact in order to go further in this game.  He was worried about this because of how the last Tribal Council played out, as well as how they had treated Lisa and Skulpin throughout their time in the Philippines.

Abi wasn’t helping to solidify their alliance by chewing Lisa out about her performance at the Reward Challenge.  Artis couldn’t stand Abi, saying that she thought she was a know-it-all about this game, and that she should keep her mouth and her emotions in check sometimes.  He knew her behaviour could push Lisa and Skulpin away to the other side.

Artis must have been reading Lisa mind, because she was thinking those same thoughts.  She was torn because she wanted for her and Skulpin to not be constantly stepped on by the rest of their alliance, yet she also didn’t want for her speech on the importance of loyalty to your alliance to come back and haunt her if she were to betray them, either.

At the Immunity Challenge, each of the Castaways had to place and then balance six balls on a ridculously large paddle one at a time. The first to accomplish this would win Individual Immunity. It was a horse race between Skulpin and Pete, but Skulpin came out victorious, saving his bacon from the frying pan.

Back at Dangrayne, the scrambling was rampant. The Kalabaw Four were wringing their hands wondering how to get the numbers to keep Jonathan and have a chance to gain control in the game. Jonathan was continuing to work Lisa to have her and Skulpin jump ship. Lisa and Skulpin were seriously weighing their options as to whether staying with their Tandang alliance or going on to Kalabaw would be in their best interest.

At Tribal Council, Jeff Probst and the Castaways spoke about how Lisa was treated after their last Tribal Council. They also spoke about their individual safety. The only one that admitted to feeling safe was Skulpin due to the Immuniy necklace hanging around his neck. Abi also belittled Lisa during their discussion, and Lisa, frustrated with Abi’s comments,stated this was an example of how her alliance treated her and how she didn’t like it.

The vote was a close one, Readers! It was between Jonathan and Artis. In the end, Jeff Probst had to douse Artis’ torch, ending his chances at winning Survivor: Philippines.

Well, Readers, it looks like the tables have been turned, again, on Survivor: Philippines.. Maybe the remainder of the Tandang alliance shouldn’t have taken Lisa and Skulpin for granted like they did. It’s too bad that it was Artis who was the casualty and not Abi, you know, who was the one that ultimately caused all of this to happen. What will the fallout be because of Lisa and Skulpin jumping ship? Will Abi have learned her lesson to keep her opinions to herself? Who will win Immunity and who will be the next Castaway to be voted out on Survivor: Philippines? Come back and check out my next Survivor post to find out.

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Big Brother 14, Episode #16 – Showmance Over?

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It’s another Eviction Night! Yes, this horrible week with Frank as HoH will come to an end.  Don’t get me wrong, he’s a good competitor and all, but when you pretty much have all the power in this game for a week and you don’t flex it strategically, that bothers me.  It was a waste of a week.  He even had the numbers to do what he wanted with the Floaters (Ashley, Joe, Wil and Jenn), as well as Boogie (he would have gone along with it even if he didn’t like it), yet he chose to do what Boogie wanted, again.  Even though he doen’t make any big moves to help his BB game, he does bust a move that could end a showmance in the House.  Let’s see how he managed to do this, as well as who gets evicted this week.

After the PoV Ceremomy, all of the players in the BB House were scrambling, wondering who they were going to evict this week.  Many of them realized they had to win the HoH Competition to make sure Boogie wouldn’t get it.  They didn’t want another week of instability under Boogie and Frank’s thumb.

Frank and Dan discussed a Final Three Deal.  Dan also expessed how happy he was not to have been put on the block at the PoV Ceremony.  Frank was, well, frank in his response to Dan’s happiness.  He told Dan that he was seriously considering putting Dan on the block, but thought it was best for their alliance not to.  After hearing that, Dan trusted Frank even less than he did before.

Ashley wanted to see where Frank’s head was where voting was concerned.  She went up to the HoH Room, to chat about Wil’s situation in the House.  Frank informed Ashley that one of the reasons why Wil may be going this week was because he is an emotional player, and doesn’t always play strategically (Ex. – voting for Janelle to be evicted becuase she offended him without realizing she had done so, yet apologized for it.  Wil never got over it).  Once all of the unpleasantries were out of the way, Ashley spoke about how she missed having testosterone around her.  Frank took that as an invitation to ask her if she wanted to make-out with him.  Without much resistance, Ashley jumped on the Frank Tank and started making-out!  If that was a part of Ashley’s game-play, she had better be careful with Frank.  He doesn’t seem as though he’s the type to mix business and pleasure, if you know what I mean!

While all of that fun was happening, Ian, Ashley’s original “showmance” partner was wondering what was taking so long for Ashley to get the goods from Frank.  Oh, trust me, Ian, she was getting something good, but not in a way that would please you.  Ian asked Britany if that was what she thought was happening.  Britany was honest, sizing up Ian and his competition, and told him flat out that whatever the two of them had was done.  Ian was not too pleased with Britany’s reponse and proceeded to pout in the BB Backyard.

It’s as if the Live Vote and Eviction ceremonies are carbon copies of one another.  As usual, at this ceremony, there was the fill in the blank speech, thus time it was given by Wil, telling the houseguests to make a decision that was best for their game in the House.  At least Joe was Joe.  His speech went nowhere, and Julie Chen had to tell him he was yapping too much.  He eventually told everyone to keep it real, and he’d keep cooking for them if he stays.  The houseguests decided to keep the long-winded Joe, and Wil was evicted. 

The next HoH competition was called Swamped.  Each contestant had to go across their own slippery lane that looked as though it was ice covered with margarine in order to fill a large jar in order to win the HoH spot.  Here’s the catch, Readers: there were two other smaller jugs that were designed to tempt the players not to want to win HoH.  One was labelled “$10 000” and the other was “Safety.”  If any of the houseguests filled any one of these jugs before the HoH jug was filled, then that houseguest won either the money or safety for the week.  Once the larger HoH jug is filled, these temptations would no longer be up for grabs.  Sorry to tell you, Readers, but the episode ended while the competition was still happening.  I know, I hate when BB does that!

Who do you think will be victorious this week?  Will it be someone from one of the alliances in the House, or one of the Floaters?  Fingers, crossed, I’m hoping for someone new to occupy the HoH throne.Leave me a comment or send me an email with your thoughts!  I really want to know what you think will happen this week.

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