Mayor Rob Ford – Sincere Apologies?

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If you did not know this about me, I am fiercely proud Torontonian.  I love so much about my hometown! I miss it a lot, so I like keeping tabs on what is happening there.  When I originally saw the first apology Mayor Rob Ford made this week (November 5, 2013), I wasn’t going to comment on Mayor Rob Ford’s crack smoking because my sentiments had been said by many of other Torontonians: Maybe he shouldn’t be in office anymore.  Since this new video of Mayor Ford has surfaced of his erratic rant, it made me think that this sincere apology he made to the city of Toronto was a plea to anyone out there with more dirt on the mayor to keep it quiet.

This is not the first time Rob Ford has caused Torontonians to shake their heads at him, and I have a feeling this will not be the last.  What bothers me the most is that he is telling the people of Toronto to move past his indiscretions, and to let him continue to let him do his job.  No, no, no! Rob Ford cannot apologize, then ask the people of Toronto to forget what he’s done in the same breath so easily, especially after all of the other apologies he’s given so sincerely, saying he won’t let Torontonians down again.  Here is a short list of things Rob Ford has been sorry about since being in office:

  • Overspending during his 2010 campaign to become mayor
  • Unwittingly accepting donations for his football foundation (using ignorance as a defense…didn’t read the manual?)
  • The crack smoking video
  • The violent rant video.

How can the city of Toronto continue to put their faith into a mayor who is constantly making excuses for his actions, yet has not done anything to change his ways?  If I still lived in Toronto, I would be worried about how the city is going to be affected due to Rob Ford’s actions.  Right now, Toronto city council is dealing with what to do about their mayor instead of how to take care of their city, again!  The people of Toronto should not have to deal with this anymore.

I just want all of these  issues Rob Ford keeps having to stop.  Maybe he should be more careful of the company he keeps, as they are recording all of his indiscretions, then they somehow become public to further ruin the mayor.  It is a gray area to tell a grown adult who they should and should not associate themselves with, and what they should and should do in their private life, but if these individuals are constantly dragging you down, and you just happen to be the mayor of a city, then maybe I am not so wrong in voicing my opinion.

I know that everyone has their demons they have to contend with.  We have no idea as to the extent of how serious Mayor Ford’s issue run.  But when your demons are affecting your ability to run a city, especially one as big as Toronto, you need to get yourself in check, and get yourself better first. Then you can worry about your position as mayor.  Mayor Ford’s refusal to leave office, to me, is a selfish move in his part.  Not dealing with whatever he has going on in his life will then affect the people he claims he wants to help: Torontonians.

Maybe when Mayor Rob Ford actually starts living up to the sincere apologies he has been giving to the people of Toronto, then maybe he might gain back some of the trust he has lost with them, making it easier for them to move past all of his past actions.

Again, these are just my thoughts and opinions on the matter…

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Update (November 14, 2013):

Mayor Rob Ford made some colourful remarks, that he was sorry, again for these comments, that he was receiving treatment for his issues ( he did not wish to specify what kid of help he was getting), and that he was moving forward.  Ford made these remarks in regards to the Toronto City Council meetings that were held both today, and on November 13, 2013, where various Councilors were asking him to leave office to seek help for his issues.

He also made these  remarks in regards to the Alexander Lisi court documents which lists former employees of the Mayor’s Office stating that they had witnessed Ford in the following situations:

  • Drunk in public
  • Taking drugs
  • Drunk driving
  • Having a woman in his office, who that person thought, was a prostitute
  • Being physical with a staffer while at an event during St. Patrick’s Day, 2012.

Whether any of this is actually true, time will tell.  Regardless of all of these shenanigans, I still do not believe Mayor Ford should ask the people of Toronto to move on and allow him to be their mayor.  I thought we were told by Ford that everything was now out in the open…let’s just see just how many more apologies he’ll be making in the future.  For his sake, I hope he’s finished, but we’ll soon see, won’t we!

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