Big Brother 15, Episode # 17 – Timing is Everything Where Opening Your Mouth is Concerned

Oh, Readers!

To me, it seems as though the rest of the season will be dominated by the women and their pettiness instead of smart game-play.  Sure, players can get themselves out of hot water by winning the PoV, or America can throw a player on the block as the MVP for now, but where voting is concerned, The game is pretty much locked up.  The key for any Floater in the game now is to plan their moves carefully, and to speak wisely.  Jessie was a player who learned this lesson in this episode.  Was it helpful to her game?  Read of and you’ll see.

While the HoH Competition, Bull in a China Shop continued, the producers showed some of the confessions the House Guests had about their game going forward. Aaryn hoped she and Helen could continue to work together since they’ve saved each other from Eviction in the game.  Spencer planned on working his way into the “flock” in order to gain more allies in the House.  Helen wanted to target players with a good social game, since they are able to sway others to their side, and are hard to trust because they seem to be on everyone’s side.  McCrae felt like he had to win the HoH spot this week, as he didn’t trust anyone in the House to keep him safe.

At the end of the last episode, Julie Chen mentioned that the first three players to drop out of the competition would have the opportunity to open three boxes that have surprises in them, one of them held $5 000 in it.  The first three to fall were in this order: Spencer, Candice and Helen.  This was what they received:

Spencer – a megaphone (or bullhorn) that he has to use until after the Nominations are revealed.

Candice – $5 000!  Se’s going to need it, since Aaryn and her “friend”, Helen are now gunning for her.

Helen – a BB Backyard BBQ for her and three friends with all of the BBQ fixings and alcohol!

This is how most of the other House Guests dropped out of this competition:

Elissa, Amanda, Judd, Andy, Jessie (remember, Aaryn was the out-going HoH, so she is not eligible to compete).

This left McCrae up against GinaMarie.  I know, I was shocked, too that these two were the last two in a competition.  But there they were, battling it out for supremacy. GinaMarie was offering all kinds of deals to McCrae to drop out of the competition, yet he wouldn’t budge. All GinaMarie said wanted was to have the title of HoH and have her hair dyed.  GinaMarie even offered to share her nominations with McCrae, but he said no.  McCrae also wanted to win to save Amanda should she go up this week.  After more balancing on the barrel, McCrae finally fell off, leaving GinaMarie as this week’s HoH!  From the looks of things, it’s going to be a scary week with GinaMarie as the HoH.

Aaryn is one of the reasons why I said this Week was going to be scary.  She was elated GinaMarie won HoH.  This meant two things: 1) Aaryn wasn’t going to be nominated by the HoH this week; and 2) She was pretty much going to be the HoH this week without having to get her hands dirty.  I think controlling the power is much more fun than being the one in power.  The person in power gets targeted for any decisions made on their watch.  I don’t think GinaMarie see being HoH this way, nor do I think she cares!  Her hair needs dying!

Others in the House had opposite reactions to GinaMarie becoming the HoH.  Amanda was nervous because she didn’t know where GinaMarie’s head was in the game (if it was really in the game at all).  Candice was worried because GinaMarie was one of Aaryn’s minions, and is not fond of Candice.  She’s expecting to go up on the block.  Helen decided to play the suck up game to ensure her butt didn’t go up on the block since she was not sure which way GinaMarie’s nominations were going to go.  Andy just wanted for Aaryn and GinaMarie to stop celebrating, as they were annoying him, but he knew that expressing his growing displeasure towards them would send him on the block.

Aaryn and GinaMarie were talking in one of the BB Bedrooms about possible nominees.  Of course Candice’s name popped up.  GinaMarie said it was because Candice picks on Aaryn and is a drama Queen.  Whoa, whoa, whoa!  Who was it that was picking on who, GinaMarie?  I can’t wait for you to be evicted and watch this season, because all of America saw the two of you picking on not only Candice, but on Howard, Helen and Andy!  Candice was defending herself against you and Aaryn.  Hello?  Wasn’t it Aaryn, you know, the person who, according to you, is getting picked on by Candice the same person who flipped over Candice’s bed and trashed her things because she didn’t like Candice?  I really wish you would get your facts straight before you go around hating people for the actions you and your friends start.  GinaMarie was also thinking about going after Spencer because he turned his back on her boy, Nick, which helped him get evicted.  GinaMarie is beginning to channel Rachel…nobody messes with her man!

Helen was talking to Judd, Spencer and Jessie about who Helen was going to invite to her BBQ.  Of course, Elissa would be on the list because the Mom Squad was still in full effect.  Aaryn was on this list because she kept up her end of their deal last week.  Helen was not sure who the third person was going to be.  Jessie was appalled that her name was not on Helen’s list of invitees.  After all of the “Floater loyalty” she has shown Helen, she was not going to be invited?  Jessie was so pissed off, that she questioned Helen about Aaryn’s invite.  After Helen explained it was because of what Happened during the previous week, Jessie accepted Helen’s reason (somewhat), but was still not happy her name hadn’t been said yet.

Now, remember the title of this post (you can scroll back up if you need to)?  Yeah, this is where it comes in handy for Jessie.  Unbeknownst to the group in the room, Aaryn just happened to be walking by the room they were talking in, and heard Jessie spouting off about Aaryn and Jessie questioning Helen.  This set off alarm bells in Aaryn’s head about being able to trust Helen or Jessie if they were having a conversation like this.  Aaryn was so bold that she even sashayed (well, she popped in with authority, but sashayed was more fun to type) into the room and to see what was going on.  She then continued on her way to the bathroom full of doubts.  Aaryn was talking about what happened to GinaMarie when Jessie popped into the room.  How about this, BB House Guests: if you don’t want certain people to hear your conversations, keep your voice down!  Why do you have to blare everything that comes out of your mouth?  Spencer doesn’t have a choice for the time being (megaphone/bullhorn punishment), but the rest of you have no excuse to be loud.

Jessie was still complaining about not being invited to Helen’s BBQ.  The “lucky” recipient of Jessie’s complaints was Amanda.  From watching this week’s episode, as well as her demeanor in general,  I think Amanda is the LAST person Jessie wants to be unloading her issues onto.  I’ll explain my point in the next paragraph. You’ll see why.  Amanda told Jessie that she shouldn’t be so upset with the situation because Amanda figured Helen was using it as part of her game-play, to be kept in Aaryn’s good books.  Jessie disagreed, saying it was a big deal because she felt Helen was showing disloyalty towards her.

This is the point I was alluding to, Readers:  Amanda, getting upset with Jessie, told her to just sit there, shut up, and look semi-pretty.  Amanda then unloaded about how Jessie didn’t like how she was getting so upset and being so fake with her when Jessie tried to hatch a plan to send Amanda out the door instead of Howard a few hours before the Vote.  Jessie denied it, but Amanda didn’t believe her, Nor should she, Readers!  You see, the producers showed the viewers flashback sequences of Jessie planning a mini coup, but it didn’t get off the ground.

Amanda then went to Helen, telling her about her encounter with Jessie and all of the whining she’s doing about not being invited to Helen’s BBQ.  Helen was disgusted with Jessie’s behaviour, thinking she may have to make Jessie her last invitee since Jessie wouldn’t stop complaining about it.  I wouldn’t placate Jessie for this!  As a floater, Jessie’s expendable in this game, and if she’s carrying on like this, I would forget about inviting her and start thinking about ways to get her out of the House!

McCrae spoke with Jessie, and he gave her some of the best advice she could get in this game: relax and roll with the  punches.  Jessie, of course, didn’t like what she heard, telling him he didn’t understand her point of view since he was with the power in the House.  McCrae told her her e couldn’t control the Vote.  Jessie told him she didn’t like taking orders.  McCrae then said he was the good to Amanda’s bad, and that she had to stop whining to get people on her side.

McCrae’s “other side,” Amanda joined their conversation.  She told Jessie it was a bad idea of hers to be asking for advice after screwing up (going after Amanda) because it makes her a target.  Amanda went on to day Jessie should shut up and stop her attention-seeking behaviour.  Jessie countered by saying Amanda shouldn’t talk because Amanda likes to walk around in her underwear.  Amanda told Jessie to stop playing a victim, and hat no has her back in the House anymore.  Jessie defended herself by saying she would rather be alone, and that Amanda’s threats don’t scare her.  She ended the argument by leaving the BB Backyard by saying she didn’t mind going home.

McCrae then reamed Amanda out, telling her that she was making the both of them look bad with her blow-outs.  Amanda, upset McCrae was mad at her, said she was defending herself.  McCrae told her to apologize and to get her head back in the game because Jessie was stronger than Amanda thought she was. Amanda refused to do so, accusing McCrae of not ha ving her back.  McCrae called her petty, telling her they were supposed to be working together, and that their actions reflect badly on both of them, not just her.

Jessie, looking to do some damage control, went to GinaMarie to plead her case as to why she should not go on the block.  Jessie told GinaMarie she knew she ad put a target on her back by what she had tried to do to Amanda, and by carrying on as she did where Helen’s BBQ was concerned.  She was also trying to move to move the target she put on her back onto Amanda’s.   Jessie then told GinaMarie that Amanda was persuasive, and that she should see through what Amanda is trying to get GinaMarie to do.  Jessie finished her pitch by saying that the last thing GinaMarie wanted was to have Amanda staying in the House, running the show.   GinaMarie told Jessie that she was not her target.  Candice was her target, and that Candice would be the one going home.  GinaMarie told Jessie she had to figure out who to put against her to make sure this happened.

At the Nomination Ceremony, GinaMarie nominated Candice and Jessie for Eviction.  GinaMarie was downright rude to Candice when saying why she was chosen for Eviction.  GinaMarie’s reasons for Jessie being nominated was that Jessie was a flip-flopper, and she didn’t like flip-floppers in the House.

See, Readers,  Jessie learned a very valuable BB lesson: timing is everything when you open your mouth in the BB House.  She had a high sense of herself to act so childishly about not being able to go to a BBQ, then to act so fake to Amanda after trying to shove Amanda out the BB front door last week.  What has she learned: being so high on yourself, especially when you’re a Floater, can land you on the block.  Amanda’s pushing her luck in the House.  She’s gone from pushy to domineering, spouting out the way she is.  I’m surprised her new financé, McCrae, is still with her!  I would have let her have it, then cut her loose if she didn’t start to cool her jets.  Who will America put up as its nominee for Eviction? Who will win the Power of Veto?  Will McCrae and Amanda’s engagement make it through this week?  Come back to my blog to find out!

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Big Brother 15, Episode #16 – Once Again, I Shake My Head!

Hey Readers!

I don’t think the House Guests are seeing the big picture where their game is concerned.  Why am I shaking my head,as it’s suggested in the title of this post?  Well, in my opinion, the game’s latest evicted player was just another bad choice that the House Guests made, as they are just lining themselves up to be picked off one-by-one.  Who was this unlucky individual?  Read below and find out.

Spencer, seeing his partner-in-crime Howard still on the block, was trying everything he could to save him from being evicted.  He devised a plan to save not only Howard, but Candice as well.  He figured it would be beneficial for him to have two allies in the game rather than just one.  Before going ahead with his plan, he spoke privately with Candice, telling her to trust in him, and that he was working to have her and Howard stay.  Candice was happy to hear that someone was on side trying to get Amanda out of the House.  Spencer saw Amanda as a threat to his game because she was targeting both Howard and himself.  Spencer’s plan:  changing at least two out of the five votes currently going against Howard to Amanda so Howard will stay and Amanda will leave the game.  He pitched his plan to bot Andy and GinaMarie, two people who would most likely flip their vote.  GinaMarie said she was on board, sealing it with a fist bump, and Andy said he liked the plan.

Even though House Guests say they like a plan, they may also be lying to your face.  Andy was this type of person.  He ran straight to Amanda to give his report to her about Spencer’s plan.  Amanda confronted Spencer in the BB Backyard.  Amanda told Spencer she knew what he was doing, and it wasn’t going to work.  Spencer tried to deny knowing anything about the plan.  He even tried to ay his target was Candice, not her.  Amanda didn’t believe him, telling him she had the numbers to stay in the House.  Spencer gave up trying to cover his tracks, and started yelling at Amanda after she kept hounding about his plan.

You have to be careful who is listening to conversations in the BB House, because people love sharing this information!  Helen was present for the blowout between Spencer and Amanda, and told Candice what she heard.  Candice was upset, thinking Spencer was trying to play her, and called a House Meeting to call him out.  Once all of the House Guests were assembled, she asked Spencer if what Helen told him was true.  Spencer admitted that he said what he said, but he was really trying to help her.  Candice didn’t believe him, and told the House not to believe anything that came pout of Spencer’s mouth.  She also wanted the House to vote with their hearts, and that she was going after Spencer next week.

Yes, Readers, this was another successful House Meeting.  After Candice went off on Spencer, Aaryn, Jessie and GinaMarie were in the HoH Room talking about what just happened.  Aaryn was pressing the idea of voting Candice out because Candice was becoming a loose cannon and attacking people who are against her in the House.  Hello, Aaryn!  Didn’t you attack anyone who threatened you the last time you were HoH?  I love it when people are so hypercritical on BB!  I’m so over Aaryn!  She really needs a reality check as soon as possible.

At the Live Vote and Eviction Ceremony, each of the eviction nominees got to say their last words.  Amanda thanked her family, and said she was not ready to leave the House yet.  Candice also thanked those supporting her at home, to vote with your heart, and that she wanted to stay in the game.  Howard thanked God and his loved ones, and to respect however they voted for.

Here is how the Vote went down this week:

Candice – 1; Howard – 7; Amanda – 0.

Sadly, Howard was sent home.

For the HoH Competition this week, Bull in a China Shop had the House Guests holding on to a bar with a bull’s head that was attached to a cord while walking on a revolving barrel.  If the House Guests fall off or let go of their “bull,” the bull head will smash into an display case of china, ending their chance at becoming the next HoH.

Since this was an endurance challenge, Julie Chen made some announcements to the House, as well as to the audience in private.  She told the House there would be no Have-Nots this week.  Candice was excited since she’s been a Have-Not for most of her time in the House.  She announced to the audience that America would be the MVP for the third week in a row.  This is the route the BB producers should have gone at the beginning of the game, always keeping the House Guests guessing who the MVP was.  Since none of the players fell off the barrel yet, Julie Chen enticed them by offering for the first tree House Guests that drop out of the competition the opportunity to open three boxes.  One box contained $5 000.  At this point in the competition, no one wanted to drop out. The competition will continue into the next episode.

Oh, I forgot to say that Julie Chen told the House Guests that Britney had her baby!  She named her Tilly, and she was born on July 13, 2013!  Congrats Britney!  Another piece of news I forgot to share was a bit shocking, but cool once it sunk in.  Amanda and McCrae are engaged!  I know, but you go with what feels right, right!  Congrats, and I hope they share pics of the happy day!

Alright, Readers, another House Guest out of the House, and, maybe, one of ht first that didn’t deserve to go yet.  Maybe this is Karma for Howard lying to Helen about what he knew about the Moving Company.  I was routing for Amanda to leave this week because she’s becoming just too pushy around the House, and those who realize this attribute of hers magically end up meeting Julie Chen at the end of the week.  Can someone PLEASE catch onto  this, like Spencer has, and send her out of the game along wit Aaryn!  Oh, there is just one more piece of BB news to share.  This coming Eviction Night will be a magical Double Eviction Night!  Yay!  It’s like a two for one sale!  Who will be the HoHs this week?  Who will win the PoV to save themselves?  Will the power shift yet once again?  I will have these answers, and you can find out by visiting my blog again!

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 15, Episode #15 – Just Say What You Mean, Howard!

Hey Readers!

Howard and Spencer are in hot water as they have been put up on the block by Aaryn.  No one was shocked, but these gentlemen were plenty fired up to try and get them out of trouble, forcing someone else to take their place for Eviction.  One way to do this is by making an appeal to your fellow House Guests to say their minds about you being up on the block.  Do Howard and Spencer sweet talk their way into the House Guests’ hearts, or do they dig themselves a deeper hole to get out of?  Let’s read on and find out!

After the Nomination Ceremony, Helen went to Aaryn to thank her for sticking to their deal.  What Helen didn’t know was that Aaryn was telling anyone while she wasn’t around that she was being forced to put Spencer and Howard up by the power or majority of the House (Helen and Amanda), and everyone else understood what was understood by that.  Elissa made her way to the HoH Room and graciously thanked Aaryn as well for doing as she promised, as well as for not putting Elissa up for Eviction.  Elissa even mentioned the possibility of working with her more in the future.  Please, Elissa, please let this be just words to butter Aaryn up before you try to send her packing next week via the back door!

Meanwhile, in the Have-Not Room, Howard went to pray to clear his mind and calm down.  Jessie disturbed him to tell him she was sad he was on the block, and  that he was one of the people who deserved to win this game because of who he was and what he does for everyone in the House.  Howard was touched by Jessie’s words, and said he would fight to stay in the game.  I’m not sure just how sincere Jessie’s words were to Howard because of her pledge of support for Aaryn’s nominations in the last episode of BB 15.  Did she say this to make Howard think he had her on his side, or did she truly mean it?  I guess only time will tell.

McCrae and Spencer had a private conversation about the nominations.  McCrae told Spencer that he wasn’t the target for the week.  McCrae also confessed in the Diary Room that he would want rather work with Spencer than Howard because he felt that Spencer would be more loyal to him than Howard would.  Spencer, on the other hand, confessed he didn’t trust McCrae and the reason why Howard was on the block was because he would not bend to the will of others in the House, so that made him a threat to others in the House.

Howard confessed to Spencer that he was loosing faith in staying, and that he needed another week in the House to campaign to change the minds of some of the other House Guests.  He also felt that he was being targeted by someone in the House, so he believed that  calling a House Meeting and talking to the other players would be is best chance at clearing up any sort of negative notions anyone had about him.  I think that calling the House Meeting was not a bad idea, but the way Howard presented his case to the House is not what you want to do in the BB game.  Instead of just saying what he meant in a clear and concise manner, Howard went off on a tangent, using his metaphors in a way that  others in the House didn’t understand.  They just tuned him out after a while.  Howard, just speak plainly, and they will get it, and maybe not see you as this shady character who can’t be trusted.  The House Guests were so confused by Howard’s speech that some of them felt as though he was targeting them.  It didn’t help that Amanda caught on to this paranoia, and added fuel to this fire, either.

Amanda and McCrae were feeling too comfortable in the game.  While in the hammock in the BB Backyard, Elissa joined them to talk about who the MVP was for the past few weeks.  Elissa suggested Andy because e just seemed too comfortable in the House.  Once Elissa left, Amanda and McCrae just shook their heads at Elissa’s suggestion, further believing that she was the MVP, and that she was trying to shift the target onto another player.  They also felt that Elissa was targeting them, so they were even more on Elissa watch than they were before.

The House was called to the BB Living Room by Aaryn for the MVP’s Nomination and the Veto Players Selection Meeting.  When America’s MVP pick this week appeared on the screen, the House was shocked once again…it was Amanda!  You could see the wheels turning in her head for the rest of the meeting as to who put her up for nomination.  She confessed she now thought it was Howard who was the MVP, and he wanted to take some of the eat off of him by having her on the block with Spencer and himself. Aaryn drew the other two names of the players for the Power of Veto Competition.  They were Jessie and Candice.  Aaryn chose Helen as this week’s Host for the competition.

McCrae took this opportunity to try and spook Spencer into playing harder for the Veto by telling Spencer that Howard was the MVP, and he was trying to mess Spencer up.  Spencer saw right through McCrae’s ruse, putting more mistrust in Spencer’s head about McCrae.

After the meeting, Amanda and Howard had a conversation in the Have-Not Room.  She had to ask him if e was the MVP for the week, and why he would put her up on the block.  Howard had to tell her over and over again that he was not the MVP.  Amanda still couldn’t trust Howard, and this gave her even more of a reason to see Howard walk through the BB Front Door this week.

Back in Time was the name of the POV Competition this week.  The House Guests had to walk through the Time Transporter to go back in time (really they walked through a mini room in the BB Backyard built for this competition) to the Mesozoic era (this was the time when dinosaurs roamed the Earth).  They had to find the broken pieces of the PoV were scattered all over the place, then put the PoV back together.  Once they did this, they had to jump on their stump to be declared the winner of the PoV.  This competition was a hard one to watch because so many players this week were horrible at putting puzzles together.  This competition really came down to Amanda and Spencer, as they were the only ones who were close to putting the puzzle together.  In the end, Spencer came out victorious, winning the PoV for himself.

Amanda was happy about this outcome because Howard, her target for the week, was still stuck on the block.  She was still hoping everyone was going to stick to the plan to evict Howard this week.  Aaryn didn’t like Spencer coming off the block because this meant she had to nominate another person in his place, putting more blood on her hands and an even bigger target on her back.

Luckily for Aaryn, she received a lot of help to come to a decision as to who this replacement should be.  In the HoH Room, Aaryn, along with Amanda, McCrae, Andy and Helen were brainstorming who should be on the block.  Aaryn felt that Candice should be on the block because she was a major thorn in her side for most of the game so far, and she would be glad to see her go.  Helen said she would tell Candice she tried to say Aaryn’s choice, but there was nothing she could do to change Aaryn’s mind.  Wow Helen!  Way to protect your ally who cracked the Moving Company information to you.  What a show of loyalty.  Andy said it was a no-brainer decision for Aaryn to make.

Howard and Candice’s ears must have been ringing because they felt as though if they were going to make it through the week, they needed to have Helen the Puppet-Master on their side.  Candice then went to Helen to see what Helen could do to keep them off the block.  Helen tried to tell Candice there was nothing she could do to change Aaryn’s mind about keeping Candice off the block, but Candice wouldn’t except what Helen had to say to her.  Candice was willing to make deals to keep the two of them safe, but Helen refused to help her.  Candice got so fed up with Helen that she called Helen out, asking her whether she was her ally or not.  Helen pretty much threw her hands in the air and gave up on the conversation.

Helen didn’t like how Candice called her out, so she decided to start a smear campaign against her to Aaryn and the rest of her cohorts.  Helen lied, saying that Candice threatened Helen about coming after all of them, and they all believed Helen.

At the Veto Ceremony, as expected, Spencer took himself off the block.  Aaryn then replaced Spencer with Candice as this week’s third nominee for Eviction.  Candice swore she was going after Helen and Elissa if she stayed in the House after this week.  Howard decided if he was going to be in the House after this week that Amanda and McCrae were going to be his targets.

A lot happened in this episode of BB 15.  Hopefully Howard didn’t end his game by that speech he gave to the House.  I love that Candice is now on fire, ready to play this game, too.  Helen doesn’t see she’s alienating more of her allies.  If she and Elissa are not careful, the two of them will on the block should some one she has turned er back on becomes HoH next week.  Who will the House decide to evict?  Who will be the next HoH?  Come back to my blog and find out!

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 15, Episode # 14 – Doing the Dirty Work of Others

Hello Readers!

I’m still shaking my head at the House’s decision to keep Aaryn in the House!  Really, House Guests?  Sure, Kaitlin was good at competitions, but she doesn’t stay focused like Aaryn does.  Kaitlin was ready to jump ship from Team Aaryn to Howard and Spencer’s new alliance and do whatever anyone swayed her to do.  Aaryn, on the other hand, isn’t as easily swayed.  She’s a dangerous player, and anyone making a deal with her will end up out of the House before her.  Now that Aaryn is HoH again, will she have another bout of HoH-itis?  As for Elissa, we saw a bit of her own catty nature come out when she was teasing Amanda about her “sexy” outfit for McCrae’s birthday.  Will she start becoming the mean girl she had begged Aaryn for?  Read on and find out!

The House was reeling from Aaryn’s rise to HoH power after the HoH Competition.  While Aaryn and Jessie were celebrating in BB Bathroom, new showmance Candice and Howard were worried about their safety in the game.  They were also worried about the deal Jessie told them about involving Helen and Aaryn.  Jessie overheard the deal struck by Helen about keeping Aaryn safe in return for the decision-making power over her nominations should Aaryn become HoH this week.  Howard and Candice didn’t like how this plan went down, nor that Helen and Elissa were still calling the shots around the House.

Aaryn, Spencer and GinaMarie were discussing Spencer’s safety in the House.  Aaryn explained to Spencer that she wanted to keep him safe this week, but she was getting pressure from the “power” in the House to put Howard and himself up for Eviction.  Spencer told Aaryn what I would have said to her, which was to do what you wanted to do since this was her HoH week, not theirs.  Spencer was doing anything possible to sway her decision to save Howard and himself from the block.

Helen and Aaryn speak privately in one of the various BB Rooms.  Helen first congratulated Aaryn for her HoH win.  Helen told Aaryn that Candice was aware of the deal the tow of them have.  Aaryn promised she would take all the heat in order to uphold her end of the deal.  Aaryn might be starting to cause some dissension the Mom Squad by saying to Helen that she thought Elissa leaked the details of the deal to Candice.  Oh, Aaryn!  Such a good move on your part!  Don’t get me wrong, Readers, I love the Mom Squad, but this is how you take advantage of the cracks an alliance! I’ll tip my hat to you, Aaryn, for that move!

Aaryn’s comments may have actually planted a seed in Helen’s head as she went to Amanda, McCrae and Judd to talk about Helen’s deal with Aaryn.  They agreed with Aaryn, saying that it was probably Elissa who spilled the beans about the deal to Candice.  Helen then went on about how Elissa was ruining her game-play by her assumed actions.  Helen, why don’t you just talk to Elissa about your suspicions instead of asking others about their thoughts on the matter.  If Elissa did tell Candice, then be mad at her.  Then again, if Helen goes to her with this, it could further enrage Elissa against Aaryn, taking Elissa’s head more out of the game.

Spencer was still trying to change Aaryn’s mind about putting Spencer and Howard on the block.  He suggested to create a power shift in the House by nominating those in power for Eviction.  Aaryn came clean to Spencer about the deal she has with Helen, and how her hands are tied.   Spencer then told Aaryn that she could have protection in the House to help her to stay so Aaryn could turn her back on Helen’s deal.

Howard wanted to plead his case to Aaryn as well.  Aaryn also told Howard about Helen’s deal, and couldn’t go against it because she was going along with what the majority of the House wanted.  Howard also told Aaryn this was the time to shake things up in the House, and to also know who her friends in the House were., is this your idea of taking the “heat” for going along with Helen’s deal to keep your behind safe?  This is more along the lines of you opening the door to the BB House for Helen to be evicted next week!  Aaryn said she would ultimately do what was best for her game where nominations were concerned.

Sirens went off in the BB House, and all of the House Guests were guided into the BB Living Room.  The TV turned on, and who should appear but Poppy Montgomery promoting the season premiere of her show, Unforgettable.  She was also the host of the this week’s Have-Not Competition called Unexpectedly Unforgettable.  This one was a tricky one.  The House Guests were split, again, into teams of three, Purple, Orange and Green.  Here is a list of the team members:

Purple – Helen, Spencer, Howard, Jessica

Orange – Elissa, Andy, McCrae, Aaryn

Green – Candice, GinaMarie, Judd, Amanda.

This challenge was to be done in two parts.  In Part 1, each team had to collect items from their makeshift evidence lockers in the BB Backyard, then stack them in the correct order.  The teams wanted to finish first during this part because they would receive an advantage for Part 2 of the challenge.  Team Orange won Part 1, followed by Team Purple and Team Green.

Part 2 of this competition is where everything gets more difficult.  The teams then had to remember where all of their evidence went in their evidence lockers.  Each team would also receive a picture with a certain number of of their items belonged.  The advantage Team Orange received was that they got a picture that revealed where 10 of the 24 items belonged.  Team Purple got a picture that showed where 9 of their items went, and Team Green got a picture where 8 of their items belonged.  After trying to unlock their memories, Team Orange won Part 2 of this challenge, followed by Team Purple, meaning that Team Green would have to be the Have-Nots for the week.

After Candice and Howard talk about trying to convince Aaryn to not nominate Howard and Spencer, Howard gets Candice to try to go for this plan, putting up Amanda and McCrae in their place.  Once Candice pitched this idea, Aaryn stuck to her sorry story about voting with the numbers this week to keep herself in the House.  Candice tried to tell Aaryn that she was trusting the wrong people in the House, but in true Aaryn fashion, she tuned Candice out.  How rude!  Come on, Aaryn, at least try to repair some relationships in the House and just listen to Candice for a second!  You never know when knowing what information in this House could be beneficial for your game!

Candice went back to Howard with the bad news.  Howard was surprised because he didn’t get this impression of Aaryn’s mood the night before.  Candice was now worried about a target being placed on her back because she brought this up to Aaryn, and Aaryn wasn’t receptive.  When Candice mentions she wants to go home, this triggers a mini fight between the newest showmance in the House.  Oh, no!  Keep it together, guys!

Aaryn, Elissa, GinaMarie and Jessie were in the HoH Room talking about how Howard and Spencer were “scammers”, and how the “super-people” (Helen and Amanda) wouldn’t change their minds about who was to be nominated.  Jessie said she would support anyone Aaryn picks to nominate.  That’s saying a lot, since Jessie is floating around to everyone in the House to save her own skin.  Aaryn knew that Spencer and Howard were not targeting her, but she’s choosing to do Amanda and Helen’s dirty work.

At the Nomination Ceremony, after all the keys were retrieved, Aaryn’s choices for nominations were as everyone thought: Howard and Spencer.  Aaryn said it was nothing personal against them, and that this was the best choice for her game.  Ha!  Howard, following his faith,  said that his destiny was not in the hands of anyone else but the Man upstairs, and that it wasn’t his time to go yet.  Elissa was elated that she wasn’t on the block considering her relationship with Aaryn.  Spencer said he was going to fight to stay in the House.  Helen was happy tat Aaryn stuck to her end of the deal.

Oh, Readers! I can’t wait for this decision to blow up in Aaryn’s face!  She was so played by Helen and Amanda.  I don’t care what deal you agreed to, you never do anyone’s dirty work!  It will just turn around on you, sending you packing the next week.  Howard and Spencer, as much as I am all for the ladies ruling this game, I think they made a terrible mistake in nominating you two this week.  There are bigger fish to fry than the two of you.  Who will America, as the MVP again this week, pick for the third nominee for Eviction?  Will Howard or Spencer get themselves off the block?  Will Howard and Candice’s showmace last beyond the next episode?  You’ll see if you pop back to visit my blog!

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 15, Episode #13 – Don’t Count Your Chickens…

Hey Readers!

What a wonky Eviction Night! Wow, the House really surprised me this week with who they voted out.  And the new HoH just makes me more excited about the rest of this season! What happened, you ask? Read on and you’ll see!

Before seeing what happened after the PoV Ceremony, Julie Chen revealed to the audience the break-down of America’s votes as the MVP.   Aaryn was America’s first choice, but since Judd had nominated her for Eviction, Elissa, America’s next choice got bumped up to the first nominee for the MVP.  GinaMarie got the third highest amount of votes, and will be the replacement nominee should Elissa take herself off the block with the Veto.

The House a divided as to whether Aaryn or Kaitlin should be the House Guest to leave the House this week. While speaking to Aaryn and Jessie about evicting Kaitlin because she such a threat in competitions, Judd also shared his dislike for Aaryn with Elissa and Helen because of her shady actions and mean girl-like tendencies.  Judd then went to Candice and Howard, and even they were conflicted as to how to vote.

Aaryn was in the campaign trail, making a deal with Helen where if Helen and Elissa both don’t vote for Aaryn to leave this week, and Aaryn becomes HoH this week, Aaryn will do whatever they want her to do.  Aaryn went to Elissa with this same deal, but Elissa was not sure if Aaryn could be trusted.

Judd let the secret about alliance against Aaryn, Amanda and Elissa out of the bag. He told Helen, Andy, Jessie (a few of them that were also part of this same alliance) why they formed the alliance, and not to let Howard and Spencer know that he spilled the beans. They also discussed Kaitlin possibly leaving the House this week because she was a threat to win the game.  Helen then made a bee line to Elissa and Amanda to let them in in the news, and to keep their mouths shut about what they were just told.

Maybe some secrets should be kept away from Elissa because she went blabbing away to Kaitlin about it! Elissa asked Kaitlin if she was a part of the alliance while they were primping themselves in the bathroom. Kaitlin was upset over the secret being out, and wanted to call the House out to find out what was going on. Unfortunately for Elissa, Aaryn was skulking in the bathroom, listening to their whole conversation, ready to start drama because Aaryn thought Elissa sharing this information with Aaryn, and not her, was breaching their deal. Kaitlin then went to Spencer and Howard to let them know the jig was up, and they said they were going to play it off.

Helen found out that Elissa opened her mouth about the secret alliance when Aaryn entered the room, complaining that she wasn’t let in in the news. Kaitlin, who was also present, asked Elissa why Elissa said anything. Helen said it was because of Elissa’s vendetta against Aaryn. Spencer and Howard then entered the room, and they were barged with questions about their alliance. They played dumb, saying they knew nothing about this alliance. Aaryn and Elissa then got into a yelling match in front of the whole House! Howard confessed that maybe Aaryn should go home because of the trouble she starts with other House Guests.

The show then cut back to Julie Chen announcing it was time for the Live Vote and Eviction Ceremony. When the nominees were asked to give their final words, Aaryn thanked everyone in the House for a great summer, Kaitlin thanked House as well for her summer on BB 15, and GinaMarie thanked both the House Guests and her supporters at home, as well as telling Nick she missed him.

Here is how the Vote went down:
Aaryn – 0; Kaitlin – 9; GinaMarie – 0.
Yeah, the House got rid of Kaitlin! Crazy, huh!

Julie Chen then tells the audience that America will be the MVP again next week, getting to decide who will be the third nominee this week.   I love how this twist on a twist is playing in the House!  It’s keeping the House Guests confused and on their toes where their game-play is concerned.

At the HoH Competition, Roulette Me Win, the House Guests had to roll a ball over a play area with bumpers and have it land on the highest number possible on a revolving roulette table to become the next HoH. After everyone, except Judd, had their turn, Aaryn, went from being on the block to becoming the next HoH, repeating Helen’s pattern two weeks prior.

Oh, Readers! What is going on here? As I said in my last BB 15 post, this week’s vote was a no-brainer! Aaryn should have been speaking to Julie Chen, not Kaitlin. How did Helen and Elissa think they could trust Aaryn over the possibility of Kaitlin winning HoH. Especially after they knew what the HoH Competition was going to be? It was a lucky roll Aaryn had to get the highest number possible on the roulette wheel. What kind of torture will Aaryn put the House through this week as HoH? Will Elissa make it through this week, not being able to play the Veto? Who will Aaryn put up for Eviction? Who will America put up as their MVP nominee? Bring yourself back to my blog to find out!

Until my next next post, Readers!


Big Brother 15, Episode #12 – How Assumptions Become Truth in the BB House!

Hiya, Readers!

This episode of BB 15 was an interesting one!  Suspicions are whispered behind closed doors, alliances begin to crumble, new ones are created, and out of all of this, the stage is set for this week’s Eviction.  America even assisted in making the events of this episode fall as they did with the decisions it made for the final nominee for Eviction.  Who did America choose?  How does it play into how the House flipped on its head?  Continue reading and find out!

At the Nomination Ceremony at the end of Episode #10, Judd made a comment about Aayrn which Aaryn felt made her shady.  No, Aaryn, you have done this all on your own!  Don’t fault Judd for your smart actions in the House!  Aaryn went to speak to Judd about what he said about her and about being put up on te block.  Judd calmed er down, saying he was planning to back-door someone else, and that she wasn’t his target.  Judd confessed he was saying anything to shut Aaryn up and make her happy.

Kaitlin and Amanda were also talking about the nominations.  Kaitlin was worried about Aaryn winning the PoV and taking herself of the block, leaving Kaitlin stuck there and possibly leaving this week.  She also asked Amanda if she was the target.  Amanda told her it wasn’t her.  Aaaryn then enters the room, still whining about possibly leaving this week.  Amanda tell them she’s on a mission to get Howard back-doored this week.

Elissa started tripping (not falling, but going batty) around the House because she would have heard by now  whether she was chosen as the MVP by now.  Her attitude and paranoia was rubbing the other House Guests the wrong way.  Elissa was worried that since she hadn’t heard anything yet, this must then mean another member of the House was chosen, and she could  find herself as the third nominee on the block.

In the BB Backyard, Howard and Spencer were cooking up a coup d’etat while playing pool.  They knew that Elissa and Amanda were running the show around the House.  They figured that if they got the Floaters together, along with GinaMarie, that they could take control of the House away from the ladies.  In the HoH Room, their plan seemed to magically fall into place, when all the people they wanted to talk to about this new alliance came into the room (GinaMarie, Andy, Judd, Kaitlin).  After feeding these people lines about rising up against the oppression Elissa and Amanda were imposing upon them, they all agreed to  get rid of them together.

At the Veto Players Selection Meeting, Elissa’s worst fears came to fruition: she was not selected as this week’s MVP, and she was put up on the block!   Yes, America voted for Elissa to sit next to Aaryn and Kaitlin!  Maybe it was because they knew she probably had the best chance at beating Kaitlin and Aaryn for the PoV.  The other two players chosen for the Veto Competition were Helen and McCrae.  Even thoug Elissa is on the block, the players for the Veto could really work in Elissa’s favour.  The only two players that really don’t want Elissa off the block are Aaryn and Kaitlin.  McCrae would be the wild card, as Amanda is a bit annoyed with Elissa’s behaviour up until now.  If Elissa really pushed Judd, he probably would Veto the MVP’s nominee and take Elissa down.  Helen would fight tooth and nail to get her fellow Mom Squad member off the block.  Oh, I can’t forget to say that Elissa isn’t too bad at competitions, either.  Don’t sweat it, Elissa, you have more than a fighting chance at getting off the block!  Tis week’s host, chosen by Judd, was Andy.

After the meeting, Elissa confessed she felt betrayed by whoever the MVP was.  She thought she was nice to everyone in the House, and she didn’t understand why America didn’t choose her this week.  She was also didn’t know why she was picked to be on the block.  She was beginning to think the MVP was someone of Team Aaryn. Elissa even asked them if one of them was the MVP, and they honestly said no, they were not the MVP.  Their response didn’t satisfy Elissa’s suspicions of Team Aaryn, further fueling her anger toward Aaryn.

Team Aaryn were thinking in the total opposite direction.  They all thought Elissa was the MVP, and nominated herself in order to make the target on her back smaller.  It’s not a bad idea, but Elissa being such a big target in this House, as well as being on the block before wouldn’t make Elissa want to put herself in this position voluntarily.  There is too much of a risk of not winning the Veto and being sent home at this point in the game for Elissa to do this, but this is Team Aaryn we’re talking about, Readers!  In my opinion, they’re not really seeing the full picture where the game is concerned.  They only rely on Aaryn’s point of view, and what they hear second-hand.  It’s a wonder they’re still shocked tow of the three of them are on the block right now.

At the Veto Competition called Veto Election, the players were asked to dress to impress.  As they walked ou to the BB Backyard, they saw why they were all so snazzy.  For this Competition, they had to crawl under benches through a huge pile of mud to collect envelopes that held ballots with various numbers of votes.  Some of these votes also had punishments on them.  The players could only have four ballots to accumulate as votes as possible to win the PoV.  The votes with punishments, if the players chose to use the votes with punishments on them had to do them, regardless of whether or not they win the PoV.  After a lot mud slinging (I guess this little joke was not lost on the producers of BB 15), Elissa won the PoV.  Here are the punishments each player has to endure due to the points they chose to use:

Helen – 8 PM curfew two nights in a row

Judd – 24-hour solitary confinment

McCrae – $5000

Elissa – Can’t play in the next Veto Competition.

While Judd was having fun by himself in a room where he nothing but to eat but slop,  and an alarm clock that went off every nine minutes for 24 hours, the rest of the House decided to throw McCrae a 24th birthday party he wouldn’t forget.  Amanda made this party unforgettable by dressing up in a one-piece bathing suit and heels, and giving McCrae his birthday beats with a leather whip.  Now, unless the producers provided the whip for this impromptu  fiesta, who would bring a whip into the House as something they needed in their luggage?

Elissa, in some strange mood, decided to badger Amanda about her wardrobe choice, from when she put it on, until the party was over.  Why would you do that, Elissa?   What would possess you to share your feelings about Amanda’s choice of attire?  These thoughts should have been kept to yourself!  This could seriously come back to haunt you, Elissa!

At the Power of Veto Ceremony, Elissa took so much pleasure in taking herself off the block leaving Aaryn and Kaitlin on it.  The House Guests then found out who America secretly chose as their replacement nominee.  A smile broke out across my face when I saw GinaMarie’s picture pop up on the BB TV screen!  GinaMarie, along with the rest of the House, was in shock!  If Elissa was the MVP’s first pick, why would GinaMarie be their second one?  This further fueled the idea that Elissa was indeed the MVP, while Elissa was just as baffled as everyone else!

Oh, Readers, this was such a great ending to a BB 15 episode!  Everyone is still questioning who the MVP was and Team Aaryn are all on the block!  Having any one of them out of the House would make me happy, but the possibility of having Aaryn out of the game is so great!  No more sense of entitlement and no more sneaky, snide two-faced comments!  But I’m celebrating too early.  The votes haven’t been cast yet.  This vote should be a no-brainer, though.  Will my thoughts come to fruition and Aaryn actually does leave the House?  Who will become the next HoH and MVP?  Come on back to my blog and find out!

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 15, Episode #11 – Can’t Have Your Cake and Eat It, Too!

Hey Readers!

This week should be an interesting one with Judd as HoH.  As I’ve said in my last post, since he hasn’t aligned himself with any side of the House, his nominations for Eviction will tell where his head is in the game.  You could tell by the way everyone was congratulating Judd after he won that they were all worried about possibly being put up on the block.  Whose worst fears will be realized by being nominated by Judd?  Continue reading and you’ll see!

After the HoH Competition, many of the House Guests were trying to put in their two cents about who Judd should choose for his two nominations this week.  Amanda was practically pushing her suggestion of Howard and Spencer on Judd.  It was almost as though she was afraid they were coming after her!  It must be because of what McCrae told her about what the Moving Company tried to tell him a few weeks ago about Amanda being a strong player.   She might think they are still gunning for her to leave the House.  Spencer was suggesting that Aaryn and Kaitlin should be on the block this week, again.  Get rid of who the House would want out first, then maybe deal with other issues (Amanda) later would be my guess.  Judd was so confused as to which direction to go where his nominations were concerned.  He honestly didn’t know what to do!

There might be another showmance in the works!  Candice and Howard were becoming  closer in the House, and they were being cuddly with each other.  This season of BB has been riddled with mini showmances.  I’m not sure if the show has seen so many people find some sort of romantic connection within the same season ever!  I’ll have to look into this and update you on my findings.

Back to Judd, Aaryn has been trying to convince him that there were bigger fish to fry in the House than her.  She also told Judd she wouldn’t vote for Judd if he were to ever be put up on the block, and that he was never her target.  Judd told her he may be thinking of putting GinaMarie on the block because of what he did to his pal, Jessie last week.  Aaryn was discouraging this plan, and told him that if Aaryn was to go up, then she would most definitely be the one to leave.

Aaryn then went and told the rest of Team Aaryn what went down between the two of them, and they were not too pleased.  GinaMarie and Kaitlin told Aaryn to keep positive because they had no idea who Judd would actually nominate.  Aaryn disagreed with them, and it turned into a mini squabble amongst Team Aaryn.

The Have/Have-Not Competition this week involved a lot of eating.  In Big Brother Froyo Competition, the House was split into three teams of four.  After being weighed as a team, two members from each team had to eat two different flavours of frozen yougurt: chocolate/vanilla and anchovy/habanero.  The team that gained the least amount of weight after eating both kinds of froyo would become the Have-Nots for the week. Here is the break-down of the teams:

Green: Elissa, Amanda, Howard and McCrae

Orange: Andy, Candice, Spencer and Jessie

Blue: Gina Maire, Helen, Aaryn and Katlin                                             

After downing tons of yummy and disgusting spicy froyo, the Orange team weighed the least, giving them the status of Have-Nots for the week.

Amanda was still going full steam ahead with her “get rid of Howard, Spencer and Candice” campaign to Judd.  At this point, she was shoving it down his throat!  Judd didn’t want to put any of them up to do Amanda’s dirty work, but he also wanted to make a big move for himself in this game.  Elissa was also whispering her suggestion of GinaMarie and Aaryn into Judd’s ear, further confusing Judd as to who he should nominate.  Judd had no idea what to do.   For Judd, Shakespeare’s line from Henry IV really applies here, “Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown.”  The crown must be crushing his skull because he wanted to please the House with his decision while the House was so divided on who they wanted to leave this week.

At the Nomination Ceremony, after contemplating what was best for his game, Judd finally came up with his two nominees for Eviction.  Once the House Guests were gathered around the BB dining table and all the keys were removed, the House discovered that Aaryn and Kaitlin, two of the nominees from last week, were back up on the block.  While Aaryn whined about being on the block, again, Kaitlin felt she was back on the block because of her association with Aaryn.

No surprises there, Readers!  I’m happy with the nominations because I want to see Aaryn go.  She put that target on her back when she thought she was brave enough to share her “thoughts” with other members of the House, and torment them for a few weeks.  Hopefully, my wish will come true!  Will Judd’s nominations stick, or will these nominations blow up in his face with the nomination still to be made by America, this week’s MVP?  Will Aaryn somehow turn the House in her favour?  Will any more showmances pop up in the House?  We’ll see in my next BB 15 post!

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 15, Episode # 10 – Playing the Game Too Hard Too Soon Can Backfire on You!

Hey Readers!

I have to apologize for my lateness in these BB 15 posts.  My family and I escaped the city for the almost a week due to the heat wave and a lack of A/C in our home.  I made sure to at least keep up with this show, so I could do my posts once I got back.

Back to BB 15, in this episode, we find out which of the Mom Squad’s nominees is going to be sent packing.  Aaryn has ticked everyone, both in and out of the House, so most people wouldn’t care to see her leave the game.  Jeremy has been pushing the House Guests around, and has been able to win competitions to save himself.  That is a dangerous combination to have walking around the House to win the $500 000 prize.  Spencer, well, he hasn’t been too much of a threat, besides to Amanda and McCrae’s game.  Which of these three actually gets the heave ho?  Keep reading and you’ll see!

While Spencer laid low throughout this episode, Aaryn and Jeremy took the kiss butt and make any deal necessary in order to stay in the House route.  Aaryn confessed that she and Jeremy didn’t deserve to be on the block this week because there were so many other wimps that should be there instead of them.  Well, Aaryn, if those “wimps’ deserved to be on the block, then why did you not win the PoV to save yourself, or why didn’t Jeremy win the HoH Competition to continue your tirade/rule on the House?  Maybe you two are not as great as you think you are!

Jeremy began his “Save Me” campaign by showing his softer side.  He was joking around with people in the House, and even put on a baby suit to try to get the House to forget his past transgressions.  He even began makig deals with Amanda and McCrae, telling them he would guarantee their safety for the rest of the game.  Aaryn took the same approach, dancing around the House, and trying to get cozy with those who she tormented the week before.  It was quite sad to see them do just about anything to get the House on their side.

Jeremy put on his serious face and went to speak to Helen in the HoH Room to see if she could help his cause.  With Elissa present, he proposed that if he was spared this week, that the Mom Squad would be protected by him for the rest of the game.  Helen asked Jeremy who should be put on the block next week should Jeremy win the HoH Competition.  Jeremy said that Aaryn and Kaitlin could go back up on the block.  Helen also wanted for Jeremy to get rid of is super confident attitude, and become a more humble Jeremy.   Jeremy said he would do anything to stay.  Helen and Elissa were considering Jeremy’s offer.

During the Live Vote and Eviction Ceremony, when given the chance by Julie Chen to give their last words, Jeremy said he enjoyed playing the game, and that he was a champ.  Aaryn thanked everyone for the time they spent together.  Spencer thanked his supporters at home, and the House Guests for a great summer.  Here are the results of the votes:

Spencer – 1; Aaryn – 0; Jeremy – 9.

Yet another strong male player has left the game so early!  I’m not sure if this is a record.  I’ll update my post when I find out.  After 15 seasons of Big Brother, you’d think Jeremy would know that excessive arrogance doesn’t always get you far in this game!  I hope Aaryn has learned this lesson, too!

BB Royalty was the name of this week’s HoH Competition.  The House Guests had to guess who America thought which description best fit which House Guests.  The player standing at the end, without any wrong answers, would be the next HoH.  After six rounds, and a three-way tie- breaker question, Judd shot out of the shadows to become the new HoH!

This win shocked me.  Judd didn’t seem to have it in him to win an HoH, but he pulled it out!  Congrats, Judd!  Since he’s a Floater in the House, this will have a huge impact on his game-play.  His nominations will let the House know which side he’s on.  He’ll also be creating enemies he probably didn’t want to make just yet.  Julie Chen also announced that America would be the MVP this week, so they get to choose the third nominee to go on the block. Who will Judd choose for Eviction?  Can Judd handle the responsibilities and stress of being HoH?  Will the power shift once again in the House?  Pop back in to my blog to find out.

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 15, Episode #9 – Mom Squad Seeks Vengence!

Hey Readers!

The ladies are taking over the House!  I am really enjoying this season because the guys thought they had everything wrapped up with the Moving Company alliance when actually it was one of their very own who ended up moving out!  With the Mom Squad in charge this week, it doesn’t look as though it going to get any better for the guys in the House, either.  But this is Big Brother, and Team Aaryn also have a huge target on their back, too!  Who will Helen and the Mom Squad choose as the first two nominees?  Read below and find out!

After Helen wins the HoH Competition, she met with Amanda and McCrae about who should be third nominee on the block this week should Elissa, or any of them, win this honour.  Wait!  Where’s the other half of the Mom Squad?  I’m surprised Elissa was not in on this meeting.    Anyway, Helen revealed her real target for the week: Jeremy.   Amanda suggested Spencer should go up to ensure a PoV win.  If this plan falls through, then Howard would do as well.

Helen then spoke with Spencer about what he knew.  Spencer wanted to get in good with Helen because he knew he was going up on the block if he didn’t.  So Spencer spilled the beans about the Moving Company.  Spencer ten went straight to Howard to warn him about what went down with Helen, warning him to come clean about the Moving Company.

This week’s MVP was announced, and guessed who got it?  Yes, America picked Elissa.  Again.  Don’t get me wrong, I want the Mom Squad to succeed, but hopefully, the producers of Big Brother should shake things up so another person can have this honour.  Well, the Mom Squad has all the nominating power this week!  Please use it well!

In the Storage Room, McCrae, Amanda met with Elissa to recap the meeting they had with Helen about this week’s MVP nominee.  Elissa was upset, wondering why she had been left out of this talk.  She was not on board with their plan because she could see where Amanda was going with her “suggestion,” and didn’t want to do her dirty work for her.

Helen and Andy met with Howard in Helen’s HoH Room, and he finally told her about the Moving Company after lying to Helen about its existence.  He put the blame on Jeremy, saying he was a bully.  He wanted to get into Helen’s good graces by saying he would become the Mom Squad’s protector from the bullies of the House if he was spared from the block.   Helen told him she would think about his proposal.

Elissa ad Helen then spoke privately about the meeting Helen had without her about the third nominee this week.  Helen apologized for not including Elissa, and told her she wanted to back-door Jeremy.  She proposed Amanda’s plan of putting up Howard because no one would vote him out over Kaitlin and Aaryn (the other nominees this week).  They went to McCrae and Amanda to figure the rest of their plan out.  When both people were present, Amanda continued to press the Howard agenda, but Elissa asked why is it so important for Howard to go so soon?  Amanda said it was because he was the biggest threat in the House, and that he couldn’t be trusted.  Elissa still didn’t like how Amanda was pressing so hard for Howard to go.

In the Living Room, the contestants for the Veto Competition were announced.  First, the MVP’s nomination for Eviction was revealed.  It was Spencer!  He was not surprised by this choice.  As well, the last two players for the competition were chosen.  They were GinaMarie and Candice.  Could Helen’s plan to back-door Jeremy go any better?  Then again, you never know what the competitions will be like until they happen…

Jeremy was beginning to get an idea of what was going down where Helen’s plan was concerned.    In order to save himself, he got GinaMarie not to use the Veto to keep the nominations as they were, and e would somehow get Spencer out.  GinaMarie hated the idea of choosing between friends (Kaitlin and Aaryn), so if this is how it would play out, she was happy to do so.

Kaitlin started to campaign to save herself and Jeremy.  She went to Amanda to pitch her idea.  Amanda gave her the best advice she’s been given in the House so far: Save yourself.  Forget about Jeremy.  If you don’t use it, then it will be you who leaves this week.

Keeping Up With the Joneses was this week’s PoV Competition.  The players had to bounce on a trampoline to see a collection of BB art work displayed o a wall hidden behind a barrier.  They had to then place the correct art work on their wall in the shortest amount of time to win the PoV.  After each player had their try at the game, Judd, this week’s host, announced the times each player posted.  In the end, Kaitlin beat everyone out to win the PoV!

Jeremy tried working his magic on Kaitlin by telling her to use the Veto however she wanted, secretly hoping she would keep the nominations the same so he wouldn’t go up on the block.  Kaitlin tries to pitch to Helen that Howard should be the one on the block because he’s a huge threat to the House.  Helen told Kaitlin her idea was not going to work.   Kaitlin told Jeremy the bad news about what Helen thought, he ended up comforting her, telling her that she would probably stay, whether she used the PoV or not.  Oh, Jeremy, working every angle with Kaitlin!

At the PoV Ceremony, Kaitlin took Amanda’s advice, and saved herself.  With this decision made, a smiling Helen told her “dude” Jeremy to replace Kaitlin on the block.

Oh boy!  What an episode!  In the end, Helen got what she wanted!  The Mom Squad is seeking vengeance for the torture they received last week.  Jeremy and Aaryn have A LOT of work to do if they are going to remain in the House next week!  It will an uphill battle for the both of them, let me tell you!  Which nominee will be seeing Julie Chen on their way out of the game?  Who will win the next Ho Competition?  What surprises will BB 15 have in store for us?  Come on back to my next BB 15 post, and you’ll find out!

Until my next post, Readers!


Big Brother 15, Episode #8 – Turn Around is Fair Play

Hiya Readers!

This was one of the most emotionally charged episodes of the season yet!  Yelling, name calling, crying, changes of allegiances, you know, all of the things that make BB so popular to watch.  What else happened in the House with Helen as it’s HoH?  Continue reading and you’ll see!

Frustration between the House Guests finally came to a boil as Nick was evicted from the game.  I mentioned in my last BB 15 post that GinaMarie fell apart, crying hysterically all over the House.  All of this happened before the HoH Competition.  When she wasn’t wailing over the loss of her one-sided showmance, she was taking a temper tantrum, scream and shouting threats to those who voted Nick out of the game, swearing to exact vengeance on them.  The House Guests she was yelling at were in scattered around the House, shaking their heads at what GinaMarie was saying.

After the HoH Competition, Jeremy was miserable because the power has shifted away from his side of the House, and the Moving Company is crumbling.  He decided that he had to look out for his own game from this moment on, so he went to speak to Helen in the Have-Not Room (which they did not show off to my recollection), applauding Helen’s game-play, and sucking up to the Mom Squad any way he could.

Aaryn, GinaMarie, and Kaitlin took a different approach to dealing with the power shift.  They were upset and worried about Helen taking their HoH Room away from them.  They were also wondering which of them would be chosen to nominated to go on the block this week.  It was really sad to see the three of them sulking like children because things were not going their way.

Team Aaryn continued began taking their frustration on being on the wrong side of the House on other players.  They ganged up on Jessie for changing sides by verbally attacking her while she was in her bed.  Aaryn then took a hissy fit and trashed Candice’s bed, tossing the sheets and mattress flying across the room. Judd popped his head into the room to see what was going on, and got yelled at by Team Aaryn.  They then continued to attack Jessie, calling her all sort of things because she lied to them about who she was voting out the House.  Candice then entered the room to find her bed in shambles, and being attacked by Team Aaryn as well.  Both Aaryn and GinaMarie started talking their horrible version of ghetto talk to her to egg Candice on, and Candice was yelling back, trying to defend herself.  Way to go, Team Aaryn! Since one of you can’t stand up for yourself, you can only attack people in packs while your “victim” is alone.  You’re really justifying why all of you should go up on the block and be evicted!

Thank goodness for Howard! He overheard the verbal cat-fight and stepped in to diffuse the situation.  He took Candice out of the room, and talked her down so she wouldn’t go back into the room and continue the fight.  He also got Candice to turn the other cheek about Team Aaryn and their delightful comments.  Oh, Howard!  You’re such a good guy!

Team Aaryn turned their tirade back onto Jessie.  Jessie was defending Candice, and the other ladies in the room were trying to tell Jessie that the Mom Squad and their new allies were talking smack about her, but, thankfully, Jessie didn’t believe them and their petty accusations.  Jessie had to remind these ladies of the smack they’ve been dishing out all over the House, and that they are victimizing themselves.

Later on, when the House simmered down, GinaMarie was crying, again, on the couch with Aaryn watching her.  Candice noticed GinaMarie crying and went over to her to see if she could help GinaMarie get over whatever she was going through.  Both GinaMarie and Aaryn saw the great person she was, and apologized for their words and actions.  Candice confessed that she accepted their apologies, but she didn’t believe they were being sincere, especially in Aaryn’s case.  She said after GinaMarie stopped crying, she would pretend they didn’t exist because she couldn’t trust them.

This week’s Have/Have-Not Competition was a stinky affair.  The House was split into three teams:

Blue                                            Red                                                 Yellow
Howard                                   Judd                                                Spencer
Kaitlin                                     McCrae                                           Andy
GinaMarie                             Amanda                                         Elissa
Aaryn                                     Jessie                                              Candice

One person from each team had to stand in a huge bucket of curdling rotten milk and pass this milk by tossing it out of their smaller bucket to another teammate, and they continue this until they can pour it into a huge jar at the end of the line.  The last team to finish will be the Have-Nots this week.  The Red team finished the competition quickly, cheering their victory.  Howard confessed he was trying to throw the Competition by tossing the milk on GinaMarie, and pretending to have trouble getting milk into his bucket.  He wanted for his teammates to suffer just that much more this week because of all of the waves they were making in the House.  Howard’s plan was done all in vane, though, as McCrae was even worse than Howard was pretending to be in this challenge.  Howard’s teammates were still able to fill their jar before the Yellow Team could, making Team Yellow the Have-Nots for the week.

After the competition, Jeremy swallowed his pride and told Helen about the Moving Company, how he blames McCrae for turning on their alliance and on Aaryn.  Helen was so elated because Candice’s suspicions were right, and Nick leaving really was the best decision to make.   Helen then asked Jeremy if he would care.if Kaitlin went up.  He said as long as his butt was safe, he didn’t care whether Kaitlin went up or not.  Wow!  What happened to all of your chivalry from last week, Jeremy, telling Kaitlin you’d tell her if anyone was after her, and making sure she didn’t go anywhere.  All of that huffing and puffing to the Moving Company about keeping Kaitlin safe, practically ruining your alliance last week for nothing!  Lovely, just lovely, Jeremy!

Howard also stopped by the HoH Room and had a chat with Helen.  When asked about the Moving Company, he denied it.  Why?  Howard, your alliance is D-E-A-D!  Why try to hold on to it?  This just made your stock plummet in Helen’s eyes, warning her that she can’t you.

At the HoH Nomination Ceremony, guess which two House Guests were chosen as Nominees? Yeppers!  It was Kaitlin and Aaryn!  Helen fed them some bull about how they were strong competitors, and how they will get their chance to get off the block by winning the PoV.  Helen then confessed she’s after bigger fish, and to wait for her to reveal her plan later on in the week.

I know, so much went on during this episode!  It was really something to watch.  Team Aaryn really have to stop being babies about their lot in the game, and do something about it.  Did they forget that this could happen to them in the game. Who will be this week’s MVP?  Who will this person nominate as the third person on the block?  Will Team Aaryn continue apologizing to other House Guests over their actions?  Who wiol win the PoV? All of these questions will (hopefully) be answered within my next post!, Readers!